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Apr 30

Apr 30

Soul Sacrifice Today, Bonus Content for Early PSN Purchases

Keiji Inafune's Avatar Posted by Founder, Comcept

Soul Sacrifice on PS Vita

Soul Sacrifice is finally available in America today. I hope most of you will get the game and start playing as soon as possible.

For fans who would like to purchase the game via PlayStation Network, we’re pleased to finally confirm that — for a limited time — North American PSN purchasers will also receive the exclusive pre-order offerings that we’ve been promoting for physical reservations of the game:

  • Two Unique Costumes with which players can customize their character
  • Three Magic Items to aid players in battle:
    • Spirits’ Flamepike: Shards of the spear provided by Fire spirits. (Attribites: heat) Enables five combo attacks.
    • Spirits’ Blightstone: Explosive stone provided by the spirits. (Attributes: venom)
    • Spirits’ Fulgurwood: Root provided by the Thunder spirits. (Attributes: volt) It tracks enemies on the ground and attacks with thunder spell.
  • The Japanese voice-over pack. Get it for no added cost during the promotion!

My team has put a lot of spirit and passionate work into this great title, and I’m very proud of it. Once you play the game, you’ll be able to tell that I’ve sacrificed a lot to create this game. Please try and see what it’s like to sacrifice you, your friends and everything to enjoy this game to the fullest. The game has a lot to it, and the more you play the more you’ll see. Please go explore and find all the Offerings and use the magics to fight through. I’m confident Soul Sacrifice will draw you in instantly and I hope you share your experience and the joy of playing this game with as many people as possible.

Soul Sacrifice on PS Vita

My own life story has been the inspiration of this game. I was put in a lot of situations where I had to make tough decisions. I learned that things don’t go well just because you want to be famous or rich or a better person. You have to constantly think what you’re willing to give up or sacrifice to make things happen. In the past, in order to make interesting games, I had to give up on my sleep, or time with my family. I had to make these tough choices to create interesting games. I also had to give up my status and position when leaving my previous job in order to run my own company. But sometimes, you have to give up something in order to start something, and I thought bringing this to the game would bring realness to the game and create something that players have never been able to experience.

Soul Sacrifice on PS VitaSoul Sacrifice on PS Vita

Games are evolving to more and better reflect our emotions. Before, things seemed to be just digital and two dimensional. It was mostly only about whether you were strong or weak, whether could fight at a higher level or not. I believe it will go beyond that, using emotions and instinct, things that are less about a gamer’s ability. I think this will become more important going forward, and I am proud that Soul Sacrifice is among those games to further explore a profound emotional aspect and moral dilemma in-game.

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Old_PopTarts said:

May 1st, 3:00 pm

Picked this up last night and wow. I have never played an RPG before, (sat through too many hours watching a buddy play final fantasy when I was younger and put me off) I thought they were all like final fantasy, click choose special power then watch, yawn*. Was pleasantly surprised this is not the case! For this game at least. I bought this game out of curiosity and to support the developer in hopes of a sequel. Love the story aspect and physically flipping through the book. The combat is pretty awesome, love that you can run around and attack instead of standing in one place. I haven’t scratched the surface of this game and already hope for a sequel!!! You have converted me Keiji Inafune!!! I look forward (impatiently) to your next (hopefully Vita) release.

tusunami said:

May 1st, 6:24 pm

Well now I gotta cancel my reserve!!!!!!!!!

Black_Chaos_Tai said:

May 1st, 9:58 pm

is the bonus still going on guys?

pandakids09 said:

May 1st, 11:10 pm

Awesome i cant wait to pick my copy this Friday pre ordered it since like last month

Aceruls said:

May 2nd, 12:44 am

heyyy…is the bonus still up for grab??

Elvick_ said:

May 2nd, 4:57 pm

@201: Many RPGs aren’t turn based.

Black_Chaos_Tai said:

May 2nd, 7:26 pm

@205: I bought mine around noon at the bonus was still up

NoPity_21 said:

May 2nd, 8:34 pm

Its sad this game has been getting low reviews which isn’t right this really is a great game its fun what more do you want don’t believe any of the reviews unless its 8.5 or higher

jack9636 said:

May 2nd, 8:39 pm

i pre-ordered my game from target . Do i get the pre-order bonus or did i have to pre-order it somewhere else. i was under the impression that ever retailer offer the pre-order bonus in the US.

Agathia said:

May 3rd, 3:13 pm

If the game tells you that you need a network pass which you should have. Try to go on the playstation store from the game launch page. I was able to download my network pass and DLC manually from there!

Bang_Jo said:

May 6th, 2:15 am

i’ve bought this game early but i don’t receive the FREE DLC codes, the store didn’t gave me the redeem code -_-
any solution?

kage-no-otoko said:

May 6th, 9:00 pm

@211, Bang_Jo: Try going to Librom -> Network -> Peddler -> Claim Gift. You should see 2 “Caskets” one is for the costumes and one is for the items.
If you don’t see any it could be that the promo was over when you bought the game.

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