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Aug 15

Aug 15

Learn the Secrets of The Last of Us Multiplayer

Colin Moriarty's Avatar Posted by Senior Editor, IGN

Greetings, PlayStation-ers! My name is Colin Moriarty, IGN‘s Senior Editor. If you’re a PlayStation fanatic — and since you’re on the PlayStation.Blog, you probably are — you may recognize me as the man in charge of IGN’s PS4, PS3, and PS Vita coverage. You may also know me as one-third of Podcast Beyond.

Today, I write my inaugural PlayStation.Blog post to tell you about something I’m very excited for. See, I’m pretty darn keen on The Last of Us… so much so, in fact, that I got sucked in for about 40 hours worth of multiplayer madness after the game launched. And that got me thinking: who’s responsible for The Last of Us’ most understated feature, its online suite?

Naturally, I found an answer. Naughty Dog’s David Ballard was kind enough to come to IGN’s San Francisco headquarters to record a series of videos with me, one for each map in the multiplayer suite. As an integral part of the creation of The Last of Us’ multiplayer, Ballard has all sorts of insight into the creation of each stage. He points out easter eggs, hidden areas, and parts of the maps that were radically changed or outright abandoned before the final game shipped. This is stuff diehard fans of the game are going to want to see for themselves, especially since he provided a bunch of footage you can’t see in the game.

Watch out, a lot of videos coming your way…

Surviving the Checkpoint

The Old, Dilapidated High School

Higher Learning at the University

Traversing the Dam

Taking a Look at Downtown

The Snow-Ridden Map Called Lakeside

I wanted to share these videos with you, the PlayStation.Blog audience, because I think you’re really going to love them. And if you want to learn even more about Naughty Dog — like the entire history of the company, for instance — I implore you to keep it tuned to IGN in the coming weeks, because boy, do I have something for you.

Thanks for taking the time to read my humble post. Until next time, Beyond!

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GameOverGreggy said:

August 15th, 12:06 pm


    Colin Moriarty's Avatar

    Ryan Clements said:

    August 15th, 4:43 pm


    Colin Moriarty's Avatar

    Colin Moriarty said:

    August 15th, 5:54 pm

    What you doing, playing that Naughty Dog game punkhead?!

Ryler said:

August 15th, 12:07 pm


C98976 said:

August 15th, 12:08 pm


C98976 said:

August 15th, 12:10 pm

We need more articles like this.

D-Squad3 said:

August 15th, 12:12 pm

Can you guys stop posting about The Last of Us unless it’s about the DLC? Sheesh getting my hopes up for nothing.

djsaiyan said:

August 15th, 12:23 pm

Clements is here, Colin is here, Greg’s in the comments.

That’s a whole lot of BEYOND! in one place.

I can dig it.

    Colin Moriarty's Avatar

    Ryan Clements said:

    August 15th, 4:43 pm

    But… can you dig it?

    Colin Moriarty's Avatar

    Colin Moriarty said:

    August 15th, 5:57 pm

    Beyond cannot be contained!

akisuo said:

August 15th, 12:29 pm

Now we just need Clements to comment in this article, and we’ll have the golden trio again!


ShoePotato said:

August 15th, 12:33 pm

Colin! BEYOND! So was this what you were teasing on your twitter? Keep up the great work!

    Colin Moriarty's Avatar

    Colin Moriarty said:

    August 15th, 6:01 pm

    This actually isn’t what I’ve been teasing on Twitter! =D

soundandvision77 said:

August 15th, 12:36 pm

Beyond good sir, and welcome to the Playstation Blog.

    Colin Moriarty's Avatar

    Colin Moriarty said:

    August 15th, 6:02 pm

    Thank you kindly, and Beyond.

DesertAss2in said:

August 15th, 12:40 pm


idraw said:

August 15th, 12:41 pm

Enough with the BEYOND…

ero619 said:

August 15th, 12:44 pm


four24twenty said:

August 15th, 12:45 pm

Beyond my expectations! I’m a huge fan of your work there Das Colin. Welcome to the PS Blog!

    Colin Moriarty's Avatar

    Colin Moriarty said:

    August 15th, 6:07 pm

    Thank you for the warm welcome. Beyond!

