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Jun 10

Jun 10

PlayStation: The Best Place to Play

Jack Tretton's Avatar Posted by President & CEO

PlayStation 4

Millions of PlayStation fans around the world just watched our annual E3 press conference — marking the beginning to what will be an incredible week at E3 — and saw the amazing gaming and entertainment experiences coming to PlayStation in the near future. Above all else, what we showed tonight is our relentless focus on gamers and PlayStation’s long-standing legacy to building a gaming universe without boundaries.

One of the highlights of our event tonight was the official unveil of the PlayStation 4 system and price of $399. The PS4 design is sleek and functional, and contains a powerful system architecture that will enable the industry’s best developers to create amazing titles. Our Worldwide Studios team has more than 30 PS4 exclusive titles in development, 20 of which will launch during the first year of PS4. The PS4 games feature 12 completely new IPs, including a game we unveiled tonight… The Order: 1886 from Ready at Dawn. We also provided updates to other exciting PS4 titles #DRIVECLUB, inFAMOUS: Second Son, Killzone: Shadow Fall, and Knack.

inFAMOUS: Second Son

PS4 has incredible strength among the development community, and some of the best teams in the world displayed their ground-breaking games. Bungie Studios showed, for the first-time ever, live gameplay of the highly anticipated Destiny; Ubisoft featured Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag and Watch_Dogs; Square Enix showed Kingdom Hearts 3, Final Fantasy XV; and Warner Bros. showed the world premiere for Mad Max. We also reinforced our support for independent and smaller developers with nine new titles that will debut exclusively on PlayStation 4.

It’s clear that you’ll have no shortage of games to play when PS4 launches. Globally there are more than 140 games in development for PS4 across our own Worldwide Studios and our development partners, including over 100 that will be available within the first year.

PlayStation 4

We also announced that PlayStation Plus memberships will carry over to PlayStation 4, so members will have access to all of the benefits across PS3, PS Vita and PS4 for one price. These benefits include online multiplayer access, exclusive discounts, cloud game saves, and Instant Game Collection, which gives members a selection of games to discover and enjoy with their friends. To celebrate the launch of PlayStation Plus on PS4, we will offer #DRIVECLUB PS Plus Edition in the Instant Game Collection.

Sony Pictures Entertainment joined us onstage to announce that it is working on new original programming and unique access to entertainment content on PSN and PS4. Sony Pictures Entertainment is one of the most powerful entertainment brands in the world and we look forward to bringing our fans curated content that they’ll love.

DriveClub on PS4

In just over a year since its launch, we’ve built a library of more than 125 PS Vita dedicated games and the platform will only get stronger in the coming year. More than 85 games will launch by the end of the year, including The Walking Dead, Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate, CounterSpy, Destiny of Spirits, Doki Doki, Killzone: Mercenary and Tearaway.

Tearaway on PS Vita

The PlayStation 3 is heading into its 7th holiday season and our commitment is stronger than ever. The PS3 game lineup today is huge, starting this Friday with Game of the Year candidate The Last of Us, which is now the highest rated game for all platforms for 2012 and 2013. We have more than 300 other titles that will launch before the end of the year, such as Beyond: Two Souls, Rain, Puppeteer, Batman: Arkham Origins, and Gran Turismo 6. In addition, we announced a PS3 bundle for Grand Theft Auto V and a new GTAV branded Pulse Elite headset that comes with an exclusive GTA soundscape.

It’s truly a remarkable time at PlayStation. We’re on the verge of launching the most powerful gaming system ever built with the PS4 and the entire PlayStation ecosystem is expanding with the continued growth and strength of PS Vita, PS3 and PlayStation Network. I want to thank PlayStation Nation for your passion and continued support. You’re the reason we continue to innovate, explore new entertainment possibilities and push the boundaries of play. I look forward to sharing more exciting details in the near future.

Jack Tretton

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GGCAN said:

June 11th, 8:46 am

Sony you have my money.

Just pre ordered the PS4…Cannot wait !


June 11th, 8:50 am

@186 GGCAN: yeah, I don’t like to depend on upcoming foggy features, remember how remote play was going to be awesome since the PSP era? or how long it took to release in game XMB, even though they showed that at E3 before the PS3 was even released?

Also, I don’t want to pay for a cloud service (that will probably be laggy and won’t feature all the games I want) to play the games I already own, I like to have my PS library growing, and with PS4 it seems we’ll have to start from scratch, which I don’t like, that’s why I’ve been buying more PC games instead of PS3 lately, they can be kept “forever”.

GGCAN said:

June 11th, 8:54 am

Yep I do remember how they promised remote play on PS3..

But…I’m wondering since they had that breach a couple of years back if that may not have been the reason and with PS4 they have fixed it with better security.

