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Jul 22

Jul 22

PlayStation Plus: Metal Slug XX Brings 2D Carnage to Instant Game Collection

Morgan Haro's Avatar Posted by Community Manager, PlayStation Digital Platforms

This week, we’re building the Instant Game Collection with the 2D action of Metal Slug: XX! You can download this arcade classic free as a PS Plus member starting with tomorrow’s PlayStation Store update.

This is also the first week release of PlayStation Store’s PLAY, as the first of the 4 diverse games hitting this week with Stealth Inc: A Clone in the Dark. Today is the last day you can preorder the title with a 20% PS Plus discount, however, you’ll still be able to preorder the other 3 titles (Cloudberry Kingdom, Ibb & Obb, and Duck Tales Remastered) up to their weekly release dates. Find out more about PLAY along with the titles, special reward bonuses, and more in the announcement post on PlayStation.Blog. Or just watch the cool video below!

PlayStation Plus - 1-year MembershipPlayStation Plus - 3-month Membership

Metal Slug XX (PSP, PS Vita Compatible)

PSN Price: $19.99, Free for PS Plus members

Metal Slug XX
After General Morden is defeated and captured, a mysterious army arrives from the future to save him. They reveal themselves to be Morden’s Army from the future, and their goal is to provide their future leader with special advanced weaponry to take on his enemies in the present. Classic characters Marco, Tarma, Fio, Eri, Ralf, and Clark return once again to take on General Morden and his new and improved Rebel Army.
Thomas Was Alone: Benjamin’s Flight (Cross-Buy)

30% Discount for PS Plus members (PSN Price: $2.49; PS Plus Price: $1.74)

Thomas Was Alone
In this Thomas Was Alone level pack, discover the tale of young Benjamin, who goes in search of the Fountain of Wisdom aided by his father’s incredible invention. Benjamin meets a new companion and a familiar face in this story, which takes place in the events leading up to Thomas’s emergence.

Last Chance (Leaving on 7/30)

Instant Game Collection
Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward

Draw Slasher
Carnival Island
Cloudberry Kingdom Preorder

You’ll find all the content detailed above with their Plus benefits active when the PlayStation Store updates tomorrow. We’ll be back next week with more details on the game arriving to the Instant Game Collection as well as any other benefits we can share.

If you’ve got feedback or thoughts on today’s Plus update, leave them below, or, if you’re looking to engage with more of the PS community, make sure you head over to the PlayStation Community to discuss this week’s news, find other topics to contribute your thoughts to, or start one for yourself. See you in the comments!

PlayStation Plus Update 7-23-2013

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warcat666 said:

July 23rd, 1:07 pm

PrimeroIncognito on July 22nd, 2013 at 4:15 pm said:
You spend WAYYYYYYYYYY to much time reading these posts. I hope you work for the PSN Blog. If not you need to go get a girlfriend.

GioRage said:

July 23rd, 1:27 pm

I am having a blast with this summer sale and all of the other discounts and games. I purchased Lego Pirates of the Caribbean a few weeks back and Platinum’d it already. Need more Lego fun. I want to wait until Lego Lord of the Rings goes on sale but I don’t know if I can wait that long! Besides it’s a decent price as it is. Grabbing Sorcery today. Charging up my Move controllers. Thanx Sony. Good stuff. Great games. Great fun. Great prices. Your ad says “Greatness awaits”, I say, It’s already here! Hello…PlayStation Plus!

brawlbull said:

July 23rd, 2:39 pm

Sup Morgan

I have been aching for some games to either go on sale or arrive in da IGC. The most wanted game is, u guessed it, Need for Speed Most Wanted. Seeing as EA, gasp, actually lowered the price of both versions maybe it wouldn’t be off the table. That and I dearly regret not pulling the trigger on Guacamelee, GIVE ME A SECOND CHANCE. Another prime candidate is Little Kings Story.

I don’t mind psp games, but give us the Holy Grail of what da PSP was known for, JRPGs. Off da top I wouldn’t mind seeing Tactics Ogre: let us Cling Together on der.

