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May 31

May 31

The Last of Us Demo Now Available in God of War: Ascension

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Community Strategist, Naughty Dog

The Last of Us on PS3

If you were wise enough to purchase a copy of God of War: Ascension, you can now pop that disc into your PS3 and download the demo for The Last of Us. Instructions for installation came with a voucher code inside the Ascension case, so find that flyer and get to downloading! If you’re having trouble finding the flyer, just insert your God of War: Ascension disc into your PS3, select “The Last of Us™ Early Access” on the main menu, and you’ll be taken to the PlayStation Store to download the demo. Once downloaded, simply find it on your XMB and install it to start playing.

The demo features the Outskirts level of The Last of Us, in which Joel and Ellie, along with Tess, will encounter multiple Infected enemies. Runners and Clickers have distinct behaviors and methods of attacking you. You’re going to need to explore the environment and scavenge your surroundings for items and objects that might give you the kind of offensive or defensive advantage that suits your play style.

The Last of Us on PS3The Last of Us on PS3

If you’re already sold, this demo should sate your hunger for the full game until it launches (just over two weeks from now!). If you haven’t read or seen much about The Last of Us, hopefully this demo will pique your curiosity to pre-order The Last of Us today. The Last of Us will be available June 14th, 2013.

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PrinceofXIII said:

June 1st, 1:57 am


nawindragonuchia said:

June 1st, 2:29 am


Adama_ said:

June 1st, 2:41 am

If you’re getting the “THERE ARE NO ITEMS THAT YOU CAN PURCHASE AT THIS TIME” error it’s probably because your GoW:A disc region does not match your PSN account region. E.g. if you own the UK copy of GoW:A you must log in to the UK PSN store in order for the download to work.

LostInSweden said:

June 1st, 2:52 am

“If you’re getting the “THERE ARE NO ITEMS THAT YOU CAN PURCHASE AT THIS TIME” error it’s probably because your GoW:A disc region does not match your PSN account region. E.g. if you own the UK copy of GoW:A you must log in to the UK PSN store in order for the download to work.”

That is exactly it.

Carl-G said:

June 1st, 3:38 am

After all that – BRILLIANT DEMO it was!!! :P :P :P ND are GODS;)

coozm11 said:

June 1st, 4:20 am

Downloaded and Played. Demo is Such A Tease Glad I Pre-Ordered it ON PSN and I Also Picked Up Season Pass. The Demo was Awesome,Can’t Wait for the Full Release. Great Job Naughty Dog.

dfoz3 said:

June 1st, 4:48 am

Redboxed GoW:A with the hopes I would be able to download and play this demo…IT WORKED!!

The pacing was fantastic and the graphics and atmosphere are amazing! Thanks Naughty Dog! Pre ordering on PSN just as soon as I have the funds.

BTW, once installed the demo is playable from the XMB, no need for the GoW:A disc at that point.

nawindragonuchia said:

June 1st, 5:04 am

It still Doesn’t work ahhhhh HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!

DonkeyKongKilla said:

June 1st, 5:04 am

@ MushThePainter – ahhhh damn I was out of it yesterday hah. Thinking it was Monday. Blah I’m just anticipating the month lineup too much.

I recant it being Monday yesterday but I think it was because plus posts been running late and its the new month today so

Strangeheaven said:

June 1st, 5:34 am

Just to let people know,after the demo is installed,you no longer have to be online or need the god of war asension disc in the console.

Great demo, day one buy.

primalmatrix2814 said:

June 1st, 7:03 am

When I click the Last of Us Demo Early Release on the GOD:A menu. It doesn’t take me to the store. It kicks me out to the PS3 main system.

vangguys said:

June 1st, 9:56 am

jus played it, good stuff!!

DaddioMo said:

June 1st, 11:09 am

Last of Us demo still doesn’t download. After starting the disk and clicking the Square for the early access demo, it goes to a black screen with the word “The Last of Us” in the lower right hand corner and it just sits there. The only way to get out of it is to press the PS button and it asks if you want to quite the game. When you say yes, it reboots the PS3.
So basically it looks like the game can’t get the PS store but I can get to the PS store manually.

eatabagel said:

June 1st, 12:00 pm

Daddio – Did you try just hitting start from that menu? Probably a stupid question but I had a hard time seeing that prompt myself.