There’s some remote play (God of War (one title) peggle and some other games and it works ok.

I’ve seen Sony saying it’s going to mandatory on PS4, so hopefully they will carry through.

I think they know they have to have it on PS4, or the Vita won’t go far…

And I think it will sell the Vita really well once everyone finds out how well it works.

GGCAN said:

June 11th, 8:55 am

I agree you about lag but you need to have good download ability…a lot of people complain now as well…but I’m ok…got Fiber optics and I wired my PS3 so I rarely get lag any longer.

GGCAN said:

June 11th, 8:57 am

Also, I have my PS3 (I won’t sell it and also have a huge backlog of games to play) so I can still play all my games and I will have the PS4 for their games.

No other console has it, so not sure why everyone complains so much.

cripler said:

June 11th, 8:59 am

Bravo,Bravo if you wouldn’t had said anything at the end, I would have gave it Moneysoft. Thanks for saying what we wanted to here.

SolduNuts said:

June 11th, 9:01 am

Thank you very much Jack Tretton and everybody else who made the PS4 open and free to buy and trade games. You guys officially won E3 hands down and I am sure your rightfully proud. Pat yourselves on the back Sony. Everything that happened at E3 went in your favor. At $400 bucks the PS4 should fly off of shelves.

To everybody complaining over being a Plus member for online, just stop. Sony brings you the most powerful console, keeps the used games market open, invests heavily into gaikai tech for better games and streaming of the back catalog, and will let you use the media apps without plus; all of which the Xbone does not. So again paying for Plus just for the free games and game save back ups are worth it. Plus members are getting five PS3 games this month alone. So to everybody complaining if you want free online then get a WiiU or a PC and have fun because that’s the point.


Lefoul-123 said:

June 11th, 9:01 am

Playstation won by knock out, I hope you guys keep delivering value. But dont put restrictions for online gaming, just because, you dont need that, as you have been doing, by delivering value its becoming stupid not to get plus. For example the free drive club game, cloud storage, and gakai.

So dont learn the bad practices of the competition.

Korbei83 said:

June 11th, 9:02 am

You’ve done us proud, Jack. More importantly, you’ve done yourselves proud.


CodeGeass1890 said:

June 11th, 9:07 am

Thanks for such an awsome reveal and as always a wonderful console. I have mine pre-ordered not even 2 minutes after amazon updated the price and made it available immediatley after the price announcement. Paird with my PS Vita and my PS3 (Probably an experia tablet in the future) I’m proud to be a Playstation fan and supporter

CalebTheBeast01 said:

June 11th, 9:34 am

Jack Tretton, you never disappoint, microsoft is walking away with their tails between their legs and soon everyone will know the superior console, i knew Sony would deliver EXACTLY what we want

TehFineztJokerX said:

June 11th, 9:40 am

What’s wrong with having to pay a mandatory service? It’s cheaper and better than XBL. Free games, discounts, beta access and now online service. Think about it. This is good for all of us. Pay $60 for XBL, or pay $50 for PS Plus?

jahonius80 said:

June 11th, 9:40 am

I really loved the opening speech by Mr. Tretton.

It was humble, honest, and sincere…

Or maybe it’s his fatherly voice.

I also liked Mr. Yoshida’s first comment; that he is a frontline PR for Playstation on Twitter, while showing Beyond Crew photo, who help tremendously in delivering what Playstation fans really want and what Sony can deliver to them. That was probably the most human comment I’ve ever seen on shows like E3 where corporations just do corporate stuff. Overall, it felt really personal, human, and even proud that I chose Playstation brand to be my current, and next gen console of choice.

Furthermore, I was very pleasantly surprised that they shone some limelight to indie devs and their games, giving the little guys with big ideas to shine in such an important event where once again companies tend to focus on high end stuffs exclusively.

I also like to express that the blogcast host Sid Shuman deserves a helluva credit for trying very hard to give us the fans what we deserve in both gaming and other forms of media consumption. More effective than any televised ad in my opinion.

Nice job, guys!

willynews said:

June 11th, 9:54 am

looks really really cool

fatdog21 said:

June 11th, 9:54 am

i was happy with the news of ps4 n i already per-order mine.i was upset that they didnt spend anytime talkin about the ps vita.this make me feel i spend $300 for a product that have no future….and no giving me port of a port(god of war) is goin to me happy………..

Dough_Boy_16 said:

June 11th, 9:57 am

I love the PlayStation 4! Looks great as well

mdillow85 said:

June 11th, 10:05 am

Will PS3 games be playable on the PS4?

KRStudio said:

June 11th, 10:07 am

In february conference Sony said “Online multiplayer gaming is a right of the gamer, we don’t charge for that”, but now we need to have a psplus account to play online?