Thanks 4 all ur hard werk.


July 23rd, 2:44 pm

UNBELIEVBLE (don’t care if I spelled it wrong), c’mon guys, can you please stop whining, the games you want on ps plus are way to hard to be on ps+, you cant expect every vita game to be free, then it wouldnt even be worthing having ps plus for sony, GOD, Ps plus is already so great to us so stop BEING GREEDY!

Phedran said:

July 23rd, 3:27 pm

Will PS+ users get a chance to preorder Cloudberry Kingdom for Vita at a similar discount when it gets listed? Really want it for Vita, but unable to preorder it yet.

Also, any chance of N+ getting ported to Vita?

derb said:

July 23rd, 5:46 pm

I assure you Morgan does read all comments when he has enough time to do so.

The blog wants all of our feedback, wether it be positive or negative. It’s what makes the PS community what it is today.

As for the earlier comment made about giving PS+ members “movie rewards” I am all for it if possible. After all the system is dynamic & not limited to one form of entertainment.

cpuking2007 said:

July 23rd, 6:18 pm

wile i appreciate any free game, and i dont mind psp games on the vita. two id love are the two god of war games.

dave05driver said:

July 23rd, 9:47 pm

ho nice metal slug, es un clasico, pero lo que espero con ancia es dragons crown para ps vita

onard00 said:

July 23rd, 10:35 pm

I really hope we get some good PS1 and PS2 RPG and Adventure games on PS Plus.
That would be really nice.

*Legend of Dragoon anyone?!* ^^

Gamerzlimited said:

July 24th, 12:05 am

@215 Why don’t you? I bet your one of those idiots PrimeroIncognito was talking about. I own both a PS3 and a PSP. Even if I do get a Vita, I wouldn’t mind still getting PSP games as there is more of a library for them and I’m pretty sure a lot of people say the same thing. So what happens if I own neither a PS3 or Vita? How am I suppose to enjoy PS+ if I only own a PSP? Your argument is void!

And I wouldn’t mind that at all. It isn’t insulting and maybe your just too poor to own a PS3.

BiOHAZARD-901- said:

July 24th, 2:09 am

Wow what a great game to release for the vita for free. Is there any chance of Midway Arcade Treasures extend being made compatible for vita? I would love to play the Mortal Kombat games on there. I wish MK collection was on the vita :(

DoutorPierre said:

July 24th, 5:01 am

Psp games are ok but keep the vita coming!

jinxedblz said:

July 24th, 5:32 am

Wow, another psp game? Guess you think we bought Vita’s to play psp games… Well at least I got Gravity Rush and Uncharted from PS Plus, no reason to get a second year of PS Plus with such horrible IGC updates (too bad I missed Ninja Gaiden). Thanks Sony US for disappointing me every month..

hardrockerguy said:

July 24th, 7:10 am

I would love to see an Ea Sports game get added in the free games for playstation plus subscribers.

ProfessorOhki said:

July 24th, 1:21 pm

@254 I wouldn’t expect all Vita games to be free, but the problem here is that continuous PSP releases sends the message that there’s so few Vita games, that they need the money from all the sales they can get. It might be a bit of a chicken and egg problem: more Vita games on PS+ might translate into more interest in Vita hardware, which would mean more dev interest. Then again, I wouldn’t expect much for a while. The Vita will idle until the PS4 launch, then they’ll try to use the remote-play integration to re-launch the Vita.

It’s just disheartening to see a great piece of hardware get treated like it’s just an incremental upgrade of an old device.

adidasking421 said:

July 24th, 3:28 pm

@ Morgan , (this is probably a stupid question lol) Will I have to re-download all of my Playstation Plus games when my PS4 comes in? or will they somehow automatically load once we sign in with our PSN account? I have the 1st Gen PS3 with a huge HDD and a TON of Plus games downloaded, so just curious lol. Thanks!

NintendudeX92 said:

July 24th, 5:19 pm

Metal slug is fun, guys.. With that said as someone who only has a vita, I can’t expect as much as the ps3 because of the relatively sparse library. I am satisfied with one good title a month. Zero escape was fun!

