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Mar 31

Mar 31

The Drop: Week of April 1st 2013 New Releases

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Join a futuristic online open-world shooter where thousands of players scour a transformed Earth competing for alien technology. Create a unique character and level up with diverse customization options. Hunt alone or with others as you improve your skills and unlock powerful modern and alien weapons that will help you survive the massive battles that await in this constantly evolving online world.

Immerse yourself in the world of Defiance as the game impacts, and is impacted by, the Defiance TV series on this week’s The Drop.


(Also on PSN) — The visionary open-world shooter MMOG Defiance serves as a companion to the tandem television show on Syfy. In an entertainment first, the game and show will influence and depend on each other, and even feature some players’ characters on the TV shows as extras.

Set on a future Earth, Defiance introduces players and viewers to a world where humans and aliens live together on a planet transformed by decades of conflict. The game combines the intense action of a ‘AAA’ console shooter, with the persistence, scale, and customization of an MMO, while its TV counterpart weaves the rich tapestry of the world into a series with the scope, characters, and drama of a classic sci-fi epic. Because they exist in a single universe, the show and the game will influence each other and evolve together over time, with actions in both mediums driving the overall story of Defiance.

Ion Assault HD — In 2183 humanity discovers an energy source that facilitates travel into new regions of space. Gigantic mother ships collect the newly discovered fuel from the distant energy fields and transport it to Earth. When the fleet is destroyed in an alien attack, the player sets out on a perilous journey home in a small harvester.


In Ion Assault, instead of conventional weapons, players use the free energy particles that are abundant in space to fend off swarms of aliens. The particles are bundled and the player is able to shoot them at asteroids and enemy ships. The particles are not destroyed in this process, but are redistributed in space, ready to be magnetically attracted again and re-used. Their random distribution makes for dynamic gameplay and calls for a more strategic approach.


  • Injustice: Gods Among Us
  • Terraria

PlayStation 2 Classic

2477_gtalcs_Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories — There are a million stories in Liberty City. This one changes everything. Once a trusted wise guy in the Leone crime family, Toni Cipriani was forced into hiding after killing a made man. Now he’s back and it’s time for things to be put right. Forced to fight for his life in an odyssey that will shake Liberty City to its foundations, Toni must use any means necessary to secure his place in the leadership of the Leone family in a town up for grabs.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories — Vice City features more expansive locations, and over 120 vehicles ripe for the picking such as exotic cars, motorcycles, luxury yachts and planes. The soundtrack boasts three times the tunes compared to the previous GTA, and features countless ’80s hits. Over 40 different weapons ensure effective firepower and provide enough variety for stylish defensive measures (samurai sword anyone?).

[Editor’s Note: The following dates are subject to change. Game details are gathered from Press Releases, Retail Descriptions, from their individual publishers and/or ESRB rating descriptions.]

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gohan16ken said:

March 31st, 4:02 pm

Come on, I need Street Fighter x Tekken, Capcom vs SNK 2, and Capcom Fighting Evolution.

remanutd5 said:

March 31st, 4:04 pm

Is God of War Ascension coming to psn anytime soon?

Ghostwize said:

March 31st, 4:06 pm

What?! No…..gibberjabber… :P

Currently consumed with Terraria. Great port! Waiting on FFX HD. :D

Dangisuckatgamin said:

March 31st, 4:06 pm

I hate to complain, but the drops have been semi-par lately almost comparable to Microsoft’s terrible drops.
Wish we could get more COOP games. Please find Indie/Retail games that support online coop!

I really have enjoyed Army of Two: Devils cartel so far though, so thank you for that at least.

thibaxfb said:

March 31st, 4:06 pm

Where is Final Fantasy IV PSOne Classic?

Please! :)

ZaGe-zAiKaNo said:

March 31st, 4:07 pm

Will definitely try out the Injustice demo, before buying it. Is the Terraria demo for PS3, Vita, or both?

Axecution said:

March 31st, 4:08 pm

Whoa a portception of a PS2 game of ported PSP games ported to PS3.

