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Apr 22

Apr 22

Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R on PS Vita Tomorrow

Takeshi Yamanaka's Avatar Posted by

Guilty Gear Project Coordinator

It was love at first sight. This is my story of how the PS Vita version of Guilty Gear game to life, and why I thought PS Vita and Guilty Gear were a match made in heaven.

When I first opened the the dev unit for the PS Vita, I was seduced by the screen’s beauty: high resolution, saturated colors, and the quick response time all contributed to my next thought: “I’m sure 2D fighting games would look beautiful on this baby.”

That was when it all began. At the time I was the coordinator and director of BlazBlue, if only by title, so I wasn’t directly involved in the development of the PS Vita version; nevertheless, I heard stories from our dev teams and needless to say, they, too were impressed with Vita’s performance.

Guilty Gear XX Accent Core +R for PS Vita

The idea of bringing Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus to the Vita was tossed around during meetings and in the office, but the general consensus of our top brass was that it wouldn’t have much of an impact, and the idea was shelved.

I think it was in Spring of 2012, a little while after Guilty Gear on the Vita was shelved. Our Arcade release of the game underwent major balance changes, (+R) at which point I was put in charge of the entire Guilty Gear project.

Development for the PS3 digital version of Accent Core Plus was already underway, so I knew I had to schedule the +R update for the PS3 and a +R release of Vita on our development roadmap.

Creating the game on Vita was not as much trouble as we had expected — the bigger issue we tried to solve was the fact that the Vita’s screen was 16:9, and the game was designed around 4:3. We did some research and played around with the camera to maximize the screen real-estate, but during all of our tests, the essence of Guilty Gear’s fighting style, which was, “Knock your opponent down, and go for the okizeme” was inherently lost in the transition. We made the executive decision to keep the game in its native 4:3 resolution.

Guilty Gear XX Accent Core +R for PS Vita

Now, for the two most important parts in a fighting game: characters and balance.

In Accent Core, the characters were extremely streek-y, and a good player could in theory turn the match around from a single hit-confirm — it was indeed a very aggressive tuning. So the question became, how do we make +R using Accent Core as our foundation? I was presented with the choice of pushing the game further in the aggressive direction, or toning it back and sanding down the “unique” edges.

That was when the father of all that is Guilty Gear, Daisuke Ishiwatari, gave me his two cents. “There are two things that need to be emphasized in this update: Number one: It’s not a minor change. We need to give the game a fresh skin and feel. Number two: Why sand down the edges now when we’ve developed such a uniquely flavored game?”

In the end, we gave the weaker characters more weapons and options, and adjusted the higher tier characters’ battle style.

Lastly, characters. While there are no “brand new” characters, Kliff and Justice, formerly boss characters, are now added to the playable roster. And as much as I would’ve liked to see two overpowered characters thrown into the mix, we had to struggle with our balance tuning. My suggestion of giving them more supers was rejected instantly…

Guilty Gear XX Accent Core +R for PS Vita

I hope everyone in the states will enjoy +R as much as we enjoyed working on it. Since it’s technically the first time the game will hit its shores, let us know your thoughts.

Hopefully we’ll have more to show you soon… Real soon.

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Zionine said:

April 22nd, 6:22 am

Exciting stuff. What’s the price?
I might pick it up, despite the 4:3 reso. It’ll definitely look great on the vita.

    Takeshi Yamanaka's Avatar

    Takeshi Yamanaka said:

    April 23rd, 4:56 pm

    The game will launch at $14.99 on PSN for the Vita. Let us know your thoughts.

Gorvi said:

April 22nd, 6:22 am

Is GG getting a retail release or is it going to be PSN only?

    Takeshi Yamanaka's Avatar

    Takeshi Yamanaka said:

    April 23rd, 4:56 pm

    Currently, we only have plans for the PSN release.

gerneric123 said:

April 22nd, 6:24 am

Online mode?

    Takeshi Yamanaka's Avatar

    Takeshi Yamanaka said:

    April 23rd, 4:58 pm

    Currently only AdHoc is supported. I apologize the trailer could be a little misleading.

Mister-Nep said:

April 22nd, 6:26 am

Very much want to get this down the line, but when is the +R patch hitting the PS3 version?

    Takeshi Yamanaka's Avatar

    Takeshi Yamanaka said:

    April 23rd, 4:58 pm

    We are currently working hard to ensure the the patch is up to par. Hopefully we’ll have some good news for you soon.

