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Jul 12

Jul 12

Killzone: Mercenary Closed Multiplayer Beta: Sign-Ups Now Live

Mark Green's Avatar Posted by Senior Producer, Guerrilla Cambridge

Killzone: Mercenary on PS Vita

Sign-ups for the Killzone: Mercenary closed beta start today! Enter here for a chance to be selected as one of the few participants in the exclusive multiplayer closed beta.

Candidates have until 2:00PM PDT on Wednesday, July 17th to sign up for the public’s first look at Mercenary’s impressive multiplayer package. If chosen to participate, you will receive an email with directions on how to get started.

Mercenary’s multiplayer suite will provide players with a diverse range of weapons, grenades, armor, and special VAN-Guard devices enabling the player to customize their multiplayer load-out slots. This customization supports the tactical element of the game; will you armor yourself up and go in like a tank, or take a more precise approach and assassinate enemies stealthily?

No matter your tactical approach, Mercenary’s multiplayer beta will give gamers an early look into the power and promise of PS Vita as the optimal handheld platform for first-person shooters.

Salivating yet? Sign up now before all slots are filled.

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Zionine said:

July 12th, 8:04 am


HomicidalKaos said:

July 12th, 8:06 am

Stoked!! I wonder if you can tell if people actually have Vitas before giving out codes?

Zionine said:

July 12th, 8:06 am

I have the Beta code and just signed up! Hope I get a spot guys! :D Really really lookin’ forward to dominating in this game.

Zionine said:

July 12th, 8:07 am

By Beta code, I mean the one we got from Playstation Home from the E3 Event..

GhostAce22 said:

July 12th, 8:08 am

Really excited for this game can’t wait!!!!!!

Tim81DE said:

July 12th, 8:09 am

Really excited for this. Haven’t had much reason to play my Vita lately.

Grey_Fox-47 said:

July 12th, 8:11 am

Really looking forward to this game :)

BlueMaximaC099 said:

July 12th, 8:13 am

Man I would love to get in on the closed beta

Michael_mm said:

July 12th, 8:13 am

Can I please have acess to Killzone Mercenary Beta

Thirty3Three said:

July 12th, 8:15 am

A few questions, if that’s alright :)

1) When can we expect the emails to go out?
2) Is it “first sign-up, first serve”?
3) Is this beta the same, exact one the Home users got?
4) Will this beta have “phases”, and only be open on certain weekend, like the Dust 514 one?
5) When does this beta start? Someone told me August-something? If so, does this mean, we can only redeem the code (if we get in) in August?

Zionine said:

July 12th, 8:17 am

When are the e-mails going to be sent out? I’ll be refreshing my inbox like an animal.
Plus, I couldn’t get my words out correctly the first time cause of the excitement… but what does having the BETA key from the Playstation Home E3 Event do? Is there a semi-closed beta at the end of August for all of the people that got that? Or is that actually an open beta with just limited slots and the beta code gives you an automatic spot?

Either way, definitely looking to get really into this game, Mark!

    Mark Green's Avatar

    Michael Pulst said:

    July 12th, 2:55 pm

    Hi there Zionine!

    Glad to hear you are excited about the beta, we’re just as excited as well!

    The Beta keys that were sent out from PlayStation Home will not work with this closed beta. In order to get in the closed beta be sure to sign up through the provided link in the blog post.

    As for the Beta keys provided by PlayStation Home, hold on to those. More details will be coming soon.

Zionine said:

July 12th, 8:17 am

Oh… ThirtyThree beat me to all the questions.. and in much better form..
-waves white flag-

ChimDeathmonkey said:

July 12th, 8:19 am

I had a Vita since launch. Can I has a key?

Fardeenah said:

July 12th, 8:20 am

looking forward for the beta

Thirty3Three said:

July 12th, 8:21 am

@Zionine, well, you know what they say, Super awesome and attractive people think alike! :]

Wait… they don’t say that? Well they should. ‘Cause we’re pretty great! Haha!

remanutd5 said:

July 12th, 8:23 am

This is exactly what psvita needs, more AAA titles, more betas, more demos, i think its time for the psvita to start flexing its muscles, Resistance Burning Skies needed a beta so we could’ve told the developers the online was broken way before its released and they should have probably done something about it with time. So how about Tearaway demo coming to ps plus soon?

