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Jun 24

Jun 24

PSN Maintenance Scheduled for Tuesday, June 25th

Paul Sullivan's Avatar Posted by

Community Manager, PlayStation Digital Platforms

Thanks again for your huge support during E3 this year. If you missed any of the great trailers from the show, check out our wrap up post.

In order to continue bringing you the best online games experience on PSN, we will perform routine maintenance beginning the morning of Tuesday, June 25th. This maintenance will start at approximately 9:30AM PT (10:30AM MT / 11:30AM CT / 12:30 PM ET) and will last until around 4:00PM PT (5:00PM MT / 6:00PM CT / 7:00PM ET). During the maintenance period, you may receive a maintenance notification when attempting to access PSN.

The PlayStation Store, PlayStation Home and Account Management will not be available during the maintenance period but you will be able to access online play and apps provided that you have signed in to the Network at some point between now and the time of the maintenance. So please be sure to sign in now if you wish to access PSN during Tuesday’s maintenance window.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your support.

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PrimeroIncognito said:

June 24th, 9:53 pm

@ Startyde

Damn dude… 79 platinums… You’re a madman! (In a good way)

You’ve got really good bronze-to-silver, silver-to-gold, and bronze-to-gold ratios as well. Nice work.

ElektroDragon said:

June 24th, 9:59 pm

So much for getting the Store update out early. No wonder they need us to pay for online next gen. Sounds like its at most TWO people working over there.

GMFCO311 said:

June 24th, 10:11 pm

People that complain and moan about maintenance really need to find other things to do with their time. It’s not the end of the world people. As long as online gaming is not affected(which it’s not) quit complaining!

TJF588 said:

June 24th, 10:49 pm

I for one will burn my midnight oil for a bit longer. Got some poking around I wanna do with the content I have, but I do hope to finish up the weekly additions to my Download List* before turning in for the “night”.

*On that note, I do continue complaint about the usability of the List. I can avoid the PS3 Store well enough, though its incarnation’s still borked, but grief, please have sorting options, even text and date searches, up before the PS4’s launch. If digital is the future, usability /must/ be a priority.

TJF588 said:

June 24th, 10:51 pm

I still carry a certain sourness when thinking of inFAMOUS, or PixelJunk Eden, or the new Mega Man games, all due to how they’re spread out in the Download List and/or inaccessible from the searchable Store. inFAMOUS is two years of Plus membership down the List and unavailable in the Store due to owning, er, inFAMOUS, PixelJunk Eden’s not available in the same way as Monsters because I got its demo, forcing an Unlock Key which I cannot access via the Store, due to it defaulting to the full game. Similarly, I own the Unlock Keys to Mega Man 9 and 10, but the full game downloads of the same are tied to my Plus membership. This isn’t even mentioning things that aren’t at all available from the Store, such as pulled games (Brave Story, SHIFT extended) or exclusive DLC (namely Disgaea 4). Once they’re up and downloaded, it shouldn’t be a problem, but the unnecessary effort in gathering what should be easy and fully accessible, whether by the List or the Store pages, makes me feel off, like they’re not properly “mine”. I feel alienated, strange as that is, and that’s not a feeling that should be allowed to linger.

TJF588 said:

June 24th, 10:52 pm

(And Incognito, I hoped to just be a good presence here, but your trying-too-hard demi-mod style — as it comes off, anyway — is just as tiresome as the vitriol which inhabits any comments section on the ‘net.)

cat9966 said:

June 24th, 11:09 pm

It’s now after 11pm on the West Coast and no store update. Can’t say I’m surprised. I’m still trying to figure out why Sony has just a hard time altering the content on their site. If they had a decently designed site they should be able to do it on the fly instead of making it into some huge weekly ordeal. I’m guessing their infrastructure is a giant mess. I pity the people who have to support it.


June 24th, 11:38 pm

SONY take your time :)

ThaFlu84 said:

June 25th, 12:03 am

To Paul Sullivan, I’m sorry you and your staff have to deal with these spoiled idiots every week, who act like their lives depend on the PSN Store update. Thank you for being a professional and keeping a leveled head.

PrimeroIncognito said:

June 25th, 12:09 am

@ TJF588

Tiresome, to you, yes, I understand. You’re a rare breed, TJF588, and I recognize that your understanding of the world around you is clearly more advanced than most. You’re naturally seated above the masses (as I once was) so the power struggle doesn’t interest you. Therefore, my posts aren’t for you. And you definitely are a good presence here on the blog. I do enjoy reading your comments and I consider you to be one of our most thoughtful and intelligent posters on the blog.

