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Aug 05

Aug 05

PS Plus August Preview: Hitman: Absolution Free for Members Tomorrow

Morgan Haro's Avatar Posted by Community Manager, PlayStation Digital Platforms

Video games. You play them, otherwise, something tells me you wouldn’t be here. Since you’re here, you’re probably wondering what new games are going to be coming to PlayStation Plus as part of the Instant Game Collection in August. Well wonder no more, as we’re about to detail this month’s line up of games that are coming free to PS Plus members!

Hitman: Absolution brought a fine return to form for Agent 47 last year and now, this highly acclaimed title will be leading the way this month, supported by other fantastic titles like Bit.Trip Runner2, and plenty more!

In addition to the month outlook, you’ll also want to dig into the other PS Plus benefits this week. Sales on a ton of Rayman games, EscapeVektor, and more await, so read on, then let us know your thoughts in the comments.

PlayStation Plus - 1-year MembershipPlayStation Plus - 3-month Membership

August Preview

The following games are slated to be free to PS Plus members through the Instant Game Collection in the month of August.

Hitman Absolution (PS3)

Regular Price: $19.99, Free for PS Plus members

Hitman Absolution

Hitman Absolution offers freedom of choice, unique disguise gameplay and the innovative Contracts mode that lets you create your own hits by choosing the level, targets, weapons and the rules of assassination. In Contracts mode, you play to create, which means that no contract is impossible and that you are in control of how the contract is shaped. Contracts can be shared with friends or the whole Hitman community and the money that you earn will unlock weapons, upgrades and more disguises. This digital version includes the following:

  • Deus Ex Disguise DLC for use in Contracts Mode.
  • Deux Ex ‘Zenith’ Handgun DLC for use in Contracts Mode.
  • Discount on the digital version of Sleeping Dogs.
Bit.Trip Presents Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien (PS3)

Regular Price: $14.99, Free for PS Plus members

Runner 2
Runner2 is a rhythm-music, auto-running platformer. Players will run through fantastic environments, using brand new moves, to amazing new soundtracks as they run, jump, slide, kick, and soar toward the goal of tracking down the Nefarious Timbletot who has un-fused CommanderVideo’s reality. Runner2 features 5 exciting worlds, 125 tantalizing levels and 5 death defying BOSS battles! Play as 8 different characters and find secret areas to unlock new and zany costumes!
Zen Pinball 2: Star Wars Pinball (PS3 – PS Vita Cross Buy)

Regular Price: $9.99, Free for PS Plus members

Star Wars Pinball
A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…. Star Wars Pinball lets you relive the greatest moments of the Star Wars universe on a set of brand new pinball tables! In Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back lead the Rebellion with Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Chewbacca, Princess Leia, Lando Calrissian, R2-D2, and C-3PO to defeat Darth Vader and the evil Emperor. In The Clone Wars, join Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano as they battle the most dangerous Sith assassins in the galaxy. On the Boba Fett table, the player takes on the role of the most feared bounty hunter in the Star Wars galaxy, working for sinister clients such as Darth Vader and Jabba the Hutt.
Darkstalkers Chronicle: The Chaos Tower (PSP, Compatible with PS Vita)

Regular Price: $9.99, Free for PS Plus members

Darkstalkers Chronicle
The secret power of the dark is unleashed! Fight head-to-head in a fierce and brutal battle for supremacy! Darkstalkers sets the standard for monster fantasy fighters. This fan favorite features vivid animations and unbeatable fighting combinations. This fighting phenomenon is updated, redesigned, and ready for a comeback.
Machinarium (PS Vita)

Regular Price: $6.99, Free for PS Plus members

The famous point-and-click adventure is now free for PS Vita PS Plus members. Winner of several awards including IGF – Excellence in Visual Art Award, DICE Awards Finalist, and Gamasutra – Best Indie Game Of The Year.

