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Apr 22

Apr 22

PlayStation Plus: Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny Free for Members

Morgan Haro's Avatar Posted by Community Manager, PlayStation Digital Platforms

This week, PS Plus members can download one of the most full-featured portable fighters in history: Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny. It’s also week 3 of Spring Fever, which means a new indie title — Thomas Was Alone (with a launch week discount for PS Plus members) and a Resident Evil franchise sale. Read on, and let us know what you think in the comments.

PlayStation Plus - 1-year MembershipPlayStation Plus - 3-month Membership

April 23rd PlayStation Plus Update

Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny (PSP, Supported on PS Vita)

PSN Price: $39.99, Free for PS Plus members

Soul Calibur Broken Destiny
Battle as one of many returning Soul Calibur favorites, each enhanced with tuned balancing, new moves and animations. Play the dedicated single player game mode: Trials, developed exclusively for this Soul Calibur outing and evolved versions of classic game modes like The Gauntlet and Versus. Blow away your competition using finely tuned and enhanced battle mechanics including critical finishes, Soul Crushes and equipment destruction and unleash devastating combos. And don’t forget, you can play as Kratos!

PlayStation Plus Update 4-23-2013

SPRING FEVER – Thomas Was Alone (PS3 and PS Vita – Cross Buy Enabled)

20% Discount for PS Plus members (PSN Price: $9.99; PS Plus Price: $7.99)

Thomas Was Alone
A unique puzzle platformer arrives this week with Thomas Was Alone. Perhaps a distant cousin to Sound Shapes; it may look fairly basic, but if you’ve ever wondered how a game could make you care about characters that are represented fairly simply (via shapes), but have an intriguing level of depth to them backed up with strong writing, great sound design, and personality out the ears, you need to check out Thomas Was Alone.
SPRING FEVER – Resident Evil Franchise Sale (PS3, PSP with PS Vita Support)

Up to 65% Discounts for PS Plus Members

Resident Evil Sale
This week’s Spring Fever franchise sale brings you a ton of titles from the Resident Evil series. Nearly all of the major entries in the series are here at a discounted price; with PS Plus members netting the best discount at up to 65% off the regular price. You’ll also find a number of Add-Ons as well. Check the PlayStation Store update tomorrow for the full list.


Game Normal Price Sale Price Plus Price
Resident Evil 4 (PS3) $19.99 $13.99 $9.79
Resident Evil Director’s Cut (PS one Classic) $9.99 $4.99 $3.49
Resident Evil 2 (PS one Classic) $5.99 $2.99 $2.09
Resident Evil 6 (PS3) $29.99 $20.99 $14.69
Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (PS one Classic) $5.99 $2.99 $2.09
Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition (PS3) $29.99 $20.99 $14.69
Resident Evil Code: Veronica X (PS3) $19.99 $13.99 $9.79
Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City (PS3) $39.99 $27.99 $19.59

Last Chance (Leaving on 4/30)

Instant Game Collection
Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention (PS Vita)

Resident Evil 4 (PS3)
Resident Evil Director’s Cut (PS one Classic)
Resident Evil 2 (PS one Classic)
Resident Evil 6 (PS3)
Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (PS one Classic)
Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition (PS3)
Resident Evil Code: Veronica X (PS3)
Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City (PS3)

You’ll find all the content detailed above with their Plus benefits active when PlayStation Store updates on April 23rd.

What are you most excited for this week? What do you think could be better? Leave your comments below, or, if you’re looking to engage with more of the PS community, head over to the PlayStation Community Forums to discuss this week’s news, find other topics to contribute your thoughts to, or start one for yourself. See you in the comments!

PlayStation Plus Update 4-23-2013

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DaGimp13 said:

April 22nd, 3:08 pm


Gonna have to agree with the rest here, I didn’t spend $250 on a Vita to play PSP games, I bought it to play console quality (dual stick, trophy games). While I don’t mind the odd PSP game, lately it’s been more PSP then it has been Vita. Sony is relying on their catalog way too much when they should be pushing the envelope with bigger better brighter.

