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Jun 04

Jun 04

Remember Me Out Today on PS3, New Trailer

jmax's Avatar Posted by Dontnod

Jmax from Dontnod here. I’m here to give you a look at the launch trailer for Remember Me, and show you some never before seen art from the game.

First up, here’s the trailer:

Here are five reasons you won’t want to miss Remember Me:

  1. It’s new. It’s a brand new IP, a brand new character and a brand new universe. With so many games on their millionth version, here is a totally new concept. Here is a totally new character to play, in a new world, that you can immerse yourself in as you follow the intriguing story.
  2. As an elite memory hunter, Nilin has powers that have not been seen before. With her powers you’ll break into people’s minds, and steal and remix their memories. You’ll see how the butterfly effect will change their personalities, just by changing a few details in their memory.
  3. The cool, accessible yet deep combat system, that gives you more options than most action titles. Very innovative and has options for all levels of gamers.
  4. It looks beautiful. Ok, so I know I am biased, but I genuinely believe this is one of the best looking games on PS3. We have worked hard to create a unique vision of Neo-Paris 2084 and I hope that it is one that you enjoy exploring.
  5. The soundtrack is fantastic. Really, Olivier Deriviere is a genius and if you are interested in hearing some excerpts from the score (which should be on sale by the time you are reading this) you can hear them here.

So, I hope that you have at the very least been intrigued at what I have had to tell you about the game and once again, I’d like to thank you for your time.

It’s always really gratifying as a developer to be able to hear what fans are thinking, and also hear your questions directly. If you have any questions I will do my utmost to answer them below.

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jrronimo said:

June 6th, 4:50 pm

Pre-ordered this game based on the style and trailer. I’ve been *craving* a sci-fi game for ages now, and this perfectly suits me. The music is FANTASTIC; akin to Mirror’s Edge with more orchestra, to me.

I’m in love. The character, the setting (cyberpunk Paris? yeessss), everything. I really, really, REALLY hope we see more out of this IP.

In the few hours I’ve played, I’d say: The game is the most gorgeous thing I’ve seen on a PS3, but the price for that is that it’s too linear. Lots of detail to the environments is wonderful, but everywhere I go I’m on a straight path with little exploration outside of it. (And when there *is* exploration, you can almost be guaranteed that one of the collectibles is ‘hidden’ there.) I’m really enjoying the story so far and the action is also good…

jrronimo said:

June 6th, 4:51 pm

…While the combo system isn’t as customizable, it’s definitely reminiscent of God Hand, so I’d recommend each to fans of the other.

Maybe I’m just blinded because I haven’t finished it yet, but I just can’t say enough good things about this game so far. It might better have been served as a $40 game since replayability seems limited to collecting ALL the things, but I am more than happy to put out the cash to support a great new IP late in the life of most consoles. THIS game has the sort of experience I’ve been wanting.

Please, Capcom/Dontnod. More of this with this level of polish. The pre-order comic was great, to boot! It set up the world quite nicely. Now to go buy the soundtrack…

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