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Apr 24

Apr 24

Soul Sacrifice Out Next Week, New Pre-Order Trailer

Kumi Yuasa's Avatar Posted by Producer, SCEA

Hello, PlayStation friends! We hope you’re enjoying the recently released Soul Sacrifice demo.

Remember — online multiplayer support for the demo will end when the game launches next Tuesday, so if you’ve been curious to see how the infrastructure online handles, check it out sooner rather than later. Just as importantly: your save files carry over to the finished game, and doing so is the only way to get your hands on a special magical Offering, so check out the demo if you haven’t already.

The full game will be out next Tuesday, April 30th, but there’s still time left to pre-order! Instead of yet again writing about all the goodies set aside for folks who reserve their copies, we decided to make a video. Enjoy!

We’ve got plenty more to share, including the second (and final) part of our special sit-down with designer Keiji Inafune, so stay tuned to PS.Blog!

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Jesszman said:

April 24th, 11:10 am

Will people who purchase the game digitally get the pre-order bonuses?

    Kumi Yuasa's Avatar

    Aram Jabbari said:

    April 24th, 3:39 pm

    We *absolutely* recognize this is a pressing issue for our fans. We’ll have more info on this early next week.

    Thank you for your patience!

afigueroa said:

April 24th, 11:11 am

That’s the question everyone of the PSN buyers are asking!! I wanna buy this game, but I only buy digital content for the Vita. Answers people please!!!!!! Is it a day one purchase? Will people who buy it in the first week get the bonus content???

TheGrimHeaper said:

April 24th, 11:12 am

I’m so hyped for this. My PSN credit is ready!

ShariusTC said:

April 24th, 11:13 am

there is no pre-order for digital version?

subadictos said:

April 24th, 11:14 am

I want to preorder it TODAY… BUT digitally!!!

Why EU users can and we don’t?

Craiji said:

April 24th, 11:14 am

Can’t wait, any news on if we will see the OST here?

TwinDad said:

April 24th, 11:14 am

Here it is launching April 30th, less than a week away and this post about the game fails to mention:

1) If there will be pre-order or similar items given with a PSN purchase.
2) If it will even be a day 1 digital release.

Why? The more I look at the way SCEA does business the more I am confused. IGN had it right, your business is broken.

winterdust said:

April 24th, 11:17 am

Seriously, Sony? Still no digital pre-order option? Vita owners represent the most hardcore of PlayStation’s fanbase, and we want all-digital content. Not having a digital pre-order option for the bonuses seriously makes me reconsider buying this day 1. Please, Sony, we want to throw more money at you, but this is ridculous.

MOCHIIIx said:

April 24th, 11:18 am

Can’t wait for this game.

GeoDarky said:

April 24th, 11:19 am

you don’t have to tell me twice, pre-ordering NOW!

Ryumoau said:

April 24th, 11:19 am

Why are we not given the option to preorder the game on psn in NA? That makes no sense to me.

ShariusTC said:

April 24th, 11:22 am

there is the pre-order option or not, you guys have to anwer us right away, so we have time to decide to have retail or digital version

rafael_martines said:

April 24th, 11:29 am

Japanese Voice Pack *__*

MakoSOLIDER said:

April 24th, 11:29 am

What about those of us that are buying the PSVita bundle for it? Will we get the preorder bonuses?

magicx11 said:

April 24th, 11:32 am

Doritos and Mountain Dew are super foods created by God – FACT #KIFFLOM

whiskey_14 said:

April 24th, 11:33 am

So far I’ve sacrificed about 25 hours of my life for a DEMO!!

does anyone know if Futureshop offers the pre-order bonus? I only see that EB does.

Airwalkinman17 said:

April 24th, 11:39 am

SO Pumped!!!!
This is an awesome game.
Me and another family member have this preordered and are so stoked to be able to play together!!!
Thank You!!!

Frulond said:

April 24th, 11:42 am

Will pre-order bonuses come to PSN day 1 digital purchase?