Part of the problem seems to be a lack of Vita catalog, maybe due to actual programming issues, not enough dev teams, etc. numerous possibilities to that end. But Sony could solve this problem simply by opening up the Vita to be able to run PSN games (PSN, NOT PS3!)….even if by emulation, this would resolve a lot as Vita users would have a huge library of console quality games with vibrant color schemes. TMNT:Turtles in Time Re-Shelled, Castle Crashers, Journey, etc, would be available to play (thanks to 2nd axis control, 6 axis tilt controls, and rear touch pad for button mapping). Sony would then be able to contine on its current trend with PS3, PSN, PSP & PSV games given out under plus and “extend the love” to PSP permanently then.

dinkin-flicka said:

April 22nd, 3:12 pm

I pay $50 a year +3mo! I deserve a new PS3 game every week for the whole year. Make it happen Sony! Or else I’m defecting to Sony EU. :)

I don’t envy you guys on the other side.

sirbflo114 said:

April 22nd, 3:17 pm

I think this is 4 straight bad weeks. I signed up for a year membership when spec ops and vanquish were available for free and they had that special deal going on ($50 for 15 months and $10 credit back). After that, I feel like ps+ duped me and put out low quality “free” psn games and bad deals. I guess they got my money so why even try to entice new customers…… Another Resident Evil sale special? I feel like there was already a Resident Evil sale special just a couple months ago. Cmon MAN!

raye_gincho said:

April 22nd, 3:17 pm

i’m a little underwhelmed honestly, the discount on RE6 is nice, but overall it’s a bit lacking compared to the games that euro psn is giving out.

Ghostwize said:

April 22nd, 3:20 pm

I’m sure Sony would love to add Vita games every week folks. We still have Zombie Tycoon II free next week. For Vita and PS3….on the day of release. That’s pretty sick. :D There just aren’t enough vita titles to be putting something into the IGC every week. There are so many awesome psp titles out there as well that I welcome the additions. We got Disgaea 3 last month! That’s an amazing title for the Vita with insane replay!

Dr-Jones104 said:

April 22nd, 3:23 pm

I think I will pick up Resident Evil 6. Only for Leon campaign, Chris’s campaign was terrible, Ada was a mix, and the other one was ok. I never played Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City I have only heard terrible things about it. To anyone who has played it is it worth pick up for $20 or should I still just pass on it as well?

paulokazii said:

April 22nd, 3:24 pm

Hey if you can’t give us ANY good game,at least give us some good discounts on new/older releases.I’m fed with all those crappy games that you keep releasing every month.Look at PS+ EU ,they get at least 1 good(new) game every month.What do we get?Demon’s Souls and some 3 years old PSP games.I don’t even own a PSP or a Vita and I don’t intend to buy one.

TJF588 said:

April 22nd, 3:25 pm

In response to Morgan’s request for feedback on PSP as part of PS Plus: KEEP DOING IT.

However, I agree: Too many fighters. The thing with fighters is that it takes being good at them to understand just what makes any of them stand out against each other, gimmicks aside. And to be good at them more often than not requires being good at button combos, which I’m decidedly poor at.

PSP games I’d love to see in the IGC include:
– Assassin’s Creed; Bloodlines
– Bonk’s Adventure
– Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles (you already offered SotN from PS1C)
– Crash games
– Dead Head Fred (dark, noir comedy? count me in!)
– Death Jr. games (see above, I suppose)
– echoshift
– Final Fantasy III (since FFIV Complete has done well enough)
– Half-Minute Hero (may as well, considering the superior PC version)
– Harvest Moon games
– LocoRoco games
– Neutopia
– Wild Arms XF
– Work Time Fun
– Akysys games
– NIS America games besides Disgaea
– XSEED games besides Ys

What I’d like to not see:
– Anything with a more complete PS3 (or Vita) version
– BlazBlue or Guilty Gear (at least for now)
– Capcom compilations
– SNK Playmore ports

Though I understand not all of these have Vita compatibility (“yet,” right?)

TALLglassofWATER said:

April 22nd, 3:30 pm

I theoretically like that we have psp games occasionally. EXCEPT that so far it seems like we are getting psp games I couldn’t care less about. There are plenty of psp games I would be interested in, maybe give us some more rpgs.

If we get one more fighting game in the next year then I am really going to be annoyed.

