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Apr 09

Apr 09

Guacamelee! Rolls onto PS3 and PS Vita Today

Graham Smith's Avatar Posted by COO, DrinkBox Studios

Hey, all! I’m extra excited to announce that Guacamelee! comes out today on PS3 and PS Vita via PSN. We’re releasing the game as part of the Spring Fever promotion: $14.99 will get you both the PS3 and PS Vita versions, with a 20% discount for PlayStation Plus members. Take a look…

Still there? Then allow me to add that Guacamelee! is a metroid-vania style brawler that supports Cross-Buy, Cross-Save, Cross-Control, has a precious Platinum trophy, and comes complete with rapid punching action.

Punch, punch, punch! Speaking of which, you may now be saying, “Hey guy, what’s up with all of the punch talk?”

Well, when we started making Guacamelee! we knew we wanted to include punching, but not just ordinary punching. We built a proof-of-concept demo, a video of which I have included below for your approval.

As you can see, we had blocking, we had holds, and we had charge-up moves. You’ll be interested to know that we now have none of those things! Why, you ask? Turns out that stuff slows down the pace of exploring an open world game, and like my wife always says, pacing is everything! But now I’ve disappointed you, so let me tell you what we do have:

  • We have punching and kicking… and posing!!!

Guacamelee on PS3 and PS Vita

Punch, Punch, Kick, Punch, Pose

  • We have throws! You can even buy more powerful throws as you progress.
  • We have rolling! If you’re overwhelmed or just feeling fancy, you can roll through enemies and parry their attacks.

Guacamelee on PS3 and PS Vita

Like a graceful cabbage, the Luchador Roll screams “style!”

  • We have overlapping worlds! Enemies can exist in different parallel dimensions, and if you’re not in the same dimension they are invincible. It’s just that simple.
  • We have special moves! They are extra powerful, and some enemies have aura-shields that can only be broken using specific attacks.

Guacamelee on PS3 and PS Vita

An explosion of color… into the face

Add that all up (punching, rolling, throwing, overlapping worlds, special moves and aura-shields) and I hope you’ll agree that Guacamelee! is the Number-1 Mexican-Themed Co-op Multiplayer Dimension-Swapping Metroid-vania Beat-em-up Platformer of the season. Hmmm?

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PhantomGazebo said:

April 9th, 11:08 am

I’m gonna buy the hell out of this game

MiiAmigo said:

April 9th, 11:10 am

Siiiiiiiii!!! Muy Buenoooooooooo!!! Burritooooos!!! Tacoooooos!!! Polloooooooos!!!

Zionine said:

April 9th, 11:10 am

Excited to play this tonight… too bad I’m running low on battery and don’t have my charger… won’t be home til later tonight… Dx

    Graham Smith's Avatar

    Graham Smith said:

    April 9th, 11:17 am

    I hear Vita’s can run off heart and hope. Try that. :)

ykiki5 said:

April 9th, 11:12 am

Been looking forward to this game since the first trailer. Heck, even my wife is interested!

Zezzler said:

April 9th, 11:13 am

Nothing but the best from a studio based in Toronto ;)

afigueroa said:

April 9th, 11:14 am

Pollo power!!!

aro52 said:

April 9th, 11:14 am

Get it up on the store! Wakey wakey Grace-y, it’s Tuesday! ;)

saab01 said:

April 9th, 11:14 am

A demo will be available for this game?

    Graham Smith's Avatar

    Graham Smith said:

    April 9th, 11:17 am

    Sadly, a demo will not be available immediately.

IzoGray said:

April 9th, 11:14 am

I plan on using the Cross Controller feature. Thank you!

Also, what do you guys think about including Juan as a playable character in PS All Stars? Perfect fit right? If the girl luchadore has the same moves, she could be the alternate costume.

That would be great.

IzoGray said:

April 9th, 11:15 am

Also, update the store already!

Gorvi said:

April 9th, 11:15 am

I can’t wait to sit down with this tonight, you guys at Drink Box have been great. Any chance of the original Tales From Space game making its way to the Vita?