Not cool.

GGCAN said:

June 11th, 10:16 am

@217 MDILLOW85

No…but they said that with Gaicai their cloud streaming service, the PS4 and PS3 will be able to play those games in the near future….

I guess we will find out how that goes.


June 11th, 10:25 am

Does anyone know if the PS4 will play disc format movies? I was curious if it plays DVD and Blu-ray discs.

jason3064 said:

June 11th, 10:30 am

is the new playstation eye included with the system?

GGCAN said:

June 11th, 10:37 am

@221 – No they said the eye on PS4 is separate…think it was around 59.00

GGCAN said:

June 11th, 10:37 am

A lot of the people saying that there wasn’t much on the Vita.

There is still a lot at E3 this week, so hopefully we will see more announced this week.

GGCAN said:

June 11th, 10:38 am

@220..they announced earlier that it has blu ray.

BigStack007 said:

June 11th, 10:43 am

Will the PS4 have an internet browser?

CrazyGuy62 said:

June 11th, 11:09 am

Great show Mr. Tretton! This is what I took for those who are worrying about paying to go online: Online will still be free as there will be the free-to-play servers. What they are saying is those who have a PS+ account can enjoy the premium servers for online gameplay so for less than $5 a month, you get all those services you already have with it and once you get your PS4, you will gain access to the premium multi-player services. I might be wrong on this but I don’t think Sony will force you pay to play online.

bldudas said:

June 11th, 11:41 am

Great show! The games looks amazing for the PS3, PS4, and Vita. And the PS4 design and price are great, too!

LilRichy209 said:

June 11th, 11:44 am

Thank you Mr. Tretton I watch E3 because of you, and it was amazing.

findaway said:

June 11th, 11:46 am


You will actually need a ps plus subscription in order to play online. This might be disappointing to many people but the benefits you get out of it are worth the entry price, in my opinion. I have quite a backlog I need to catch up to, thanks to plus for a big part. Just in the last few months we got Darksiders, demon’s souls, Deus Ex and Sleeping Dogs, but I also picked up the Ratchet and Sly collection for $15 each… or how about all 5 episodes of the walking dead for $7.50?

I’m not trying to justify their decision, at the end of the day the hard cold fact is that you need to pay to access online servers, but hopefully people will see the value in everything you get for your money.

loakum said:

June 11th, 11:53 am

as a honorary member of the Quad Brotherhood, it pleases me to be able to pre order the BEAST of a console, the PS4. I’ll be leaving you with the Quad Brotherhood’s mantra: PS4Life

johnny_toastburn said:

June 11th, 12:16 pm

I was touting the virtues of Sony until I saw that you’re still going to let 3rd party developers put restrictions on the games. Between that and the “PS+ to play online” policy, you’re definitely making some mistakes. I went with the PS3 because I didn’t like that Microsoft charged for X-Box Live. But letting 3rd party developers put on restrictions? C’mon, Sony… stand up for your fan base! We support you, now you support us!

naruto9876__ said:

June 11th, 1:10 pm

I love seeing the PS4

long live Sony :D

CaptainJames99 said:

June 11th, 1:13 pm

Not doing exactly the same thing as microslop with used games is a good thing. But mandatory “ps plus” to play online!! Really Jack, Really? Thats one sleazy move Jack. You can keep it. Oh & btw don’t bother with your little flying pig squad this time.

lanceurdehache said:

June 11th, 1:42 pm

I just canceled my Playstation Plus renewal, I will never buy a console that make people pay to play multiplayer. This is the biggest reason why i choose the PS3 over your competitor. I consider myself a loyal and good customers for you, with too many games on PS3 (wich i bought in the first year) to admit the number and i also own a PS Vita.

lanceurdehache said:

June 11th, 1:46 pm

Follow up to @234

I forgot to mentionned that i tought PS+ was a great deal for PS3 and PSVita. I would have accept if Cross Game Chat and Gaika was only for PS+ member. But by principle I will not buy the PS4.

xNomNomx said:

June 11th, 2:08 pm

I have several things to say and a big question. First, WOW! Sony continues to amaze me with how well they listen to their customers. That $399 price point is crazy good. The fact that they gave a big screw you to microsoft with their used game policy is incredible. Second the games they are showing are actually relevant to my interests. I can’t wait for games such as AC4, Watch Dogs, InFamous: Second Son. Two of those are some of my longstanding favorite series. Finally I have a very big question. In games such as Call of Duty: Ghosts, will someone playing on PS4 be able to play alongside or against someone playing the same game on PS3. The answer to this will determine what system I buy several games for.