EvoAnubis said:

August 15th, 12:46 pm


Thanks for the tips.

    Colin Moriarty's Avatar

    Colin Moriarty said:

    August 15th, 6:09 pm

    You’re more than welcome. Thanks for watching!

camiwaits_us said:

August 15th, 12:50 pm

I’ve finished the story twice, but i’ve yet to try out the multiplayer.

DrApollo said:

August 15th, 12:52 pm

Beyond! Nice videos!

FNF420 said:

August 15th, 12:56 pm


JamesBlonde777 said:

August 15th, 1:05 pm

I borrowed Last of Us from a friend and really enjoyed it. Was hoping to try the multiplayer, but not going to shell out ten bucks on a game I don’t own. Shame on the industry for charging for full access to used games. Did we learn nothing from the XBone fiasco? Just let us play our games without trying to milk us for all we are worth…

Dionysus-Jones said:

August 15th, 1:05 pm


err… uhh…


jimmyfoxhound said:

August 15th, 1:11 pm

I wanted to try the multiplayer but online games make me too nervous. If you don’t have friends you know to play with you end up with strangers who are rude & cussing and get all ticked off if you don’t do stuff right. I logged in to try it out but I got nervous and left before the match stuff started. If there is such a thing as Online Anxiety Disorder I def got it lol oh well, at least the main game was pretty cool. Def want to play through single player again.

RISE_UP44 said:

August 15th, 1:13 pm

Heres a quick tip for those of you talking about borrowing a copy of The Last of Us from a friend and not wanting to pay to play the mp.. Just have your friend who owns the last of us sign into your system at your house and go to downloads once he is in his list of downloads have him re download the MP unlock for TLOU on his account on your system. Now he signs out and you sign in with TLOU in the system you should now be able to play the MP.. This is exactly what I did at my little brothers house so he could play my TLOU game and MP.. Any other questions or tips for Playstation gaming follow me on twitter @RiseUp44 or on PSN – Rise_Up44

RISE_UP44 said:

August 15th, 1:15 pm

Would absolutely love to see more Cross over Articles from the Playstation IGN team and the PS Blog team here and on IGN.. Because why not, you both have great coverage and great articles why not share it all on both sites.. Maybe have a IGN Playstation on PS Blog tab once a week or something with top PS articles and vice versa..

BiOHAZARD-901- said:

August 15th, 1:19 pm


Who gives a **** if they act like that. You should not deny yourself the pleasure of enjoying that game online you paid for with your money.Get in there learn what to do and have fun!

ajwilson55 said:

August 15th, 1:32 pm

Thanks Colin. BEYOND!

Roberto_cq said:

August 15th, 1:35 pm


MatheAdi said:

August 15th, 1:49 pm

Great read! Thanks Colin. I am definitely putting in some time for multiplayer this weekend. BEYOND!!!

    Colin Moriarty's Avatar

    Colin Moriarty said:

    August 15th, 6:15 pm

    Thank you for the kind words! Glad you enjoyed the videos. Beyond!


August 15th, 2:00 pm

Sadly Colin, I haven’t even had time to beat the campaign yet, but I may just try out the multiplayer this weekend as well in my limited spare time :(

[PS] Fri, 7 Mar 2014 – Islanders vs. Flames at the Scotiabank Saddledome – It’s going to be great to have East vs. West matchups (Finally!) this year! I got sick of playing the Wild seemingly every 3rd night in the shortened season last year :P

Go Flames Go!

Oh and…


    Colin Moriarty's Avatar

    Colin Moriarty said:

    August 15th, 6:16 pm

    Really keeping my fingers crossed for a good season this year. The Isles are on the upswing! Gonna try to hit a game with my dad when I’m back in New York for NYCC.

Faythi said:

August 15th, 2:02 pm

Its the Pride of Long Island! Beyond!

Kchow23 said:

August 15th, 2:06 pm


    Colin Moriarty's Avatar

    Colin Moriarty said:

    August 15th, 6:18 pm

    Who are you calling Punkhead, Punkhead?!

