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May 14

May 14

PlayStation Store Update

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PlayStation Store Update


GRID 2 ($59.99)
Be fast, be first and be famous as you join the elite in ‘World Series Racing’ where the greatest cars, drivers and events come together in the search for a new motorsport icon. Find your limit, then go beyond it. Welcome back to racing.
Resident Evil Revelations ($49.99)
Resident Evil Revelations
The story is set at a time before the Kijuju and Lanshiang bioterror incidents when the BSAA was still a young organization. Join Jill Valentine aboard a ghost ship in the Mediterranean Sea searching for her old partner, Chris Redfield. Learn the hidden truth behind the destruction of a floating city. Or play in Raid Mode for a co-op killing-spree with friends over the Internet.

PS3 Full Game

Metro: Last Light ($59.99)
Metro Last Light
Beneath the ruins of post-apocalyptic Moscow, in the tunnels of the Metro, civil war rages for control of a doomsday device that threatens to erase humanity forever. As Artyom, burdened by guilt but driven by hope, you hold the key to our survival – the last light in our darkest hour…
Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny ($29.99)
Rune Factory
Aden and Sonja, two lifelong friends, were living a tranquil life on Fenith Island. Then, one day, they were struck by a mysterious curse! They awoke to find both of their souls were trapped in the same body! On top of this unusual calamity, the Fenith Island they knew was gone, replaced by an island populated with unfamiliar faces. Solving this mystery will require adventure, strategy, and plenty of new friends!


DUST 514 (Free)
DUST 514
DUST 514 brings intense infantry combat, large scale warfare and rich character advancement to PlayStation 3 computer entertainment system in a system exclusive free-to-play persistent shooter set in, and integrated with, the massive universe of EVE Online. Wage war in the next generation of first person shooters, where your next victory could prove the crushing blow to a galactic empire of thousands of online gamers.
Star Wars Pinball ($9.99)
Star Wars Pinball
Star Wars Pinball features trials for each table, advanced ball physics, robust social features, stereoscopic 3D, with the new Star Wars Pinball pack and more DLC releases to follow. Feel the power of the Force in Star Wars Pinball!
Tiny Token Empires ($9.99)
Tiny Token Empires
Tiny Token Empires is an amazing mix between a ‘Match 3’ game and turn-based strategy game. The player plays one of the five major ancient empires: Rome, Greece, Egypt, Persia, or Carthage. By annexing new territories, the player gradually expands his power over the world!

PS Vita

Jacob Jones and the Bigfoot Mystery ($2.99)
Jacob Jones and the Bigfoot Mystery
Jacob Jones is just a normal, shy nine-year-old schoolboy. But that all changes the day he befriends a giant hairy Bigfoot while at summer camp! Something strange is going on at Camp Eagle Feather, so it’s up to Jacob and Biggie to get to the bottom of it all. Explore a 3D world full of twists, turns and ingenious puzzles as you meet a cast of weird and wonderful characters in a truly original and unforgettable tale.
Star Wars Pinball ($9.99)
Star Wars Pinball
Star Wars Pinball features trials for each table, advanced ball physics, robust social features, stereoscopic 3D, with the new Star Wars Pinball pack and more DLC releases to follow. Feel the power of the Force in Star Wars Pinball!

PS2 Classics

Manhunt ($9.99)
They just killed Cash. Now, they want to kill him again. America is full of run down, broken rust-belt towns where nobody cares and anything goes. In Carcer City, nothing matters anymore and all that’s left are cheap thrills. The ultimate rush is the power to grant life and take it away, for sport. This time James Earl Cash, you are the sport. They gave you your life back. Now, they are going to hunt you down.

PlayStation Store Highlights

PlayStation Store Update 5-14-2013

Between the pre-orders for GRID 2 and Resident Evil Revelations and the release of DUST 514, Metro: Last Light and Star Wars Pinball it’s a busy week on the PlayStation Store. There are even more goodies as Rockstar’s Manhunt joins the PS2 Classics library and Call of Duty: Black Ops II gets more maps with Uprising, while Sound Shapes gets additional music packs.

PlayStation Plus members that already downloaded Sleeping Dogs last week might be interested in the fact that the title’s add-on content is now on sale, so you can get some great deals.