Dragjae55 said:

March 31st, 4:11 pm

Is dead island coming to the ps store?

supvic said:

March 31st, 4:12 pm

Defiance is NOT an AAA grade FPS, it’s an above average FPS in an MMO world. It feels like Borderlands in DCUO but with really poor shooting mechanics. The more I play it the more I realise how much I’d rather be playing Borderlands 2. It needs a LOT more polish before being released, they should just delay the game and the TV series because it has so much potential but it’s a piece of ish as it is now, what a waste..


March 31st, 4:16 pm

I buy 3 games I hop i get that $30 PSN soon my BDay is this week :)

corey2678 said:

March 31st, 4:21 pm

Not that good a week, eh?

Also, no FINAL FANTASY V compatibility on Vita? WHAT IS THIS??/??????///?/?///?????????QUESTIONMARK???//?/????


March 31st, 4:21 pm

The beta was not free for me i pay for it that sucks and no free DLC lol

Asphaltum said:

March 31st, 4:26 pm

Any news on Ratchet & Clank: FFA for the Vita. Or is that coming the week before summer starts?

eggmiester28 said:

March 31st, 4:27 pm

meh its a pretty depressing week for me but whatever i have games to play

subadictos said:

March 31st, 4:29 pm

What? Another week without a SUIKODEN II release on PS One Classics?

TerraAshura said:

March 31st, 4:33 pm

What? No dragon_knight this week?! I’m shocked!

Also, is it just me when I look at the cover for Defiance and see Sarah Palin…?

LeFabuleuxDeux said:

March 31st, 4:37 pm

Is the PSN+ April forecast coming tomorrow?

The_Dukenator said:

March 31st, 4:39 pm

@2 Don’t think so. Its a large download as I hear.

@6 No idea. I tried it over on 360 and it was kinda meh.

@10 Cash back from buying $50 or more of stuff? Around April 12.

@8 Don’t know.

The_Dukenator said:

March 31st, 4:41 pm

@17 That monthly thing? It should. I’m waiting to see what new games show up for Plus. Spec Ops leaves on April 2nd.

Karuvan said:

March 31st, 4:45 pm

Radiata Stories for ps2 classics please

dilbig5 said:

March 31st, 4:49 pm

@9 Its not a FPS. It’s a third person shooter MMO. I enjoyed the short beta it had, hope it does well.

BossmanCCrowder1 said:

March 31st, 4:50 pm

Definitely downloading the Injustice demo, maybe Terraria too. I’ll still be playing Infinite.

IceBlade21 said:

March 31st, 4:59 pm

@9 its a beta its supposed to be like it needs work. plus i enjoyed it beats dcou no month fee at all

IceBlade21 said:

March 31st, 5:00 pm

agree with @21

USRevenge2 said:

March 31st, 5:04 pm

I will be getting defiance retail this tuesday, though I have a 360 and every multiplatform game I bought has been on 360 this is the first multiplatform game I will buy on ps3. Pretty excited, loved the beta, I decided since Sony has been doing so much more than the competition lately that I would start supporting their console.

can’t wait till PS4 i’ve pretty much been sold on that already.

IceBlade21 said:

March 31st, 5:05 pm

dcuo my bad lol

PainOfSarrow said:

March 31st, 5:06 pm

wish i waited on the Terraria Demo… worst game i bought on psn so far. was bored to tears. reviews were sooo good that i bit and got it. maybe some way some how itl get better. the digging is painfully slow and there aint none to do. il def be picking up those GTA games. have everyone except those.

Darth_Hawthorne said:

March 31st, 5:09 pm

not a whole lot this week but not a bad week. we got defiance which i have on preorder and then the Injustice demo which iv been waiting for for so long!

perrox5000 said:

March 31st, 5:12 pm

Terraria for vita!!!!! please soon!!!!!!

The_Dukenator said:

March 31st, 5:20 pm

@27 I hear similar complaints about Minecraft when they first started.

PainOfSarrow said:

March 31st, 5:22 pm

The_Dukenator yea i hurd there similar. im still going to give the game another chance and hope my 15$ will be justified.

The_Dukenator said:

March 31st, 5:25 pm

@31 I had minecraft a long time and they did do Minecraft clones. Notch doesn’t care.

PainOfSarrow said:

March 31st, 5:28 pm

i never tried minecraft but saw gameplay on youtube. first person view gives me bad motion sickness on a big screen.