Leaving PS Plus In August

Entering PS Plus in August (in no particular order)

Remember, check back every Monday to learn when Zen Pinball 2: Star Wars Pinball (PS3), Bit.Trip Presents Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien (PS3), Machinarium (PS Vita), and Darkstalkers Chronicle: The Chaos Tower (PS Vita, Compatible with PS Vita) is arriving to PS Plus members. You’ll also find more discounts and other exclusives that we weren’t able to detail here just yet. Remember the month preview is subject to change.

August 6th PlayStation Plus Update

PlayStation Plus Update 8-6-2013

Hitman Absolution (PS3)

Regular Price: $19.99, Free for PS Plus members

Hitman Absolution

Hitman Absolution offers freedom of choice, unique disguise gameplay and the innovative Contracts mode that lets you create your own hits by choosing the level, targets, weapons and the rules of assassination. In Contracts mode, you play to create, which means that no contract is impossible and that you are in control of how the contract is shaped. Contracts can be shared with friends or the whole Hitman community and the money that you earn will unlock weapons, upgrades and more disguises. This digital version includes the following:

  • Deus Ex Disguise DLC for use in Contracts Mode.
  • Deux Ex ‘Zenith’ Handgun DLC for use in Contracts Mode.
  • Discount on the digital version of Sleeping Dogs.

Regular Price: $9.99, PSN Sale Price: $4.99, PS Plus Price: $3.99

Escape Vektor
Vektor has been trapped inside the CPU for what feels like an eternity and you are his only hope of escape. As he travels through the CPU, help him recover his memories and destroy the different enemy types sent to hunt him. But be careful, the further Vektor gets, the more devious the CPU becomes!
Wicked Monsters Blast! HD

Regular Price: $9.99, PSN Sale Price: $4.99, PS Plus Price: $1.00

Wicked Monster Blast HD
20 action-packed missions each with their own unique theme. Keep your students awake in Lazy Brain Attack, keep the hippos hungry in No Mercy for Hippos, and defeat Colonel Eureka in Desert Striker and many more!
Superfrog HD (PS3 and PS Vita Cross Buy)

Regular Price: $9.99, PS Plus Price: $7.99

Superfrog HD
Superfrog HD is the classic side-scrolling, 2D platformer developed by Team17. Launching originally in 1993 to much critical acclaim, Superfrog has now been re-imagined for PlayStation 3 and PS Vita. Superfrog HD features: 24 levels with enhanced HD graphics, a Level Editor and a new endless runner mode.
Rayman Sale

Various Discounts (PS3 and PS Vita)

Rayman Origins
Check out the following discounts to see if the Rayman title you might have missed is on sale!


Game Title Normal Price Sale Price PS Plus Price
Rayman Origins $19.99 $9.99 $5.00
Rayman 3 HD $9.99 $4.99 $2.50
Rayman Origins PS Vita $26.99 $13.49 $6.75
Rayman Arena $9.99 $4.99 $2.50
Rayman 2 Revolution $9.99 $4.99 $2.50
Rayman 2: The Great Escape $5.99 $2.99 $1.50
Rayman $5.99 $2.99 $1.50

Thanks for reading this week’s update along with the month outlook. Got more questions on Plus? Leave your comments below, or, if you’re looking to engage with more of the PS community, make sure you head over to the PlayStation Community Forums to discuss this week’s news more, find other topics to contribute your thoughts to, or start one for yourself. See you in the comments!

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ThatOneTenorKid said:

August 6th, 2:49 pm

Hey guys!

Long time PS Plus owner. I’ve had it since the first month it started. Anyways, that being said, with my 1 TB Hard drive and every game downloaded onto it, theres a lot of clutter in my files under ‘game’. Is there possibly an update you guys can do to help organize it a little better? Organize it alphabetically maybe? Or manually even.