If you’d like to peruse all the new items on the store at your own leisure, feel free to check out the web storefront. As always, please leave your thoughts in the comments below. You can also chat about this update in the PlayStation Community Forums.

PlayStation Plus

PlayStation Store Update 5-14-2013

Learn more and purchase online or go to the PlayStation Store to activate instantly. To learn more about this week’s Plus offerings, check out this week’s PS Plus post.

Instant Game Collection

Knytt Underground (PS3 & PS Vita)


GRID 2 Pre-Order – PS Plus Price: $53.99
Metro: Last Light – PS Plus Price: $47.99

PS3 Demos

Resident Evil Revelations
Resident Evil Revelations
Survive a ghost ship and rediscover survival-horror. Play as Jill in this demo.
Star Wars Pinball
Star Wars Pinball
Star Wars Pinball features trials for each table, advanced ball physics, robust social features, stereoscopic 3D, with the new Star Wars Pinball pack and more DLC releases to follow. Feel the power of the Force in Star Wars Pinball!
Tiny Token Empires
Tiny Token Empires
Tiny Token Empires is an amazing mix between a ‘Match 3’ game and turn-based strategy game. The player plays one of the five major ancient empires: Rome, Greece, Egypt, Persia, or Carthage. By annexing new territories, the player gradually expands his power over the world! This Trial version contains 5 complete missions to discover the Roman Empire!

PS Vita Demos

Star Wars Pinball
Star Wars Pinball
Star Wars Pinball features trials for each table, advanced ball physics, robust social features, stereoscopic 3D, with the new Star Wars Pinball pack and more DLC releases to follow. Feel the power of the Force in Star Wars Pinball!

Price Change

  • Enslaved: Odyssey to the West Pigsy’s Perfect 10 (now: $4.99 original price: $9.99)


  • Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 – PS2 Classic (now: $4.99 original price: $9.99)
Sleeping Dogs Add-On Sale
  • Nightmare in Northpoint – PS3 Add-on (now: $3.49 original price: $6.99)
  • Chinese New Year Pack – PS3 Add-on (now: $3.49 original price: $6.99)
  • Deep Undercover Pre-Order Pack – PS3 Add-On (Now: $1.49 Original Price: $3.99)
  • GSP Pre-Order Pack– PS3 Add-On (Now: $1.49 Original Price: $3.99)
  • Law Enforcer Pack– PS3 Add-On (Now: $0.99 Original Price: $1.99)
  • Martial Arts Pre-Order Pack– PS3 Add-On (Now: $1.49 Original Price: $3.99)
  • Monkey King Pack – PS3 Add-On (Now: $0.99 Original Price: $1.99)
  • Movie Masters Pack – PS3 Add-On (Now: $0.99 Original Price: $1.99)
  • Police Protection Pre-Order Pack – PS3 Add-On (Now: $1.49 Original Price: $3.99)
  • Retro Triad Pack – PS3 Add-On (Now: $0.99 Original Price: $1.99)
  • The High Roller Pack – PS3 Add-On (Now: $1.49 Original Price: $3.99)
  • The Red Envelope Pack – PS3 Add-On (Now: $1.49 Original Price: $3.99)
  • Top Dog Gold Pack – PS3 Add-On (Now: $1.49 Original Price: $3.99)
  • Top Dog Silver Pack – PS3 Add-On (Now: $0.99 Original Price: $1.99)
  • Wheels of Fury Pack (PS3) – PS3 Add-On (Now: $1.99 Original Price: $3.99)
  • Drunken Boxer – PS3 Add-On (Now: $0.99 Original Price: $1.99)
  • Screen Legends Pack – PS3 Add-On (Now: $0.99 Original Price: $1.99)
  • Street Racer – PS3 Add-On (Now: $1.99 Original Price: $3.99)
  • Tactical Soldier Pack – PS3 Add-On (Now: $0.99 Original Price: $1.99)
  • The Dragon Master Pack – PS3 Add-On (Now: $3.99 Original Price: $7.99)
  • The Swat Pack – PS3 Add-On (Now: $1.99 Original Price: $3.99)
  • Triad Enforcer Pack – PS3 Add-On (Now: $1.49 Original Price: $3.99)
  • Square Character Pack – PS3 Add-On (Now: $0.99 Original Price: $1.99)
  • Zodiac Tournament – PS3 Add-On (Now: $2.49 Original Price: $4.99)
  • Gangland Style Pack – PS3 Add-on (Now: $0.99 Original Price: $1.99)