Mobius2525 said:

July 12th, 8:23 am

just sign up

Yorkifyme said:

July 12th, 8:24 am

I can’t wait to get my killzone on with Mercs on my Vita and Shadowfall on my PS4…. this is a good year for Killzone :)

Zezzler said:

July 12th, 8:25 am

Killzone Mercs is easily my most anticipated Vita title of the year. Killzone Multiplayer has always been a step above other FPS games, and if I can be a part of making it the best that it can be, then I’ll be extremely happy!

asilentnoise said:

July 12th, 8:33 am

man, this would be amazing. looking forward to both killzone titles this year ! its my multiplayer game of choice !

materclobber said:

July 12th, 8:33 am

Is this the same beta that home users got for e3?? Please answer!!

nYcFrEeWiLL82 said:

July 12th, 8:35 am

@6..there are plenty of good games for the ps vita (uncharted,unit13,resistance,marvel vs capcom 3,playstation allstars, ext.)..problem is that they are pretty easy to beat and dont have a huge fanbase on multiplayer..i really wish they wouldve made unit 13 and uncharted online.. it wouldve gave the ps vita alot more life till it releases a new game. Im really looking forward to Killzone Mercenary because of the new story and online. I hope they soon release a GOD OF WAR, MOTORSTORM, GT, GTA or SAINTS ROW… REALLY SOON!!

FireArg said:

July 12th, 8:36 am

Hi, i was reading the requirements for being a Beta Tester, can anyone from SCEA comment on this one:

– own a computer, a PlayStation®2, a Memory Card (8 MB)(for PlayStation®2), a Network Adaptor (Ethernet/modem)(for PlayStation 2); –

Do i really have to own a PS2 and a Memory Card for the PS2 and the Network Adaptor for the PS2 to be a beta tester?

It was my believe that this was going to be a title for Vita hence, testing it on the vita.


OptimusC said:

July 12th, 8:36 am

I would love to be apart of this!!! I hope I can participate!!!!

materclobber said:

July 12th, 8:37 am

i noticed everyone is a plus member o.0

remanutd5 said:

July 12th, 8:41 am

@22 a proper Motorstorm must come to the vita ASAP with up to 8 players wheel to wheel online multiplayer brutal off road races, a full fledge Ratchet and Clank adventure must come as well, God of War , GT, inFAMOUS, they need to bring back Heavenly Sword and MediEvil and i think the psvita would be the perfect platform to do it.

Thirty3Three said:

July 12th, 8:42 am


Well, sir, with the PS4’s requirement for plus-for-online (Not saying it’s a bad thing! I love plus Sony, and it’s totes worth it!), I can’t say I’m surprised :P

Tjoeb123 said:

July 12th, 8:50 am

What if we have the codes (vouchers) from the PS Home E3 event? Can we use those without having to sign up through that form?

Tankmen404 said:

July 12th, 8:51 am

omg i cant wait! i hope i get one.

Thirty3Three said:

July 12th, 8:51 am


you’re correct. You have the code, you’re in.

Zacky-V-A7X said:

July 12th, 8:52 am

Signed up! hope i get in, it’s my most anticipated vita’s title!

WHITE_PR said:

July 12th, 8:52 am

My VITA is ready and waiting for that e-mail.

BlueBl1zzard said:

July 12th, 8:53 am

Um yes I’m definitely salivating! I hope I get in!

and I agree with both nYcFrEeWiLL82 and remanutd5, uncharted and unit 13 online competitive multiplayer would have been great. And I definitely hope we see a GTA and motorstorm for vita.

cloud73 said:

July 12th, 8:56 am

I am a huge Killzone fan. Plan on getting Vita and PS4 Killzone games. I hope I get in the beta.

UnrealButcher said:

July 12th, 9:00 am

Ha ha, I was looking at the Wednesday July 17th date thinking, “That’s not right, today is the Monday the 12th.” Had to look at a calendar. Darn Wife had yesterday off so made me think it was Monday. lol.

Signed up. Here’s to hoping I can get in on it. Can’t believe it’s almost here. Plenty to keep me busy until PS4 arrives.

Anyone know if PS4’s Killzone Shadow Fall will support split screen of any sort?

Sorry to post this here, but I’m trying to justify buying extra controllers for PS4 and so far (not wanting sports games) I only have Diablo 3 as a reason. So if Killzone Shadow Fall supports split screen that would be another game that would make it worth buying extra controllers. Thanks.