Milkmaniac said:

August 15th, 2:08 pm

Oh, I’m sorry. I thought that this blog post was going to be about the band 311.


oomalay said:

August 15th, 2:10 pm


killerbyte93 said:

August 15th, 2:14 pm


asilentnoise said:

August 15th, 2:16 pm

Beyond !

saab01 said:

August 15th, 2:21 pm

Really enjoyed the Single player for this game but whatever reason I couldn’t really have a fun time with the online portion. I wonder what tips people can give me to get better at it.

supermoc10 said:

August 15th, 2:24 pm

First Greg, then the Powerhouse and now THE FREAKING PRIDE OF LONG ISLAND!!!!

pickupdoctor said:

August 15th, 2:29 pm

I am almost done with Single Player 91% complete, when I am done I will jump onto multiplayer. Can’t wait.

TurismoM3 said:

August 15th, 2:35 pm

Colin, a big and loud Beyond to you sir. BEYOND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Colin Moriarty's Avatar

    Colin Moriarty said:

    August 15th, 6:21 pm

    That’s the spirit. =) Beyond!

mload042 said:

August 15th, 2:51 pm


ChaoticAssault31 said:

August 15th, 3:04 pm

I can’t wait to see what else Naughty Dog is doing with The Last of Us and maybe some other IP stuff. :) It is cool to see you on the Playstation Blog Colin, looking forward to your future Naughty Dog articles on IGN. BEYOND!

    Colin Moriarty's Avatar

    Colin Moriarty said:

    August 15th, 6:24 pm

    Thank you kindly; I’m looking forward to writing this upcoming one! Beyond!

Jasontamer said:

August 15th, 3:38 pm


tusunami said:

August 15th, 3:56 pm

One of the most original multiplayer games ever, this is a unique original multiplayer game. That’s originality for ya DooDs!!!!!!!!!!

BlindMango said:

August 15th, 4:48 pm

Awesome guide Colin! I just got the PLATINUM on The Last of Us and whew was it a ton of work, but I enjoyed it all the way through. Great videos here and sheesh thanks for going through all the work to produce them and put them on here too!

Like I said in the PS Blogcast post, I almost shed a tear seeing a Colin Moriarty post right next to a Ryan Clements post on the PlayStation Blog, lol

    Colin Moriarty's Avatar

    Colin Moriarty said:

    August 15th, 6:25 pm

    Thank you! The Platinum is time consuming in TLoU… I gotta go back and get it at some point. Thankfully, I got all of the multiplayer Trophies out of the way, which is the most difficult part, I’d say.

JROD0823 said:

August 15th, 5:22 pm

Das Colin’s bringing the video heat today, and I like it.

Keep up the great work, punkhead. :)


    Colin Moriarty's Avatar

    Colin Moriarty said:

    August 15th, 6:26 pm

    I’m glad to hear that. Thanks for watching! Beyond!

purse317 said:

August 15th, 5:44 pm

The ign article mentions Bill’ s town but this one doesn’t was that a blog error and if so I have to ask why.

    Colin Moriarty's Avatar

    Colin Moriarty said:

    August 15th, 6:27 pm

    Bill’s Town is the video at the very top of the article.

Sabin1101 said:

August 15th, 5:56 pm

This is just amazing. Not even Playstation themselves are exempt from the power of Beyond………………………………………oh right…………….

Sabin1101 said:

August 15th, 5:56 pm


fadingshadow said:

August 15th, 6:01 pm

So if the whole original BEYOND crew is here…and Colin Moriarty is answering questions…this is technically an invasion plus the combination of Beyond and A Conversation with Colin? BEYOND A CONVERSATION WITH COLIN?! BEYOND!

    Colin Moriarty's Avatar

    Colin Moriarty said:

    August 15th, 6:27 pm

    Careful, you’ll create a rip in spacetime!

ignaxiox98 said:

August 15th, 6:02 pm

Still there?

penguins_fan87 said:

August 15th, 6:13 pm

Hey colin what would you do if the undertaker just walked into your last of us game?

    Colin Moriarty's Avatar

    Colin Moriarty said:

    August 15th, 6:28 pm

    I would think Greg is somehow responsible for it.

bradleymurphy said:

August 15th, 6:15 pm

It’s your boy, Das Colin. B-b-b-BEEEEyoonnnnD

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