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Mar 28

Mar 28

Indie Adventure Terraria Coming to PS Vita

David Welch's Avatar Posted by

Producer, 505 Games

Your voices have been heard, and it’s my great pleasure to announce that after much discussion the teams at 505 Games, Engine Software, and Re-Logic have decided to continue our exciting journey together and bring Terraria to PS Vita! That’s right, folks – Terraria will be available to play anytime, anywhere. It’s almost like we never sleep!


Ever since we announced that Terraria was coming to PS3, we’ve been overwhelmed by requests for a Vita version. We’re tremendous fans of the PS Vita system, and with its touch controls, dual analog sticks, gorgeous display, and robust online features, it seemed like a natural fit. PS Vita is a great platform for digital games in particular, and we couldn’t be more excited to be a part of it.

For those who haven’t heard of Terraria, it’s a sandbox adventure in the style of our favorite “Metroidvania” games – an indie darling on PC that has gathered an impassioned community and sold over two million copies.

As a sandbox game, it has all the endless possibilities you’ve come to expect – you can build with dozens of blocks and craft hundreds of items – yet it’s unique in how easy it is to pick up and play because of its platformer controls and familiar 16-bit graphics.


The core of the game focuses on exploring the sprawling, randomly-generated worlds with their exotic biomes and deep underworlds, as well as slaying the hordes of monsters and evil bosses contained within. As you progress on your adventure you mine stronger ores with which to craft better weapons and armor, and collect magical treasures to help you become any type of hero you can imagine. Laser rifles, wands, potions, flamethrowers, shark launchers – Terraria has it all.

The true soul of the game shows in its multiplayer. Adventuring with (or fighting against) your friends in massive worlds is an absolute blast. Just like the PlayStation 3 version, Terraria on PS Vita will support up to eight simultaneous online players, along with competitive leaderboards and (extremely) challenging Trophies!


The joy of Terraria is in its sense of discovery – you never quite know what is around the next corner. The game plays great in both small chips or large chunks of time — again, perfect for PS Vita. One thing is for sure – you’ll soon be racking up hours upon hours of gameplay time. In Terraria, the world is your canvas, so make it your own!

More details will follow, so stay tuned for further announcements. And if you have any questions, let us know!

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Mando44646 said:

March 28th, 11:59 am

great news! I wasnt sold on getting this on PS3 but I am definitely getting this on mobile

JesteR1701one said:

March 28th, 12:54 pm

Extremely challenging trophies? I hope no grind trophies.

DracoBlade712 said:

March 28th, 1:09 pm

This seems PERFECT for Vita, yet i cant help but wonder…is the vita version limited in anyway? I.E. smaller worlds/ less enemies etc.? I’m definitely interested in the game, heard so much about it but have never gotten to play, if the vita version is fully-fleshed out its looks like a must buy at least for me!

darthlego said:

March 28th, 1:27 pm

Is there any chance of cross-buy or a discount for buying both the PS3 and Vita version together?

Wakefulness said:

March 28th, 1:30 pm

I’M SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW! ^_________^

Man, I used to play this game once I came home from work and school and just had some me time. But, my PC was so weak it would crash on certain sessions. Now that I can play it on my VITA this means I can really enjoy it.

Thanks, 505 Games!

Zionine said:

March 28th, 1:51 pm

@DJ_Tomato : Noone is asking the release date because we realize that this decision has just been made recently and they’re at the beginning stages. To set a release date too soon is a knee jerk move that should be avoided. Moving the release date backwards will make any bug in the game be pointed out as a “You guys should have kept the release date and fixed it up more!” and moving the release date forward will just be very disappointing.

Zionine said:

March 28th, 1:54 pm

@PainOfSarrow : I suppose there isn’t an end goal.. There is a ridiculously difficult boss that they just added that will definitely take the help of some friends. Also, there is a platinum trophy, I believe. That’s as close as it is to an end goal. It’s supposed to be an open ended, sandbox-type game to have endless amount of gameplay.


March 28th, 2:04 pm

… happy

sinnedknight said:

March 28th, 2:12 pm

Oh, I’m looking forward to this so much! I hope I get it for free because I already bought the PS3 version. If not, I’ll buy it again, anyway!