DaddioMo said:

June 1st, 12:08 pm

Yeah, I went back and then hit ALL the buttons on the controller but nothing. In fact, this time when I went and got to the last of us wording in the lower right hand corner there was a small square box above the word “The” and inside the box was static like you used to see when a tv channel goes off the air. Really weird.
Anyway… just sits on the black screen with the last of us words in white in the lower right hand corner. Needless to say but this sucks.
For something that should be easy for us all to do, this is a pain and disappointment. Even though this isn’t DRM, I can easily see how things like this will happen for DRM enabled software. Some type of online problem will cause you not to be able to play or download a game…..oh well.

eatabagel said:

June 1st, 12:11 pm

I had a terrible experience trying to download it last night. I couldn’t even get the 1.07 game patch for God of War to download so each time I loaded the game it go stuck on the epilepsy screen.

I ended up deleting the Game Data which I believe was two files for God of War and then redownloaded those updates. Once I did that I could get in the game – when I clicked on the Last of us early release option in GOW I then saw the countdown clock at zero and think the option was to click the play button. You may try removing your Game Date (not the saved data) to see if that works.

DaddioMo said:

June 1st, 12:14 pm

I’m gonna go try that now. Thanks.

eatabagel said:

June 1st, 12:15 pm

No problem. Let us know if that works!

DaddioMo said:

June 1st, 12:42 pm

Nope. Same thing. Deleted the 2 game files, started the GOW game disc and it loaded 4 updates to get to ver 1.07 and then the same thing. All I get is a black screen with “The Last of Us” glowing in the lower right hand corner. I let it sit there for about 10 min and then I press each button on the controller hoping that something will happen but nothing……..sigh…….

coolduke112 said:

June 1st, 12:42 pm

Is the last of us demo to god of war ascension players only, or will it be released to everyone in the PS store?

DaddioMo said:

June 1st, 12:45 pm

They should just put it on the PS store because even if you did buy the game, like me, I can’t even access it.

DaddioMo said:

June 1st, 12:49 pm

It’s bad enough that they moved the Last of Us demo release date AFTER we purchased the GOW Ascension disc (which says May 7 in the disc jacket) but then even when the date has arrived….I still can’t get it. I know, I know, I’m in the minority that still can’t get it but still……..I just needed to rant a little bit to feel better. ;-)

Tjoeb123 said:

June 1st, 12:58 pm


Or, they’ll probably just put up the Plus post, listing the content for this Tuesday, and not much else. And they better update on the weekend, as soon as the Sony conference is over!

NickMulder said:

June 1st, 2:20 pm

Naughty Dog, I just wanted to tell you guys that you guys are literally the best in the gaming industry. After playing this demo, I can tell you I’ll be buying this game very soon. I already planned on buying it after it released but now I’ll be pre-ordering it soon. I hope you really do turn The Last Of Us into a franchise like Uncharted because it’s a perfect complement to Uncharted but I hope it becomes a complement and not a replacement. Uncharted is the greatest game series ever made and Nathan Drake is the greatest character ever made. Please continue Uncharted and The Last Of Us together!

DaddioMo said:

June 1st, 2:59 pm

So Eric Monacelli…….any replies to those of us that STILL CAN’T DOWNLOAD THE DEMO? All we get is the last of us wording on a black screen after pressing the square to access the demo.

WHITE_PR said:

June 1st, 3:34 pm

Thanks Naughty Dog but i refuse to download the demo because i want the full experience, so this next friday I will payoff my pre-order at GS and wait for that day.

BTW my next purchase is PlayStation 4 with… .. Lets see what happens at E3!!! for now BF4!

PlayStation forever!!!

arodmasion said:

June 1st, 3:34 pm

Turn of your modem and turn off your ps3. Then cheek your Internet connection in settings then Internet connection then look for your wifi and test it making Your ps3 know and if the error then download the game if you haven’t or play it. It worked fr me and it was very good gameplay guaranteed.

DaddioMo said:

June 1st, 3:42 pm

@227(arodmasion) I don’t know if your directions are directed at me or not but……….if EVERYTHING else is working on my PS3 there is no reason that I should have to resort to turning off the machine and checking internet connections, etc. As stated earlier, I can reach the PS Store just fine from within ANY other game and by going there by just clicking on the Store from the XMB.

Thanks for the suggestions though…….

neuropunk said:

June 1st, 4:42 pm

Interactive movies are what is killing the video game industry. I will not be supporting this filth.

YorlecmNwahs said:

June 1st, 4:54 pm

Go to Google

Search “Let’s Get FlatOut Head On PS Vita Compatible”

Click on the first result.

Sign the petition please.

Thank you

Lantern_0506 said:

June 1st, 6:36 pm

Will this be coming to PS+ users early?