Thank you!!

teufelhunden0311 said:

August 6th, 3:03 pm

i really need to get a bigger hard drive lol

Hassan1011 said:

August 6th, 3:43 pm

are their chances of disgaea 3 being on playstation plus again i heard it was on before but i was not able to get it before just joined recently

adrianvon said:

August 6th, 3:55 pm

@teufel – you can totally swap out your HD for a bigger one if that’s what you really wanted to do. It’s not a ton of work.

adrianvon said:

August 6th, 3:57 pm

oh, anyone else who buys dragon’s crown and wants someone who’ll play for a few hours straight with em, and has a headset for communication – add me. I just got it, but I’m eating some linner right now cuz mah fat azz got hungries :D Mm. pizza. Leftover cold pizza w/garlic butter.

:D GET DRAGON’S CROWN. PS+ Might suck this month, but we can still BUY the good games. :D

Stigmata-Sensei said:

August 6th, 4:29 pm

lol Such a poor update, thank god i switched to EU PLUS, US sucks!!!!!
“Nothing in this world is harder than speaking the truth, nothing easier than flattery.”
Been a Sony Fan since like day one, i still have all my other consoles/games and i have 27 video game console and PS1/PS2 /PSP/PS3 were always my all-time favorite, why i’m saying this? Because i care too much for Sony to lie and Kissass, i want them to get better. i don’t care about flirting with our Blog’s staff , i care more about honesty.
I moved around the world a lot and for some reason (long story) i ended up in the Middle east, for work and other stuff, anyway i live in a place where Hacked PS3’s are legal, and you can easily buy any new PS3 game for $2 to $4 tops, but never did it, i get my ‘Original’ PS3 games for $120 to $200 each, and i’m not rich either. i do it simply because i want to support my favorite Company/Dev’s. and that’s not gonna ever change.

so if you do really care about Sony, stop this fake asskissing and be honest for once, flirt here and curse them on IGN/Gamespot/Youtube later.

Hassan1011 said:

August 6th, 4:35 pm

I would prefer a ps vita title rather than psp one because most people that have vita owned a psp before and we baught the vita for vita games not a psp game and is it possible to have new little king story next month it sounds like a very good game.still very dissapointed with the lineup this month

MrMarvelCom15 said:

August 6th, 4:41 pm

I was kinda hoping we would get Need For Speed Most Wanted too but i’ve been wanting to try Hitman for a while. Can’t wait for Drarkstalkers!

saab01 said:

August 6th, 4:45 pm

I like Hitman Joining the IGC but the whole huge download file size is a killer. Most likely I will just download it beat the game than delete it. I wish we could only get games under 9 GB. The other two games are alright I already have Star wars pinball pack on my 360 so its just useful on my PS3 for trophy collecting but it is a good fun game. Bit Runner looks decent I might check it out or try to see a demo first to see if I would like it.

Next month hopefully we can see Catherine it would be a great add on to the IGC.

superfunstudio said:

August 6th, 4:59 pm

Yeaaaah! #810!

I think I played darkstalkers ten years ago and it made me want to quit gaming on account of terrible.
That aside, what’s with Machinarium again? Isn’t that the same game from last month?

Please no more PSP games for Vita. I thought Sony did away with backwards compat… *oh wait* *free money*.


JROD0823 said:

August 6th, 5:22 pm

Nice Plus update guys, looking forward to playing all of the titles this month.

Keep up the great work! :)

YoungSpade141 said:

August 6th, 5:32 pm


Drakor180 said:

August 6th, 7:06 pm

I really don’t mind the PSP games for Vita, because there are a lot of PSP games that I’ve really enjoyed, and it’s nice for other people to get to experience them. I just wish we didn’t get so many fighting games… Personally I’m not a fan of the genre, but I don’t mind when there’s one or two in a row. I just would like to get an RPG or platformer once in a while, too… But I also wanna thank you guys, because I’ve been introduced to new games that I never thought about playing until I got them from Plus! I never looked into Sleeping Dogs, for example, but when it was free I decided, “Why not?”, and it’s actually one of my favorite free roam games now! So thank you guys!

luzivanstark said:

August 6th, 7:39 pm

I was looking forward to this month.