PainOfSarrow said:

March 28th, 2:27 pm

Zionine ohh okay i dont really care for trophys or multi-player but i do like the sound of bosses. really wish it was 10 but after reading more reviews i may just bite at 15. il see..

dallow said:

March 28th, 3:11 pm

And not a single reply was given… :(

bitmuncher said:

March 28th, 3:50 pm

That´s awesome guys, I make most of my making on the run… so even when I have the PC version and love it, the PS Vita is the ideal one for me!!! Thanks for your effort, you got my support day one!!!

tusunami said:

March 28th, 4:04 pm

Games for PS Vita keep getting more & more exciting, a cross play feature would be a great fit. I’m going to wait until I get further info about this. because I would like to play this on my PS Vita!!!!!!

grbolivar said:

March 28th, 4:52 pm

YESS!!! Now I want it FREE with PS+ ;)

xenosaga200 said:

March 28th, 4:56 pm

awesome i will buy for sure on ps vita =)

MOCHIIIx said:

March 28th, 5:07 pm

Now waiting for Minecraft~

Cloud_X1 said:

March 28th, 5:09 pm

Just downloaded this on my PS3, can’t wait to play it. If I really like the game and the Vita version is cheaper and/or we get a PS+ discount for it then I’ll definitely buy it on the Vita . . . who am I kidding, if I like the PS3 version I’ll buy the Vita version as-well. XD

mmaher said:

March 28th, 5:38 pm

Can we get a discount if we bought the PS3 version? And more people need to play this online with open worlds so we can all dig around together!

Cloud_X1 said:

March 28th, 6:37 pm

WOW! It has a Platinum trophy! and so many other trophies! I’m loving the PS3 version and I WILL get the Vita version as-well.


March 28th, 6:38 pm


ive been having that same issue with my trophies, it shows them on offline mode, but when i try to sync it takes forever to load and when it does it wont show the terraria trophies, i was looking forward for them to pop up on facebook to get some of my other friends to notice the game and buy it, so i deleted my fb info thinking maybe that was slowing it down, now the issue is gone tho and it updated but my fb info wasnt on so it wont show on fb -_- lol

Cloud_X1 said:

March 28th, 6:38 pm

@mmaher I saw an online option and clicked on the box and it showed an X. so does that mean I selected online on or off?

Cloud_X1 said:

March 28th, 6:43 pm

HAHA I remember when people kept saying this game would come out on PS3 and now it’s not only on PS3 but also coming to PS Vita.

PrinceofXIII said:

March 28th, 6:45 pm



March 28th, 6:46 pm


when you select online your friends on your friends list can play with you and jump in at any time, and you wont be able to pause the game

if you select online and invite only, youll be online but no one can join without a invite

if you dont select either, you can pause the game and no one can join

there is no way for random people to join you which is kinda nice so they wont pop in and destroy your house or anything LOL but i guess some people would enjoy that

ALSO PS. minecrafts deal with xbox ends in may and notch said hes prepping for other systems aka PS3

Elvick_ said:

March 28th, 6:52 pm

Cross play, especially local would be greatly appreciated! Cross save too.

So happy that this is happening. Definitely picking it up on PS Vita, probably PS3 too just because I’m so happy now. (have it on PC too)

Elvick_ said:

March 28th, 6:53 pm

@70: That’s an issue with many new games. It’s Sony’s problem as far as I know, and they have to fix stuff on their end for trophies to start syncing properly.

mmaher said:

March 28th, 7:09 pm

@ Cloud_X1

I would imagine when the box is checked it means its online, but when I wait to pick a world the online side says it’s loading but no games pop up… I don’t know if it is a public style online or only shows friends games (that would be lame because none of my friends play this yet) but I just want to mess around with people and dig and kill monsters.

I could never get the PC version online when I bought it a couple months back and I can’t wait to play with a bunch of people.

LOL, and my girlfriend calls this game “Digging” and says this post I’m writing must have nothing but the words “dig dig dig dig dig digging digs.”

I love it.

nYcFrEeWiLL82 said:

March 28th, 8:04 pm


nanaki85 said:

March 28th, 8:09 pm

Now I can finally buy a PS VITA. :)
as for Terraria’s Online Game Joining Issue, they are fixing this! :)

ThreeLeggedFreak said:

March 28th, 9:31 pm

cross play and cross buy and I’ll consider it.