But nah, I’m not “trying” anything, actually. I really am just fed up with all the incredibly ridiculous complaining (narcissism, selfishness) that persists on a daily basis, and not just here, but everywhere I go. I’m at the point where I literally have no patience left for the inane, even though I used to be one of the most patient people on the planet, at times zen-like in my ability to let the B.S. slide off my back. But, the onslaught of stupidity attacked me relentlessly, and I admit, I cracked. Everyone has their limit. Mine was exceeded. Let’s hope you never experience the same, because someone with a mind as advanced as yours would be incredibly dangerous should you be pushed to your breaking point…

PrimeroIncognito said:

June 25th, 12:10 am


My advice : AVOID HUMANS. As much as realistically possible. Many are toxic. You will eventually become infected if you do not remain keen to their deceitful ways and tendencies to self-destruct, attaching themselves to naive hosts as they are self-destructing to pull another down with them.

I fight against this fire with fire of my own because it is all I have left. It is all I can do. My patience has withered away, akin to decaying flower petals (not permanently, however). The parasites have affected me, yes, but I am not defeated. I’m much stronger than they ever could be, as the very nature of a parasite is absolute weakness. But you have to fight it, or else it will pull you down. Complacency is not an option when everything you stand for, and everything you believe in, is under attack. There’s nothing left to do except fight. To defend your honor, for the sake of your sanity, the very foundation of your life. This battle is much deeper than it appears on the surface.

PrimeroIncognito said:

June 25th, 12:11 am


What I’m telling you is from my life experience. I’m actually glad that you don’t understand, but believe me, what I’m doing is absolutely necessary. There’s no other option available to me at this time. I can’t just lay down and let the scum run amok, poisoning everything I care about. And this isn’t about video games. That’s only one small piece of who I am, and this blog is one tiny extension of that interest. I happen to be here right now.

I hope you never get to this point. It all boils down to forces, endlessly warring with each other, and I got sucked in. I used to be a spectator like you, but apparently I was called in to do battle and assist my side. Sometimes, “trying to be a good presence” just isn’t good enough. This is where I am now… hopefully, I’ll get a reprieve soon. I’d like that.

I hope you understand, even if only partially. That’s good enough for me.

JamitNTheGasBkt said:

June 25th, 2:30 am

People get something for free for so long (online multiplayer) and then cry their eyes out when the that one thing will require a PS+ account, which is less than $5/mo. Seriously, if you can’t afford that then I don’t know what to tell you. That’s one visit to your favorite fast food restaurant, at least. Besides, with PS+ you get access to a lot of games that you may not otherwise have played.

They are adding new features to PSN, adding servers etc, and to do this cost money. At least it isn’t like XBL where all you get is the ability to play online for $45-$60/yr.

Honestly, the network being down for maintenance for 7hrs is a first world problem. Watch a movie, go do something, play a sandbox game. It’s not the end of the world, or it shouldn’t be anyway.

Gamerzlimited said:

June 25th, 4:10 am

@151 Nothing to see here folks. Just another rotten brat who’s complaining about getting their weekly dose of PSN updates.

Like GMFCO311 and ThaFlu84 said, don’t even deal with these losers. It’s not worth it. Also, great advice PrimeroIncognito. I’ll keep that in mind and you guys should too.

DARK_VENOM_1989 said:

June 25th, 4:21 am

Why the heck are you guys wining about be thankful that the psn is free…… -_- bunch of winers its not like your going to die of if you wait more……..

Asylum-of-Mind said:

June 25th, 5:16 am

Is it possible that you could fix the bug of game sharing? I had a friend log on to my account to download a game that we could’ve played together. Is it even a bug or are you guys just cutting off game sharing completely. I understand Sony likes their money but Paul, please give me an answer.

Startyde said:

June 25th, 5:44 am

@ PrimeroIncognito

Hope you get this but thanks man, I appreciate the compliments.

But honestly, your pinball accomplishments are the true star here. I love Pinball Arcade over Zen, bugs and all, because the way Far Sight handles the tables are with care and love imo (well, except Black Knight on {PS3, haha)

But I understand my limits with the game of Pinball, and to me, getting the standard goals and top 5 score is victory unto itself. I’m only missing a few tables in that regard, Ripley being among them, so to see you have the Wizard set for it and many others, then truly man, you have my complete admiration. They are not easy, but always a joy to see.

You have great taste dude, truly.

hyper-shadow-0 said:

June 25th, 6:02 am

-shrugs shoulders- I can wait all day for the maintenance. Project X Zone for 3DS and Muramasa Rebirth for Vita can keep me occupied all day. Deadpool can wait.

DJPlace said:

June 25th, 6:59 am

store is updated now btw…

KruelAKK said:

June 25th, 7:00 am

Thanks for taking the time to notify us!

Despite what a ton of people are complaining about, myself (among others) appreciate the hard work the team puts into keeping us all online for now, and the future!

gasty1116 said:

June 25th, 8:20 am

I cant not access PSH since the last maintenance and I know lots of people is having the same issue as me. Wondering if sony is going to take care of this today?

