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Apr 09

Apr 09

PS Vita System Software Update (v.2.10)

Don Mesa's Avatar Posted by Director, Product Planning & Platform Software Innovation, SCEA

Coming later this evening is the next system software update for PS Vita. We’ve listened to your feedback and have included many improvements to make your PS Vita experience much more enjoyable, such as adding a new folder system that allows you to organize your games and apps.

PS Vita v2.10: Folders

Here’s a look at some of the new enhancements you can expect with software update v.2.10:

  • Create folders to more easily manage your favorite application icons on the home screen, with up to 10 icons in each folder and a maximum of 100 on the home screen (including icons inside the folders).
  • Verify which PS Vita card you are using by looking at the home screen’s info bar. You can also save the layout of your home screen icons in the memory card.
  • Added video support allows you to play videos within the browser (memory card required; some videos are not supported).
  • New email enhancements allows you to view HTML messages, add multiple email addresses to your contacts, and easily search your messages using the new search feature.
  • PlayStation Plus members will be able to automatically update PlayStation Mobile format software and upload game save data onto online storage using 3G connection.
  • New “Mute Automatically” option will mute your PS Vita speakers when your headset is unplugged and pause your music when using the music app.

PS Vita v2.10: FoldersPS Vita v2.10: Folders

For additional information on PS Vita update v2.10, including how to update your system, please visit this page when the update goes live.

As always, let us know what you think about the new enhancements in the comment section below.

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hew789 said:

April 9th, 8:14 pm

how do u add to folders all i can do is make new ones

John_Maverick_22 said:

April 9th, 8:15 pm

Actually my excitation is about the HTML on email app, would be nice, that also you could open attached files on HTML viewer…

Kchow23 said:

April 9th, 8:16 pm

The limit for the folder is kinda lame and I hope it is removed moving forward. I also find a bit annoying that when you swipe to look at say the web browser and swipe back to a folder… you have to tap on it again to open it.

Emadeowa said:

April 9th, 8:18 pm

glad to see I can finaly watch video from a PS site on my VITA……PLEASE add Adobe support PLEASE…

Emadeowa said:

April 9th, 8:24 pm

thought just maybe i could watch twitch or justinTV on my Vita but no such luck….oh well just maybe next time….

hew789 said:

April 9th, 8:36 pm

anyone know how to gamesshare on vita?.if any one wants to on ps3 message this is not my realy account got banned

Kchow23 said:

April 9th, 8:43 pm

All in all a great update though!

TALLglassofWATER said:

April 9th, 8:49 pm

this is a joke, you still cannot save backgrounds to the memory card and you can’t even change the background of folders. also the 100 bubble limit still exists, making foldes ultimately redundant. Im not very happy about this.

Gazzakebab said:

April 9th, 9:26 pm

I got the 2.10 system update and now my games won’t load. I click on the Start screen and the games never load. If I use the Power Off button to later restart the system, the screen freezes and I have to go into Safe mode before restarting everything again.
Anyone else having this problem?

Monstercar29 said:

April 9th, 9:26 pm

Now only if we could view PDF files…

ShariusTC said:

April 9th, 9:30 pm

wow, great update, now i don’t have to creat multi page to hold all of my stuff anymore :D

but, pls sony, can you do me the favor, i don’t know you can do it in PS3 or not but please in PS4, give us the ability to ground my friends, some of my friend is my true friend, some of them i meet on the gaming site, other is a trophy booster partner from many game i have been played, it’ll be great if i can ground them

Epa_NBXX said:

April 9th, 9:31 pm

you guys are doing a great job with the updates, I just have one question, will we be able to use the dualshock 3 on the VITA? THAT WOUKD BE AWESOME!!!!

Gazzakebab said:

April 9th, 9:36 pm

I got the 2.10 system update and now my games won’t load. I click on the Start screen and the games never load. If I use the Power Off button to later restart the system, the screen freezes and I have to go into Safe mode before restarting everything again.