Squiggle55 said:

April 22nd, 3:32 pm

@Morgan You asked in one of your comments what we think about PSP vs Vita games. There are some PSP games that are great, so I don’t mind getting PSP games in theory. Games like God of War, Ratchet & Clank, Final Fantasy, and even some of the more obscure RPGs. Things like Corpse Party. There are some real gems in the PSP library. But giving away old fighting games is like giving away Madden ’09.

Ace9009 said:

April 22nd, 3:35 pm

What’s up with you guys? Seriously ungreatful.
RE6 for 10 bucks. Demon’s Souls. Spec Ops: The Line. A bunch of Smaller Indie-style games.
Not to mention Cloud and Automatic Update features, Which is what I bought it for, not the games.
I have a hugee list of free games thanks to PS+ I saved well over 50$ In a year.

oversevethousand said:

April 22nd, 3:40 pm

My thoughts?

Instead of picking PSP games out of a hat and assuming that will make Vita users happy, give Vita users what they want. Forget that EU PS+, month after month, has gotten stellar titles like the MGS Collection and VLR – Vita users should be getting Vita games, the same way PS3 users are getting PS3 games! It’s not that hard a concept, is it? Not to mention a lot of us have likely already played these games, which are MANY years old now. Meanwhile, other regions get new games to entice new and old buyers alike.

On that note? For the love of cripe, give us the Crash and Spyro games on Vita already. At least give us a statement as to why we can’t have them when every other region does if you can’t give us the games. We’d appreciate that, seriously.

Scaramanga1983 said:

April 22nd, 3:42 pm

The big problem here is that would be a lot cheaper to buy a brand new PSP and those games offered than to buy a Vita and subscribe to Plus.

I’m not a Plus subscriber, but I was thinking about joining just because of the Vita offerings, expecting to see more “retail” games like Uncharted Golden Abyss. I don’t have the intention to buy a lot of Vita games, so would be nice to have 1 new Vita game every month. Even though Tekken and Soul Calibur seem to be very good, they are not enough to convince me to subscribe to Plus.

Personally, I would rather see Hot Shots Golf, Touch My Katamari, Little Deviants, Reality Fighters, Gravity Rush, Uncharted Golden Abyss, Ridge Racer, Resistance Burning Skies (and others early full retail games) than PSP or small budget games, like Sine Mora and Retro City Rampage.

oversevethousand said:

April 22nd, 3:43 pm

@210: Well said. If we have to have PSP games, they could at least be solid ones that are loved and wanted by everyone – or most, at least.

On that note, I’ve never played a GTA game and I’m interested. While the previous sale is still good, which PSP one should I grab? Or is the PS3 one worth it to a newcomer who vastly prefers handheld gaming?

oversevethousand said:

April 22nd, 3:46 pm

@213: I believe Gravity Rush and Uncharted are part of the Instant Game Collection still, and once you become a PS+ subscriber, you can start amassing PS+ goodies even if you don’t own the console for them – so if you’d had a subscription, even though you didn’t have a Vita, you could have picked up titles like Retro City Rampage, Nonja Gaiden, Wipeout, and more while you waited for the right time to purchase the actual console. PS+ is pretty awesome like that.

AiKaoriHime said:

April 22nd, 3:54 pm

@215:I have GTA Liberty City Stories on my Vita and I dislike it. I liked Vice City Stories way better, imo. Try looking for reviews on YouTube to see gameplay and other opinions.

Also, I brought GTA The Ultimate Edition for PS3, and I like it so far.

PooPface560 said:

April 22nd, 4:12 pm

I’ve been very happy with US PS+ Instant Game collection. We got Spec Ops and Demon Souls.(Two games I never played before) The Vita IGC is very awesome too but i always need to delete games with my 4GB memory card. I was playing Uncharted Golden ,Jets Set Radio and Gravity Rush. I cant really complain about that.

People whining about Europe’s IGC should notice that Hitman is $19.99 at some retail stores already, I could get it for $14.99 if i tried to..So maybe what you guys think is good for Other countries, may not be so cool over here..Looking at you Mass Effect 3, I bet a lot of us played this already. Cant wait to see whats up next week for the month of May and to play Zombie Tycoon 2 on my vita.

