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Jun 02

Jun 02

The Drop: Week of June 3rd 2013 New Releases

Rey Gutierrez's Avatar Posted by Senior Social Media Specialist

New for PlayStation 3, discover Neo-Paris 2084, where augmented reality and memory digitization have taken control of people’s lives. Play as Nilin, an elite memory hunter with a clouded past – Become the most wanted memory hunter in Neo-Paris and experience the power to break into people’s minds to steal their memories.

Memory Remix is a new gameplay mechanic allowing players to use Nilin’s powers and alter parts of people’s memories in real-time gameplay. A balanced mix of combat and exploration – Fight your way through the different environments Neo-Paris has to offer, using Nilin’s proficiency in martial arts, as both hunter and prey! Enjoy this week The Drop!

RM_PS3_FOBRemember Me

Neo-Paris, 2084: Personal memories can now be digitized, bought, sold and traded. The last remnants of privacy and intimacy have been swept away in what appears to be a logical progression of the explosive growth of social networks at the beginning of the 21st century. The citizens themselves have accepted this surveillance society in exchange for the comfort only smart technology can provide. This memory economy gives immense power over society to just a handful of people.

A visionary 3rd person action adventure, Remember Me puts players into the role of Nilin, a former elite memory hunter with the ability to break into people’s minds and steal or even alter their memories. The authorities, fearful of her knowledge and capabilities have arrested Nilin and wiped her memory clean. After her escape from prison, Nilin sets out on a mission to recover her identity, helped by her last and only friend. This search for her past leads to her being hunted by the very people that created this surveillance society.


(For PS Vita) — Limbo is a black and white puzzle-platforming adventure that puts players in the role of a young boy traveling through a hostile world in an attempt to discover the fate of his sister.


Limbo challenges players with traversing dark forests, trap-filled underground complexes, and stormy rooftops brought to life with hand-drawn visuals. They must be quick, clever, and fearless if they want to survive their journey and unravel the mysteries at Limbo’s sinister heart.

Quell Memento (For PS Vita) — In Quell Memento, players solve block-based puzzles to make their way through a story in which they’re helping the narrator, an elderly man, remember his life. It is Fallen Tree’s follow-up to titles Quell (2010) and Quell Reflect (2011).

Insect_ArmageddonEarth Defence Force: Insect Armageddon — Insect Armageddon continues to follow the rich history of casual fun and addictive gameplay that made the franchise a cult classic. The game also adds a new aspect to the Earth Defense Force series that was born in Japan, with additional elements for all EDF soldiers to experience. The Campaign mode that lets up to three players team up online to battle the insects and aliens across a completely destroyable city. Every EDF soldier is armed with over 150 weapons and four upgradeable armor sets and engages in nonstop arcade action that is the fastest and deadliest in the series. In addition, the game also features a six-player Survival mode that pits a human squad against a nonstop onslaught of the largest enemies the aliens have to offer.

Class of Heroes 2 (For PSP) — Class of Heroes II will please fans of dungeon crawlers with over 140 challenging quests, 100+ dungeon maps, crazy monster hordes, branching storylines and endings, as well as hundreds of equipment and skill combinations for beefing up soon-to-be hero students. The refined J-RPG will feature numerous hours of strategic gameplay making Class of Heroes II a deep experience with plenty of replay value.


  • Limbo (For PS Vita)

PlayStation 2 Classic

alfa romeo racing italianoAlfa Romeo Racing: Italiano — An officially-licensed Alfa Romeo racing game based on the prestigious Italian car manufacturer’s series. You’ve been given a finely tuned car which has been prepared by some of Italy’s finest mechanics and you know it is fast enough to win. But do you have the skills? In Racing Italiano winning comes down to how tuned you are! Put your skills to the test across a wide variety of racetracks from the hills of Tuscany to the streets of Milan, from the forever-challenging Laguna Seca to the incredibly fast Hockenheim circuit. Racing Italiano features unique RPG elements and character customization as well as exclusive features such as the TIGER Effect, which gives you the ability to reverse time in the race.

Ultimate Board Game Collection — Valcon Games and Jack of all Trades present the Ultimate Board Game Collection for the PS2. This collection includes 20 different classic board games for players to either challenge the computer to or play with several other friends to see who is the best board game player in the group. The Ultimate Board Game Collection is made up of classic board and table games that gamers have enjoyed for years. Parcheesi, Naval Battle, Chinese Checkers, and more will keep entire families entertained for hours, and best of all, there are no little pieces or dice to lose. Many of the games, like Naval Battle, include animated sequences in which pieces move or, in this case, ships sink. Parents are often concerned about video games full of violence, but they can rest assured that the Ultimate Board Game Collection is full of good, clean family fun that everyone will enjoy.

Packshot_043396409255_79571019Sony Pictures

Breaking Bad: The Fifth Season

(Releases on Blu-ray & DVD): Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown. Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul return in their Emmy -winning roles of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman in the fifth explosive season of Breaking Bad. With Gus Fring dead, Walt’s transformation from a well-meaning family man to ruthless drug kingpin is nearly complete. Forming a partnership with Jesse and Mike (Jonathan Banks), Walt proceeds to make a killing in the meth business until the fruits of his murderous schemes are threatened by a new development in the investigation led by his relentless brother-in-law Hank (Dean Norris). Executive produced by Vince Gilligan and Mark Johnson, the fifth season charts the murderous rise of Walter White as he reaches new highs…and new lows.

