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Mar 29

Mar 29

The Last of Us TV Spot on The Walking Dead Season Finale

Neil Druckmann's Avatar Posted by Creative Director, Naughty Dog

The Last of Us on PS3

With the June 14th release of The Last of Us rapidly approaching, we’re excited to announce that the first official television spot for the game will air on the season finale of AMC’s The Walking Dead this Sunday, March 31st at 9:00pm Pacific Time and Eastern Time.

We are now just three months away from the launch of The Last of Us — Naughty Dog’s newest franchise. The team is working extremely hard on putting the finishing touches on the game. It’s exciting to see all the different aspects of the game finally come together into the vision we’ve had in mind all along. Joel and Ellie’s journey is turning out to be something truly special that we can’t wait to share with our fans.

We’re eager to reveal more of Joel and Ellie’s story to you. Tune in to discover where you can find even more new The Last of Us content.

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Busca-Cabezas said:

March 29th, 7:53 pm

This Easter Sunday… It’s gonna be DEADLY!! With The Walking Dead’s Season Finale and an awesome The Last of Us Demo release… Just EPIC! Woot! xP

TengHu said:

March 29th, 11:32 pm

Just got back into TWD two days ago. So much has happened. I was watching S3 E14 thinking “I hope The Last of Us is even more intense than this show.”

To what #47 said, that would be wicked sweet.

PsychoSploosh69 said:

March 30th, 1:17 am

Can’t wait for this to come out so they can focus on another uncharted. I wonder if it’s the same team or if they have 2 teams working simultaneously on 2 games. My bet is they focus on one thing at a time. I know they won’t say either way but I’m crossing my fingers on either a ps3/ps4 game or just a ps4 launch title.

an-inFamous1337 said:

March 30th, 2:10 am

Nice move to place it on a related kind of show, i know they are not really related but a post pandemic outbreak is a nice relation.

Can’t wait to see the season finale and the TV spot made it even better.

BabyBearsBed said:

March 30th, 6:44 am

Awesome.Looking forward to it!The episode AND the game release! ^_^

Omega_747- said:

March 30th, 9:05 am

Will it be there on the encore presentation also? because i might not be able to watch it at 9:00 :(

mhn5 said:

March 30th, 11:52 am

Great, now i’ll be torn between my two loves while watching the season finale.

Jisatsu_Kiddo said:

March 30th, 5:52 pm

flesh sounds dreadful, like some wanker in a boardroom said “well chaps, lets make the dead somehow live again AFTER being the living dead” Why must we ruin a good concept?

gearhead32 said:

March 30th, 6:39 pm

@47 I love that idea of having Walking Dead MP skins and maybe Naughty Dog is thinking about that already.

Tiger_Drummer said:

March 30th, 10:28 pm

To @50 and @57. We can only hope that they are already working on this because for me when I saw the Last of US I became interested because it made me think of the Walking Dead.

blakseed said:

March 31st, 2:12 pm

Can’t wait for this game. I feel like it’s one of the last big games for the PS3 before the PS4 comes knocking down doors.

Busca-Cabezas said:

March 31st, 3:07 pm

Oh! My bad… MAY 31st not MARCH 31st! Oops! xP

NegaStorm said:

March 31st, 3:52 pm

LOLOL. I thought ND said this isn’t a zombie game? I guess that was lie or they’re hypocrites.

loakum said:

April 1st, 5:10 am

I just seen the “red-band” Lat of Us story trailer, and it was amazing! The graphics are really looking uncanny valley! A certain scene im that trailer was perhaps even more brutal than God of War 3’s Helios demise scene. *which was awe-some* The Last of Us is easily my most anticipated Game of the Year (perhaps ever)!

DonkeyKongKilla said:

April 1st, 10:21 am

Woah she gets a rifle? Why does she get the rifle? haha. Might not get this Asap but hopefully and I hope I’ll get it soon after release, I’ve been so excited for this game since the E3 demo last year.

Flatline51 said:

April 1st, 10:37 am

As soon as I heard about this game I was intrigued. Then I heard it was being made by Naughty Dog and it was a no brainer MUST BUY. This is my game of the year. Can’t wait.

WastelandDan said:

April 1st, 4:47 pm

If this games free roam i’ll get it.
If its more of the cinamatic trying to be a movie aproach that i dont find appealing…well, i’ll pass and just go watch some netflix.

Sorry, just my opinion dont mean to come off snarky or anything.

CrossNavy said:

April 6th, 7:23 pm

Super excited for this game! Can’t wait for it to come out this summer! June 14th needs to come faster…

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