PS Vita Add-ons

Sound Shapes
  • 80s Sound Pack ($0.99)
  • Dubstep Sound Pack ($0.99)

PS3 Add-ons

Call of Duty: Black Ops II
  • Uprising ($14.99, Free with Season Pass)
    NOTE: This DLC will release tomorrow (5/15) at 10:30PM Pacific
Borderlands 2
  • Psycho Pack ($9.99)
DC Universe Online
  • Origin Crisis ($9.99)
  • Dishonored Packs ($3.99)
DUST 514
  • Mercenary Pack 2 ($19.99)
  • Veteran Pack ($49.99)
Dynasty Warriors 7 Empires
  • Academy School Set ($3.99)
  • Edit Costume Set 12 ($1.99)
  • Edit Costume Set 13 ($1.99)
  • Edit Costume Set 14 ($1.99)
God of War: Ascension
  • Armor of Typhoon Multiplayer Armor ($2.99)
  • Mercernary Sword Multiplayer Weapon ($2.99)
Guardians of Middle Earth
  • Mouth of Sauron ($1.99)
Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory
  • Centennial Processor ($0.99)
  • Madness and CPU Memories (Free)
  • National Entrance Exams ($0.99)
  • Spectral Processor ($0.99)
Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance
  • Blade Wolf Story ($6.99)
Metro: Last Light
  • Ranger Mode ($4.99)
  • Harder to Breathe ($2.99) – Maroon 5
  • Misery ($2.99) – Maroon 5
  • She Will Be Loved ($2.99) – Maroon 5
  • Maroon 5 Song Pack ($7.99)
Sound Shapes
  • 80s Sound Pack ($0.99)
  • Dubstep Sound Pack ($0.99)
  • Cerebella Color Pack ($0.99)
  • Character Color Pack ($4.99)
  • Double Color Pack ($0.99)
  • Filia Color Pack ($0.99)
  • Ms. Fortune Color Pack ($0.99)
  • Painwheel Color Pack ($0.99)
  • Parasoul Color Pack ($0.99)
  • Peacock Color Pack ($0.99)
  • Valentine Color Pack($0.99)

PS3 Themes

  • Flirty Girl Dynamic Theme – $2.99
  • Boston Celtics Theme Bundle – $5.99
  • Chicago Bulls Theme Bundle – $5.99
  • Dallas Mavericks Theme Bundle – $4.99
  • LA Clippers Theme Bundle – $4.99
  • LA Lakers Theme Bundle – $5.99
  • Miami Heat Theme Bundle – $5.99
  • OKC Thunder Theme Bundle – $4.99
  • San Antonio Spurs Theme Bundle – $5.99

Game Videos (Free)

  • Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen Announce Trailer
  • Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen Launch Trailer
  • Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory Pv2
  • Rocketbirds HBC Trailer
  • Star Trek: The Video Game – Making The Game Part 1
  • Star Trek: The Video Game Making The Game Part 2
  • Terraria Launch Trailer

Add Your Own

Lelo4Ever said:

May 14th, 6:45 pm

Wanted so much Velocity Ultra… what a bummer… :(

Gotta try the dubstep sound shapes pack though…

PlatinumAura said:

May 14th, 7:01 pm

While I have too much of a backlog and decreasing window of time to justify buying games beyond $20.00 I applaud your day one price of 48 dollars for EMtro Last light for your Ps Plus subscribers (like myself) and I love how you offer preorder bonuses now. As much as I want to buy stuff I have to pass but dammit you guys are on the right track!! Get that preloading working and you’ve got it down. Granted the downloads being available at 12:01 (EST) is a step in the right direction!

Pikmologist said:

May 14th, 7:01 pm

Persona 3 on sale for only $4.99? YES.