OriginalGEEKster said:

June 11th, 2:10 pm

Kudos to you, Sony! Thanks for supporting your end user.

AntMan3d said:

June 11th, 2:58 pm

PLEASE READ THIS SONY i loved your e3 press conference we destroyed xbox but i have a suggestion PLEASE HEAR ME OUT i am currently a subscriber to ps plus and i love it its so much better than xbox live but having it be a requirement to play online is gonna tick alot of people off i think ps plus is worth the $50 but alot of people dont know too much about it i propose that you let online be free just like ps3 but advertise ps plus get it out there to the masses and i promise people will buy into it but REQUIRING seems to people like your cutting off there freedom you can beat xbox by making it free again i think this system can be another ps2 please listen to the fans we thank you

GGCAN said:

June 11th, 3:03 pm

@235 Lanceurdehache.

You know I hate to say this, but somebody will snap up the one you just discontinued.

I’ve already pre ordered and I can’t believe how many other people have that I’ve talked to today or seen on this and other Blogs.

PS + is great and you get more than what you paid for it.

Servers aren’t cheap to keep up and to add more and keep the lag out of games, that costs a lot of money.

We’ve been lucky with PS3 so far that it was free online, but the world isn’t free any longer.

Sony still provides a lot of freebies for everyone and especially the PS + members.

Husteen said:

June 11th, 3:09 pm

don’t charge for online. it’s not playstation+ if everyone is forced to buy it; it’s now playstation live. xbox 360 users payed for the same thing playstation 3 owners got for free. you did so well on everything else, but being a gamer is expensive enough without having to pay additional money for the lulz. if that doesn’t change, i’m afraid you can count me out for any fourth generation console purchases.

also, the headset/mic has disappeared from the ps4 ads, does it no longer come with the console?

Morgan_KEVLAR said:

June 11th, 3:53 pm

I’m a programmer, game developer, designer and PS loyalist. I have a huge issue with PS4 pay-to-play and it’s enough to make me consider not getting a PS4 and supporting such a kick in the face to PSN gamers.

I think you (SCEA) has forgotten that we already bought the console, controllers, earpieces, games, and internet to play we have all the tools needed. For years, we loyalists have always been able to stick it to the XBox fans that we play on superior machines and we get the most crucial socialization that we need by gaming with our friends for free.

We are not all in nice brick homes with mortgages to pay. In fact most of us, are in college or single parents struggling to pay rent in a small home in ghettos, apartments or just in a mobile home park. We are not middle class citizens with great jobs that have money to spend on stuff like an online membership. Don’t be like Microsoft, Sony.

Secondly, $80/game is ridiculous! Keep our games about $60; trust us, we’ll pay $500 versus $400 for the console, but $80/game is absurd we can’t afford it; it will kill the hard-working developers and designers that make your systems successful. They’re your bread and butter. What you’re doing will kill both.

pablofsi08 said:

June 11th, 3:57 pm

PS4 still has time to implement retrocompatibility with PS3 games, PS2 games and PSX digital games and decline Plus being mandatory to play online maintaining online playing free for everyone. If they don’t, I will give the thumbs down to PS4, use my PS Plus account to “buy” free PS4 games and only buy it after it has dropped it’s price dramatically or they add compatibility with PS3 in any way they want to. I encourage everyone that bought over 190 digital PS3 games supporting this company to do the same. RESPECT TO MY PS3 GAMES COLLECTION!

Dragonsmana said:

June 11th, 4:02 pm

I am definitely buying one of these! Long time PS fan! Anyhow, while I am disappointed multiplayer will be part of PS+ only, can you please clarify if the ability to stream your games on Ustream is part of that? I can’t seem to find confirmation one way or the other for this subject. I really hope its not. Was looking forward to using that!

CommandingTiger said:

June 11th, 4:03 pm

Sony’s E3 was the best.
Can’t wait for the PS4.

Apeman24 said:

June 11th, 4:45 pm

Just pre ordered my PS4.

Knife-8 said:

June 11th, 5:43 pm

Seeing that EA has eliminated their ps3 online passes and that there are not going to be online passes for Sony games for the ps4, since you have to have ps+ to play online, does anyobody know if Sony plans on removing online passes for existing / future ps3 and vita games for ps+ users? Thanks.

subsamuel01 said:

June 11th, 5:53 pm

you can connect your tablet to the PS4 now?

MickeyWard09 said:

June 11th, 7:31 pm

Playstation truly IS the best place to play. Let’s just get some more Vita support, so it stays a strong platform for many more years.

Tchanku said:

June 11th, 8:07 pm

Great Conference

RulitoCR said:

June 11th, 9:11 pm

By far Sony won the E3 this year!! Thanks for the awesome conference!!

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