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May 06

May 06

PlayStation Plus: Sleeping Dogs Joins the Instant Game Collection

Morgan Haro's Avatar Posted by Community Manager, PlayStation Digital Platforms

Welcome to the PlayStation Plus preview for May! Read on to see what’s coming to the Instant Game Collection this month, as well as this week’s discounts.

Please extend a warm welcome to Square-Enix’s thrilling crime drama Sleeping Dogs, joining the Instant Game Collection tomorrow! You’ll also find a sweet discount on the award-winning indie, Papo & Yo. There’s more where that came from, so read on. As always, let us know what you think in the comments.

PlayStation Plus - 1-year MembershipPlayStation Plus - 3-month Membership

May Preview

The following games are slated to be free to PS Plus members through the Instant Game Collection in the month of May.

Sleeping Dogs (PS3)

PSN Price: $49.99, Free for PS Plus members

Sleeping Dogs
Welcome to Hong Kong, a vibrant city whose exotic locations hide one of the most powerful and dangerous criminal organizations in the world: the Triads. You play Wei Shen, an undercover cop trying to take down the Triads from the inside. Heralded on several Game of the Year lists, this version of Sleeping Dogs comes with not only the full game, but also 3 premium DLC packs including the Retro Triad Pack, the Red Envelope Pack, and the Street Racer Pack.
Knytt Underground (PS3, PS Vita – Cross Buy Enabled)

PSN Price: $14.99, Free for PS Plus members

Knytt Underground
With an array of thrilling quests, unique zen-like gameplay and plenty of dynamic characters to meet and guide you on your adventure – Knytt Underground delivers a captivating and unparalleled experience. Download today and begin your journey to ring the six bells of fate and save this vibrant and enchanted underground world before it’s too late.
Germinator (PS Vita)

PSN Price: $9.99, Free for PS Plus members

Germinator twists the bubble genre, wiping away old school match-three games. Crash germ bubbles into those of the same color. Combine and grow them until they explode in a splattering goop. Trigger power-ups to pop them all and mess up the screen. Timing and accuracy are the keys to solving puzzles and preventing the germs from rising too high. It’s a great title for all ages, and will be downloadable free in PlayStation Plus later this month.
BlazBlue: Continuum Shift EXTEND (PS Vita)

PSN Price: $24.99, Free for PS Plus members

BlazBlue: Continuum Shift EXTEND is the definitive version of the Continuum Shift series, which includes character balance tweaks, a new character, Relius Clover, story modes for all previous three DLC characters: Platinum, Makoto, Valkenhayn, new modes, and improved online multiplayer! Watch for it later this month.
Pinball Arcade (PS3, PS Vita – Cross Buy Enabled)

PSN Price: $9.99 Free for PS Plus members

Pinball Arcade
It’s pinball action on the go with Pinball Arcade on PS Vita. You’ll find great pinball tables likeTales of the Arabian Nights, Ripley’s Believe It or Not, Theatre of Magic, and Black Hole available from within the game. There are other tables available to download if you’re looking to augment your Pinball Arcade experience.

PlayStation Plus Update 5-7-2013

Leaving PS Plus In May
  • May 7th – Demon’s Souls
  • May 14th – Mega Man 9 & 10 Combo Pack
  • May 21st – Tekken 6 PSP
  • May 21st – Darksiders
  • May 28th – Zombie Tycoon 2
Entering PS Plus in May(in no particular order)
  • Sleeping Dogs (PS3)
  • Knytt Underground (PS3, PS Vita – Cross Buy Enabled)
  • Germinator (PS Vita)
  • BlazBlue: Continuum Shift EXTEND (PS Vita)
  • Pinball Arcade (PS3)

May 7th PlayStation Plus Update

PlayStation Plus Update 5-7-2013

Sleeping Dogs (PS3)