JeanLucAwesome said:

July 24th, 5:29 pm

Good update, gotta love Metal Slug. Pretty much everything SNK makes it pure gold.

On that note Metal Slug 8 needs to happen!!!

DJPlace said:

July 24th, 11:20 pm

Morgan i recall buying some psp DLC for metal slug XX it’s the leona person DLC however it will not let me download her on my vita… is there going a fix for that i’m kinda mad about that… i mean i paid a buck to play has her but i can only play has her on my psp?

DJPlace said:

July 24th, 11:37 pm

Morgan alot of people are asking for the why the Leona DLC is not working for vita? i would like to know why we can’t download it has well please answer us.

darkmat5 said:

July 25th, 6:12 am

When can we expect more ps vita titles in the ps plus, is already time to change the three titles that are here since the launch of the service in my opinion.

Machi_Mavz said:

July 25th, 8:34 am

i hope they are releasing catherine and heavy rain for ps+ :D

amigaice2 said:

July 25th, 11:28 am

Sweet, more PSP games Thanks. Don’t listen to the whiner Morgan there are far more PSP owners the Vita owners. I’m not buying one until it gets revamped (Get rid of those Memory Cards). I might buy the PSP Go thought since we get so many PSP games. Love Plus, but can we get the Upcoming game announcement before half way through the first week?

JuniorFreakinHD said:

July 25th, 4:11 pm

When in the world are you guys going to give a call of duty game for Ps Plus, i had never seen one

bequia88 said:

July 25th, 8:25 pm

just joined and hoping to experienced ps plus

kyletrapa said:

July 25th, 11:10 pm

Honestly a week based primarily around DLC sounds fantastic? A few cheap PS3 games for free (maybe you could bring back the original Borderlands, I already have it, but it’d be nice to see a boost of online players!) and then the DLC could be on sale. It would certainly increase sales of that DLC and promote the game. I’m honestly waiting for the Borderlands 2 character packs to go on sale like it did for PC and XBOX gamers. I paid for the season pass, but I’m not giving up another 20 for two characters. That’s the same price as three months of PS+. Is there any news as to what the next PS3 title is gonna be up for grabs? (I don’t have a vita, so I’m missing out sadly).

kezins said:

July 25th, 11:53 pm

I’ll be honest..I’d like to see less PS+ concentration on Vita compatible content and more PS3 content. Considering the largest Vita card is only 32GB and expensive, you can’t build up much of a collection without running out if space.

bht_bryan said:

July 26th, 12:28 pm

Waiting for a racing game to hit the IGC…

jdayrit07 said:

July 26th, 1:42 pm

damn :( worst update for me..i know some people like it..but can we get a REAL VITA GAME ?! EU PS PLUS is better and they give a REAL PS VITA GAME..can we GET a VITA LOVE next MONTH ? ohh come on that’s why i get PS PLUS just to experience it and it getting WORSE !

phernandez12 said:

July 26th, 1:59 pm

i wish they would put better games in there :( but metal slug isn’t bad but id prefer better games

jdayrit07 said:

July 26th, 5:00 pm

I just visit EU PS PLUS IGC..i almost scream and stabbed myself in the back of our house..i will be honest they have a better games and collections…CAN WE DO THAT TOO PLEEEEASE ?!

unnoticedhero1 said:

July 26th, 6:56 pm

I actually like getting PSP games, they’re pretty good, and I think it’s good since we’re getting so many good PS3 games, that we might actually have money to buy Vita games. That being said, I’d like to hopefully see any of the persona games released on PS+.

Zappa_GGBR said:

July 28th, 5:53 am

I bought the Leona Character DLC for Metal Slug XX on PS Store website but I can not download it on PS Vita. Why? The site says that the DLC works on PS Vita and PSP. I want my money back. ¬ ¬

abuelo89 said:

July 28th, 6:43 pm

Are we going to have similar discounts and free games as the one’s in th uk? They got catherine that i will love to play and okami. Also they are receiving on August Need for speed most wanted and i love, so it would be really awesome to receive it.

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