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Jun 10

Jun 10

PlayStation 4 Hardware Revealed at E3

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We promised that you’d “see it first.” Now here it is: PlayStation 4 in the flesh.

PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4

Let us know what you think in the comments, and keep watching our live feed of the press conference. We’re just warming up!

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i_LOVE_BOOBiiES3 said:

June 10th, 7:17 pm

It Looks Like The Ps2 LOL

Cloud_X1 said:

June 10th, 7:20 pm

Kingdom Hearts 3! FF 15 ONLY ON PLAYSTAITON!

Cloud_X1 said:

June 10th, 7:20 pm

Kingdom Hearts 3! FF 15 ONLY ON PLAYSTAITON 4!

luvtoseek said:

June 10th, 7:22 pm


PrimeroIncognito said:

June 10th, 7:23 pm

Looks awesome.

FeLiPe_MachiN3 said:

June 10th, 7:25 pm

It looks Gorgeous! I fell in love with it <3 lol

steviebomb said:

June 10th, 7:26 pm

It definitely looks better than the competition. However, I would like a next gen console that doesn’t look VCResque. Perhaps offer a couple of different hardware designs to consumers at release? I don’t know, maybe something…sleek?

PiercingKen said:

June 10th, 7:26 pm

I’m not too keen on the design just yet myself. I kind of like the way the PS3 looks and its nice and compact. I have yet to read up on the features and honestly that will be my judging factor about purchase.

Cloud_X1 said:

June 10th, 7:27 pm

lol, dang ass creed black flag froze on them. after that demo, I need to repreorder it agiain

cristianrodas said:

June 10th, 7:30 pm

I am totally getting the PS4

aznexcav said:

June 10th, 7:31 pm

Omg that look so nice :)……………
Totally buying day one.

Loy310 said:

June 10th, 7:32 pm

Sexy beast you.


June 10th, 7:39 pm

This really takes the cake… gonna look so amazing next to my Xbox One in my entertainment display with the green and blue neon and the black lights!!

DaMan1900 said:

June 10th, 7:39 pm

Why did you guys ignore the vita like that >:{. Its enough to make me want to return my new tablet z and not buy a ps4… Well at least you guys are going to port GoW 1 & 2 again >_>

Train1999 said:

June 10th, 7:39 pm

I love the Playstation 4. It was well worth the wait. Great design. Looks great all around. Looking forward to getting this thing soon.

Thank you Sony!!!!

Rycky93 said:

June 10th, 7:40 pm

This Is Beautiful Simply Beautiful!!!! I LOVE IT <3

JuanLink26 said:

June 10th, 7:41 pm

Awesome!! blew Xbone out of the water.

Cloud_X1 said:

June 10th, 7:42 pm

Used games YEAH! BAM!

TripG said:

June 10th, 7:44 pm

PS4 wont imposed any restrictions on used games – Lovely. Take that MS! Honestly, I wasn`t that impressed with the entire Sony Presentation – seemed boring to me – but that announcement alone brought a huge smile to me.

And gotta love the “it wont stop working if you havent checked in every 24 hours“ – Wonderful!

Conaaando said:

June 10th, 7:44 pm

Nice scanner.

A-L-K_21 said:

June 10th, 7:44 pm

what a design !! so cool can’t wait to buy it ..

Cloud_X1 said:

June 10th, 7:47 pm

A new PS4 game every month huh . . .:) . . :D . . XD PS4!!!!!

SpooNManX said:

June 10th, 7:47 pm

Cross Game Chat… Wow.. Everyone must be happy about this?

smokinjoe1989 said:

June 10th, 7:49 pm

well i can say goodby to my incometax money, small favor let us delete 0%trophies onthis new one

Shrewder said:

June 10th, 7:50 pm

Thank you, Playstation group. The gaming community is so very, very proud that you have done right for your community and customers. Good on you. Good on you. BEYOND!

youandi said:

June 10th, 7:51 pm

Anybody know the price of the PS4?

Servatorhawk said:

June 10th, 7:51 pm

wow thats hot its like two systems attached to each other, iknow playstation is better than anything not even my friend are making me buy xbox1 and its off the hook but does it have voice conttrols

Jerel said:

June 10th, 7:51 pm

Used Game Support? No always on DRM bs?
Playstation 4 wins! Flawless victory!

PrimeroIncognito said:

June 10th, 7:55 pm

Sony has already won the next generation before it even started.

Cloud_X1 said:

June 10th, 7:59 pm

I need Destiny, InFamous, Knack and more!

Cloud_X1 said:

June 10th, 8:02 pm


illwiththeskill said:

June 10th, 8:04 pm

$399……. Sony for the WIN.

saab01 said:

June 10th, 8:05 pm

Thanks Sony I really believe $400 is quite reasonable for the next gen of gaming. I just wish we had a set date of when the PS4 will release.

phade2blaq said:

June 10th, 8:05 pm

I might be in the minority here but the PS4 looks like a PS2 Slim on steroids ! It’s not that appealing to me !

PainOfSarrow said:

June 10th, 8:07 pm

PS4 won this hands downnn. sony SUPPORTS used games. we can lend them out, we can trade them in, we dont need to connect online once a day, the ps4 looks good compared to the xbox.. i mean VCR. the price is good. everything is good. sony just KNOCKED OUT Microsoft for the 10 count. we WIN

goth_darkness said:

June 10th, 8:08 pm

so how soon till xbox goes out of business?

inSiderNextZ said:

June 10th, 8:09 pm

It’s so… nice!

Shrewder said:

June 10th, 8:09 pm

I cannot wait to go through all the reactions from this presentation. Just…FANTASTIC!

lodgedrocket said:

June 10th, 8:09 pm

Have to say I respect SONY”s consumer friendly approach :) !!!!!!!!! And hek, you guys got the Show, so when I eventually get a 4, yeah I know where my $$ is going.

SweetReLeaf said:

June 10th, 8:10 pm

$399!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???? SONY I FREAKING LOOOVE YOU! It’s true, I do.

notforyou1 said:

June 10th, 8:10 pm

great one awaits!

ATES said:

June 10th, 8:11 pm

can i have it now

dodgedoors said:

June 10th, 8:11 pm

preordered on amazon right now


June 10th, 8:11 pm

Funny watching you punch those other guys in the face. Jab1, then jad 2..Jab after Jab when they talked about used games. I laughed.

399 much better than rumored.

zingakun said:

June 10th, 8:11 pm

After this price release, this Lego Brick looks espetacular. Can’t wait to know what is up to Latin America tomorrow!

JaY_Ci_415 said:

June 10th, 8:12 pm

Can I just preorder this sucker now?! Let’s do this!! Can’t wait for the PS4!!!

KirAMinh said:

June 10th, 8:12 pm

400$ is really Greatest eva!!!

CrusaderForever said:

June 10th, 8:14 pm

Sony WINNER OF NEXT GEN!!! Congratulations Sony on a wonderful and immensely popular E3 presentation!! I am a PS+, Vita and Sony player! I am already ready for the future of Sony and the PS4! Destiny looked amazing! KZSF was unreal! DRIVE CLUB FREE WITH PS+!!!! My mind is blown take my $399 EASILY!!!!

Elvick_ said:

June 10th, 8:14 pm

This thing is ugly.

Disappointed. Oh well.

dudertooter said:

June 10th, 8:15 pm

Can’t wait!!!

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