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Jun 16

Jun 16

The PlayStation RE3cap: What We’re Reading

Justin Massongill's Avatar Posted by Social Media Manager, SIEA

First things first: PlayStation 4!

E3 2013 is finished and behind us. Feels almost impossible. Between the PlayStation LiveCast, our explosive press conference, and the positively immense volume of posts we published this week, we’re ready to spend the next few days catching up on emails and planning even more PS.Blog content sleeping.

Before we get to the top posts, a few personal E3 2013 highlights: Dat PS4, Transistor, Kingdom Hearts III, inFAMOUS: Second Son, Destiny, Octodad, Divekick, Hohokum, and Mercenary Kings.

What are you playing this weekend? Like I have to ask.

  • I’m playing: The Last of Us, Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F Demo
  • I’m watching: Archer, The IT Crowd
  • I’m listening to: Chipzel
  • I’m sleeping: Twelve hours a day for the next week


What We’re Reading

This Week’s Top 10 20 Posts

  1. PlayStation at E3 2013: Watch it Live
  2. PlayStation 4 Hardware Revealed at E3
  3. inFAMOUS: Second Son – Watch the New Trailer
  4. Kingdom Hearts III is Coming to PS4!
  5. PlayStation: The Best Place to Play
  6. Tekken Revolution is Free-to-Play Starting Today on PSN
  7. Grand Theft Auto V PS3 Bundle, Custom Pulse Elite Headset & Custom Audio Mode
  8. The Order: 1886 Brings the Victorian Era to PS4
  9. DUALSHOCK 4: Hands-on Impressions from E3
  10. FINAL FANTASY XV Coming to PS4: Watch the Trailer
  11. E3 2013: All the Live Presentations and PS4 Demos
  12. The Dark Sorcerer: A Next-Gen Comedy
  13. E3 2013: Indie Developers Continue to Choose PlayStation
  14. Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Coming to PS4, E3 Trailer
  15. Watch_Dogs E3 Walkthough Demo
  16. Don’t Starve on PS4
  17. Killzone Mercenary: New Single-Player & Multiplayer Details
  18. New The Walking Dead DLC, Series Coming to PS Vita with Bundle
  19. New Trailer: FPS + F2P + PS4 = Blacklight Retribution
  20. Contrast on PS4: Is There Truth in the Shadows?

Most-Watched Video of the Week

Add Your Own

Uncle_Daniel said:

June 16th, 3:45 pm

i wanted to see gameplay from mercenary kings, but that’s all right. everything else this past week was amazing! and KH3!? *_*

KazeEternal said:

June 16th, 3:46 pm


However now that the week is over we now have questions:

1) PS3 Bluray remote, is it compatible with PS4? If not, will there be a PS4 bluray remote not long after launch? one of my favorite accessories for netflix and the like alnog with operating my TV and other devices.

2) Controller Chargers for PS4? Not talking about cables hooked up to the front of the box, I’m talking about standalone chargers like the one for PS3 which I use all the time. Have a brawl coming up on Allstars… no worries all controllers are charged. I don’t want to leave that sort of thing behind.

3) Vita games?

4) Will we have to quit a game and start remote play like on PS3 or can we drop in and out of remote play like we do with the Wii U?

5) Does the PS Eye have any special Optional OS features?

6) when do we get to see the OS and system in action on the blog? No need for a press conference just a quick walk through like we use to see with Jeff Rubenstien.

7) also October 17th 2013?

avatarguy said:

June 16th, 3:55 pm

No Blogcast this week?

Farren_1979 said:

June 16th, 3:57 pm

The Last Of Us has turned out to be the most impressive narrative game I’ve played in over 20 years of gaming. MASSIVE respect for everybody who was involved with the game on any level.

PainOfSarrow said:

June 16th, 4:02 pm

the last of us is the WORST game i ever got the chance to play this year. SIKEE its the best.

RydogV said:

June 16th, 4:07 pm

It was an amazing week for Playstation fans. And welcome to all the new fans that are coming (or coming back) to the Playstation family with PS4.

Since we still do not have an official release day (smart move) I think it is seriously time to consider delivering the final blow….release PS4 in October!! Microsoft has said November so why not trump them there too. An October release would be the icing on the cake. And I am not saying this because I am a hater…I have nothing against MS. But it would just make good business sense and fire up your fan base even more.

Think it over, but regardless…fall can’t come soon enough :)

GhostMachine1 said:

June 16th, 4:21 pm

Why hasn’t Gravity Rush 2 been announced yet?

ZaGe-zAiKaNo said:

June 16th, 4:22 pm

I’m playing: TEKKEN REVOLUTION, & FFXIV: A Realm Reborn beta.
I’m watching: New Jojo’s All-Star battle trailer & Killer Instinct gameplay.
I’m listening to: Ajikan.

Astro411 said:

June 16th, 4:23 pm

I wanted to play The Last of Us but the installer is not downloading the game for me, could you guys please add the game to the store and let us download it normally?

It’s one of my most anticipated games and i can’t even get to play it.


anHELL29 said:

June 16th, 8:59 pm

i got no money for last of us… so i am playing borderlands 2 because its great…
i am listening artic monkeys… and i see the terrible movie of the man ot steel…

Anonyneko said:

June 17th, 2:57 am

So, what about Vita games? There are some cool ones coming out very soon, indeed, but there don’t seem to be many plans for major releases after that.

Alastor424 said:

June 17th, 5:35 am

Will purchased downloaded PS3 (via the PS Store) games be playable or stream able off of the PS4? Or will we have to buy the games again to play with them?

Alastor424 said:

June 17th, 5:36 am

By the way, The Last of Us is the greatest game I’ve ever played.

pablofsi08 said:

June 17th, 8:21 am

PS4 still has time to implement retrocompatibility through software emulation with PS3 games, PS2 games and PSX digital games through software emulation (which they already have in their Gaikai milk-off-more-money-from-players system) and decline Plus being mandatory to play online maintaining online playing free for everyone. I want my PS3 digital purchases through the PSN Store to be playable and DON’T WANT TO BUY IT AGAIN WITH THAT CHINESE SCAM SERVICE CALLED GAIKAI. If they don’t, I will give the thumbs down to PS4, use my PS Plus account to “buy” free PS4 games (no paid games) and only buy it after it has dropped it’s price dramatically or they add compatibility with PS3 in any way they want to and they decide to keep as valid my games collection. I encourage everyone that bought over 190 digital PS3 games supporting this company to do the same. RESPECT TO MY PS3 GAMES COLLECTION!

Sheldonifero said:

June 17th, 2:59 pm

I’m re-playing Uncharted 2 this week (I must get all the trophies, omg). I CAN’T wait for Octodad to come out, so excited! Cheers.

wtfitsso said:

June 18th, 12:09 am

So Sony…You know what would boost the vita sales by a great large margin?

PS2 games purchasable from the store.
We know the technology in the vita is capable and a lot of us would love to relive those great memories.
Not only that you are missing out on some of the best games available like :
Cough Cough

God hand

cough cough

devil may cry 1-3
cough cough cough.

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