Gamerzlimited said:

April 22nd, 4:13 pm

What’s with you guys with the hate on the PSP? I use mine mostly everyday since I can’t afford a Vita at this time. So more PSP games, the merrier. I’ll look forward to grabbing Soul Calibur despite me owning the UMD already.

Also, can’t wait to get the PS1 classics of the Resident Evil titles. Those are the best PS+ prices I seen for those games.

demosthenes451 said:

April 22nd, 4:14 pm

@30 I definitely agree.

@Morgan’s response to 30:
I believe it is a general consensus that we do not want PSP games. I bought a Vita to play Vita games. And fighters are fun for a little while, but I’m really tired of them. But don’t take anything stated above to mean I am displeased with PS+. I am happy with it, but honestly, I’d rather no game at all over taunting us with a PSP game that could have been a Vita game.

TarheelBlueblood said:

April 22nd, 4:23 pm

To edit my earlier comment about lack of good PS3 games lately, Spec Ops, Demon Souls, and Vanquish were all good-great games at there time and in fairness have come out recently. At best though they are all second tier games compared to some of the games that EU PS plus members get like Sleeping Dogs and Red Dead Redemption. Demon Souls was a surprise hit but is nearly 4 years old now. Spec Ops was interesting but surely not a top tier game. Vanquish was a nice surprise but still limited.

For each of these releases there have been numerous levels of PSN, VIta or PSP games released. There does not seem to be a good balance anymore.

DigitalReveller said:

April 22nd, 4:23 pm

@Morgan’s Reply to comment 24:
Did you honestly just claim that Spec Ops the Line and Demon’s Souls were actually big titles for the US PS+?! Spec Ops the Line is the worst selling shooter in recent history, it couldn’t even sell a million units cross platform. Second, Demon’s Souls was a fantastic game when it was released four years ago, now you can find it in any bargain bin for 2 dollars because it too sold horribly.

I know you guys jump through hoops for us to give us the best content anyone will offer to the US, and I truly appreciate that, but don’t act like those games were mega hit titles that were lucky to have in our IGC. If I were in charge of the US PS+ I’d suggest you guys just give up, it’s clear that every developer/publisher you approach for IGC titles are just out to snub the US, they hate us and it shows clear as day through your service. If you add everything up between the various PS+ services US would be so far down the line of value, it’s truly a disheartening how little we get compared to all of the other PS+ regions.

Also, thank you very much for Soul Calibur, I completely skipped over the PSP generation so it’s a nice title I’m excited to get my hands on.

    Morgan Haro's Avatar

    Morgan Haro said:

    April 22nd, 4:38 pm

    Yep; will definitely stand by Spec Ops and Demon’s Souls being fantastic titles for PS Plus.

MrBeatdown said:

April 22nd, 4:30 pm

Seriously, how many people out there do you think were hoping for Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny for PSP to end up in the instant game collection? If your answer is less than one, it shouldn’t be offered.

Making this all the more ridiculous is the fact that we just got a PSP fighting game last month (which, by the way, was just as unimpressive).

Maybe a GTA PSP game, or a great PS1 Classic like FF or MGS would be okay, but a completely average game from four years ago on an old platform? No.

And that’s coming from someone who has a PSP, and doesn’t have a Vita. I would much rather get something I might play down the line when I get a Vita, to something I wouldn’t even bother installing on my PSP.

XtemmA2 said:

April 22nd, 4:30 pm

Yep, it’s not like i don’t want PSP games for IGC.

But, we called it PS3/PSV IGC, not PS3/PSV/PSP IGC.

Nooterman said:

April 22nd, 4:32 pm

I know a big thing around with devs is to use the money from plus to fund upcoming games. Soul Calibur PSVita port/spin-off coming I guess? Soul Calibur and Tekken are the only fighters missing from Vita right now(I’ll take Capcom’s absence with Street Fighter as Capcom’s usual indifference towards Sony.) I really wish you guys at Sony and Capcom would make up, their lack of Vita support is saddening.

dnsdenis said:

April 22nd, 4:32 pm

Nothing this week for Vita.

