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May 23

May 23

Destiny: The Law of the Jungle

DeeJ's Avatar Posted by Community Manager, Bungie

Back at Bungie, we’re all hard at work gearing up for the big show in June, but we didn’t want to leave you empty-handed heading into E3. To whet your appetite for Destiny’s gameplay reveal on June 10th, we’re releasing a CG/live action trailer that features three Guardians in action. The spot, titled “Law of the Jungle,” was created in collaboration with director Jon Favreau, actor Giancarlo Esposito, and visual effects house Digital Domain.

See you at E3!

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Teflon02 said:

May 23rd, 10:09 am

interesting in deed, hopefully isn’t like halo

Shadow-Man_4 said:

May 23rd, 10:11 am

I have yet to see the “actual” game-play so I can’t really comment on this, but it looks a promising game and I hope you show us more gameplay demos/trailers at E3.

Zezzler said:

May 23rd, 10:12 am

Wow, It’s cool to see that the gameplay reveal will happen at the PlayStation E3 Conference! I guess this is really showing Bungie’s dedication to the PlayStation Platform.

    DeeJ's Avatar

    DeeJ said:

    May 23rd, 10:54 am

    And vice versa. It’s been great to get to know the PlayStation guys and have them as guests in our studio. They’ve… seen things…

DrApollo said:

May 23rd, 10:13 am

Cool looking world!

Orejillz said:

May 23rd, 10:14 am

Yes, their support for the PlayStation platform actually has me hopeful. The fact that they’re doing all their big announcements with Sony and providing exclusive content for PS3 and PS4 is amazing. But like #1 said, I just hope this isn’t a re-skinned Halo, if it isn’t then it is a definite purchase.

DigitalReveller said:

May 23rd, 10:19 am

Now that’s how you do a trailer, well done.
I second what #1 had to say though.

rabidninjamonky said:

May 23rd, 10:25 am

Cool, it”s Gus from Breaking Bad narrating the video. I just watched the season 4 finale on Netflix last night. Greatest show ever!

D-Squad3 said:

May 23rd, 10:32 am

Great to know it will be at Sony’s E3 press conference!!!

DeeJ's Avatar

DeeJ said:

May 23rd, 10:34 am

We hope you like the trailer, PlayStation gamers. You’ll learn a lot more about Destiny when we take Sony’s stage at E3. And, we’re thrilled that we’ll have a chance to welcome you all to the Destiny community.

Senju_Karim said:

May 23rd, 10:43 am

Pretty good trailer! Did I see a black hole in one of the character’s hands? O.O

xFuzylilManPeach said:

May 23rd, 10:44 am

Excited to see this at the conference!!! :]

    DeeJ's Avatar

    DeeJ said:

    May 23rd, 10:55 am

    Not as excited as we are to be there. There’s more to come, Guardians.

mitchayo said:

May 23rd, 10:45 am

Gus from Breaking Bad… good decision. First trailer that makes it a world, not just a game.

BossmanCCrowder1 said:

May 23rd, 10:46 am

Awesome! Can’t wait to see the gameplay at the E3 press conference!

supermoc10 said:

May 23rd, 10:54 am

I loved the trailer. It was very well made. Although I’m not surprised as it’s a Bungie trailer.
Can’t wait for the gameplay reveal at E3.

The Destiny deal that Sony has will give the PS4 a HUGE advantage IMO. If it’s like the CoD deal then the PS4 versions of the Destiny games will likely be the ones advertised. With Bungie’s talent and Activision’s money, Destiny will NO DOUBT be one of the top 5 IPs of the next-generation.

supermoc10 said:

May 23rd, 10:56 am

HI DEEJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I’m a big Halo fan (bought my Xbox and my 360 for Halo) and I’m glad you guys are bringing your games to a wider audience now. The PlayStation gamers will not disappoint you.