PSN Price: $49.99, Free for PS Plus members

Welcome to Hong Kong, a vibrant city whose exotic locations hide one of the most powerful and dangerous criminal organizations in the world: the Triads. You play Wei Shen, an undercover cop trying to take down the Triads from the inside. Heralded on several Game of the Year lists, this version of Sleeping Dogs comes with not only the full game, but also 3 premium DLC packs including the Retro Triad Pack, the Red Envelope Pack, and the Street Racer Pack.
Papo & Yo Bundle(PS3)

25% Discount – PSN Price: $11.99, $8.99 for PS Plus members

Papo & Yo is an adventure that follows the tale of a young boy named Quico and his best friend Monster, a huge beast with razor-sharp teeth and an addiction to poisonous frogs. The minute Monster eats a frog he goes into a violent rage that’s bad news for everyone around. And yet, Quico isn’t afraid to make a dangerous journey to find a cure for his best friend. As Quico, you’ll need to build your friendship with Monster by solving puzzles with his help as you adventure through a magical, imaginative world in which you can conjure solid objects from thin air. You’ll need to learn to use Monster’s emotions, both good and bad, to your advantage if you want to complete your quest and find a cure for your scary pal! This bundle also includes the soundtrack.

Remember, check back every Monday to learn when BlazBlue: Continuum Shift EXTEND (PS3)
Germinator (PS Vita), Knytt Underground (PS3, PS Vita – Cross Buy Enabled), and Pinball Arcade (PS3) are arriving to PS Plus members. You’ll also find more discounts and other exclusives that we weren’t able to detail here just yet. Remember: the month preview is subject to change.

Thanks for reading this week’s update along with the month outlook. You’ll find all the content detailed above with their Plus benefits active when the PlayStation Store updates tomorrow. Got more questions on Plus? Leave your comments below, or, if you’re looking to engage with more of the PS community, head over to the PlayStation Community Forums to discuss this week’s news more, find other topics to contribute your thoughts to, or start one for yourself. See you in the comments!

PlayStation Plus Update 5-7-2013

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wwolf76 said:

May 7th, 9:26 pm

I’m sure it’s been said already but… great job PS+ team. I’m super excited about Sleeping Dogs. It’s been on my play list for months and now I get it with my PS+ membership… awesome.

Also, as a guy who already owns Zen2 I’m super excited about Pinball Arcade.

So my question, since I’m a PS+ member well into 2014… what happens to PS+ for the PS3 once the PS4 is released?

TheMadChallenger said:

May 8th, 3:41 am

HEY MORGAN!!!! I got a problem….well I am getting my Girlfriend dad a white PlayStation 3 with 500 GB for farther day with a 1 year PlayStation Plus….So pretty sweet right? He had a PS1 and PS2 but couldnt get a PS3 do to putting his kids first in life. So I was thinking it be Pretty sweet if he can Download Sleeping Dogs on Farthers day. Any way you guys can Leave Sleeping Dogs on there for 2 month or longer? so he can Download it. Please Help!

carlpain said:

May 8th, 6:01 am

You are welcome, guys.
I always check the whole Plus section when I’m using the PSN Store. That is how I found out about that deal.

colindidit22 said:

May 8th, 8:46 am

Love playstation plus best 50 dollars i spend a year…glad this game is free now…platinumed it and sold it and then the dlc came out…now I can go play it :) thanks guys

harohitman said:

May 8th, 8:53 am

nice i was waiting for sleeping dogs….great news morgan haro and im haro too///

cali572 said:

May 8th, 10:22 am

Its May 6 10:21 Am and I still can’t download Sleeping Dogs, it’s not even an option. help!

colindidit22 said:

May 8th, 11:38 am

@502.. What you can do is download it…then when you give him his gift…sign in to your Psn go to my downloads and download it on his ps3… I did this for one of my friends with no problems

demosthenes451 said:

May 8th, 3:06 pm

Good to see Sleeping Dogs.
However, another fighter for vita??? -_-
Already have Knytt Underground, it’s alright. Good exploration game.

