Soul Sacrifice: Demo Out Today, Saves Transfer to Full Game

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Soul Sacrifice: Demo Out Today, Saves Transfer to Full Game

Soul Sacrifice on PS Vita

I hope you’re ready for Soul Sacrifice — the demo will be available this afternoon on PSN!

Your first reaction to the demo might be, “Holy moly, this is a LOT of demo!” …And you’d be right! The entire first chapter of the full game is included, all of which is playable with up to three other friends via online or ad-hoc multiplayer. Inafune-san made it a special point for the demo to be quite substantial, as you can read in his comments below:

“The number one reason for the Soul Sacrifice demo to have a lot of content was to show the users the full attraction of Soul Sacrifice. We knew that cutting out a small section of the game and saying, ‘Isn’t this part fun?’ would not show the users the full potential of the game. We figured that it wouldn’t make sense if the users could not have the ‘I want to play more’ feeling.

Soul Sacrifice on PS VitaSoul Sacrifice on PS Vita

“So, we decided we want to provide, ‘at the very least,’ this amount of the game for the users. That is why, if you compare it to a standard demo, this became such a substantial piece. But we are confident that this will not become something negative where the users will feel like, ‘We played enough.’ After we released the demo version in Japan we received many voices, saying ‘[I] want to play more’ and ‘I want to get more hooked on this game.’ That is why we believe making this demo with this amount of volume and detail was a success.”

Soul Sacrifice is a long adventure, with dozens of hours of gameplay. The demo is not only a great way to sample the full experience, but also to let you get a head start on that adventure before the game releases. To that end — this part is important, pay attention! — the save data will carry over to the full game! Not only that, if you do carry over demo save data to the full game, you will receive an exclusive bonus item: “Spirits’ Heart”! It summons a powerful stone golem that will fight for you!

Soul Sacrifice on PS Vita

Trying the demo and carrying over your save data is the ONLY way to get “Spirits’ Heart,” so why not give it a shot if you’re already interested in the game?

The Soul Sacrifice demo offers a single player mode AND a multi-player mode. Multi-player can be played via both ad-hoc and online, but please be aware that multi-player and all online features for the demo will be terminated and will no longer be available on April 30th, 2013. After this date, you will still be able to play the demo offline and ad-hoc. Of course, that’s not a problem, since you’ll all be picking up the full game when it launches on April 30th, right? *wink*

Don’t forget to pre-order! Not only do you get three exclusive Magic Offerings and two exclusive costumes, but you’ll also get the Japanese voice-over audio pack for free!

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  • smilayface92

    god i wonder whats taking them so long

  • SwissCheez91

    I get home from work, stoked to download injustice, but its not there! Sony! what are you doing? it takes an entire day to update the store? it seems like you have to move heaven and earth to update the store each week, I don’t get it, Nintendo beat you with their update, Nintendo.

  • wooooot, such a memorable 1500th comment. LOL

  • Misterchacal

    are we still in april 1st????? lmao, sony is playing prank with us

  • sweet effin tacos lol thats funny

  • Good thing we just had maintenance so things like this don’t happen…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………




  • Arch_Angelz_20

    2000 before demo release

  • anyone else looking forward to Dragon Fantasy Book I?
    add: Ginsu3000

  • thisaccountsfake

    sadface…i waited all day

  • Maybe there are too many people accessing the server ^^;;

  • Super__Goomba

    The ONE time I decide to put aside everything and wait for a store update, Sony decides to troll extra hard.

  • Maybe the actual Morgan Haro is a skrull that works with Microsoft.

  • 1506 true, lots of vita friends! my list was segregated towards ps3 players but now its more vita!!

  • anyone else looking forward to Dragon Fantasy Book I?

  • Update the flipping store already!!!!

  • Maybe they’re planning to release on the same day as EU? :)) n’aaaawww

  • JeffsonP_US

    I’m not going to sleep ’till I download this demo. Even if tomorrow I look like a zombie in the office.
    I’m sacrificing my sleep. Now, the demo please?

  • ImSoHappy77

    Well to lighten the mood. Why do mermaids wear seashells… because she outgrew her Bshells :D… I need the demo :/

  • I’m on GMT+8 (South east Asia).

    Add me up for some soul searching adventures!

    I’ll be here for a while. Looking forward to dat #2000

  • You can +add me if you want, but it looks like we wont be seeing the demo tonight. Maybe tomorrow. AKA 1 hour from now. =P

  • baaa! i cant take this (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻

    ( ̄(エ) ̄) add me to ur soul count plz

  • descartesquieu


    Your avatar really matches your comment, lol

  • SoLiDuS_187

    ahahAHAHAHAH from 8 pages 1 hr ago to now over 30 pages. People wasnt some SS. I was excited to play it today, but I guess I will have to wait till I get back from work tomorrow.

  • Add me for Vita friends!

  • damn this updates fast , faster than sohy itself

  • I offered bacon and no one added me :( bunch of bacon haters…

  • sony double posted me, lol

  • splitwindow63

    my warp core is about to breach

  • LordHeadHunter

    Demo where are you :'(
    Add me for co-op

  • Barros_Braz

    PS “4” “Vita”
    Playstation for Life!

  • Fullmetal156

    Im gonna be up all night add meeee lol

  • okay, I’m gonna sleep and… oh no, I’m not gonna do it.

  • Can someone contact customer service?

  • Am I the only one excited for Malicious aside from Soul Sacrifice

  • Going to be up all night waiting for this. Add me as well for some Co-op! :D

  • @1528 LOL! true

  • darkchilightchi

    -needs a grouping list so can still all ss people into one folder now under friends list for instant access-

  • shakuganhacker

    man this is taking forever.

    Add me for coop

  • add me on psn for coop play of games! :) i have RO and hopefully soon i will have SS

  • i have accepted my bacon brothers :O

  • Barros_Braz

    @1541 i’m whit ya champs!

  • McWorked_You

    I’m watching some of the Butters episodes from South Park. The one where he fakes his death to attend the girls sleepover is on. So funny.

  • SCEA are pathetic when it comes to this. What other digital outlet doesn’t have a set publish time? Even other SCE regions do it, and it’s always right on time. WHY should we have to wait to this so called “4-8pm PST” time. That’s ridiculous. If they want to be taken seriously, especially with the advent of digital retail titles, and their Day 1 Digital program, they should be working on MONDAY to get the store published right at midnight on Tuesday. Every time. Without excuse. Without waiting to get updates on what happened to the updates. What if the update to get an update on the update gets delayed?

  • @1540, no. I bought Malicious a year ago when it was $5 on PSN.

  • ADD ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • #1539 someone should sooo contact customer serviece!!!!

  • Any word on a bigger storage card. I have an unhealthy addiction to digital Vita games, and 32GBs is just not enough anymore.

  • evil_raffaello

    done waiting… add me anyone who wants to play the game tomorrow! hope this wait was useful at least for making some game buddies =) good luck to us!

  • Super__Goomba

    I’m sacrificing so much time right now, I guess this is what Inafune was talking about.

  • Demo!!!! Where are you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Demoooooooooooo

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