Gwyld said:

August 6th, 8:53 pm

Why does Europe always get the best PS+ downloads ? This is the second month in a row that I don’t receive any benefit from PS+, as I already had Hitman and BF3, and Machinarium was like a month and a half ago, nothing new.

SmooveLai said:

August 6th, 9:11 pm

Couple request if possible 1 or all ! =]

NFS- Most Wanted
Final Fantasy Sale- all classics y not !?
xcom bureau trial after release for those who dont pre-order or buy first day
2k13, madden 13, ncaa 13 fifa 13 all free for ps plus

just some suggestions i know you guys are working hard to please everyone

My real big request which i think is essential for PS Plus members is to give us variety with our ps3 and ps vita free games not everyone likes shooters even though they are most popular amongst this console generation maybe give us 2-3 big name games from 2-3 different genres to satisfy everyone

for example this months EU update had NFS, Mafia 2, and spec ops….Racing,Sandbox Crime, and tactical shooter that’s great variety for people who are on the fence about joining ps plus which i personally think everyone should be apart of

Thanks for reading !

kmetek said:

August 6th, 10:08 pm

Why can’t i give back my PS+ sub?

LXL_Guy said:

August 6th, 10:09 pm

This is the most disappointing plus month yet.

Rpm2878 said:

August 7th, 12:17 am

“No fair Pwaystation! Me no get what me want! Why Youwop get betto games, me gointa pwetend me Niejo Snodgwass fwom Wivverpoo so I get betto games to”
That’s identity theft
“What identity feef, me make up Niejo me no steel cwedit card”
That just makes you a bad identity thief

To whom, at Playstation, it may concern,
Please consider blocking PSN accounts which never login from IP addresses from which they are registered.
These people seem so far removed from reality that I’m afraid they don’t realize that they are talking about committing crimes.

To those of you whining, North America and Europe are different markets. You should look into some of those differences. Asking for games is fine. Saying “Europe got game X and I would like it,” is fine. Saying “I’d prefer more variety” (ie. too many fighting games and still no RPGs), is fine. “If you’re going to give us the same game twice but on different platforms, it should be cross-buy or at least several months apart,” also fine. “Whaaa Europe got games XYZ this month and we get spit on,” is just stupid. Everybody gets more than they paid for, period. If you want to pick and choose, buy or rent. It IS that simple.

Rpm2878 said:

August 7th, 12:56 am

At least until you want to play online with a PS4. It still doesn’t matter, the competition is more expensive and mostly provides online play.

My personal whiny list is
1. Variety appreciated, we really shouldn’t see two pinball games at once, not to mention the fighter frenzy
2. I’d also like to second the requests for Catherine, Okami HD and Beyond Good and Evil HD (HD remakes are good but only if the original was good, Jet Set Radio was hard to control when it came out and the “remake” didn’t fix that)
3. I was half expecting to see Tales of Graces f, as it would sate the RPG thirst and Xillia just came out. Though it would have made more sense last month ;)

I do not regret getting PS+ at all and only feel semi hypocritical for this post. My last post was mostly directed at people who sling insults at the blog staff and “threaten” to switch to the same service for a different region.

xAnubiSxcL said:

August 7th, 12:57 am

Next month nfs mw plis or dmc xd

Aramisamour said:

August 7th, 2:11 am

Unit 13 for the PS Vita!!!! Europe has it,and although I have an account there, I can’t play those free ps plus games like Unit 13 or Lego Lord of the Rings for vita as well. C;mon guys, tell me they’ll be coming to the U.S. shop…pretty please :)

hazelcabug said:

August 7th, 2:44 am

To those who don’t want to see complain then make your own blog where only you can post. If you own only a vita like me or anyone who only own a vita, having only dokuro last month and machinarium this month is not even worthy to have a psn plus since it was on sale before, that makes it a HUGE SLAP to ps vita owners. Metal slug and dark stalker are both the oldest game to psp which are not even worth putting to my 100$ vita card.

thelookey6 said:

August 7th, 4:55 am

if you have a ps3 also then download the games to your ps3 and use remote play.
that should work for you as long as the account that bought the content is the same account that you register your vita with during the remote play setup. so if you read my post try that and post back and let me no if that worked for you or let me no if you do not understand my bad grammar

tyghklmo56 said:

August 7th, 5:15 am

I’m not being allowed to dowload the game, is there a reason for this?

thelookey6 said:

August 7th, 5:22 am

what happens when you try to download it?
first power off your modem and router, then plug your modem up 1st and let all the lights become solid and then plug your router back up and let all those lights become solid and power your ps3 back on and try to download the game again.

SteelCurtain3704 said:

August 7th, 5:27 am

@RPM2878 AMEN! My ps+ is still paid for just because of June 2012 free games over $300 is free games, come on ppl ur getting free stuff and u still whine about it bc it may not be what is at the top of ur list? There’s how many games out for the ps3? To many to count and u want them to pick 1 that’s on ur list? What makes u so special? If u don’t like it go buy a X-box and plz stop commenting on here and complaining bc u can’t get ur way, the fact we got a game that was released in 2013 is great enough, hitman is a great choice, take what u get especially if its free, don’t like it? Don’t subscribe and use ur $ to buy the games u want. Nuff said…. Morgan and all other SCE ppl thanks for the titles and looking forward to September w.e u decide to put out ill take it, I’m a simple guy, ask my wife don’t take much to make me happy and the fact you offer this is great enough for me! Happy PS+ owner since 2011 and paid up til 2015!

Anyone up for BO2 Zombies HMU SteelCurtain3704 if u can’t add me send me a msg n ill delete ppl, some of the whiners on my list can go just like the whiners on here!

luisfelipelfc said:

August 7th, 5:32 am

hitmannnnnn awessssooommmeeee!!!!

thelookey6 said:

August 7th, 5:36 am

do you know what free means?
if it was free stuff as you call it, then why do u have to have that huge + logo by your avatar? ask yourself how did you get the + logo ? the answer is you paid $50 and if $50 means free then we live in a twisted world.
btw google free and get the definition

thelookey6 said:

August 7th, 5:39 am

ps + is a paid service so people have the right to complain or leave positive feed back and all we can do is read there post and laugh or correct them if they have error or false information in there post.

SilentNova said:

August 7th, 6:47 am

Not my favorite Plus month ever, but first time that I don’t own a copy of any of the games being given away. Well I own Darkstalkers HD and used to own Chronicle Tower on PSP. I think I will try Hitman Absolution, but it will be my first experience with a Hitman game. I would really like for Persona 4 Golden Abyss to hit PS+ or something along those lines. Was also hoping for a possible day one Dragon’s Crown discount for buying both together or something. Still I can’t really complain since I got a lot of awesome free games this year and some bad ones that I at least got a chance to play without having to waste a lot of money on them. I am also a little surprised by all the people asking for Need for Speed. It’s been awhile since the last time I played one though. Not since Carbon.

hazelcabug said:

August 7th, 8:02 am

To my fellow VITA owners:
Stop buying indie titles because PS PLUS US will just insult you buy putting it for FREE after few weeks! Look at dokuro and machinarium! In addition they will pair it with a very low rating psp game! It completely made PS PLUS subscription useless!

mmvc1998 said:

August 7th, 8:12 am

when is this coming out. In europe we have NFS Most Wanted, or is this us only

johnanddeidre said:

August 7th, 8:30 am

I have been a ps plus sub for about 2 years or so, and normally i dont complain, but its getting sad. We went from having 2 acual ps3 games, avatars, themes, and such, to one ps3 game, acouple of psn games, and no avatars or themes. It just seems to me its lacking over the past year or so. Dont get me wrong, we do get our moneys worth, but still, its like their slowly starting to not care. This is coming from someone who preordered PS one when it was releases.

adrianvon said:

August 7th, 8:38 am

Lol.. Identity theft. that’s a cute one.