SureBigBuster said:

June 1st, 6:41 pm

I couldn’t care less about demos. Can’t wait to get my hands on the actual game though

ZBONE1 said:

June 1st, 9:21 pm

When I put the GOW game disc in the machine and click the GOW icon to start the game, it says an update is available, so I click ok on the menu, the screen shows it downloading the update, but then I get the following message: ERROR OCCURRED DURING INSTALL OPERATION, CODE 80029563. I can’t even get to the main GOW menu to do anything because of this error. What the bleep is going on with this ?

residentSteve said:

June 1st, 11:02 pm

Who doesn’t like god of war, I started off not quite liking this one (ascension) but over time it’s just has good has the others.
Glad I got a chance to play the demo but its not for me I have gotten use to all the action in playing resident evil over the years (which is still my fav game series ever, roll on re7) but not being able to take the enemies out with a machine gun or something like that gets on my nerves.
I don’t think I will buy the game now hopefully it will come to plus at some point, I’m doing that with a few games now ac3 and need for speed most wanted I hope they will be on there some time it saves buying them.

Tiger_Drummer said:

June 1st, 11:26 pm

I liked the demo and it clarified how a few things are going to work in the full game and I can say that I’m a little bit more excited to play it when it comes out. The only downside to the demo was that it was kind of short.

Tiger_Drummer said:

June 1st, 11:35 pm

#44 You just need to stay away from commenting on anything if you’re going to have an attitude like that. First off many people have more important things to spend their money on like bills and so PS Plus is a luxury that can be spared. Secondly just because you have PS Plus doesn’t make you any better than other gamers. Also just because you have PS Plus doesn’t mean you’re entitled to everything, such as exclusive early access to a demo. Sony packaged it with GoW: Ascension because they were trying to reach out to all of their fans. There are many people that play games like GoW that have never even tried something along the lines of The Last of US. This was most likely a way to give those people an incentive to try it out.

Sorrow12324 said:

June 2nd, 1:56 am

When will i be able to download that demo if i dont own a copy of gowa?

akashwwefan said:

June 2nd, 5:09 am

What the hell is this Eric i bought GOWA for the last of us demo otherwise i would never waste my money on God of war ascension and now everytime i go the demo it says ERROR ERROR ERROR PLEASE FIX THIS OK OTHERWISE YOU LOSE A FAN HERE

Vince47 said:

June 2nd, 7:50 am


Cylon451 said:

June 2nd, 9:23 am

I had the same issue. Put in the God of War: Ascension disc, start the game, select to download the demo by hitting the Square button. It takes you out of the game to the old PlayStation Store interface, where you can select to download the game. Only to be taken to a screen that only allows you to “Close”.

After doing this twice, I thought that it might have registered as downloaded, though it clearly didn’t. So I exited the game, went to the PlayStation Store directly from the XMB and went to my Download History.

There it was. And I was able to select it for download (135 meg). Once it runs, as it is only the downloader program, it runs and then downloaded the much larger demo file.

The game is running now. Try this instead, if you can, it may work for you as it just did for me now.

Hope this helps.

T3DV0L70L1N4 said:

June 2nd, 9:46 am

Does anyone else think it’s a little weird that the runners in the last area follow a set patrol route? You’d think they’d stumble around aimlessly until they hear or see something. In a game that strives for realism (and even makes you go through your inventory without pausing the game), this really took me out of the immersion.

edo79 said:

June 2nd, 10:41 am

I Understand that this game is on high demand for Download by Millions of users , but considering that game should be out in couple of weeks , Sony ‘ why not release it on PSN Store with steady servers so this way we don’t get this stupid error , hell i can’t even access God of War Game , let alone the Demo , Sony i love you but come on , there is no excuse for this .

DJBennett1985 said:

June 2nd, 10:42 am

Took 30 mins to download a 5 minute demo… linear path nothing that makes it stand out.. went from excited for this game to cautiously optimistic..

Psychoz69 said:

June 2nd, 11:11 am

That’s great the demo is out, sadly i refuse to play it. I want my experience to be fresh, media blackout till the day the game comes out


June 2nd, 11:44 am

Is there a demo available for those who was not “wise enough” to buy God of War: Ascension?

veryhoudini11 said:

June 2nd, 12:04 pm

I’m just waiting to get the full game. sucks theres an error for you guys tho, but these things happen shouldnt be too difficult to get over. I don’t want any spoilers. I just have to wait less than 2 weeks :D

TheKubiesnacks said:

June 2nd, 12:17 pm

Theres nothing on my God of war ascension menu that says anything about the demo…

KoldStrejke said:

June 2nd, 1:08 pm

Demo Too Short. gameplay unoriginal and unsatisfying linear levels. AI bit glitch.

pudim_magico said:

June 2nd, 1:24 pm

and the subscriber will not have exclusivity plus not?

NYPUNK88 said:

June 2nd, 4:27 pm

Dammit Sony! What about PS+ users! ‘ ‘D”:

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