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Aug 16

Aug 16

Castle of Illusion Hits PS3 9/3, Pre-Order Bonuses Revealed

Mai Kawaguchi's Avatar Posted by Sr. Digital Brand Manager, Sega

We are thrilled to finally announce the release date of Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse. Built from the ground up, this re-imagined version of the Sega Genesis/Mega drive classic will be available for download on PlayStation Network on September 3rd at $14.99.

We are also running a pre-order program which is exclusive to PlayStation Network. With your pre-order, you will be able to immediately download and enjoy the following pre-order exclusive gifts.

Castle of Illusion on PS3Castle of Illusion on PS3Castle of Illusion on PS3

Original Genesis version of the game

Pre-order exclusive dynamic theme

Three Avatars

The pre-order will begin on August 20th and end on September 2nd.

The dynamic theme and original Genesis version of the game will be available only during this pre-order period. The bonus items will not be available after September 2nd and won’t be available for purchase on the store. Don’t miss the opportunity to pre-order Castle of Illusion and grab these rare bonus items!

Castle of Illusion on PS3

Castle of Illusion on PS3Castle of Illusion on PS3

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EnigmaNemesis said:

August 17th, 8:24 am

I was so fond and loved the original when I had my Genesis growing up. I am definitely pre-ordering this!

Would love if it is remote play for the Vita or even a Vita version in the pipeline!

eyeslurking said:

August 17th, 8:41 am

I’m buying it now for the original. The HD remake will just be a nice bonus.

monone18 said:

August 17th, 10:33 am

It would be awesome if it had cross-buy, or at least cross-save

PrinceofXIII said:

August 17th, 11:34 am

wtf the original is only pre order bonus only?

come on now!!

now i have to buy this day 1!!!

    Mai Kawaguchi's Avatar

    Mai Kawaguchi said:

    August 20th, 10:18 am

    Yes. The original version will be available with pre-order only and pre-order starts today!

Knightedrik said:

August 17th, 2:06 pm

9/3? Mickey Mouse?



Diablo III That is all!

cheddar2010 said:

August 17th, 2:10 pm

Sweet bonus bonanza, Now i’m totally spending my cheddar on this mouse!

Avin1973 said:

August 17th, 3:55 pm

Again, no Vita love? Could anybody confirm that this is not coming to Vita?

I fail to understand why perfect games such as Castle of Illusion and Duck Tales won’t be ported for Vita. Just bought DT for Steam. Would buy it again for Vita, if released.

Booo Sony…

Vcheese said:

August 17th, 8:35 pm

WHERE IS THE VITA VERSIOOOOOOON? this is a must for portable gaming. i would buy it day one

TerraAshura said:

August 17th, 9:00 pm

Original included?! SOLD! Buying as soon as I can homigawd.


August 17th, 10:31 pm

So no PS+ discount ? Too bad, I was hoping for this one too. Maybe you (Sony) could work out this, please!

Avin1973 said:

August 18th, 6:14 am

And the rumors about Vita being a dead fish get stronger and stronger… maybe this games will be announced on Gamescon.

But I won’t hold my breath…

B-Badd said:

August 18th, 10:45 am

This looks so cool, really wish there was a Vita version too.

bclavicle said:

August 18th, 1:23 pm

Sweeeeet! Preordering this ASAP!

Superstone said:

August 18th, 2:51 pm

Why is this not on the Vita?

PrimeroIncognito said:

August 18th, 3:01 pm

“Why is this not on the Vita?”

Maybe because the original game was played on a television screen and the goal is to re-create the experience as close to the original as possible?

Or maybe because there isn’t much profit potential on the Vita due to the Vita not selling as well as expected?

Maybe a combination of both?

Did you think of those things?

PhillyTheCat said:

August 18th, 3:33 pm

+ PrimeroIncognito on August 18th, 2013 at 3:01 pm said:

“Why is this not on the Vita?”

Maybe because the original game was played on a television screen and the goal is to re-create the experience as close to the original as possible?

Or maybe because there isn’t much profit potential on the Vita due to the Vita not selling as well as expected?

Maybe a combination of both?

Did you think of those things?

The answer is this: developers rather put a game on the home console first.
If the game sells well and there is a high enough demand for it on Vita, then & only then will it get ported.

Mad-Dominator0 said:

August 18th, 7:03 pm

Will get this Definetly…DEFINETLY!!!

mystery75 said:

August 18th, 8:01 pm

I am going to Pre this, because I want the genesis version.


If you release this and the genesis version on VITA, I will purchase it again. (Truth be told, all i really want is the Genesis version on Vita. :) Please consider Vita.)

DJPlace said:

August 18th, 9:10 pm

this is a good deal. going pre-order i need to beat the hard mode of this game then my mind can be at ease get ready to be pwned 3rd boss!!

DJPlace said:

August 18th, 9:16 pm

this is one of a the better pre-offers i have seen in a while sony. this makes up for you really bad month of plus. i renewed BTW cause i need cloud storage and discounts.

Demonhunter84 said:

August 19th, 7:38 am

Never played the Genesis version only World of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. Probably get it.

martinirage1 said:

August 19th, 8:38 am

If this had ps plus discount i would be sold on it

Dangisuckatgamin said:

August 19th, 1:47 pm

I honestly feel the same way about Diablo, who cares?

cdb1124 said:

August 20th, 11:20 am

I just checked PSN and I don’t see a pre-order option. Todays the 20th, whats up?

FernandoAD said:

August 20th, 3:19 pm

Where is the pre-order?

DbaiG said:

August 20th, 3:20 pm

Congratulations! That’s exciting news! Mickey game is always a cynosure whenever we try to access the game lists. The preview shows it would be amazingly gripping. It seems to have great graphics and color display. A big hit! Anxiously waiting for the release!


monyotone said:

August 21st, 9:55 am

i’m enjoying the original on PSN now. that one’s awesome too! really excited for the reimagining now!
thanks for that offer :)


August 24th, 1:45 pm

Guys, I’ve been checking ps store since 20th and there is no option to Pre order. I’m in the uk.. Any ideas when it will be live?

Avin1973 said:

August 25th, 4:30 am

Vita is perfect for games like Castle of Illusion and of course there is demand.

I was forced to play Duck Tales on Steam…

Alestes said:

August 26th, 1:11 am

I really hope Europe will get these pre-order bonuses too.

(it would also be very nice if the Genesis version of Quackshot was released!)

Bad_Qazal said:

September 2nd, 4:48 am

No Psvita version no buy , this is a brilliant portable title and SEGA or CAPCOM (DUCKTALES) are refusing to acknowledge , I mean seriously I want to give you my money

AniGamer said:

September 2nd, 11:30 pm

Can you still get the bonuses if you buy it before midnight Sept 2nd.?

bassdriven said:

September 3rd, 1:55 pm

Literally just pre ordered and downloading all the bonus content now :D

Goodguy818 said:

September 10th, 3:34 pm

Awww i cant believe i missed the preorder bonus! I need to try and keep up with all these news.

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