Darklurkr23 said:

April 22nd, 4:36 pm

So basically nothing this week . K

SocialClimber_85 said:

April 22nd, 4:37 pm

There are tons of PS Vita games you could use as the monthly PS+ free game.
If you weren’t secure on your ability to deliver those games why offer the service to the handheld this early?
Oh yeah… to sell more units. It’s like they sold us this service and the pay out is old “full” PSP games. Its just insulting at this point. Then instead of addressing concerns you just answer to the positive comments.
I certainly wouldn’t have renewed my PS+ for over a year if I had known the only game I was going to get out of it that I play is Tomb Raider Underworld. Lame move Sony.

Sophrosync said:

April 22nd, 4:39 pm

Regarding PSP titles vs. Vita releases:

I would prefer to receive Vita games over PSP ones by far, even if they are smaller titles such as Sunflowers, Burn the Rope, AR games, etc. I would also rather receive fewer titles per month if it meant securing “retail-level” Vita games. (E.g. Virtue’s Last Reward would be more than enough to make me happy for a month, no other PSP/Vita game necessary)

That being said, if PSP games must remain in the IGC mix I would definitely appreciate it if some of the more prominent franchises from the adventure and RPG genres were prioritized (Kingdom Hearts, Silent Hill, Final Fantasy, etc.) I would also like to add my voice to the fairly loud chorus of users saying, “Thank you but that’s enough fighting games from any platform for awhile.” :)

Deekman said:

April 22nd, 4:41 pm

No thanks to the fighting games. Unless you want to give out Persona 4 Arena?

I’m enjoying the PSP games but I would rather a large sale with 50% off all of them. I’ve been waiting since launch for a price drop on Gurumin which doesn’t ever seem to happen. There’s actually a few that I’ve been waiting to grab but PSP games don’t go on sale as often as you think they would. Any chance of a future sale?

derida said:

April 22nd, 4:44 pm

Is it possible to switch to become a member of the EU PS Plus somehow? Seriously, the difference in packages is upsetting – EU getting much more up to date and recent offerings than North America. Why are the packages different, in the first place? Have been a member for quite a while but starting to get tired of the inequality in value between us and EU. Also why does EU plus blog publish what’s coming up in advance (May offerings have been up for a week already) but we don’t find out until the day before, if we are lucky?

Hey2theZeus said:

April 22nd, 4:44 pm

Vita plus offerings this month have been non existent. And lot of these resident evil games were already free on playstation plus. This month has not been good for the vita. Would like to at least see some vita discounts.

FRott said:

April 22nd, 4:48 pm

WOW! I can’t wait until Wednesday at 5pm CST to download this!

(Translation: Basically, I personally think your reputation is shot.)

Misantropus said:

April 22nd, 4:50 pm

Another PSP game.

Another FIGHTING PSP game.

But, wait: we have a $2 discount on Thomas Was Alone… which EU Plus will get for free… (sigh)

amwujm said:

April 22nd, 4:51 pm

really? tetris would be better oh wait it IS better

GintokiSsan said:

April 22nd, 4:53 pm

Maybe someone may have already asked this. But do you know which Resident Evil games are compatible with Vita?

Gamerzlimited said:

April 22nd, 4:59 pm

After reading all of these comments, I don’t know why people use a Vita for but there’s a reason why I don’t. That’s because I’m planning to have a separate memory stick and turn it into a PS1 emulating device. Plus, memory sticks are cheaper than Vita memory cards. You can’t even do that with the Vita because not all of the classics are compatible.

Keep doing more sales for PS1 classics, Sony. The Tomb Raider sale from a couple of weeks ago makes me want to continue this project more. Please consider doing some for Syphon Filter, Crash, Spyro, Oddworld, and Parasite Eve.

UnholyBahamut said:

April 22nd, 5:09 pm

how comes that Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City costs more than Resident Evil 6?