    DeeJ's Avatar

    DeeJ said:

    May 23rd, 11:01 am

    It’s so cool to have the chance to welcome you all to the Bungie community. We’re pretty psyched to hear what you all have to say about Destiny in the coming weeks. We’ll see you at E3!

Heavenly_king said:

May 23rd, 10:56 am

Awesome. It looks to be an interesting game so I will keep an eye on it :D


May 23rd, 10:59 am

what is playstation showing at E3 ?
also thank god we get hands first on destiny news
destiny belongs to the playstation nation! ^_^b

SolidSnakeSSx said:

May 23rd, 11:00 am

I’m not sure if you can answer this, but if the gameplay reveal going to be an actual onstage live demo or a gameplay trailer?


May 23rd, 11:01 am

also awesome trailer and that was my idea to fight on the moon like that also on mars and other stuff

TheConstantine said:

May 23rd, 11:05 am

Love Bungie and with the way the XBone is going love to see that Sony is still dedicated to gamers. Looking forward this.

BAD-KID_ said:

May 23rd, 11:08 am

Welcome Bungie.
I can not wait to buy Destiny for X360, PS3 and PS4.
Versio XBOX One later.:)


May 23rd, 11:16 am

The Law of the Jungle? A man provides for his family.
– Gustavo Fring

Go_Buddie_Go said:

May 23rd, 11:16 am

Ohh Sony, you clever gals. You countered Microsoft’s Call of Duty Ghosts reveal with your own gameplay reveal.

Xbox One reveal got a worldwide gameplay reveal of Call of Duty Ghosts.
Sony’s E3 Press Conference is going to get Destiny gameplay reveal.

I cannot wait for E3! :O

XtemmA2 said:

May 23rd, 11:18 am

I’m not that into FPS games, but if this is THAT good on PS4, i’ll jump in and pull my bros with me.

    DeeJ's Avatar

    DeeJ said:

    May 23rd, 11:24 am

    You’ll need your bros in Destiny, if you are to join us. The strength of the wolf, after all, is the pack. We’re creating a game that is much more fun to play with your friends.

NightHawk17 said:

May 23rd, 11:20 am

Can’t wait! This is gonna be my go to multiplayer game for the PS4.

IrishDude2 said:

May 23rd, 11:21 am

Loving the look of this game so far. Please don’t make it anything like Halo. Leave the Halo stuff to the Xbox where it belongs. Us PlayStation gamers gets the good stuff so wouldn’t want that to get ruined

DeeJ's Avatar

DeeJ said:

May 23rd, 11:23 am

You’ll need your bros in Destiny, if you are to join us. The strength of the wolf, after all, is the pack. We’re creating a game that is much more fun to play with your friends.

XtemmA2 said:

May 23rd, 11:25 am

@23 We cannot wait for E3!

Also, was it going to be another new console reveal there? Rumor called it as “Xgone”, i dunno.

Zacky-V-A7X said:

May 23rd, 11:33 am

Oh god! that looks beyond awesome! dat art potential! OMG can’t wait for the gameplay reveal at sony’s conference!

lordErk said:

May 23rd, 11:33 am

Giancarlo Esposito! Nice choice! Game looks great!

Kchow23 said:

May 23rd, 11:34 am

Pollos Hermanos!

LandmineSalesman said:

May 23rd, 11:44 am

This is excellent, finally the Playstation only guys will get to see why Bungie is one of the best devs in the word. Halo is one of the best FPS’s I have played.

    DeeJ's Avatar

    DeeJ said:

    May 23rd, 1:22 pm

    Stop. You’re making us blush.

IcedDice777 said:

May 23rd, 11:49 am

I like you Bungie, i’ve enjoyed your games…i know Activision is bankrolling this title and i’ll be willing to hold my nose and deal with the incoming microtransaction galore bound to Destiny.

Give us a single player/Offline mode option and LAN support and i’ll buy your game.