“Identity Theft is the assumption of a person’s identity in order, for instance, to obtain credit; to obtain credit cards from banks and retailers; to steal money from existing accounts; to rent apartments or storage units; to apply for loans; or to establish accounts using another’s name. An identity thief can steal thousands of dollars in a victim’s name without the victim even knowing about it for months or years. Identity thieves are able to accomplish their crimes by doing things such as opening a new credit card account with a false address, or using the victims’s name, date of birth, and Social Security number. When the thief uses the credit card and does not pay the resulting bills, the delinquent account is reported on the victim’s credit report.”

Now, while i can see you may have misconstrued it from “or to establish accounts using another’s name.”

thing I’m sure we all plan to actually DO. I intend to keep BOTH accounts and pay for them both.. The factBut see, that’s if done for the purposes of theft or fraud.. You’ve taken it out of context.

adrianvon said:

August 7th, 8:39 am

There’s nothing fraudulent about using an account from another country, some people can do it without issues, some of us however have payment issues, bank issues, other random reasons, as to why it’s difficult. Especially if it’s set up in your name, just with their address. Then it’s called a MAILING address or a service address. :)

I can see why you are concerned, but coming on here and trashing on people who want to get another account from another country because they feel cheated, just makes you as bad as them for saying they’re doing stuff like “threatening” to get another service. It’s not a threat, it’s some that YOU think sony would actually care to ban people for that, is sorta hilarious. They’re in this for the $$ – they could care less what devs give away or don’t if I’m willing to give them another 18$ every 3 months.

Also, ban accounts that don’t use the IP it was created from? Yeeeah. It’s funny that you can sit and name off a bunch of realistic reasons that are supposedly ok and juxtapose that information at least — yet conversely you sit and think everyone should have a static IP? Otherwise they should have their accounts stripped? That’s just silly.

adrianvon said:

August 7th, 8:45 am

Also, while you might not have the same view as other people on here, stating that they are whining about stuff by posting legitimate concerns, is just presumptuous too. You have no idea what someone’s tone or inflection would be while typing something out on the internet unless they specifically captioned it with (whiny, nasally, pitch varied loud tones) or something of that sort.

It’s a pretty legitimate concern when this many people have posted about the games received, and not even one staff member has bothered to respond since the first or second page. It’s also a pretty legit concern when every other region got nba2k13 on ps+ as a mistake, and the US in no way is compensated for that, yet the game isn’t purged from their collections, either.

Double standards all the way around, are really frustrating at best. It’s a great way to alienate customers and supporters. Plus, as i said before – I purchased legasista and was lied to regarding the content. Sony has yet to credit or contact me about it after talking to a live rep 5 days ago, and I might have to file a civil suit over 30$. Sad huh?

adrianvon said:

August 7th, 8:51 am

INB4 im too cheap or poor to afford 30$ — it’s the principal of the matter. Someone needs to take a stand against devs who port games to the US market, and don’t take the time to localize everything. This is an English speaking country. While there is diversity, that is a recent change, and it’s still perfectly within my legal rights as an American, to sue for False Advertisement under the Lanham Act, which would entitle me to damages (i could care less) and prevent them from being able to sell items that fall under the description of that case.

THAT is the key right there. I could get an injunction against Sony Entertainment, and FORCE them to update the product pages if they don’t care enough to do it. it’s unfortunate with their size and scope of company, that they can’t update a product page to reflect the lack of localization thus misrepresenting it’s global origin.