SteelCurtain3704 said:

May 8th, 5:22 pm

Seriously ppl? You whine about this stuff? Considering sleeping dogs in $49.99 on the PSN. And about $39.99 in stores and a yr of PS+ cost $49.99 that’s paid for in one month, if your going to whine about what’s free then don’t get PS+ just buy the games you want, concidering where were as society PS+ free content should be your bliss if gaming is what u like, then take what u can get, there’s many ppl without food,jobs let a,one a free ps3 game, so to Morgan and the rest of the PSN community thank you I was going to get sleeping dogs today then I saw the update, u made my day! Thanks for all you do and if I’m the only one that takes what u give and loves it then the rest of those ppl r just spoiled!

CrownedLion said:

May 8th, 5:27 pm

Just want to say how cool I think it is that you guys arranged to have Sleeping Dogs come with some DLC thrown in. I bought the game when it came out, and had a great time playing it. Now I have a reason to go back and play some more! This kind of stuff makes me appreciate the value of PS Plus, as well as the time spent arranging content. Adding in DLC is a great way to give people who already have a game a little something extra. It’s a great idea and I hope to see it happen again. Thanks.

enricky559 said:

May 8th, 6:24 pm

I already own Sleeping Dogs, but this is still a great update. Keep up with these great updates and you will see more people enjoying there PlayStation Plus subscription.

favian said:

May 8th, 6:40 pm

This will probably fall on deaf ears because I’m so late, but please add Catherine to the Instant Collection

usumaki-12-3 said:

May 8th, 10:22 pm

Hey when is velocity ultra coming ???

Jay-1986 said:

May 9th, 9:48 am

Awesome work, guys! I already own Sleeping Dogs (got it from SE for review last year), but it’s a fantastic title and I don’t have the DLC yet. The other games look interesting this month as well. Keep it up!

alezayas said:

May 9th, 10:32 am

I’m trying to download Sleeping Dogs but instead it only downloads a retro add-on for Sleeping Dogs. I’ve already tried a couple of times! Help!

EnterShikari812 said:

May 9th, 10:47 am

Thanks for adding Sleeping Dogs to PS+ Morgan.
My only complaint now, is that I think it’s time to update the long term IGC collection games. All 4 One, Littlebigplanet 2, and Infamous 2 are great games, but they’ve been on there for long enough.

Jssccrz said:

May 9th, 1:44 pm

Finally something good since Bioshock 2 (; Great work guys…

Zechs70 said:

May 9th, 9:58 pm

i hired in March psn plus for a year, and all I obtained are garbage games.
only Demon souls was excellent but demon souls was my first ps3 game disc.
I am very disappointed with free ps3 psn plus games.

MusicRed said:

May 10th, 3:35 pm

I’ve enjoyed PsPlus a lot. I don’t agree with lots of the frustration here. So, I was really looking forward after the Sleeping Dogs game for us. But now I ‘ve got to deal with a HUGE pacth… and it is broken!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, needless to say, I haven’t been able to play!
Also, I had to delete several demosand stuff to make space for it. Damn.

ZombieChocoboX said:

May 10th, 6:00 pm

Damn, I just realized that BlazBlue is PS Vita! D=

rpgfiend said:

May 11th, 12:24 am

Hi I’m an over-privileged North American Male. Can I also get sexual favors and a sandwich with this months ps plus update? Oh and I bought a EU plus membership just so I could get sleeping dogs, but now that it’s coming out for NA plus is it possible for me to get a refund, or a bonus game or something. Or else I’ll cry and complain,

rpgfiend said:

May 11th, 12:25 am


cool_lion2010 said:

May 11th, 12:04 pm

thanks for sleeping dogs also i wanna want saint’s row the third full package for free ps3

Ayle87 said:

May 12th, 7:58 pm

I cant access any of the new games with my vita :( it shows the regular prize, any help?

