Borderlands 2 Coming to PS Vita

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Borderlands 2 Coming to PS Vita
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Hello travelers! The dream finally becomes a reality, as PlayStation, Gearbox Software and 2K announces today at Gamescom that the addictive first person shooter-looter mayhem of Borderlands 2 will be coming to PS Vita.

Borderlands 2 for PS Vita

I watched as Randy Pitchford, president of Gearbox Software, stood on stage at the Rezzed show in the UK a year ago and told fans that, with PlayStation’s support, he’d love to see Borderlands 2 on PS Vita. For the last year, Gearbox Software, 2K, and PlayStation have been inundated with emails, tweets, forum posts and more from passionate gamers across the world pleading for a PS Vita version of Borderlands 2. You spoke, we listened, and with the wonderful collaboration between 2K, PlayStation and the team at Iron Galaxy Studios – makers of indie fighting game Divekick – we can finally make Borderlands 2 on PS Vita a reality!

For those of you new to the critically acclaimed shooting-and-looting mayhem of Borderlands 2, which won more than 55 editorial awards in 2012, you’ll be picking from four uniquely-skilled Vault Hunters – Axton the Commando, Maya the Siren, Salvador the Gunzerker and Zer0 the Assassin – and then gunzerking your way through the world of Pandora in an attempt to defeat the corrupt Hyperion Corporation, led by the notorious Handsome Jack. Throughout these adventures, you will encounter a variety of distinctive, colorful characters including the explosive Tiny Tina, the (ex-)wife-of-many Mad Moxxi, and the friendly and energetic robotic companion CL4P-TP – you can call him Claptrap for short. That’s what his friends call him – or would, if he had any friends in the first place.

PS Vita gives Borderlands 2 fans the ability to play the game anywhere they want, complete with of all the unique benefits of the Vita system, and will truly bring the four-player cooperative experience to the palms of your hands. A new era of portable shoot-and-loot awaits! On behalf of Gearbox, 2K, and Sony, we want to thank the passionate fans for helping make Borderlands 2 on the PS Vita a reality, and we look forward to looting bazillions of guns with you guys on the go.

Borderlands 2 will be shipping on PS Vita in 2014 and will be published by Sony Computer Entertainment. Stay tuned for more information.

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6 Author Replies

  • Already have this on PS3, but I’ll gladly double dip for the Vita version :).

  • Talesgirl016

    Wow, Just amazing i’m blown away :)

  • Absolutely amazing announcement! Now I shall get this game!

  • Just bought my Vita today on Amazon. :)


  • TomatoDragon

    Will buy it again for my Vita.

  • Thanks for the post. This is great for anyone who did not play it on the ps3, or just want something on the go.

  • Suicide_Surfer

    Say goodbye social life

    • Adam Fletcher
      Adam Fletcher

      Yup! On the bright side… you can friend people and be social in the game and you can take it outside so it looks like you are actually seeing the sun every once in a while :D

  • Glad I skipped this on PS3. Day 1 for Vita.

  • I don’t suppose it’ll support cross-platforming Save Files? :)

  • I’d honestly prefer Bioshock Vita from 2K… but hey, this is nice as well.

    Hopefully if this does well, then Sony and 2K can get off their bums and sign a deal for Bioshock Vita to actually happen.

  • This is EXACTLY what the Vita needs! Buying day 1 FOR SURE!

  • ThreeLeggedFreak

    Published by SCE. Interesting that to get vita games, SCE has to publish it or pay for development like COD: Declassified.

  • It would be nice if they throw in some of the DLC for the Vita version, make it like a GOTY version, since the game will have been around so long by 2014.

  • Gladly to play this again on Vita.

  • You can never keep a good Claptrap down…

  • Hoping for more info soon! Specifically if any content will transfer (saves, DLC, etc…) and if the PS3 version can play online with the Vita. Either way, I can’t wait and now have a serious reason to throw down the money for the Vita.

    • Adam Fletcher
      Adam Fletcher

      We will have more information later regarding the items you mention. Stay tuned :)

  • I hope that the online quality will be as good as Soul Sacrifice; the only game on my Vita that can be enjoyed without lag

  • I am a proud owner of a PSVITA, Borderlands 2, And the season pass. Will i get a discount on the PSVita version and or will i be able to transfer my dlc to the vita version?