I only buy my games for PS Vita digitally, got a 32gb memory card for that reason

Airwalkinman17 said:

April 24th, 11:45 am

Pure Speculation:

I think the reason why they don’t state whether the pre-order goodies will be available for the digital release is because of the relationship publishers share with retailers.
I mean, if I were a retailer and if a publisher was stating all over their blog that they’ll also have the same pre-order goods available digitally, I would see that as potential losses in sales.
That would make me not want to buy and stock many copies of said publisher’s games.
Thats my theory anyway.
I have seen in times in the past though where a digital purchase of a game off PSN would offer the pre-order bonuses so long as you purchase the game within one week after the normal Tuesday PSN Store Update.

Thats my theory anyway. Business is a delicate issue.

xClayMeow said:

April 24th, 11:47 am

It’s a week away, so there is obviously NO digital pre-order, as it would have had to been in yesterday’s PS Store update at the latest.

Though I would have liked a digital pre-order, people need to use their brains a little.

xClayMeow said:

April 24th, 11:48 am

@14, the SS Vita Bundle is only available in Japan.

Christian399 said:

April 24th, 11:48 am

WHAT IS HAPPENING WITH THE PSN VERSION? How can this game launch in a week and no one, not even someone involved in the production of the game can answer that?

Europe has a pre-order up already, and they get the bonuses. All that North American customers are concerned with is if they will get the same benefits. WILL DIGITAL PURCHASES ON THE NORTH AMERICAN PSN GET THE SAME BONUSES AS RETAIL COPIES?

How hard is it to answer? Why does no one at Sony seem to have the slightest clue?

FLu-Phone said:

April 24th, 11:56 am

With Online Pass ? Havent PS Store Perú.

Christian399 said:

April 24th, 11:57 am

@7 The Soul Sacrifice launch in NA is nothing short of complete incompetence. Arguably the biggest Vita release of the year and next to no fanfare, with a completely botched launch of the digital and MORE PROFITABLE version. Clueless. Absolutely clueless. The whole team should be shuffled and cleaned out. I’ve never seen so many heads talking without listening to, or having any idea, what the others are saying.

Zionine said:

April 24th, 12:02 pm


Many times, Morgan has responded that the pre-order on PSN is handled by the distributor of SS.
Either way, this game wasn’t gonna be a system seller… and those who know of it and love it have already pre-ordered the physical copy. It’s guaranteed to be over 3 GB due to 1 chapter being 1.2 GB already.. So, I’m fine with nabbing the Physical.

IIL0YDII said:

April 24th, 12:06 pm

LMAO you didn’t give us digital customers to pre-order,what are you talking about?

J4everWu said:

April 24th, 12:07 pm

No. 27!!

Soul Sacrifice~!! Here I come~!!!

JeffsonP_US said:

April 24th, 12:08 pm

Why there isn’t a pre-order on the PS Store?
I get ALL my games from the Store and I want the bonuses. =(

toastedSopas said:

April 24th, 12:10 pm

SS is a system seller in Japan and it is only 1.8GB…

DirjelJunshin said:

April 24th, 12:10 pm

Holy moly you PSN Store guys are grossly incompetent.

I have absolutely no reason to buy Soul Sacrifice until it drops in price, since I buy my Vita games digitally and nobody has any idea about anything over there. We can get exclusive DIGITAL content by pre-ordering the PHYSICAL copy of the game, but buying it day one digitally doesn’t get us anything? Or does it? Or what? How can you possibly be so clueless?

Of course, the answer is probably not that you are clueless. You know the answer, it’s not what we want, so you’re just ignoring the ONE question we’ve asked any time anybody has mentioned the game in any capacity. That’s just plain unprofessional.

But hey. You guys can’t even figure out how to update the store at the same time every week. Hell, last week, you missed your TWENTY-FOUR HOUR WINDOW completely. On top of it all, this new PSN Store is broken to the point of being virtually unuseable. You’d think you could optimize the store to run on the ONLY platform that uses it. Guess not.

Chronosv2 said:

April 24th, 12:13 pm

Likewise. I prefer digital releases due to the convenience of not having to run to a store, and the assurance that I’m not going to lose the game (either the card or the card inside the case). A digital pre-order bonus would be wonderful, but I’m not expecting anything. We’ll just have to buy the Japanese Voice Pack and the costumes on our own. Doubt we’ll get the item booster pack.