ItaChu said:

April 22nd, 6:41 am

this game should have came to retail :(

When is a new game being made …. dont stop making new games when a new console comes out id like to see this game remade again but with blazblue style :) and i hope blazblue doesnt end now that the new consoles are coming out

    Takeshi Yamanaka's Avatar

    Takeshi Yamanaka said:

    April 23rd, 5:02 pm

    Given the climate, a digital release seemed like the more viable option for Guilty Gear. Sorry… :(

    While I cannot speak on behalf of the BlazBlue team, as long as we feel the support is strong from overseas fans, we will push our boss to give us the green-light on projects. Keep your fingers crossed.

UnrealButcher said:

April 22nd, 6:41 am

So what’s the word on a “Price Point” for this PS Vita version? Is it being treated like DLC, an HD remake, new game or what?

    Takeshi Yamanaka's Avatar

    Takeshi Yamanaka said:

    April 23rd, 4:59 pm

    It’s going to be $14.99. Treating it like an “HD remake” on the Vita.

ZaGe-zAiKaNo said:

April 22nd, 6:58 am


14.99$ From what i read on

    Takeshi Yamanaka's Avatar

    Takeshi Yamanaka said:

    April 23rd, 5:00 pm

    Glad to have fans on top of the news. You are correct, sir.

Aces73High said:

April 22nd, 7:15 am

Do we know when this will hit the EU store? Will it be this week too?

    Takeshi Yamanaka's Avatar

    Takeshi Yamanaka said:

    April 23rd, 5:02 pm

    What the guy below me said…

    Unfortunately I have no word on the EU release as of now.

ZaGe-zAiKaNo said:

April 22nd, 7:25 am


No release date for EU unfortunately.

RyanSaotome said:

April 22nd, 7:40 am

I never get why people make entire blog posts like this but don’t say the most important thing: The Price. How much is it?

    Takeshi Yamanaka's Avatar

    Takeshi Yamanaka said:

    April 23rd, 5:03 pm

    $14.99 on the PSN store. I’ll be more careful about including the price in future posts.

JimmyNEUTRON413 said:

April 22nd, 7:43 am

sooo many FIGHTING games lately with all the ps plus fighters lately….it feels like the season of the Fighter Genre lol…If you’re into that than you have to be happy with this one… BEYOND

Zionine said:

April 22nd, 7:50 am

I think I heard the 15$ price as well.. just wanted clarification from the poster.. but doesn’t look like he’s a reply- kind of person. Ah well. Looks like a good 15$ spent… Still have lots of cash from that March deal…

LJPvonzity said:

April 22nd, 7:54 am

I swear this Ratchet & Clank: FFA for the Vita is taking forever.

Mojlnir said:

April 22nd, 7:55 am

I can’t wait to get this, and yeah it’s $15 afaik

Adelflame said:

April 22nd, 8:18 am

Now give us +R update for the PS3 version too! And throw a few GG avatars on the store for us to buy too ;)

Ujn said:

April 22nd, 8:23 am

No retail? Guess I won’t be playing GGACPR on my PSP Vita.

IIL0YDII said:

April 22nd, 8:27 am

Optimize game resolution for Vita screen? – Screw that! Just add bars!

eliseobeltran_us said:

April 22nd, 8:56 am

Any news if there is a trophy support?

DarkOne_PR said:

April 22nd, 9:22 am

retail and ill buy. screw digital only for full games.

Lance_Wayne said:

April 22nd, 9:46 am

Just finished my FIRST play through of Bioshock Infinite and just have to give MAD LOVE to EVERYONE at Irrational Studios for a game that everyone should be experiencing if you haven’t had the pleasures of doing so yet!

Ryumoau said:

April 22nd, 9:54 am

@20 thank you for such a meaningless and irrelevant post.

anyway, not really much into hardcore fighting games but i love the animation. won’t buy it but if theres a demo i might try that.

UncannySilk said:

April 22nd, 10:10 am

Maaaaan people don’t play fighting games seriously on handhelds. Not even worth it.

ReaperXL7 said:

April 22nd, 10:18 am

Love Arcs fighters, BB on Vita was fantastic and I am really hoping we will get Chrono Phantasma aswell. Really going to need some larger memory cards though Sony since space is becoming very precious.

Really cant complain about Vita at all if you love fighting games, hoping we get Injustice next.

Jotamide said:

April 22nd, 10:35 am

Any words on the console patch?

Damn, the 2 versions should be cross-play! DoA 5 did it flawlessly, why can’t you ArcSys?

Mougurijin said:

April 22nd, 10:41 am

Whew. For a second I thought this game might actually be coming out on EU PSN too. Looks like I still have no reason to spend any money buying a Vita yet, and probably for a long long long time judging from history of these games…

So 9 months later we’re close to getting P4A at last, now any idea when we might finally get GGXXACP for PS3 on EU PSN?…

Kurusichiano said:

April 22nd, 10:46 am

As a blazblue fan i might be considering buy this one.

