Dishonored: The Knife of Dunwall DLC Out Tuesday

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Dishonored: The Knife of Dunwall DLC Out Tuesday
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Dishonored: The Knife of Dunwall DLC Out Tuesday

You’ve played the role of the Empress’ protector, and now you will experience Dishonored from the other side of the coin. Watch our newly released trailer for Dishonored: The Knife of Dunwall, which puts you in the role of Daud — the assassin responsible for Empress Jessamine’s death.

Those that have played through Dishonored know Daud possesses the Mark of the Outsider — granting him supernatural abilities. But don’t expect to be playing as a Corvo clone — Daud can call for help with ‘Summon Assassin’, track down runes and bone charms with “Void Gaze”, and his variation on Blink allows him to stop time — even in mid air.

You’ll needs these powers, as well as stealth weapons like Daud’s custom wristbow and arc mines to survive some of the most challenging areas in Dunwall — including the Rothwild Slaughterhouse, Legal District, and a return to Daud’s hidden base in the Flooded District. Nothing you can’t handle, right?

As with Dishonored, we encourage you to play The Knife of Dunwall in whatever play style suits you best — be it action or stealth focused, or somewhere in between. Daud’s redemption (or turn towards darkness) lays in your hands.

The Knife of Dunwall releases on Tuesday, April 16th on PlayStation Store for $9.99.

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4 Author Replies

  • You may have jumped the gun a bit with this one, Sony.

  • is out tomorrow or the 16th? you hace two dates

  • Uh…so it’s coming out tomorrow…the 12th? And the 16th? The video says the 16th, so I’ll trust the makers of the content. What a letdown though, I was excited to purchase!

  • jimmyfoxhound

    Nice, looking forward to it! Really enjoyed Dishonored

  • matt this is a great game, but there’s something i want it to know. will you ever make a Dishonored game for the ps vita handheld? by the way am buying this DLC.

    • Matt Grandstaff
      Matt Grandstaff

      No announced plans for anything like that.

      We hope you enjoy Knife of Dunwall

  • LOL! Dishonoured? No thanks. I’m done with you, you’re father has come home, and it’s name is Bioshock.

    Not to mention your older brother, Thief will be coming back home from college in a couple of months.

  • wow fail… i meant your* father. Bad grammar ftw.

  • Emerald_Swords

    No thanks.

  • SUPER excited, especially since it’s only ten bucks. Dishonored was the best game of 2012 IMO… beat it twice in a week and can’t wait to get my hands on new story DLC. Michael Madsen ftw!

  • Easily my favorite game of 2012. Definite yes to this.

    Quick question, though. Will the Dishonored universe be expanding any time soon? Maybe not a game, but rather a book or a graphic novel? I’d like the chance to explore Samuel’s history.

  • Dishonored was my GOTY for 2012, so I’m definitely looking forward to this.

    • Matt Grandstaff
      Matt Grandstaff

      As a head’s up, we’ll be streaming an area from the game at 1:30 PM EST – Monday on Twitch.

  • C_Y_P_H_E_R

    The DLC looks great. I loved Dishonored though the graphics clearly weren’t finished/polished, whatever. I’m hoping the sequel looks better. It looked rushed. I’m not expecting that to happen though. Expecting to be let down.

  • Great trailer…if its a DLC based on a side-story you can count me in already…I do buy other DLC’s but side-story ones are the true worthy of our money…and above all Dishonored is an amazing game…I can’t have enough of it.Thank you for this.

  • Swordsman83

    More trophies ?

  • Omega_Black24

    Am I crazy or is it not in the store? Today is Tuesday the 16th and I’m not seeing it.

  • angrypanda44445

    17th today and not out yet. btw xbox sucks

  • dragoon2659

    my psn store still doesnt show the dlc for dishonerd yet

  • dragoon2659

    so what the hell man

  • is anybody on here

  • angrypanda44445

    yeah they have not updated the store they still need to then it should be on other dlc is not on there also.

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