DJ_Tomato said:

April 24th, 12:19 pm

That’s it, enough of this Sony bulls***, i am not going to buy Soul Sacrifice Sorry but as a customer we deserve RESPECT, and my patience reached it’s limits.

GG Sony, bring me another “””””!AAA!””””” Game, Advertise it correctly, and do a decent PR work, and MAYBE I will buy it, from now going full USED physical.-

lisatsunami said:

April 24th, 12:19 pm

@19, Airwalkinman is right. There is a business reason they can’t answer. No amount of verbal badgering will change that, but that won’t stop you.

Mando44646 said:

April 24th, 12:23 pm

How do we get the pre order bonus if we get it digitally off of PSN!? Why won’t you guys actually address this question?

passivefamiliar said:

April 24th, 12:27 pm

So what do the Japanese customers get? English voice over?


April 24th, 12:30 pm

Either tell us the details about the PSN pre-order bonus right now or the only thing I’m buying off PSN would be the online pass, period

Physical USED copy ftw!

Why lose $30 of sales when you guys could just plan ahead and stop pissing off the loyal customers.

Funny how you guys pushed digital distribution so hard and these kinda annoyance persists.

J-Kisner said:

April 24th, 12:38 pm

I’d like to know about the digital version and if there are pre order bonuses. Seems like that’s a common theme, here… please your customers, sony

nYcFrEeWiLL82 said:

April 24th, 12:39 pm


ZaGe-zAiKaNo said:

April 24th, 12:40 pm

I’m having a blast with the demo. I Love how they narrate the story with motion as well, it felt like a comic. Will be pre-ordering before release.

ZaGe-zAiKaNo said:

April 24th, 12:42 pm



Christian399 said:

April 24th, 12:43 pm

@ 25 Please point me to those posts, they don’t exist. All Morgan has said is the “I have no information to share at this time.” company line. Customers deserve to know and a lot of people have been asking this question since January without the simplest of replies.

nYcFrEeWiLL82 said:

April 24th, 12:43 pm


DayofZer0 said:

April 24th, 12:43 pm

I can’t believe that the game comes out next week and we still don’t have a word about the pre-order bonuses for the digital version, is a simple yes or no question. >.>

Ryler said:

April 24th, 12:43 pm

since this is a Sony published game will the digital price be $35.99?

antidentity said:

April 24th, 12:45 pm

Why can’t I view this video on the vita browser (or even See it on ps3)? I frequently access the ps blog via livetweet & vita browser, and surely not the only one doing so.

What I’m curious about is how our saves will transfer over; can those of us with a physical preorder release insert the cartridge, load up our demo save, get our special offering, save through Librom, then delete the demo? Or is there another method?

winterdust said:

April 24th, 12:49 pm

Sony, look at the people in this post asking about digital pre-orders. Practically every one is a PS+ member, and we all obviously own Vitas. We are the ideal target audience for a game like Soul Sacrifice. We are the ones that you should be trying to cater to. I understand that brick and mortar stores are imporant for your business, but this isn’t Call of Duty. It’s arguably a niche title that appeals primarily to hardcore gamers that appreciate Japanese game design. Whatever deals you made with retailers selling physical copies should be extended to your most devoted fans. Maybe we’ll be pleasantly surprised when the bonuses are included with day 1 digital copies. Either way, Sony needs to do a better job commuicating with fans.

Loki50187 said:

April 24th, 12:51 pm

Just wanted to add my voice to the many asking about the digital version. Answers please…

Zionine said:

April 24th, 12:51 pm

Hmm. Mmk, thanks for clarifying the file size. I assumed from the size of the demo, but that’s not a fair assumption.. I know it was a system seller in Japan for a couple weeks running, but the dedicated hardcore gamer/portable gamer fanbase is so much more massive in Japan, that it’s not fair to assume it’d do the same here. That said, a couple advertisements on Cartoon Network and such would’ve helped. But since it’s not an AAA game backed by millions of dollars.. :/ This is the best it can do for now.

ShariusTC said:

April 24th, 12:53 pm

i don’t ask for the pre-order for the digital version, i only ask “dose this have pre-order bonus or not”, this simple question of yes or no, so i can change my order to retail version, doesn’t it hard?

HeadGReasE said:

April 24th, 12:56 pm

Currently farming TimeSand items in the demo

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