    Graham Smith's Avatar

    Graham Smith said:

    April 9th, 11:18 am

    No plans of that yet – but who knows what the future holds. Thanks for even knowing about our original game About a Blob!

four24twenty said:

April 9th, 11:15 am

Avacados, tomatoes, onion, lime, punch thugs in the face. I’m down!

If you are displeased with day one sales, just wait until April 12th or so whenever the PSN users get our cash-back deal. I forsee your sales going up on said day!

MadJester_88 said:

April 9th, 11:17 am

I wish i could already play this. you know as of midnight. the time that EVERY SINGLE OTHER ONLINE RETAILER DOES. C’mon sony “step yo game up”

SKeRJ said:

April 9th, 11:19 am

It’s been a long time coming, I’d buy it twice if I could.

ItaChu said:

April 9th, 11:20 am

NGR: I wish the Resistance Collection came in a PS3 Controller Bunde like the Rachet and Clank and Infamous and God of War Saga ones have :( I might be buying a new controller soon and id like that game to be added to the controller bundled games :) Please Morgan get the word out

MadJester_88 said:

April 9th, 11:20 am

On another note Yay for Canadian devs! (even if they are from Toronto)

Leafs Suck ;)

    Graham Smith's Avatar

    Graham Smith said:

    April 9th, 11:28 am

    That’s ok, I live in Toronto and I don’t like them either.

    Sens all the way!

afigueroa said:

April 9th, 11:27 am

Juan Aguacate for PS all stars battle royale!!!!

Zionine said:

April 9th, 11:27 am

I’ve got lots of both of those.. It’s just the download that scares me… With less than 1/4th of my battery, I think this dream is not reality….

Erhm.. Just watched some epic rap battles so… excuse the rhymage.

xClayMeow said:

April 9th, 11:32 am

Once the $10 promo credit enters my account, I’ll be picking this up for sure!

Met some of your team at GDC and talked them for awhile….Augusto and, sadly I can’t remember the other guy. It was great talking to them! I loves Mutant Blobs Attack so I can’t wait to play this!

MadJester_88 said:

April 9th, 11:34 am

Heck yes GO SENS GO!

I’d buy this twice if I could just for that

megacarlos said:

April 9th, 11:38 am

Guacamelee! guacamelee! more fun than a pillow fight

naDOOFUS said:

April 9th, 11:39 am

Thanks for giving out codes on reddit this morning; I didn’t get one myself but still pretty awesome of you guys.

    Graham Smith's Avatar

    Graham Smith said:

    April 9th, 11:46 am

    Thanks. reddit has gotten us through some long nights, we owe it to them.

ioanina said:

April 9th, 11:48 am

Guacamelee! looks, sounds, and feels like it’s going to be a successful hit, among countless others in the Playstation line, all past, present and future! Should Guacamelee! rise to the success of a great hit, perhaps a sequel would be in order, Smith, which I know it will happen soon enough, once I grab this game and play and clear it through. Looking forward to great expectations from DrinkBox… and hope that the bosses in the game are no “fewer than 3 hits” pushover bosses, like some games. I know. I’ve seen some and beaten some, other than bosses who can take much punches above few hits. What’s up with that? Anyway, here’s to Guacamelee’s success! Fiestas for you, if the game’s a smash hit!! Arriba!

luvtoseek said:

April 9th, 11:49 am

Great production Drinkbox, & thanks for the thread Graham!

Guys/Gals: PS3 version is slightly UNDER 700MB & Vita counterpart is just UNDER 400MB.


joydose said:

April 9th, 11:49 am

is it available yet?i cant see it on the ps store

    Graham Smith's Avatar

    Graham Smith said:

    April 9th, 12:11 pm

    I’m watching my store page too :)

stryk187 said:

April 9th, 11:52 am

OK, I’ve been ready to buy this since I read about it yesterday. It’s 2:50pm EST and I still don’t see it on the PSN Store. Does anyone know when the Store updates in the USA? I’m ready to give you my 13 bucks, do you want it or not? Labyrinth Legends looks cool too, and PS Plus continues to pay out dividends, I love the service! I don’t understand why it takes so long for the store to update, whats up??