I just want to ensure this is changed for the rest of the people who’ve ever had that problem. Apparently, when I first posted to the forums about it wondering if I got the game from the wrong region – the mod who replied back said he’d hurt that a few times from other people as well. (Meaning ongoing issue, that hasn’t been addressed.)

Stranger_Eddie said:

August 7th, 10:01 am


Dokuro is not a Indie…. Is a RARE Vita Exclusive action pluzzle plataform game, and it´s only appeared for PSN PLUS members after 1 year after launched! (one of the BEST games I played in my life).

…. But i agree with you to NOT BUY Overpriced ports anymore!

A LOT OF FREE games for IOS, Android, PC games, but for PSVita owners ALL GAMES ports are 100%, 500%, and exist cases are MORE THEN 1000% expensive!

The PSVita situation is an ABSURD!

iDonosso said:

August 7th, 11:35 am


maxideaccion said:

August 7th, 12:41 pm

You can’t be serious. How can you offer us Hitman Absolution, a game with technical issues that has left hundreds of people (at least) without the posibility of coming to an end, because the saved data gets lost randomly (the same for the Contracts Mode). At the same time, you are supporting the bad behavior of the company in charge of HA, because promissed on their official forum (forums.eidosgames.com/showthread.php?s=563c38ee688739184931ffe696d27f03&t=131742) to give us a solution but they have done nothing from the released date until now.
I consider this disrespectfull, specially coming from Sony…How is this possible?
I’m still waiting for an official answer.

rattthedog said:

August 7th, 1:30 pm

hitman is cool but i want to see skyrim. i think skyrim should be the next game that is added to playstation plus.

Mando44646 said:

August 7th, 1:40 pm

so are Morgan and the others just not going to comment at all on this post? Morgan is actually usually pretty active in the comments section (unlike every other PS blogger) but I have yet to see him here. These are legitimate concerns that deserve addressing. At least write a blog post explaining how the PS+ team decides on games and how feedback is used in the decision. This is a service the community is paying for, and the community deserves a voice, or at least an explanation, on how the service is run – without a community paying for Plus, then Sony has nothing

TrialxError said:

August 7th, 1:46 pm

Here’s hoping the “month preview is subject to change” changes to “month preview will soon change.”

Floreli said:

August 7th, 2:18 pm

The Contracts mode on Hitman isn’t working correctly; it doesn’t pay money when you complete a contract. After the contract, it shows money going into the account, then when you go back into the main menu, your balance is zero. I’ve played about ten different contracts now and it’s still zero.

willi_b-17 said:

August 7th, 3:11 pm

We want nfs in france they have it but not us -____-

israelpacheco89 said:

August 7th, 4:31 pm

Sweet! I’m gunna check out Hitman Absolution.

magicfan345 said:

August 7th, 4:44 pm

Hi Playstation Plus team – thanks for Hitman Absolution, it looks like fun. The rest of the games look kinda blah…. so while I’ll add them to my download list, I probably won’t actually download or play any of them anytime soon.
Here are some suggestions for next month’s Plus games :
psn titles: Ducktales HD, Journey, Unfinished Swan, Castle Crashers, Guacamelee, Mushroom Wars, Stealth Inc,
PS3 titles: Tomb Raider, Metal Gear Rising, God of War Ascension, Red Dead Undead Nightmare, Last of Us, Port Royale 3, AC 3, PSA Battle Royale, Heavy Rain, Kingdoms of Amalur, Lego Pirates or Lego LOTR, Far Cry 3

June was great with Xcom enemy unkown, but July had nothing decent at all and August only has Hitman…. time to bring the goodies to Plus in September please!

wekillyou said:

August 7th, 4:45 pm

Hitman isn’t working correctly, my game save keeps erasing, and the money collected from contracts doesn’t add up…

HavocPC said:

August 7th, 7:20 pm

I free’d up 20gb for Hitman Absolution, and it says there’s not enough free space. What’s going on here? The game is only like 8 or 9 gb.

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