If I can’t find reasons to buy controllers for my sons, then I might as well buy the Xbox 360 version of Diablo 3, since we already have more than 4 controllers for it. Would rather get it on PS4 though, since I can play it also on my Vita via remote play.

Sorry again for being so far off-topic, but I figure there are probably some people here that have played a lot of Killzone. Thanks again.

yapyap898 said:

July 12th, 9:00 am

Count me in! Hope to see what the closed beta shows.

My Vita is ready!!

Zionine said:

July 12th, 9:01 am

about your comment to Tjoeb123, where is that confirmed? :o

I have the beta code from E3, but it looks like this is an even earlier event.. (I mean, considering that today is July 12th and the code said, when we got it, it would be active August 21, 2013..

I really hope they either typo’d or they moved that up! :) I’ll gladly play a beta and complain about quirks and such… and help make the game better. :)

Thirty3Three said:

July 12th, 9:04 am


No prob, dude. I mean, the code itself, will be readily available, and the code you received will work for the beta, which holds (VERY LIKELY) the same content. Also, the KZM beta listed here is “closed” beta, so I’m assuming it’s for the beta that people already have codes to! :]

I can’t exactly see them opening 2 different betas :P – All Vita betas so far have been one big beta, with multiple waves of codes! (Like, LBP’s! They sent out codes, then like, a month later, they did it again! Same beta :] )

No worries man! And even if this beta were a different one, you’d still be in one of the betas, seeing as you have a code, already! :) I have no reason to see why it wouldn’t be the same beta – that wouldn’t exactly make sense :P

Thirty3Three said:

July 12th, 9:05 am


There’s nothing indicating this is an earlier event, and I can’t see why they’d have two separate betas available. We’re almost through July anyway, and, no date was listed here, so it’s pretty safe to assume the betas are on-in-the-same :)

CoolNumber9 said:

July 12th, 9:07 am

Signed up, hope I get in!

Antil000 said:

July 12th, 9:08 am

im so excited for thiss gamee wooooooh:P:P

Zionine said:

July 12th, 9:08 am

I’ve really only been involved in a couple betas: RoseOn, Maplestory, FFXIV ARR..

Waves of openings makes sense. I’m really hoping that there’s a really early wave, and it sure looks like it. :)

If LBP did that.. it would make sense.. That game turned out great! So, the model should be the same.

akisuo said:

July 12th, 9:09 am

Done and done! Very excited for this game! =)

Squiggle55 said:

July 12th, 9:09 am

Really hope to try out this multiplayer I’m sure it’s going to be an awesome experience on Vita.

Thirty3Three said:

July 12th, 9:10 am

@Zionine – I was in the MapleStory beta too! It’s really sad to say, but I still play to this day haha! Hero Class ftw :]

And yessir! LBP did do that! I really hope this is an earlier wave though! That’d be very nice! :]

mhn5 said:

July 12th, 9:10 am

I have a question. I already got my Killzone Merc beta code via playstation homes E3 event.

Do I have to sign up again,or do I just wait until the Beta starts and then enter my code in? Should I enter it in later on today?

Zionine said:

July 12th, 9:11 am

Nice! I’m in Broa as a 16x Bowmaster.

Zionine said:

July 12th, 9:12 am

There’s really no MMO like it.. despite all the hate it gets. The updates have made it worse and worse.. but ah well. I still remember the days of hating Hermits and Assassin’s at Coolies….

Thirty3Three said:

July 12th, 9:16 am


I was IN Broa when I started! I had an Ice/Lightning mage :P

And that’s awesome dude! Bowmasters, and all the once-awesome explorer classes went downhill after the new, overpower’d, noob-friendly classes came in (Kaiser, Angelic Burster, Mercedes, Demon Slayer, Xenon, Zero, etc.). But I still play my hero. (I’m on Windia now though) because it makes me feel… unique, and determined, as I’m, in a way, playing a “hard” character haha! (Really not that hard, but with all the noob-friendly, OP classes released, there’s that pretty huge gap :P)

BusyManDan said:

July 12th, 9:17 am

I have enlisted sir! Weapon locked and loaded. Waiting orders! Man can’t wait to play this game. This is the reason I own a Vita!!!

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