[Editor’s Note: The following dates are subject to change. Game details are gathered from Press Releases, Retail Descriptions, from their individual publishers and/or ESRB rating descriptions.]

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LadyofX said:

June 3rd, 7:09 am

Wow a spoiler alert for the Breaking Bad blu ray would have been nice. Not everyone is up to speed with what is going on with the show. And as far as the games that are dropping this week I guess we are going to be seeing yet another Vita game for plus people. I dont get how Vita people are always complaining there is never anything for them when most games are cross platform and are on the PS3 and the Vita and then there are the games that are just for the Vita. It would be nice to have a whole month of decent stuff for plus people instead of maybe, if we’re lucky, one good game and then the rest of the month we get games that are in the bargain bin and nobody wants. Im always seeing people commenting on how Europe and Japan are always getting good stuff and we arent. I dont get why we cant get good stuff just as well.

Harerazer said:

June 3rd, 7:18 am

I love all the people that ask “Can I still play the free games if I’m not a PS+ member?”. So let me get this straight…you’re asking “Can I pay $20 (3 month membership) and get over $200 of games? Really? Really? I can only say NO, they’re for MEMBERS.

Kinda like quitting your job and asking “Can I still get my paycheck every week?” What clowns.

klassymike said:

June 3rd, 7:26 am


I totally agree with you. I saw where someone said that unless they got to keep the games after their subscription ran out that it wouldn’t be worth it….it totally amazes me the entitlement that some people believes is owed to them.

fattytwenty said:

June 3rd, 10:05 am

The only time being “first”is significant is if, you are the “first” person to make a product, or market a product. The importance of being the first in these two or several areas,is that you have the advantage of selling,or making a profit from being “first” to bring it the market. I really don’t know the advantage of being “first” to post on a blog or page?

Mando44646 said:

June 3rd, 10:09 am

Class of Heroes 2 should be on Vita. Why is Sony not forcing developers to support their current gen hardware? Vita will continue not to sell if you dont make games come out on it!

Welmosca said:

June 3rd, 10:25 am

Ooh kinda sad…I was expecting a demo for Remember Me….I hope that they release one later.Anyway the game looks good.

whylekat said:

June 3rd, 10:33 am

Why don’t they list prices?

The_Dukenator said:

June 3rd, 11:30 am

@102 That would be considered fraud.

@107 They usually don’t until the store updates on Tuesday.

PumKnH3D said:

June 3rd, 12:14 pm

still waiting for Hotline Miami. any word on when thats going to release??

RepentantSky said:

June 3rd, 12:33 pm

Not a whole lot going this time. This close to E3, you’d think there’d be a lot to talk about, even if E3 will be mostly about new consoles.

Welmosca said:

June 3rd, 12:41 pm

@ 83 The_Dukenator – Batman games not worth continuing to play?….you must be one of those bastards who buy games only for online or if the game in question has online……Batman is one of the best multiplat. games and is beyond worth continuing to play and do 100% on both games which is very rewarding.

vladiator011 said:

June 3rd, 1:43 pm

remember me looks amazing i will def be getting this one soon

tusunami said:

June 3rd, 3:47 pm

Nice releases for the PS Store can’t wait to check this out, since i have some virtual cash!!!!!!!!!

SDMF_MCC said:

June 3rd, 4:53 pm

This is my first post here. Thumbs up, Sony! Loving my PS3 so far.

If possible, please enable alphabetical sorting of PS Store games saved on the PS3 system. I’d love to be able to group all of these games I’ve downloaded in a more intuitive manner. Thanks!!!

CommandingTiger said:

June 3rd, 8:03 pm

All I stated was a remark that week after week, regardless the user, there’s always somebody somewhere that says that this week sucks.

If you check all past post, you’ll see, there’s at least 1.

All I’m saying, sure, there might not have something for you this week, there might be some other week.
But do we really want to know there’s nothing for you? In that case, what would you like to see then, that could help sony better serve you.

In any case, there are some good games in there that, unfortunatly, nodoby is aware of them because of lack of information on them. I’m thinking Remember Me, Earth Defence Force and Class of Heroes 2 got my attention.
Haven’t tried them out yet, but I’ve seen some information on them, even if there aren’t a lot of coverage.

reynolds-wrap1 said:

June 3rd, 8:33 pm

Bring in more Vita games!! Come on!

DiceDaHitman said:

June 3rd, 8:36 pm

Can’t wait for Remember Me.

GintokiSsan said:

June 3rd, 10:21 pm

anyone has any damn updates on Pinball Arcade? been what almost three weeks

Abcwayme said:

June 4th, 3:26 pm

yeah I want the new playstation4

leanthefiend said:

June 5th, 9:55 am

Can’t wait for the ps4 until then black ops gone have to hold me down till grand theft auto 5 drop

ZSF333 said:

June 6th, 10:29 am

Second update without a Pinball Arcade Vita fix, come on already.

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