Hadofusion said:

May 14th, 7:09 pm

I’m surprised that the Skullgirls DLC costs a dollar each… That’s cool.
I believe that Capcom Fighting Evolution and Capcom vs SNK 2 is coming out for Japan only since SCEI approved the code, but NOT SCEA and/or SCEE, so you’ll have to get them from the japanese store… if you can. Otherwise, you’re out of luck.

Nevi901 said:

May 14th, 7:17 pm

Still no Crash or Spyro on Vita, I see.

Chizuzuu said:

May 14th, 7:25 pm

A little light on the Vita content this week (including any PS One classics or PSP games), both in new releases as well as sales/price drops. At this point, I’m starting to wonder what next month’s plus IGC games are going to be, even though the announcement is a few weeks off. I guess it’s just as well, I still need to play through the content I’ve already bought, including that sly cooper game from when it was on sale recently.

gayguy54 said:

May 14th, 7:35 pm

wait im so confused for the new dlc for black ops 2, you guys say its going to be released tomorrow while the other people say its going to be released may the 16th. Also awesome update im getting krieg for borderlands 2!

iiONyKz-_MaQuIrO said:

May 14th, 7:40 pm

I personally want to see apps made for vita! things the will me use it more. Pandora or espnwatch, maybe a multi-messenger. whatever!

xFuzylilManPeach said:

May 14th, 8:02 pm

I agree with 155! :) i also want to know more about the Dust 514 Neocom app for my Vita

PrimeroIncognito said:

May 14th, 8:30 pm

I’m gonna get the Sound Shapes DLC. Looks like fun.

And to anyone who’s just starting to get into Sleeping Dogs, I highly recommend buying the Nightmare In North Point pack, and the Year Of The Snake pack (Chinese New Year). They’re both really fun, and at those prices you just can’t let them pass you by. You’ll kick yourself later. Buy them!

rangerfan7187 said:

May 14th, 8:52 pm

LOVE the day 1 plus discount for Metro. If you’re reading this, Morgan, I would be very very happy if the same discount was applied to a digital release of FUSE.

kenj77 said:

May 14th, 9:11 pm

Not sure if this is the place to comment, but occasionally in the last month or so, when I try to open the YouTube app or the PS store app on my PS3 it freezes my system. It doesn’t even show the loading icon of either app. I’ve even waited 10 minutes before deciding to shut off the PS3 by holding the power button down until the system turns off.
Is there any other way to stop the app if it doesn’t properly start up?
Thank you for your time.

YorlecmNwahs said:

May 14th, 9:22 pm

Go to Google

Search “Let’s Get FlatOut Head On PS Vita Compatible”

Click on the first result.

Sign the petition please.

Thank you

D_R_O_Z said:

May 14th, 9:23 pm

You know what really ticks me off? Having to enter my password EVERY time I download something that is free, be it a demo or avatar. I can understand having to enter it when I check out but for every single thing? Come on now!! For a while you didn’t have to, then you (Sony) made it where I could add free items to my cart and check out to download them which was fine. The way it is now is a little ridiculous on top of being inconvenient. Please, please, PLEASE change it.

passivefamiliar said:

May 14th, 9:49 pm

interested in metro last light. but, withholding a game mode, and charging for it or forcing a preorder. ya, boycotting them from now on. they are charging you to play the hard mode…really? they lost a sale on that one. good sale price for plus, but got to stand by principal here and NOT buy that due to poor practice. since when is a difficulty setting treated as DLC?

passivefamiliar said:

May 14th, 9:53 pm

but on a positive note the sale on metro is great. thats exactly the kind of prices i want to see on all DIGITAL purchases. id buy more, spend more if i got more games out of the same buck spent. knocking 20% is perfect, enough to not be a 2nd hand price but what a non-physical copy should be. keep up that concept of sales on release and you’ll get more out of my wallet and im sure others will follow as well.

still skipping metro due to reasons above. but im glad to see the sale all the same. keep it up.

djespeed said:

May 14th, 10:28 pm

When’re we getting GT PSP for Vita? I wanted to replace my PSP with the Vita, but the lack of compatible games for the Vita is really killing me. >_<

Chalryn said:

May 14th, 11:47 pm

Pardon if I’ve missed anything related to this (for the record, I looked around a bit before coming here), but, uhh… Any idea what happened to the PS2 Classic of Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly? It was just posted last week, but upon checking this week’s updates, it seemed to have vanished from the Store. <.<;

D_R_O_Z said:

May 15th, 12:21 am

@165 Chalryn There was a bunch of problems with the release of the game on PS3 (with audio. video, and game-play) so my guess is they pulled it of the store until they are able to patch it. If you look at some of the comments from the last store update post you will see a lot of people complaining about it.

xxbleedingtearsx said:

May 15th, 12:38 am

cool :D but unfortunately im not a huge DLC fan :/

i probably doubt its gonna happen no matter how much i whine about it, but soul calibur 3 should be on the PlayStation store. I know i can buy a copy, but let’s just say the PS3 i bought isn’t backwards compatible with PS2 Game discs :(

Chalryn said:

May 15th, 12:53 am

@166 D_R_O_Z: Ah,much obliged. Hope they manage to fix it up. Was quite ecstatic when I saw the game posted on the Store. ^^

And my bad, I only checked the blog post about the game itself. Didn’t think to check the actual update post, somehow. *facepalm*

Lieutenant_Shot said:

May 15th, 1:24 am

Don’t wanna be that guy. But when is Legend of Dragoon being added for the Vita? D:

Motion_Blue said:

May 15th, 1:26 am

Wasn’t Velocity Ultra supposed to come out today? :(

Elvick_ said:

May 15th, 1:39 am

@50: lol… yes there is. More evidence to support what I always say. That people are just walking around blind with Vita. Even when games do release, people say there are none. lol

@73: Duh, we haven’t had big store updates for those weeks. The less content, the quicker we usually get the update. The bigger, the longer it takes. How have you not noticed this?

Elvick_ said:

May 15th, 1:40 am

Oh, and I came to say that discounts on preorders are great. So keep it up.

WoundedUnderwear said:

May 15th, 5:01 am

Update was okay today, but not the greatest. I would love to see more US PSOne Classics of JRPGS (Not the Import PSOne) as well as PSTwo Classics.

Now offering Metro: Last Light with 20% off for PLUS member was the best thing you guys ever did with PLUS so far in my opinion. Now only if we can see more of this offer for upcoming new releases.

Going Pre-Order Resident Evil Revelations today. Was going to Pre-Order Fuse but won’t. I can’t see myself spending $60.00 for a digital download. Digital download for new release should be cheaper since it cost less then making hard copy.

carlpain said:

May 15th, 5:34 am

I forgot about Manhunt! Thanks, downloading later.

BlackJackal256 said:

May 15th, 6:01 am

Cant wait for resident evil revelations played the demo last definetly has that old RE feel to it

iburnandfume said:

May 15th, 7:21 am

Oh I really hope Kristine Steimer reads this. Hey uhm, I was wondering if Portable Ops/Portable Ops plus is getting compatibility with the PS Vita? I really do hope so.

Scare_Bearr said:

May 15th, 7:29 am

looks like the us get screwed again in june too as this is the june list for EU ..

Entering PS Plus in June:
29th May: Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning
29th May: ICO and Shadow of the Colossus HD Collection
29th May: Demon’s Souls
5th June: Rayman Origins
5th June: Coconut Dodge Revitalised

TwinDad said:

May 15th, 8:07 am


This should have been posted in the PS+ post that was on Monday and not the store. Also you can’t say, unfortunately, until June that we will not get what EU gets in June. I’d love to see Kingdoms of Amalur come to US plus.

JamesBlonde777 said:

May 15th, 8:15 am

@Scare_Bearr, how does EU getting good games screw us? Maybe we will get good games too. Try to be positive! =)

Ninja-Link101 said:

May 15th, 8:30 am

Any news on Final Fantasy V or the original Spyro Trilogy coming to PSN for Vita? I hate that the PSP can, but the Vita hasn’t got the games yet.

GoCanes89 said:

May 15th, 9:42 am

Wish PS+ would have gotten some discounts on the Dust 514 add-ons for this launch week. :(

GGCAN said:

May 15th, 11:50 am

@170 – Motion_Blue

This is what I read recently about Velocity Ultra for the Vita:

“We don’t have a solid release date yet, but we’re on track to submit to Sony at the beginning of April, so we are guesstimating a release date in May. We are extremely excited!”

