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Jun 10

Jun 10

First Destiny Gameplay Trailer from E3

DeeJ's Avatar Posted by Community Manager, Bungie

Hey everybody!

We’re incredibly excited to be at E3 this year to reveal Destiny gameplay for the first time. We hope you like what you see. If you want more, check out the official Destiny gameplay trailer, and stay tuned for more information in the weeks and months to come!

Thanks for watching!

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aznexcav said:

June 10th, 8:47 pm

So excited for this game… The demo was fantastic

TurismoM3 said:

June 10th, 8:47 pm

This game looks rad!!!!! Day 1 purchase for sure.

saab01 said:

June 10th, 8:48 pm

Day 1 purchase looks amazing.

DieRazgriz said:

June 10th, 8:54 pm

Epic, really liked the public event, it adds new experiences for us!

ZaGe-zAiKaNo said:

June 10th, 9:08 pm

I’m glad you guys ALL gave footage of your gameplay & not just CG trailers. Despite the lag, Destiny was one of the best highlights for me.

It looks amazing! I mean the interface, weapon upgrade, class variety, etc. – nice! And i love how dynamic engagements get.

Anddo said:

June 10th, 9:15 pm

I really appreciate the live demo. The game looks great. I’ve seen enough to know I’ll be there day one.

StormTimber said:

June 10th, 9:21 pm

clearly geting a ps4 in the near future.

Pabloo1010 said:

June 10th, 9:22 pm


FeddeCampo said:

June 10th, 9:40 pm

Let me tel you, that it was a great demo, you guys were great showing this amazing ad fun game,great weapons btw! =D well done!

ThreeLeggedFreak said:

June 10th, 10:08 pm

This looks great. No bunny hopping, please.

RulitoCR said:

June 10th, 10:26 pm

I really hate shooters, but this one looks great!!

Elvick_ said:

June 10th, 11:07 pm

Looks awesome. Bring it Bungie.

Karsghul said:

June 10th, 11:11 pm

I was excited to hear more about this game but after seeing this demo live, I’m sold! Can’t wait to play it. It looks beautiful!

Kchow23 said:

June 11th, 1:45 am

Amazing… the gameplay demo was stunning. I wasn’t sure about this game, but any game that is a mix of Boderlands and Mass Effect is a must buy for me :)

Belkan2087 said:

June 11th, 4:54 am

This game and elder scroll online, only for this 2 Im buying the PS4!.

Welmosca said:

June 11th, 11:52 am

The gameplay was decent…the impressive part..was the kind of drop-in drop-out online.

CommandingTiger said:

June 12th, 8:01 pm

That was a killer video you just shown there.
No other console stood out more than the PS4 with Destiny and Killzone SF.

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