Ayle87 said:

May 12th, 8:11 pm

just read coming in may :/ never mind, now i feel a bit dummy :P

DonkeyKongKilla said:

May 13th, 6:27 am

Yeah, I definitely wouldn’t of bought sleeping dogs. A rental from blockbuster and I would of been down with the game.. Absolutely loved it though. Downloaded Thursday, Beat 100% by Saturday, First Platinum in my account on Sunday… Highly recommend playing this one if you haven’t already. Thanks Morgan, Thanks Sony NA Team.

NightWolfGuAtlml said:

May 15th, 11:00 am

Sleeping Dogs its Awesome, i never played before but i just came from work and ill playit for over 3 hours every day =) now im wondering if i should renew my ps plus membership cause i just have like 30 days until the expiration date.

thewarrior2032 said:

May 15th, 5:59 pm

ummmm when I went to the Playstation Plus area of the PS Store…I saw the Sleeping Dogs Digital Edition and it was Free but when I went to download it all I got was an add on for it…

thewarrior2032 said:

May 15th, 8:32 pm

Wait….guys if you did download Sleeping Dogs…you need to go to account management and then to the transactions then go to download list and you should see three add ons and then sleeping dogs…but it’s 7107 MB so you may be there a while…I hoped this helped

Doug-E-Fresh0126 said:

May 16th, 2:44 pm

Thank you playstation plus for finally finally giving us another good game to play. ( sleeping dogs) i was starting to hate on psplus along with a lot of people i know cause there hasn’t been a good full game since infamous 2. But if you keep on putting games like sleeping dogs on there, i will be a member for ever. Awesome month!!! Thank you

dsanders787 said:

May 17th, 12:02 pm

I can’t help but notice that the UK is getting Kingdoms of Amalur for free next month, I feel that would make a great addition to the instant game collection

dubbydub123 said:

May 18th, 12:21 am


When i played the demo it blew my mind away i thought it was the asexual game OMG Lol
bro the updates good and at the end i bought the Game.

MrUnpopular said:

May 18th, 10:12 pm

I have already downloaded this game once and I am trying the “re-download and re-install” method. But basically, the game would “freeze” during loading screens. But it wouldn’t necessarily freeze, it would be stuck on the loading screen. Whether it was a black loading screen with the sfx still playing in the background or the spinning dragon, it would not go past the load screen.

Once again, I downloaded this game from the PSN for free because I am a PLUS member.

Any help?

Also, I have spoken with Sony and SE and they have said the problem may be that the game is not updating to 1.03. I have tried to delete and install only the game, but still, it will only update to 1.02.

Levi33 said:

May 20th, 6:41 pm

The game will not download! once I hit download one of the random add ons download?! Id like to get what i pay for PS.

anarchizm said:

May 21st, 2:18 am

It downloads the DLC first, then the Sleeping Dogs game. There’s 3 DLC total, plus the game.
Unfortunately Sleeping Dogs is quite buggy. I’ve had many crashes even after reinstalling several times, and parts of the game don’t work.

Ramsey-97_ said:

May 24th, 8:42 am

as a trophy hunter myself i have to say sleeping dogs is worth the week i spend to get 68% complete the story is alright but getting a chance to bet on a cock fight n listening to funny NPC dialogue is AWESOME ^.^ thank you PSN

vitormartins2011 said:

May 24th, 11:05 pm

Skate 3? Any chance?

Kill_Scar said:

May 31st, 5:41 am

ok..this has been aggravating me for 2 days..i downloaded sleeping dogs,and everytime i try to start it up..the music starts playing,but the screen stays black. it will not let me press the ps button to go to the menu,it will not let me hold the button to shut down the console,it will not let me do anything! the music only plays for about 10 seconds and then stops. i dont know what to do…i have tried deleting the game data (i rented the game when it first came out and beat the story) and deleted the game and redownloaded it,and still nothing works..someone please help me!

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