  • Money would have been better spent securing a Diablo III version.

    Sure its NICE to see BL2 coming to Vita but what the hell? a 2 year old port is the highlight of things to come???

  • Day 1!

  • This is the best news ever. Crumpets for everybody!

  • I’d buy day one if it has a separate trophy list!!!

  • PhoenixArcher128

    I’m hoping our PS3 saves can work on the Vita, but even if they don’t I’m buying

  • Wonder if the DLC will also be bundled and how many gigs it will be…

  • DAY ONE!

  • Holy hell you guys. HOLY HELL.

  • Sweeet good move. now hopefully we can also get that Bioshock Vita game they were planning to make

  • DarkenedMatter

    Lets hope you people without a Vita wait until the price drops down to $200 since it’s already been confirmed it will! This is awesome though. Killzone Mercenary, Borderlands 2 two great games coming to Vita.

  • jayrockslife

    Beyond excited when I heard this announcement!
    Would love cross play support, but I’ll settle for cross buy for the dlc so I don’t have to buy it all again. Or just make it the ultimate edition with all of the dlc included.
    Either way, day one purchase for me and I look forward to playing through this game another 100 times.. :)

  • ThreeLeggedFreak

    Where is my Bioshock Vita btw? Will SCE have to publish that as well? Hm rhetorical question, nevermind.

  • This game is high on my list and the vita version is perfect for my preferences! Only one problem though: I just don’t think my memory card can handle all that inevitable DLC, so unless I can buy a game card with all DLC included, I’ll probably hold out for a while longer.

  • I haven’t played this and will pick it up Day 1. Thanks!~

  • DesertAss2in

    I can’t wait to see if other developers with follow suit. This is not only exciting because Borderlands 2 is amazing, but because it will be another legit fps in my pocket at all times. Not to mention that Borderlands 2 is a HUGE game!

    • Adam Fletcher
      Adam Fletcher

      Yup! Huge world and lots of gameplay with co-op. Can’t wait for you guys to try it :)

  • Yeah, I’ll pick this up for the Vita as well. While not the GTA announcement I wanted, this is probably the biggest, and most exciting, game announcement at the conference.

  • Evil_Vladimyr

    WOOHOO!!!! Definitely Day ONE!! I hope that the Vita version gets some new/exclusive DLC.

    Now all I want announced is Bioshock PS Vita!!!

  • Can you please tell us if the DLC will be ported too?

  • PLEASE ANNOUNCE CROSS SAVE! And it would be cool if the Vita game came with the extra characters. There’s a ton of other DLC you could charge people for.

  • Finally something becomes of the Vita! If more companies started doing this, the Vita sales would surely pickup!

  • Now we just need a Vita capable of displaying 1080p material… :)

  • PiperVsPiper

    This is pretty exciting! Helps to ease the pain of trading my PS3 for for a PS4!
    Will our current stats carry over to Vita? Characters? Badass Rank etc…? DLC?
    Was hoping for some BL3 news too!

  • HomieHesAKlown

    Great news, I hope the developers porting it are up to doing a great quality port.
    We need it.

  • If I can transfer my season pass to the Vita version :

    F***ing Day One !

  • my jaw dropped when i first saw this announcement.

  • I thought this was one of the better FPS games to come out in recent memory. I am glad it’s finding a way to the Playstation Vita. I just hope the DLC–or at least most of it–is included since the game is almost a year old.

    • Adam Fletcher
      Adam Fletcher

      We will have more information regarding the DLC and other bits in the future. :)

  • Thanks for listening to fan-feedback and bringing this over. It will be an absolute must-buy for me IF it is a “Complete” or “GotY” edition, which, releasing in 2014, has no reason not to be.


  • You only mentioned “four” characters, but what about Gaige and Krieg??? I must have GAIGE!

    And please be a GOTY edition because the Tiny Tina DLC is awesome!

    • Adam Fletcher
      Adam Fletcher

      Hell yes indeed! We are excited to be working with them :)


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