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Apr 30

Apr 30

Soul Sacrifice Today, Bonus Content for Early PSN Purchases

Keiji Inafune's Avatar Posted by Founder, Comcept

Soul Sacrifice on PS Vita

Soul Sacrifice is finally available in America today. I hope most of you will get the game and start playing as soon as possible.

For fans who would like to purchase the game via PlayStation Network, we’re pleased to finally confirm that — for a limited time — North American PSN purchasers will also receive the exclusive pre-order offerings that we’ve been promoting for physical reservations of the game:

  • Two Unique Costumes with which players can customize their character
  • Three Magic Items to aid players in battle:
    • Spirits’ Flamepike: Shards of the spear provided by Fire spirits. (Attribites: heat) Enables five combo attacks.
    • Spirits’ Blightstone: Explosive stone provided by the spirits. (Attributes: venom)
    • Spirits’ Fulgurwood: Root provided by the Thunder spirits. (Attributes: volt) It tracks enemies on the ground and attacks with thunder spell.
  • The Japanese voice-over pack. Get it for no added cost during the promotion!

My team has put a lot of spirit and passionate work into this great title, and I’m very proud of it. Once you play the game, you’ll be able to tell that I’ve sacrificed a lot to create this game. Please try and see what it’s like to sacrifice you, your friends and everything to enjoy this game to the fullest. The game has a lot to it, and the more you play the more you’ll see. Please go explore and find all the Offerings and use the magics to fight through. I’m confident Soul Sacrifice will draw you in instantly and I hope you share your experience and the joy of playing this game with as many people as possible.

Soul Sacrifice on PS Vita

My own life story has been the inspiration of this game. I was put in a lot of situations where I had to make tough decisions. I learned that things don’t go well just because you want to be famous or rich or a better person. You have to constantly think what you’re willing to give up or sacrifice to make things happen. In the past, in order to make interesting games, I had to give up on my sleep, or time with my family. I had to make these tough choices to create interesting games. I also had to give up my status and position when leaving my previous job in order to run my own company. But sometimes, you have to give up something in order to start something, and I thought bringing this to the game would bring realness to the game and create something that players have never been able to experience.

Soul Sacrifice on PS VitaSoul Sacrifice on PS Vita

Games are evolving to more and better reflect our emotions. Before, things seemed to be just digital and two dimensional. It was mostly only about whether you were strong or weak, whether could fight at a higher level or not. I believe it will go beyond that, using emotions and instinct, things that are less about a gamer’s ability. I think this will become more important going forward, and I am proud that Soul Sacrifice is among those games to further explore a profound emotional aspect and moral dilemma in-game.

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Elvick_ said:

April 30th, 1:25 pm

Anyone not see their Online Pass? I redeemed my code and it’s not in my download list, but the store says I own it. It won’t let me download it from there though. ::/ they can’t use network in the game now, so I can’t imagine they changed how they work.

@148: 1.8GB, Japanese Audio DLC is 500-something MB. There was also an update, don’t recall the size of that.

Teflon02 said:

April 30th, 1:26 pm

sry, if it sounds offensive. But, I can’t understand what people don’t understand about online passes. If you buy something new it will come with a online pass. Sony didn’t put it to screw buyers of new games, it’s to profit from used games, if you buy a new game whether psn or physical you’ll always get the online pass unless it states otherwise.

Teflon02 said:

April 30th, 1:28 pm

online pass and dlc is saved in the service list. It’s there but you can’t see or downlload it, the game just reads your psn and knows it’s their. you go to network then peddler to get the dlc stuff, that’s it. you’ll have everything

Elvick_ said:

April 30th, 1:30 pm

@153: Thanks

ammoburn said:

April 30th, 1:32 pm

@150, thanks for the info.

dragoonlegend13 said:

April 30th, 1:32 pm

SO the costumes and spells are tied into the Voice Over Track download? I know I read that you have to reach a certain point to receive them, just curious as to why the download doesn’t say anything about them…

FTM-Soul-Shaker said:

April 30th, 1:33 pm

Thank you Keiji Inafune for a great game.

Sorry you got such unprofessional US playstation support for your imported game. Hope you voice your opinion to them so it doesn’t happen again on your next title.

Asherlock139 said:

April 30th, 1:34 pm

waiting to get the card… in the future I gonna buy a house near gamestop or whatever game shops….

B_Rockyxx said:

April 30th, 1:39 pm

Ok thanks guys for the replies, and from one post I saw it seems the bonus costumes are accessed in game. I will be buying this now and playing some MHFU while it downloads. Add me on PSN for SS thanks.

CaNoP said:

April 30th, 1:41 pm

@156, i got them via in-game network and peddler.

lisatsunami said:

April 30th, 1:42 pm

@158, Asherlock, now that’s what I call a dedicated gamer, lol.