MushThePainter said:

March 31st, 5:29 pm

DEFIANCE!!! Can’t wait…

Calieb88 said:

March 31st, 5:30 pm

@5 I agree where is FF IV I want that one too I already have bought all of the FF series available via the store and really want to replay 4 on my tv. and not just my pep. Its on the Japanese store so please sony talk with square and get us IV by how well all of the others have sold it would be a great market for you and square as well.

novoalucard said:

March 31st, 5:37 pm

We need some classic RPGs from Psone and PS2

helbertpina said:

March 31st, 5:38 pm

Ok… looking forward to the PS Plus update tomorrow. ;)

smallestofseeds said:

March 31st, 5:39 pm

Hello? Konami? Are you listening? Pro Evolution Soccer please! It’s long overdue on the PlayStation Store.

FranklynStreet said:

March 31st, 5:42 pm

@9 supvic: Totally agree. Defiance is a great concept with terrible execution. Not worth playing until it gets a major overhaul and major polish, which seems unlikely if this is the way its launching. Strange that something that could be such a media first, with a related mmo and sci-fi show, and seemingly with so much riding on it, was created on auto-pilot. Looks like instead of making a polished mmo, they’re relying on the success of the show to drive their player base. Who wants to bet the show is incredibly expensive, especially for SyFy, and that they’re relying on the success of the mmo to bring Walking Dead type-ratings, ratings the show won’t be able to exist without? And that both will fail quickly because each is requiring the other for its success? Trion really dropped the ball on this one– they should be ashamed, which sounds harsh but is unfortunately true.

FranklynStreet said:

March 31st, 5:44 pm

@17 LeFabuleuxDeux: Last monthly Plus update came on Monday night bundled with the weekly update; the first part of the post was the monthly breakdown, and then the second part was the more specific listing for that week. Likely if they do the monthly update again (and I hope they do) we’ll see it on Monday as a part of that regular weekly Plus update blogpost.

carlosror42 said:

March 31st, 5:47 pm

Por que vocês não criam um jogo de tanque de guerra?
Existem vários bons: Tanki Online, World of Tanks…
Why do not you create a set of battle tank?
There are several good: Tanki Online, World of Tanks…

mosolman said:

March 31st, 5:49 pm

Pretty thin this week!!!

OjoeOfranO said:

March 31st, 5:59 pm

Still no soul sacrifice demo? English voice overs will be available for download in Japan by April 4. So umm…hello?! 30 days until game release and nothing has been done to advertise this game. Didn’t this game help boost sales of the vita in Japan? …aww man I’m so confused, I thought it was common sense to back up something that was profitable; they did in Japan and it worked, in fact they sold 63, 000 vita units during soul sacrifice’s launch week with 114,000 physical copies of the software. At this point, I wouldn’t be suprised if the launch sales for soul sacrifice overseas are well below what ever Japan sold.

Zevrou said:

March 31st, 6:14 pm

well,.. that’s a small drop but i’ve played AND LOVED the Defiance beta, it’s really and awesome game and looking foward to injustice demo too so well… i really liked it, can’t wait to see april’s PS+ update

PrinceofXIII said:

March 31st, 6:16 pm

Terraria Demo!!!

and yes we need Soul Sacrifice news and demo!!!

fatjoe400 said:

March 31st, 6:24 pm

Preordered the digital copy of Defiance and cant wait to get it tuesday. Also look forward to the injustice demo but was going to end of buying the game anyway (alot of friends getting it). If possible though it would be great to get english demo of Soul Sacrifice :D

GrayWolf323 said:

March 31st, 6:41 pm

isn’t Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge coming out this week?

Wez455 said:

March 31st, 6:50 pm

Will I be able to buy stuff off PSN and it count toward the buy 50 get 10 back promotion, or does it end on the first of april? Anyone know?

sheik_ah said:

March 31st, 6:54 pm

Defiance sounds really awesome and makes me wish I had syfy. T.T I love reading “the Drop,” it gets me excited for what’s coming every week.

Oh, and I can’t forget: “What? No Rule of Rose?”

Wez455 said:

March 31st, 6:56 pm

errrr I meant can I buy stuff on psn on april 1st (tomorrow) and it count toward the buy 50 get 10 promotion… or does it end when april 1st comes around?

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