Otherwise, i’ll spend my hard earned $$$ on games that offer single player/Offline modes as options.
My .02

supermoc10 said:

May 23rd, 12:01 pm


The game is meant to be played as an online shooter. You’re pretty much asking for an offline MMO.

Mrp7792-X said:

May 23rd, 12:09 pm

Does this confirm a Walter White downloadable skin?

IcedDice777 said:

May 23rd, 12:22 pm


My good sir… see, Bungie is selling/promoting Destiny to us as an Action Rpg shooter while “avoiding” calling it an MMO.
If joe gamer loves MMOs and is always connected online then this game is for him.

If you want to play offline and/or don’t have/don’t want to connect online…then Destiny is not you.

An offline/single player or LAN mode would get more people to buy/play their game imho.

RecklessOnion_ said:

May 23rd, 12:25 pm

Please tell me this is running at 60fps on PS4

Sajuk said:

May 23rd, 12:25 pm

I think Destiny will bridge the gap between this current generation of console to the next, Destiny looks amazing and will be a big reason why I pick up a PS4.

NickMulder said:

May 23rd, 12:28 pm

I can say with the utmost confidence that this game will be a must-buy for the PS4! The Halo games were great but to be honest, I think what you’ve created here will surpass Halo with ease. It’s great to see Bungie working with Playstation! I was ecstatic when I first heard about this game and the exclusive content coming to Playstation only makes me even more excited! Looking forward to owning this the day it releases guys!

XtemmA2 said:

May 23rd, 12:29 pm

Please ignore #28. I’m kinda out of manner due to the lack of sleep last night. Forgive me.

android92 said:

May 23rd, 12:49 pm

After years of having to go to a friends house to play Halo, I can finally play a Bungie game on my playstation!

angibri2000 said:

May 23rd, 12:51 pm

Welcome to PS family Bungie! Question, do you guys use the DS4 touchpad at all for your game? I can definitely see the inventory management possibilities with that touchpad.

Doaner said:

May 23rd, 1:17 pm

” They’ve… seen things…”

DeeJ is that a Blade Runner reference???… I love that movie!

    DeeJ's Avatar

    DeeJ said:

    May 23rd, 1:23 pm

    I cannot confirm attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion in Destiny at this time.

Doaner said:

May 23rd, 1:28 pm


CoolNumber9 said:

May 23rd, 1:32 pm

I could not be more excited for Playstation @E3 this year, thank you Bungie!!

tusunami said:

May 23rd, 1:35 pm

This looks promising for sure, need more info.

LordDeff07 said:

May 23rd, 1:36 pm

Ok… This game comes out in 2014 right? Wouldn’t it have been better to only focus on next gen consoles instead?I can’t imagine how thin you guys must be spreading yourselves. I also think that there should be a law against CG in game development.

Secondly, this will be the first Bungie game I will buy. (play Halo 1 for 20mins doesn’t count). This is my promise to you guys, I will buy this game regardless, simply because its a bungie title and I have heard so much about the team. DO NOT DISAPPOINT ME!!! Or no amount of space or time will save you guys from me.

Thank you :)

i-Lo said:

May 23rd, 1:41 pm

I know cutting edge graphics have neither been their focus, nor their forte. That said, after looking at the CG, I do hope (after Bungie have fine tuned all story, gameplay, interactive elements) we get close to it in real time on PS4.

Good luck, Bungie.

    DeeJ's Avatar

    DeeJ said:

    May 23rd, 2:20 pm

    You’ll have to be the judge of that. The new tools that we’re using to build this brave new world let our artists do some pretty amazing things. As a long-time Halo fanboy, I’m really excited about the things I’m seeing in Destiny – even at this stage of development.

NYPUNK88 said:

May 23rd, 2:25 pm

Very cool.

Enigmatech said:

May 23rd, 2:27 pm

Post your Paypal email so I can send you guys money right now!

Ummm, on second thought I’ll wait for the PS4 version, just millions(?) of seconds longer…

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