Surviving the Killzone: Mercenary Multiplayer Beta, Out August 20th

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Surviving the Killzone: Mercenary Multiplayer Beta, Out August 20th

We’re just a few weeks away from the launch of Killzone: Mercenary, but gamers won’t have to wait that long to cut their teeth on Mercenary’s impressive multiplayer suite. The team here at Guerrilla Cambridge is expanding the multiplayer beta to give the servers a good test before Mercenary launches on September 10th in North America for PS Vita.

For North American users, the Open Beta for Killzone: Mercenary will be made available to PlayStation Plus subscribers on August 20th (after the Store update). Those of you who went out of your way to acquire special beta access vouchers — Perhaps through a certain promotion on PS Home? — will also be granted early access!

Killzone Mercenary, 03

Then, on August 27th (after the Store update), the beta will open up further to become available to all North American PS Vita owners, coming to a close on September 3rd.

Surviving the Beta

Mercenary boasts a number of unique modes, innovative gameplay mechanics, and introduces a daily ranking system to make Mercenary the most advanced, addictive multiplayer experience on PS Vita.

What You Should Know:

  • All money earned playing the game, in any mode, can be used to purchase new weapons and equipment from Blackjack (arms dealer). These purchases can then be used in both the single-player campaign and the multiplayer suite.
  • Once campaign missions have been completed, they can be replayed with additional contract objectives. These challenge contracts provide a set of objectives based around Covert, Demolition, and precision play-styles. They’re also a great way to earn V$.
  • Each campaign mission contains six pieces of Intel to retrieve. There are two ways of retrieving Intel: interrogate captains (marked on radar) or hacking Intel terminals. Collect all six pieces of Intel to unlock bonus Valor Cards for your Valor Collection.

The Valor System

The Valor system operates by assigning each member of the Killzone: Mercenary community a Valor Card. Your Valor Card represents your earning ability in the game, with Ace being the highest rank and Two being the lowest. You will be issued a new Valor Card once every 24 hours. Your new card will be based on your recent earnings compared to all other players. This means that the value of your card can go up as well as down!

Killzone Mercenary on PS VitaKillzone Mercenary, 02

In multiplayer, players will drop an instance of their Valor Card when they die. This card can then be collected for bonus V$, and the higher the Valor of the card, the greater the reward. The suit of a players Valor card represents the weapon type they have been using. To change suits a player must make consecutive kills with a specific type:

  • Clubs – make seven consecutive kills with an assault rifle or LMG
  • Hearts – make five consecutive kills with a secondary weapon
  • Spades – make three consecutive kills with a sniper rifle
  • Diamonds – make four consecutive kills with an SMG

Valor Cards collected in multiplayer and campaign (through retrieving Intel) are placed into your Valor Collection. Your Valor Collection is represented as a pack of cards and by making “hands” (four of a kind, flush, full deck) you will gain large V$ rewards.


When using sniper rifles, you can change the zoom magnification of the scope by dragging up and down on the rear touch pad when aiming down the sight.

Killzone Mercenary on PS Vita

VAN-Guard capsules are regularly fired into multiplayer maps and some single-player missions. These capsules contain a single-use VAN-guard that the player can deploy.

Most touch controls are also mapped to physical buttons:

  • Switch weapon = d-pad right
  • Deploy VAN-Guard = d-pad left
  • Grenade = d-pad down
  • Interact = press Triangle
  • Sprint = tap Circle when moving

The only enforced touch screen interactions are for Brutal Melee, hacking, levers, and some VAN-Guards.

Good Luck

The team at Guerrilla Cambridge put in a lot of blood, sweat, and tears to make Mercenary’s multiplayer package the most advanced experience to-date on PS Vita. We’re very excited for launch, but we think the Open Beta will definitely hold you over until September!

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  • Is this out on the EU store now? More specifically (for me) is it out on the Australian store?

  • Couldn’t get into any match at all..keep getting kick out >_< it possible to start a party match, i bet the server is full?

  • If there’s anyone playing, do add me up in party =D

  • Some reason the code they sent me never worked, why did they send me a code, unless it was like sent late or something, any way.. finally its on the store so downloading :D


    How do u get beta

  • Jus wanted to know when the open beta is going to be updated and if any new maps will be shown off?

  • loving the better game seems really well built a few things but were is the psn pre order /bonus i prefer digital and i would like free items too

  • Robinsow199515

    Tngo un codigo de la Beta…
    Quien quiere hacer un cambio que dicen?

  • Robinsow199515

    I have a code for the Beta …
    MAKE A CHANGE Who Saying?

  • Robinsow199515

    Tengo un codigo de la Beta de killzone Mercenary.. Alguien quiere hacer un cambio?

  • ChrisDelmuro

    Have been playing the BETA, and oh it is amazing. People think just because it’s a handheld FPS means is going to be bad, but no, I recommend this to anyone. Add me!

  • Does our progress goes into the full release game?

  • ProducedByPotato

    I’m playing the beta and believe me, it’s great, but can you guys please let us pre-order this game on PSN?
    I don’t really want to go to GameStop.

  • ^^This. I’m really starting to hate this whole pre order bull that’s going around. Why can’t I pre order this game from PSN? I prefer my games as digital copies.

  • @Killzone mercenary problems, I’ve played a lot in the game so far, about 10 hr in the first 3 days, but school got in the way and as of now i put in 15h in the game and unlocked every gun. I got a 1.83 k/d and 1776 kills. I have played on the map shoreline a lot so, here are the problems:

    1. near the vanguard and ocean water that blows over the railing(also near the huge cave entrance), the audio messes up and when you fire your weapon it sounds like a horrible ticking noise.

    2. I noticed that 15 hours in online match should not result in unlocking in every weapon,vanguard, equipment. I feel like I barely even played the game and am already. Maybe you should ad attachments but not make it op. Another thing I would like to say is the first gun you unlock is over powered the only disadvantage for the gun is you can see it on the radar. I want you to tone down the fire rate and a little power because even if the enemy sees you on the radar, if you have that powerful of a gun you can kill them all.

    3. Near the huge fan on shoreline, there isa a glitch that you can get on the fan and get out of the map.

  • Great game i will buy

  • ugh…. the only thing keping me from getting ps plus was the lack of online multiplayer games… this game got my attention, downloaded the beta but what do you know…. i cant play it…. great…

  • Mooseman6203

    Is there some kind of bonus or something for having plus with the game.

  • ProducedByPotato

    So from what I read on the European forum, some people in the United Kingdom could pre-order this game on PSN (by the way, British gamers get the game on September 4 ( , and when I posted this, it was September 3, so I’m assuming that American (and possibly Canadian) gamers will be able to pre-order a downloadable copy in a couple of days. But don’t quote me on that. Sony has had a reputation of favoring European gamers over us…


    I’m terrible at shooters but this beta was a lot of fun to play.

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