Satnamji said:

May 15th, 12:03 pm

@177: I’ll only feel screwed as a US Plus member if for June we only get one PSN game, a PSOne title, and a couple of minis. That’s how it used to be for Plus before IGC.

In life, someone else will always get paid more to do less, will have a prettier girlfriend even though they’re a complete tool, have more successful and better looking children, get a better deal on their house, car, TV, iPhone, etc. I found the quicker I learn to accept that, the more I enjoy what I have.

Siras13 said:

May 15th, 12:18 pm

Wasn’t Sanctum 2 supposed to be released today ?

CrazyGuy62 said:

May 15th, 1:11 pm


I totally agree with you there! We need more classic gaming love!


You do not need to play 1 and 2 to get a grasp on the story!! Persona 3 in my opinion one of the best JRPGs out there next to Persona 4!

Binarynova said:

May 15th, 1:24 pm

Could you guys pass on the message that we’d still love to see Final Fantasy I & II for the PSP on the US store? They’ve been available in other regions for quite a while; still waiting for some classic FF love in the states.

Thank you!

Gurujustin said:

May 15th, 2:55 pm

Seen Uprising Map Pack on the list and my whole day was made. Thanks for the Update Sony!

Wayndawind said:

May 15th, 4:30 pm

7.30 est and no Uprising, I think some one needs a red bull.

V_A_N_D_I_E_L said:

May 15th, 4:49 pm

Hey Morgan! PSN EU have made public the releases of june today….. they are givin KOA: Reckoning, Ico & Shadow of the Colossus and Demon Souls for Ps3… I just hope SCEA have some goodies for us to, because this european update seems to be very solid ( if not, amazing!) to me and am sure to almost all psn us users to.

Psn Plus Us have begun to improve of lately, games like spec ops and SD ( sleeping dogs) are very very good, just hope SCEA keep the good work and give us in june something equal in quality to te european release.

Nice day to all.


PrimeroIncognito said:

May 15th, 5:51 pm

Since when was May 29 part of June?

Somebody failed Kindergarten…

edu_leite said:

May 15th, 6:15 pm

Hi, I am trying to buy the Pre-order for GRID 2, but the plus discount disappeared from the store. Do you have any information on this? When I entered the store for the first time, the discount was there, but as soon as I stuffed my psn wallet and put the Pre-order on my shopping cart, the discount was gone.
Tried the web store and the discount is not there too.

rabidninjamonky said:

May 15th, 7:13 pm

@191 Wayndawind It says in the post Uprising comes at 10;30 pm Pacific. That would be 1;30 am Eastern. Is it the basic math or reading in general that’s giving you a hard time?

DynamiteDanTNT said:

May 15th, 7:54 pm

Hey Sony, PS2 Classics idea: Dark Cloud 1 and 2, Rogue Galaxy, and Shin Megami Tensei 3: Nocturne. Eh eh? You can haz all my money for that ;)

X-3rdi_DRaGz said:

May 15th, 8:08 pm

Is that REAL time of the BO2 DLC release time?

bt1234567892010 said:

May 15th, 8:38 pm

fffff….and I JUST spent my money last week on Comet Crash so a friend of mine and I could play it together…now the sleeping dogs DLC is on sale…this really irritates me >.> that’s dirt cheap though, and I HOPE people will buy the story ones if they liked sleeping dogs and don’t own them already, under 10 bucks for all three of them is a steal.

D_R_O_Z said:

May 15th, 8:47 pm

@171 Chalryn No Worries. I’m not one of the guys that complains and gives people a hard time for asking questions, unless the answer is blatantly obvious as was the case with @191 Wayndawind. Just happened to read some comments about it and figured nobody from PS Blog would answer it (they tend not to read passed the first page)


May 15th, 8:57 pm

@191 (Wayndawind) I was going to post something about how much of a tool you are but I read down to @195 (rabidninjamonky) post and seen that he did a really good job of doing that for me. And the fact that your buying a BO2 map pack makes you a even bigger tool.

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