Jack_Sparow said:

April 22nd, 5:14 pm

I actually was surprised at how much I liked Spec Ops: The Line. It’s probably the only military shooter campaign I would actually call amazing, as it actually tried to have a good script, story, and voice acting on top of great gameplay. That’s much more than I can say for most military shooter campaigns which are often generic garbage with the focus put primarily on multiplayer like BF3 (I like BF3’s mp as much as anyone, but the single player is so laughably bad that it’s embarrassing. Might as well have left it out and spent more time putting extra maps and modes in the MP at launch imo, but I guess that would ruin EA’s DLC scheme). In regards to Demon’s Souls though, that game is great, but it’s 4 years old. It would have been nice to have had a more recent game instead, like how EU got Okami HD and Sleeping Dogs recently…..

Assais said:

April 22nd, 5:14 pm

YES!! I’ve been waiting for a Resident Evil sale forever!! Now I’ll finally get to play Code Veronica..

thematic168 said:

April 22nd, 5:30 pm

please, enough with PSP GAME for Vita!!!
i subscribe to PS+ for FREE Vita titles, not some lame upscaled PSP game :(

Vita titles in IGC so far
– Uncharted
– Wipeout
– Gravity Rush
– Foosball
– PvZ
– Disgaea 3

while Uncharted, Wipeout, GR are a GOOD title, they already there since November last year
Foosball – OK i guess but i can’t play multiplayer
PvZ, i already got iOS/PC version, so no good for me
Disgaea 3 – GOOD titles

Zezzler said:

April 22nd, 5:33 pm

More Free PSone Classics please!

I’d love to play some Persona, Street Fighter Alpha, Final Fantasy, Metal Slug, Metal Gear Solid, Wild Arms, or any of the many other PSone classics on my PS Vita!!!

honkayjeezus said:

April 22nd, 5:36 pm

I would rather have Absolution.

Hopefully the early May game is a zinger.

PrinceofXIII said:

April 22nd, 5:39 pm

wtf Broken Destiny should be price at $19.99 not the same price as a launch PSP game.

DantePendragon said:

April 22nd, 5:40 pm

As a PSP owner I do appreciate that we are getting some attention at least. Not that I have any interest in fighters, especially on the PSP, but it’s nice to get something that isn’t a mini.

Please though, enough fighters.

SAMUEL_MAREA3370 said:

April 22nd, 5:40 pm

estou esperando a messes por descontos em jogos de corrida a alguma chance disso acontecer?

Zezzler said:

April 22nd, 5:41 pm

Please continue with PS Vita AND PSP content please!
I really do enjoy getting new PSP games to play on my vita every now and then.

Soul Calibur is great, and hopefully we can continue getting games just as good as that such as YS: Oath of Felghana, Cladun, Castlevania, Megaman Powered Up, Prinny, WipEout pulse, Ultimate Ghosts ‘n Goblins or any of the other dozens of fantastic PSP games.

SamuelSpade said:

April 22nd, 5:41 pm

I don’t mind the psp games, but something different than fighting is needed. I would love some Pac-Man championship edition! Who wouldn’t want Pac-Man on that OLED?

Korghano said:

April 22nd, 5:42 pm

@ Morgan,

You asked “I’m curious as to what people prefer overall; no PSP games at all?; or the current model which is more or less half PS Vita games and half PSP games.”

I think almost everyone would prefer more Vita games. Most Vita owners at this stage are early adopter’s/hardcore PS fans who already own the vast majority of PSP titles.

I also agree with user tylerh1701, we’ve had more than enough of fighters.

Thanks for the updates, and for interacting with the community, it’s definitely appreciated.

IzoGray said:

April 22nd, 5:47 pm

I don’t know if it’s too late for you to read this but I’d rather NOT see PSP titles.

The ONLY PSP titles I’m interested in are



CaptainRadical said:

April 22nd, 5:52 pm

I’m more than ok with PSP games being in the IGC, but who in the hell over there is so crazy over fighting games? Seriously. Get them a new job. As many others have stated, there is a large and amazing library of PSP games to choose from when it comes to IGC for Vita. The problem I and as it seems so many others are having is that who ever decides what games to offer is so incredibly out of touch with what almost every user of your service is asking for. This is only my 7th month as a plus subscriber… But I’m pretty sure this makes 6 fighting games in my collection, and none of them are Mortal Kombat so I just know that’s coming eventually. You started off well with FF Tactics and followed up with Mega Man. Now just like everything else Sony does they’ve managed to screw it up.

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