PS3 Live Events App Hits Today, Watch WWE SummerSlam Sunday

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PS3 Live Events App Hits Today, Watch WWE SummerSlam Sunday

John Cena will take on Daniel Bryan for the WWE Championship this Sunday, August 18th at 4:00pm Pacific Time — and you’ll be able to watch directly from your PS3! You can watch WWE SummerSlam and many more live events to come using the new Live Events Viewer PS3 app that launches later today after the PlayStation Store update.

Live Events App

The Live Events Viewer PS3 app will serve as a hub for your favorite sports, concerts, and other entertainment events. The Live Events Viewer allows you to watch live content or catch up with on-demand viewing of wrestling events, concerts, races and more all with no subscription and no commitments. Some live events will be offered on a pay-per-view basis and other events will be completely free. New events will be added weekly, so be sure to check back each week.

To get ready for WWE SummerSlam, download the Live Events Viewer app for free:

  1. Log on to the PlayStation Store on your PlayStation 3 system.
  2. Scroll down to the Apps section and find Live Events Viewer for download.
  3. Once the Live Events Viewer is downloaded, find it on the XMB under TV/Video Services.
  4. Log on with your PSN or Sony Entertainment Network username and password.
  5. Then, enjoy watching WWE’s SummerSlam this Sunday, including the pre-show starting at 4:00pm Pacific Time (7:00pm Eastern), and other to-be-announced live events on the Live Events Viewer.

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  • sweet! follow the buzzards

  • Nice…this app will be very handy.

  • nice. :)

  • CaptainRadical

    Is SummerSlam a free or Pay event?

  • theXsilentXchild

    So your making it sound like wwe summerslam will be free if we download this new app but i doubt it.

  • BrianMcGuinness

    Free Summerslam? Oooooooohhhh yeahhhhhhhh. Dig it!

  • Pretty sure just the app is free and you’ll have to pay for the events…but it’s very handy.

  • Please find a way to get Drum Corps International competitions live on this app. That would be awesome. Thanks.

  • LOVE the new app!!

  • Surely summerslam is funded with your psn wallet? If not….way to go?

  • sweet, useful app

  • DarklingVladd

    Will this app include coverage of Sony at events such as E3, Gamescon, Pax and TFS?

  • fairdale2009

    I cant find it in playstation store

  • @13 – They’re saying it will be up when the store updates. They’re very bad about telling people that [and updating the store at a consistent time every week].

  • wally_mammoth

    Will I be able to watch College Football on this app?

  • Very nice! Looking forward to checking it out.

  • When is the ps store going to have an update cuz i don’t see the app yet

  • Glad to see you followed XBL’s lead on this – its a useful one to have. So how about having it on Vita?

    Also, no one cares about stupid WWE

  • I hope you guys plan to use this to stream gamescom and other PlayStation Events. I’m hoping the quality will be better than the browser ;)

  • Vita app?

  • snakeeyes211


  • pickupdoctor

    This is awesome.

  • I wish this was worded better. You are making it sound like we can watch SummerSlam for free as a “Welcome to Live Events” promotion. I plan on downloading this regardless, but you are really making this deal sound better than it really is, and @18, speak for yourself. I’m not in love with the WWE, but this SummerSlam card looks AMAZING.

  • Love this, anyway we can get a NBA TV app? or will NBA games be available on here? (i don’t have cable(nor want it)) so i would love it if it were on here, and you guys have nfl and mlb n stuff, only seems right to have basketball on there

  • this app is not worth it unless your willing to fork out lots of money

  • I would also like to note for you guys..I remember when there was maybe 3-5 plus sings on your blog look at these comments 90% playstation plus subscribers! keep up the good work folks! we really love and appreciate it!

  • I wonder why i can’t seem to find it yet

  • snakeeyes211


  • havent been too into wwe for years, hopefully this also includes tna/impact wrestling ppvs. really excited for the possibility of the ihear music fest

  • thebledkid22

    Will I be able to watch NHL games that are in my area rather than having to use the GameCenter App?

  • fairdale2009

    when will u do the store update???

  • theXsilentXchild

    I want a funimation app for anime. I’m stuck watching on my roku. Please add funimation app!!!

  • Is the app only for the US?

  • Would be nice to see SummerSlam on my ps3 but i don’t wanna spend more than $12 on it, considering how badly WWE creative has been lately.

  • Sweet app! This is going to be awesome if I can get all my WWE and UFC events on this, then there’s another reason to dump cable.

  • VanguardFate

    Really was making it sound like Summerslam was a free promotional deal with the app…Should’ve worded it more like “If you order Summerslam, you can watch it on the Live Events Viewer” instead of “You can watch Summerslam on Sunday with the Live Events Viewer!”

  • Nice…

  • SilentShadowX2

    Great app but I’m going to watch Summer Slam in HD for Free : D

  • So is this app US only or worldwide?

    • Greg Belloni
      Greg Belloni

      Hi makai1978 and the-foxxer. The PS3 Live Events app is available in the United States only.

  • I’d like to see more of a substantial list of live events that can be pay-per-view. As I’d like to get a better idea of “favorite sports”.

  • will ir work for PlayStation Vita via RemotePlay like VidZone does?

  • Greg Belloni
    Greg Belloni
    Greg Belloni

    The Live Events app is ready to download now!

  • Any chance we’ll see things like Rock the Desert, Passion, Creation Fest, Spirit West, etc.? That would be really cool!

  • when we can download the app in europe?

  • willy_ash92

    Is there any chance that this Service will be coming to Canada anytime soon? This is one feature I’d use a lot.

  • willy_ash92

    You’d also be doing something the Xbox isn’t currently offering in Canada…think about it

  • Ah too bad. Thought I could finally buy a PPV with a method of payment I actually have.
    Is there a possibility this app will become available worldwide in the future?

  • Still need HBOGO and ESPN.

  • rahimjoker26

    what time will comes out on psn

  • Mayweather vs Canelo?
    Thats a pretty big event, it would be a great way to send off the service.
    Give us boxing fans a reason to use this and we will support it.
    Thanks for the app btw.

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