DJPlace said:

June 25th, 9:56 am

well this is bull i thought connecting through the 24th and now will let me get on psn… so i turn off my system for a couple hours to let it cool and guess what? i can’t connect man you guys lie like rugs some times…

sanders_77 said:

June 25th, 11:38 am

You guys are ignorant, i mean complaining about makeing things better? really?
complaining about maintenence on an update day isnt going to make it go faster. all your doing is makeing a complete a** out of yourself. instead of complaing about it, either go play what you have, sell your system and get an xbox, or shut up. crap happens, go outside, go build something, do some chores, take your kids out, im sure there is something better for you to do then cry about this.

i work alot sometimes days sometimes nights, i get what i can and have fun either way, yea sometimes it sucks but, OMG my life isnt over because the maintenence is on an update day!!! even PC users do cry about this kind of stuff like i have seen on forums about consoles.

now Agentk28 has the right frame of mind about it, let them do thier jobs. all this whineing and crying about it leads me to believe most of the complaints are done by kids… grow up
ohhh and if that dont work call
1-800-Cry-More ask for the complaints department.

megatron1984 said:

June 25th, 12:28 pm


Most games you download off the psn can only be used by one account at a time. If your friends on the game and you log on to join him the psn will kick him out.


June 25th, 1:11 pm

it seems to still be down were i am :/

RawrimaEetYu said:

June 25th, 2:12 pm

I think it’s mildly ridiculous that people are raising such a ruckus about the update being performed at the same time as maintenance..
In fact, it helps CUT-DOWN the time the PSN is unavailable throughout the week. Yeah sure, it’s “inconvenient” if you wait all week for new content to hit the store, only to run into the maintenance schedule that makes it unavailable for a chunk of the day. Although -keep in mind- until the Store has finished the update…YOU CAN’T ACCESS THE NEW CONTENT ANYWAYS! Cool your jets, gamers.

I look forward to the PS4 requiring at least One active PlayStation Plus account per console – that way Sony will be able to actually make SOME money off of online play and therefore be able to provide and maintain much better gaming servers.
Maybe that thought will appeal to those of us that can actually APPRECIATE the fact that Sony has provided free-online-play over the last several years; even to those that complain over every slight “inconvenience.”

wavecommander said:

June 25th, 2:22 pm

I was one of the people affected by the last update I hope it does get fixed. thanks for trying. maintenance is something that has to be done. playstation plus is way better then xbox my only question is how is my system going to get a fix if it cant boot up fully???? is my hard drive trashed or at least going to lose all data to get fixed?????

Willie9091 said:

June 25th, 2:30 pm

is the maintenance running late?

RawrimaEetYu said:

June 25th, 2:44 pm


That’s a scheduled time of 5pm, Mountain Standard Time – If you live on the East Coast, your update will be complete by 7pm (your time) and if you’re on the East Coast, your update will be finished by 4pm (your time).

RawrimaEetYu said:

June 25th, 2:47 pm

(Last part of previous comment)
…And if you’re on the WEST Coast, your update will be finished by 4pm (your time).

Tidusxx said:

June 25th, 3:16 pm

Hey, I just want to know what is the maintance for? It’s no big deal that’s its down as long as you guys are fixing something.. I’d be very happy if you guys would do something (if possible) to speed the ps store up.. Also I find it funny that the day I want to go and reactivate my Plus membership that the store is down, lol..

Edzo04ps said:

June 25th, 4:03 pm

“Our teams worked hard over the weekend to ensure that this update can be released later tonight (night of June 24).” aaaand it wasnt released on time. i love how predictable and obvious that was. there was no chance in hell of it being released early. gave me a good laugh and a sigh of disappointment

SpyroDragon121 said:

June 25th, 5:47 pm

You know this is really really tiring. If it’s not going to be done on the exact time then why even make a damn deadline and broadcast it.

Better yet, why the hell is maintenance being done during the day time, you would think it would be done during the night, pay your workers to work night shift on maintenance days. It’s not hard to think of and solve.

I hate stupidity.

NorakD said:

June 25th, 6:29 pm

You know, I have to agree with Spyro. I mean, I don’t mind the updates, I can wait. I’m not one of these impatient type people. But seriously, posting a time frame that’s not even right. Just say, starting at such and such time, will be done in like 12 hours. Because realistically, it’s never done on time as posted. Then if it’s done ahead of schedule, even better, and you won’t have to worry about going over time. Provide a more realistic time frame, because 8 hours is never right, it’s always more like 10 or so at least. In this case, you posted it would be done at 5PM MT (which is my time zone) and it’s 7 freakin’ 30. Again, I’m normally a patient person, but that’s TWO AND A HALF HOURS OVER TIME. Not very reassuring. So seriously, again, post more realistic time frames.

IRA_RIOS said:

June 25th, 7:18 pm

Everybody logged in and happy now? Got your crack? Good.

IRA_RIOS said:

June 25th, 7:23 pm

Anybody wanna team up on Last of us? I’m sick of getting stuck with non-thinkers who don’t understand the pertinence of teamwork in this game.

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