IzoGray said:

April 9th, 11:54 am

Thanks! I was wondering about the size

Cloud_X1 said:

April 9th, 11:58 am

What ever happened to the original Blob game? I can’t find it anywhere, as soon as I beat the Vita Blob game I wanted no NEEDED the original.
Anyways, come on store! Update! Great job guys!

thechrono33 said:

April 9th, 12:02 pm

I can wait to eat this up!!! (i see what i did there :) )

camiwaits_us said:

April 9th, 12:07 pm

Graaaaaaaaaaaah, update the store! I want to go lucha on Evil’s butt!

AlexGeorgeARG said:

April 9th, 12:11 pm

I’ve been waiting for this one for a long time!

So buying this the second the store updates.

I wanna thank you Graham and all the people at DrinkBox for keeping quality 2d gaming alive and kicking, cheers!

Wozman23 said:

April 9th, 12:11 pm

I’ve been (somewhat) patiently awaiting the store’s update.

Sqw1dd said:

April 9th, 12:14 pm

I’m tethering my phone just to download this today. Can’t wait for the store to update.

mackenzy67 said:

April 9th, 12:16 pm

Playstation network seems to be down at the moment am i the only one ?

adolson said:

April 9th, 12:17 pm

Mutant Blobs Attack is the best Vita game available so far. I think I will get Guacamelee! solely based on that precedent.

ike9934 said:

April 9th, 12:17 pm

Really excited for this! It needs to be up… now.

Genexi2 said:

April 9th, 12:19 pm

Can’t decide if I want to play this on my PS3 with its dinky 24″ screen, or my Vita’s brimming OLED…..

Decisions, decisions…., thanks for making this cross-buy.

    Graham Smith's Avatar

    Graham Smith said:

    April 9th, 12:23 pm

    We didn’t want to have people make hard decisions.

DenStoreLebowski said:

April 9th, 12:20 pm

Another vote for Leafs sucking. Ottawa Senators: Ontario’s team.

Oh and yeah and I’m looking forward to the store update. This game ticks all the right boxes.

    Graham Smith's Avatar

    Graham Smith said:

    April 9th, 12:26 pm

    Oh no, have we turned this into a sports flame war? :p

duke301 said:

April 9th, 12:20 pm

I could tell from the videos that this looks like a great game. However, I tend to make it a policy to never buy games until I’ve at least played a demo beforehand. One of my main complaints about PSN is that they frequently don’t have demos available with games when they are released. It would seem that enough people like to buy impulsively that they don’t believe it’s necessary.

subadictos said:

April 9th, 12:23 pm

Buying it for VITA when Sony give back the march promotion… totally IN.

tusunami said:

April 9th, 12:29 pm

This is a must get for me, keep the original games coming!!!!!!!!

DRAQ-520 said:

April 9th, 12:29 pm

This game looks seriously amazing, however my memory card is running low, how much does it weight?


April 9th, 12:36 pm

Pollo Power!! Indeed can’t wait to get this! OYE! Give me online co-op, AHORA!

Kchow23 said:

April 9th, 12:37 pm

The game looks wonderful! I loved Mutant Blobs Attack, consider me in for Guacamelee also I love Guacamole too :)

bitmuncher said:

April 9th, 12:41 pm

Excellent, I´m just waiting for the store to update. Thanks for doing this game, we need more mexican luchadores in video games!!! :D

LeeorV said:

April 9th, 12:44 pm

How do you use the cross-controller/Remote play feature to let you use the Vita as a controller for the PS3 version? I got the game early due to a giveaway on reddit and really want to try this out, but the in-game menu doesn’t explain how to do it!

killersense said:

April 9th, 12:55 pm

going to buy this asap. loved mutant blobs. any chance of seeing more mutant blob games or are you guys focused on creating new awesome experiences like this all the time? either way love your games. thanks

profinblack said:

April 9th, 1:04 pm

Still waiting on that $10 return from spending $50 last month so I can get this game. I wonder when it will come in?

XeahuleXolic said:

April 9th, 1:09 pm

This is going to be mine!!!!!!! A nice game to play on my vita!!

DoctorBaofu said:

April 9th, 1:15 pm

I won’t be able to buy this until tomorrow, but I’m really looking forward to playing it. Between this and how much I enjoy the Blob games, I would have to say that Drinkbox has become one of my favorite developers. Whatever you guys work on next, I’ll be there ready to play it.

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