I went to my local GameStop and yelled “don’t be mad, I’m not going to pick up my Soul Sacrifice pre-order!”

Hopefully I will be able to download from store tonight.

dragoonlegend13 said:

April 30th, 1:48 pm


EisGeist said:

April 30th, 2:12 pm


Thanks for this great game for my precious Vita, Keiji!!

Black_Chaos_Tai said:

April 30th, 3:08 pm

Can anyone confirm if this is still going on. and if the bonus will still be available tomorrow? (May 1)

I forgot to preorder a boxed copy and I’d really like to get those items.

Toadamus said:

April 30th, 3:32 pm

It will still be on be for sure ,i think you have time specialy because the preorder annoucement was late .and they will most likely inform the buyer

Black_Chaos_Tai said:

April 30th, 3:42 pm

Thanks Toadamus. I won’t have any money till after midnight so ill have to keep my fingers crossed.

un_Kn_ow_N said:

April 30th, 3:43 pm

To make sure, Online Pass is also included right? no Additional costs?

Archaga said:

April 30th, 3:48 pm

Whaaaaaat, when you start the retail game, if you saved up over 10 spells of the same kind in the demo, they take them all away except for 10. That is total BS ( I had saved up dozen of some of them), A warning would had been nice. I would had fuzed them all before starting up and claiming my gift rewards.
>.> shame on you guys.

Archaga said:

April 30th, 3:52 pm

@168, :/ and I had deleted the demo before finding out so I can’t undo what I’ve done. All those hours spent on the demo, just taken away like that. sigh…..

Archaga said:

April 30th, 4:11 pm

Never mind, the save is still there and you can reclaim the gifts. Just have to re-download the demo. I guess that makes things much better, but still, they shouldn’t had taken out the spells like that.

Toadamus said:

April 30th, 4:13 pm

It’s a good thing you notified us lol,i think i can start fuzing some stuff before that happens to me lol.I have everything maxed so i gotta check xD

Revannefarious said:

April 30th, 4:17 pm

It’s been said before, but just to say it again – Preorder status for the digital copy is still going on. When you purchase it, two things can be downloaded. One is the Japanese voiceover pack, which is 500mb+, and the main game. If you check under the Services List in the playstation store, you will find that you have access to the online pass, and the preorder offerings.

Zeke_Anderson said:

April 30th, 4:37 pm

Ok seriously WTF is going on with this online pass?
I used my code went in game redeemed my preorder goodies from the preorder code then tried online and was told I needed a pass. I went and checked my services and yup it’s there but I keep being told ingame that I need one.

Evil_Vladimyr said:

April 30th, 5:03 pm

What a pain…

I redeemed my coupon, got the list of three DLC, and now my Vita is HUNG at the ‘Preparing to Download… Please wait.’ window. This is the third time in two days the Vita has hung at that point. How common is this occurrence??

I’m quite miffed at the moment. Downloading to my PS3 and then transferring is a pain in the butt.

And while I gripe, I wonder if we’ll EVER be able to sort our games lists on the PS3 alphabetically??

Anyway, does anyone know if rebooting the Vita and then transferring the Japanese VO DLC will also get me the other DLC or do I have to contact Sony?

Evil_Vladimyr said:

April 30th, 5:05 pm

There is a piece of good news. The other DLC is thankfully in my Services List.

Thank God!!

Zeke_Anderson said:

April 30th, 5:12 pm

Ok can anyone play online or is it just me?

Toadamus said:

April 30th, 5:28 pm

@ evil vlad I have been getting that problem you are experiencing .Thing is a lot of people are downloading the game at the moment ..that means a lot of traffic when downloading thus giving you a headache to download if i understood you well.I myself have been downloading SS for 7 hours and it is a big headache to me.


geneMag said:

April 30th, 5:35 pm

@176 I was able to get to the lobby when I checked at around lunchtime and there were several rooms up. I’m at work right now though so I didn’t get to try them out. ..

JxP2000 said:

April 30th, 5:41 pm

Purchased from PSN! Now if only the download would start working. I am guessing the servers are a bit overloaded.

Zeke_Anderson said:

April 30th, 5:54 pm

Uggg this blows gotta love owning the online pass and not having the game recognize it.

rscayab2064 said:

April 30th, 6:53 pm

online pass for $10?? i thought its included with the freebies, i guess physical is better

Archaga said:

April 30th, 7:13 pm

@174, are you still on 2.10? That firmware is bugged as heck, had the same problem with many downloads among other things. It’s been working much better since I updated to 2.11.