Sony, keep up the good work. Bring me minecraft, super meat boy, braid, angry birds, fruit ninjas, monkey island 1 and 2 Special Edition, follow the light, and so forth. Bring me stuff like ridiculous fishing on psmobile for cheap.

Going forward, bring me TWD Season 2 and other upcoming indies day and date with everything else.

midnightshade said:

March 28th, 9:40 pm

DAy 1…. I already own the pc version, just bought the ps3 version and will buy this for vita!!! I love your game!! More like this please!!!!!

Love the openess and weapon variety and sotn style platforming…. bring us more :)

ShardYu said:

March 28th, 9:50 pm

YEHEY!!! SUPER THANK YOU GUYS!!!! Got Terraria PS3 and excited to get the Terraria Vita version as well!!!! :D I Hope you guys will add cross-save and cross-play support for PS3 and Vita versions :D Thank you!!! :D

Zionine said:

March 29th, 4:28 am

Wow, this is turning into a system seller….

enyel2001 said:

March 29th, 6:08 am

guys i never heard of this and i want to know if its cool or not thanks

Maxpower1096 said:

March 29th, 6:56 am

Hopefully it will have cross-play, cross-save, and maybe even cross-buy.

avluis said:

March 29th, 7:54 am

Add me to the Day 1 list of buys, thank you devs!! Get some PSVita love!

angibri2000 said:

March 29th, 10:09 am

My son would approve! He’s never played this but he loves Minecraft…I may even need to tell him to get his own VIta! lol Keep them Vita games a’ comin’ guys!!! =)

Rozenholle said:

March 29th, 12:01 pm

Yes! This is great neeews! I was waiting for this. As many have mention already, please make it CrossPlay and CrossSave and I will buy it day one.

@85 Yeah, CrossBuy would be great too~

Drakusbr said:

March 30th, 9:15 am

I play this game since the leaked first alpha version (they used the final fantasy charset on the time), i brought on PC and surely will buy the vita version.

This game is totaly awesome!

Shadow_Enz said:

March 31st, 10:57 am

Cross Play, Cross Buy (for those who haven’t picked it up yet), Cross Save.

Absolutely desired.

moka_wind said:

March 31st, 8:21 pm

wow,i’m very excited to hear that,cuz I like this kind of game very much, such as Retro City

mhn5 said:

March 31st, 8:25 pm

Brings back memories of playing Lamecraft on my old PSP.
It had some sort of error in which it just REFUSED to update,so I just started playing Homebrew games, as I could only play GTA:vice city stories and Syphon filter dark mirror. I had to stick to downloading homebrews.

JalenTheEpic said:

March 31st, 9:50 pm

Sweet, I have it on my PC but I haven’t had much time to play it. This will allow me to have some terraria fun on the go. I can’t wait

Hooligantuan said:

April 1st, 4:52 am

Hated Terraria. Entirely because of the 3-block height of the character. Everything takes 50% longer to do than a comparable activity in Minecraft.

TALLglassofWATER said:

April 1st, 8:39 am

@91 terraria is only similar to retro city rampage in art style. They are two very different games lol, but I see were you are coming from: game quality before graphic “quality.”

I like to compare it to impressionist painting. Before Monet and Cezanne the world was obsessed with realistic paintings. Even when they started producing works of stylized abstraction they received more criticism than praise, they were virtually the laughing stock of the parisian aristocrats. Not much unlike the legions of call of duty players who despise “retro,” “art,” and “indie” games.

swagganoid32 said:

April 2nd, 12:35 am

I can’t wait till it comes out for the vita when the release date!?

loveinspace said:

April 2nd, 6:06 pm


SSJ3Kakarot2000 said:

April 3rd, 7:23 pm



jonapwnsftw said:

April 4th, 12:39 pm

Psvita version release date plz this game is too good and will be better on the go :)

projectjhitman said:

April 4th, 7:40 pm

I love you playstation u rooooooooooooooock. And nintendo go screw yourselves because playstation rules and has some balls.Nintendo systems couldnt support this if they tried for 20 years.Rock on playstation

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