SDgamer07 said:

April 9th, 9:52 pm


Ganjookie said:

April 9th, 10:28 pm

I would love to have a Twitch and Crunchroll App to stream content, as well as the ability to recognize my networked media severs and stream content like my PS3!

Thanks SONY you guys are doing a bang up job making us happy!

PantheraLeo86 said:

April 9th, 10:32 pm

THIS UPDATE BRICKED MY VITA! As soon as I went to perform the system update, I hit the Next button on the screen saying it was for version 2.10 and then it just sat there. I’ve never had this problem so I tried hitting the PS button to back out but it just gave me a minus icon in the top left corner or the screen. After all else failed, I went to turn my Vita off and when I hit ‘Power Off’, the whole thing went unresponsive. I’ve even tried the hard reset of holding the PS button down for 30 seconds with no response. Someone please help! Sony, if this update ruined my system, you owe me a new Vita…

RR99i said:

April 9th, 10:59 pm

Thank you Sony! Vita is getting better and better. Please, keep it up, this handheld deserves the utmost best this year! :)


April 9th, 11:39 pm

i hope playstation is reading this cuz i want
to play playstation 2 games on my vita like shinobi ps2 and area51 ps2
also an anime app and manga app cuz the old psp had comics
and more cross play d^_^b

ima_hustla_19 said:

April 10th, 12:00 am

is any 1 else having problems with the browser loading pages? ever since the update it starts to load then stops then maybe it starts then it stops. even if i get a page loaded going to the next page i want wont happen cuz it will just stop loading.n e 1 with the same problem?

SacredxSaber said:

April 10th, 12:13 am

I wanted to ask when can we see a cut and paste option for the vita?Thank you.

Knightedrik said:

April 10th, 1:25 am


Sounds like a bad install.. Did you update with wi-fi? Maybe it’s an incomplete download/install. Call Sony support.

Avril378 said:

April 10th, 1:58 am

cool but the vita doesent have enogh apps

superjudaz said:

April 10th, 2:35 am

finally a browser vid player yesss!!

Guimace said:

April 10th, 5:31 am

Thankyou, been looking forward to this!

PantheraLeo86 said:

April 10th, 5:37 am


The install hadn’t even started yet. I never got past the screen stating that a new version of the system software was available.

Yaholo said:

April 10th, 6:30 am

I am stunned… in a good way. This is the kind of polish and refinement Sony has failed to do in the past. This not only makes the Vita actually useful for holding a game collection, but appears to be a good sign Sony is changing its ways and taking user interface issues seriously. Thank you, Thank you!

ZaK-MeRKz94 said:

April 10th, 6:35 am

Introduce Different Main Menu background music and different clicking,swiping and selecting tones

Bicgoozgetten-69 said:

April 10th, 6:42 am

This is great now i can sell my ipod now. Thanks Sony! I will have a better experience when I take my PS Vita to work.

Mando44646 said:

April 10th, 6:49 am

FINALLY folders!

How about uploading PSP saves to the cloud? Thats a bit more important the crappy PS Mobile games in my book.

Also, please release cheaper and large memory cards.

signal2noise said:

April 10th, 6:49 am

Holy crap! Folders AND my icons aren’t going to be clusterF&%ked when I switch cards?!?!?! I love you guys!!!! You made my day with this!

ro-kurorai said:

April 10th, 6:51 am

Hi Don, just wanted to ask how saving the icon layout to the memory card works. As there’s no specific option to do so I assume it’s saved automatically each time the layout is modified. Is that correct?

macoleto said:

April 10th, 6:55 am

Nice one…

My forever MUST have is: E-reader app!!!

Maxbear27 said:

April 10th, 7:06 am

when will we be able to see our PShome avitars on our vita?
like we can use our ARcards to take pictures with them with default poses from ps home
y’know casual,defiant,etc
that would be AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ripley231 said:

April 10th, 7:13 am

This is MUCH better, but I’ve been hoping for a while now to able to delete a Vita game without it deleting my saved data (much like the way we can with PSP titles)

WANTED274 said:

April 10th, 7:29 am

I’m hooked.. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOUU!!!!!!!! I’ve been waiting for this.