Shadow_Kamui said:

April 22nd, 11:03 am

Can’t wait for playing this game. Have been so long since the last time I play GG so I am very excited to play again with Ky, Millia, Chipp and Zappa.
I will like to know if you are going to release a list of all the changed to the game ????

Kchow23 said:

April 22nd, 11:06 am

I am confused, so is this a PS Vita native game? if so, how come it isn’t full resolution and also will it have trophies?

Shadow_Kamui said:

April 22nd, 11:09 am

I forgot to mention how much I love this game soundtrack. This game have one of the best soundtracks I have listen on a game.
my favorite song is blue water blue sky. But I love to still in darkness and simple live and momentary live. ^.^

    Takeshi Yamanaka's Avatar

    Takeshi Yamanaka said:

    April 23rd, 5:07 pm

    You have made my director, Daisuke Ishiwatari happy.

tusunami said:

April 22nd, 11:52 am

It’s cool to see more games coming for PS Vita!!!!!!!

ChaosRaiser327 said:

April 22nd, 12:03 pm

UMvC3, Street Fighter X Tekken, and now this… on the go?!

Where do I sign up for this device?!

Elvick_ said:

April 22nd, 1:03 pm

For the love of Blazblue, please put Chrono Phantasma on Vita as well. I will buy both the PS3 and Vita version. Like I bought CS Extend and all the previous games released on PSP along with PS3.

You know you want to. :D Persona 4: Arena would have also been nice on Vita. Dern Atlus.

Definitely picking this up.

Julimano said:

April 22nd, 1:10 pm

Now I just need a way to use a DS3 or arcade stick on vita and I´m good to go!

EmperorKorea said:

April 22nd, 2:05 pm

how about a brand new guilty gear?

GameOverComesAll said:

April 22nd, 2:33 pm

The game will have trophies (really guys, every game is required to), however it won’t have a platinum trophy.

lm_The_Boss said:

April 22nd, 2:34 pm

I wish i knew this was coming to vita before i got the PS3 version. I dont want to rebuy it again. I already got the PS3 version and even the PS2 version. I know its not +R though. Hopefully the PS3 patch comes soon.

oversevethousand said:

April 22nd, 3:54 pm

I WAS going to get this, but then Chrono Phantasma was announced as PS3 only and my desire to support ArcSys went away with my dreams of a Vita version of it. I might still pick it up, but I’m still happy with BlazBlue for now.

PrinceofXIII said:

April 22nd, 5:38 pm

awesome stuff :D

rafael_martines said:

April 22nd, 5:41 pm

Sad :( the blocked my comment… anyway what about the update to PS3 version?

cat9966 said:

April 22nd, 5:47 pm

Oh look another fighting game for the Vita. It’s really hard to believe there is that big of a market for fighters on the Vita and yet apparently every company out there seems to think the world cries out for yet another one.

jedi8955 said:

April 22nd, 6:39 pm

Any word on if it’ll be Cross Buy with the PS3 version? Or maybe a discount at least?

oZc-Gauss said:

April 23rd, 12:52 am

Dude! Stop to create releases or adaptations of PSOne and PSP’s games, don’t be lazy and make an entire new game for Vita!

Jysmoker said:

April 23rd, 1:48 am

NEED SOME HELP!!!!! I haven’t received the 10 dollars!!!!!!
I have spent $50 through April 1st 2013,but I haven’t received the email for 10 dollars .My id is Jysmoker.This is my e-mail address “” Please help me to solve the problem.I’m looking forward to your recieve.

Hugo_Mundo said:

April 23rd, 6:21 am

I would bought it AGAIN if i hadn’t the ps3 version and the PSP version of the game.
Why make the game 4:3 on Vita too? with those awfull bars on the sides.
I would buy a GG game when they stop looking only to BlazBlue and make a new widescreen HD Guilty Gear game.

dopeboy081991 said:

April 23rd, 6:42 am

if i want to play a 2D fighter ill pick up tekken

Hugo_Mundo said:

April 23rd, 6:50 am

2D fighter.
You’re kidding right?

Sevyne said:

April 23rd, 7:17 am

How about making an actual NEW guilty gear, instead of squeezing the life out of one that has been out for years now? It’s funny how many years it’s been yet the game still needs balancing.

HomieHesAKlown said:

April 23rd, 9:35 am

Full screen or it’s just not happening, even the PSP versions have full screen…

jayking21 said:

April 23rd, 10:31 am

Guilty Gear on my psV yes

Senile-Felines said:

April 23rd, 7:08 pm

I wish i knew it didnt have online when i got it around 4 hours ago. That was a waste of 15 bucks.

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