Gurbs07 said:

April 30th, 7:49 pm

Just wanted to ask. It’s not indicated in PSN that this DLC is included in our purchase of Soul Sacrifice. If ever we’re going to buy this in PSN how can we redeem this DLC?

NegativeCero said:

April 30th, 8:02 pm

Very much appreciate making it available for digital copies. I’ve been looking forward to this for a while and just want to have it available at any time.

rscayab2064 said:

April 30th, 8:12 pm

so when does this limited time expire??kindly reply because im having problems buying a physical copy and i am considering a digital

Black_Chaos_Tai said:

April 30th, 8:23 pm

I’m hoping it will at least last until the morning

CatatonicAlex said:

April 30th, 10:04 pm

It’ll probably stay up until the next PSN update, but the english voice over is pretty good.
The voice actors did a great job portraying their characters.
…as for the magic spells……I didn’t get mine with my purchase but I don’t really care….the ones in the game are already great.

Black_Chaos_Tai said:

April 30th, 10:23 pm


I heard that you have to claim them in the network menu, did you try that?

smokeyjoey8 said:

April 30th, 10:30 pm

SO I bought off PSN to get the bonus stuff, and I got the Japanese track, the 3 magic items, but I only got one outfit, the Dancer one. The post says you get two. Anyone else have the same problem?

MilosOnline said:

May 1st, 12:22 am

This sucks. I pre ordered the game online at gamestop and they didnt have in store pick up so i put to deliver, and then the next day i find out that psn will have the pre order bonus for limited time. I paid $40 plus shipping and its going to get here one week from the release date. I would have canceled the order but it was too late. I dont think its fair for the people that went out of their way to pre order the game…I can only play the demo now till it gets delivered, and the demo doesnt have online anymore D:

Zyromkiru said:

May 1st, 1:49 am

Well I got cheated as it states “Two Unique Costumes with which players can customize their character” and I know of the second one and I only got the “dance” costume or whatever it’s called. So now I get to make a support ticket yay…

kage-no-otoko said:

May 1st, 2:36 am

FYI, even with the essences, only a maximum of 10 are carried over from the demo. Oh well.

ItsukiMomoka said:

May 1st, 5:34 am

I bought it today but don’t receive those costumes and magic items, receive only Japanese voice.

rscayab2064 said:

May 1st, 6:15 am

Help me i just bought the Soul Sacrifice on the psn store then when i start the game it says “A serious error has occured in the system software. Your PS Vita system will restart (C0-15008-4)” I have the latest version BTW.

xFuzylilManPeach said:

May 1st, 7:20 am


Activate your online pass and go to Librom and click on network. Then click on “peddler” then “claim gift”

There were 2 for me to claim, one being the costumes and the other being the special offerings.

hope this helps anybody stressing out over this :) happy gaming!!!

cisco_port said:

May 1st, 9:07 am

Nothing there, it says there is no gifts to reclaim helppp

Zeke_Anderson said:

May 1st, 9:39 am

Maybe someone here can help. Here is a copy and paste of a thread I have up in vita support.

Ok yes I know how this online pass works, meaning it’s in the services list etc.

I clearly see that my pass is there and good to go. My problem is that it is still not verifying it and prompts me to buy one.

The support team has no had me delete the game AND save data (last night) I had the joy of replaying up to the point I could test if it worked and got the same problem. I have now contacted support again and been told to restore my vita (which I did) and still won’t work.

Support can see the pass in my services list aswell.

Also I have tried getting online using my home and my work connections and that isn’t the problem. Anyone got any ideas?

Lorinosan said:

May 1st, 1:19 pm

So I pre-ordered the game from Newegg and didn’t get a DLC code. I thought everyone who pre-orders the game gets a code. So what now?

JediOniram said:

May 1st, 2:31 pm

Like xFuzylilManPeach said in #195, you have to go to Peddler after unlocking Network to get your bonuses. As a second part to that, there is actually only one costume downloaded: The Dancer. They say 2 costumes, but it is actually just one with a different skin for each gender, so if you want the other costume, switch your gender and go back to the dancer. Kinda lame, but hey, at least we got it digitally…

Old_PopTarts said:

May 1st, 3:00 pm

Picked this up last night and wow. I have never played an RPG before, (sat through too many hours watching a buddy play final fantasy when I was younger and put me off) I thought they were all like final fantasy, click choose special power then watch, yawn*. Was pleasantly surprised this is not the case! For this game at least. I bought this game out of curiosity and to support the developer in hopes of a sequel. Love the story aspect and physically flipping through the book. The combat is pretty awesome, love that you can run around and attack instead of standing in one place. I haven’t scratched the surface of this game and already hope for a sequel!!! You have converted me Keiji Inafune!!! I look forward (impatiently) to your next (hopefully Vita) release.

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