WANTED274 said:

April 10th, 7:35 am

Um…. How to get PSP demos on PS Vita. I need specific games, but there are no photos, descriptions aren’t enough.

Misbik said:

April 10th, 7:43 am

Thanks for the update! I’m happy to know there’s still work being done to improve some things. Unfortunately, I’m not sure I will personnally be impacted by any of these changes.

I’ve never had a need for folders, as I’ve never been able to put much on my Vita. I refuse to pay three times what the price of a memory card SHOULD be, so I’m stuck with a 4 gig card. That means I pretty much only ever have 1-3 digital games on my Vita (and nothing else….movies, etc.) at any given time, and I don’t delete them until I’m completely done with them. So I never have very many icons cluettering up my screen, thus folders for me is a no go at this time.

I also have the WiFi version so apparently I won’t get to benefit from the ability to upload game saves.

I guess the video stuff might come in handy for stuff..I’ll have to test it out before I get excited about it though…

I have to concur with everyone else though…please remove the lock my memory keeping it limited to one account! And please…..lower the price on the memory cards!!!!!

echuy said:

April 10th, 7:53 am

Hi, i update my psvita, buy i had a problem trying to open fifa 12 stay freeze then the psvita don’t responde, can any one helpe me with this thks.

BadGrim74 said:

April 10th, 7:55 am

I know the first folder I will create.
“Bloatware” for all that vita crap that we can’t uninstall.

FrankieG_XIII said:

April 10th, 8:05 am

I gotta agree with ike9934. This has got to be the best day for the Vita so far. Now if only my web browser would stop refreshing every five seconds. Whatever, I still love my Vita, my Vita is my vida!!! … now to get back to that damned extreme difficulty harrier on mgs2 hd grrrrrr…

EggySong85 said:

April 10th, 8:19 am

Nice features! I am excited to see more functionality with the memory cards, but please for the love of this beautiful small blue pearl floating in the cosmos give us the ability to change accounts without having to restore the system!

wilfareus said:

April 10th, 8:32 am

loving this update guys :D
hope to see more awesome firmware updates in the future :D

Darkside53 said:

April 10th, 8:58 am

some of the features dont seem to work on my vita can someone help!!!!!!!!!

FluffyStyle said:

April 10th, 9:13 am

i like the extra feaures but since the update i cant start BlazBlue EX anymore x.x

Eddy513 said:

April 10th, 9:45 am

I have a question will the vita memory cards get a price cut? It seam like they are too much even if they are the only memory cards you can get for the vita. The 32gb is the only one that is relabel on memory, but it cost $100. That’s all the gaming money most people have to go out and buy games and there are some good games coming out for the vita. I don’t think the vita is getting a price cut any time soon but the memory cards should get a price cut before the vita. I really think it will help the sells of the vita.


April 10th, 9:50 am

can you guys please make (Dragon Ball Z shin budokai another road) support on ps vita! i really want to play it i downloaded it a long time ago and its not working


April 10th, 10:02 am

and yea the other guy’s right your memory cards are to freaking high i can make a better price then sony can
4GB $14.99, 8GB $24.99, 16GB $39.99, and 32GB $59.99 there your welcome sony no need to thank me!=_= PS. these are the prices they’ve should have been!

FluffyStyle said:

April 10th, 10:03 am

to playstation i found a bug in the update due an unknown error it refuses to start BlazBlue Continuem Shift EX eurpoe version i freezes in start screen and after that he vita gets bugged and doesnt tart anything anymore pls fix this tho i already lost my blazblue safe data

dodgedoors said:

April 10th, 10:03 am

I like the little digital image of the gamecard currently in the vita next to the time at the top right.

GhostMachine1 said:

April 10th, 10:05 am


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