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Aug 20

Aug 20

DRIVECLUB Pre-order Bonuses Revealed

Jamie Brayshaw's Avatar Posted by Community Development Manager, Evolution Studios

Update: We know many of you were looking forward to playing the promised PS Plus Edition and we are truly sorry for the delay. Our first priority is to provide you with the best possible experience while playing DRIVECLUB. With the high volume of new players and additional server load the PS Plus Edition is anticipated to bring, we are currently not confident that we can guarantee the best online experience. Until we can ensure that everyone can enjoy the full social connected online experience, we will be postponing the release of the PS Plus Edition until further notice.

The goal for Driveclub is to build a strong, connected community of clubs and racers that will keep the game fresh, with new challenges. A key part of achieving this is how we let you get into the game: so I’m here to not only reveal the options you have, but also share our stylish box art and the three exclusive incentives on offer when you pre-order the game.

Driveclub, Gamescom, 03Driveclub, Gamescom, 02

Driveclub gives you immediate access to all the coolest cars, tracks and locations from around the world, the moment you slide the Bluray into your PS4. All of these combined give you unlimited opportunities to participate in and create challenges to showcase your skills to the world and your friends.

Today, we’re revealing the bonuses available when you pre-order Driveclub through participating retailers. You’ll have your choice of one of three exclusive packs depending on which store you pre-order from. Each pack includes an exclusive livery design, instant access to a powerful supercar and a boost of fame to increase your driver level in the game and give you and your club a head start over the competition. Check out the packs below and visit the official site to see the participating stores near you.

In addition to that, we have another announcement! Purchase Driveclub at retail or digitally via PlayStation Store, and you’ll get a free 3-Month PlayStation Plus Trial. This ensures you’ll get the most out of Driveclub and your PS4 from the get-go.

But let’s not forget the incredible offer available to PlayStation Plus subscribers, allowing you to instantly become part of the Driveclub community. Offered within the Instant Game Collection, with no need to pre-order, Driveclub PlayStation Plus Edition gives you an exciting selection of cars across all 5 classes, beautiful locations and exciting race tracks featured that you can play in all game modes, but does not include all Driveclub content unless you upgrade.

And for those of you who play the Driveclub PlayStation Plus Edition, but want to extend your experience and get access to all the cars, locations, challenges, events and seasons Driveclub has to offer, you can buy an upgrade to the full game – or just buy individual items as you go along. If you do decide to upgrade, everything you’ve earned so far will be carried over. Note that Driveclub PlayStation Plus Edition (and any upgrades) is only available for use during the period of your PlayStation Plus membership.

We’re really proud to deliver a next-gen way to join the Driveclub community and reward PlayStation’s most loyal fans – YOU! So if you are a racing fan and can’t wait to get behind the wheel of some of the world’s coolest cars, pre-order Driveclub and get hold of one of the exclusive bonus packs to help give you and your Club a head-start over the competition when you get your PS4!

PlayStation Plus subscription only available to Sony Entertainment Network account holders with access to PlayStation®Store and broadband internet. Online multi-player requires broadband internet, Sony Entertainment Network account and, for PS4 users only, access to PlayStation Store and a paid-for PlayStation Plus subscription. Content and services available via PlayStation Plus vary by subscriber age. Sony Entertainment Network, PlayStation®Store and PlayStation®Plus subject to terms of use and not available in all countries and languages; PlayStation Plus content and services vary by subscriber age; PlayStation Plus subscription automatically renews at the end of the subscription period and you will be charged in accordance with the SEN Terms of Service and User Agreement; Users must be 7 years or older and users under 18 require parental consent – Service availability is not guaranteed. Online features of specific games may be withdrawn on reasonable notice –

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cassarcc said:

August 20th, 7:54 am


cassarcc said:

August 20th, 7:56 am

This game seems to be amazing!!! There should be versions to PS3 and VITA…

I-Dusk-I said:

August 20th, 7:56 am

@1 Can I have your autograph?

xPhoenix777 said:

August 20th, 7:56 am

Isn’t this the first free game day one for the PS+ subscribers?

Craazy said:

August 20th, 7:57 am

Well I HAVE to get Killzone…..and a camera… I am very thankful that you will be gifting this to me (since I have Plus already) and I am fairly certain that at some point I will make the “Full Game” investment.

UKVampire said:

August 20th, 7:57 am

Can’t wait for Driveclub :)

poodude said:

August 20th, 7:57 am

So as a Plus member I get Driveclub for free. Or I can purchase a copy and get three months of Plus.

Damn, now I’m not sure which is the better deal!

xPhoenix777 said:

August 20th, 7:57 am

I read the full article… PS+ basically is not getting some DLC and the full version does. ok.

David2Crazy said:

August 20th, 8:00 am

How much does it cost to upgrade from the PS+ edition to the full game?

GeoDarky said:

August 20th, 8:00 am

Damn getting this one for sure

medleyoz said:

August 20th, 8:04 am

@ 8 No. The PS Plus edition doesn’t include everything the FULL retail version of the game it only provides a sample of the game has nothing to do with DLC. It includes some cars, tracks etc available to play in all game modes. If you want everything you need to upgrade (or buy full version at retail) or can pick and choose what you want (e.g. a track or car)

whatisdelicious said:

August 20th, 8:12 am

Wait, so does the PS Plus edition expire after three months or is the three-month game trial a separate thing?

medleyoz said:

August 20th, 8:19 am

@ 12 no doesn’t expire. You get a 3 month PS Plus subscription is you buy driveclub at retail.

Boxster17 said:

August 20th, 8:23 am

Just to make sure I understand, the bonus 3 months of PS+ isn’t a preorder bonus but good for anyone who buys the game? Just wanting to see if there’s any time limit to take advantage of that deal or not.

Looking forward to this next gen, can’t wait to try out these games.

BlueBl1zzard said:

August 20th, 8:26 am

How long will the “Buy Driveclub retail, get three months of Plus free” offer last? Because I don’t know if I’ll still be able to pick up a ps4 on launch day, but I may just get me a copy of Driveclub anyway.

whatisdelicious said:

August 20th, 8:27 am

@13 You’re right; I misread it. I thought it said “three-month PlayStation Plus full game trial” and I thought, “Wait, why would I go with the weird, limited PS Plus edition forever when I could play EVERYTHING for three months?” But yeah, my bad. Thanks!

Apeman24 said:

August 20th, 8:27 am

Thanks for showing the pre order bonuses. Very cool for anyone who likes racing games and never tried PS+ before.

xFuzylilManPeach said:

August 20th, 8:31 am

Driveclub will most def be mine :) the three free months will definitely entice people into getting it.

And that whole “FIRST!;1ST!” crap is getting way old… Pretty childish people. We can give less than two ***** if you have the first comment.

And i hope the people who try to do it and end up being like the sixth or seventh comment feel really stupid and cease doing it.

t_jak_1212 said:

August 20th, 8:34 am

If you pre-ordered the PS4 and you get Drive Club free for PS+, will you get this exclusive content?

akisuo said:

August 20th, 8:40 am

So much will it cost to upgrade from Plus to the full edition? Also how does this effect trophies?

Mando44646 said:

August 20th, 8:43 am

I’ll be getting it on PS+. so no preordering for me :)

Faintfeend said:

August 20th, 8:46 am

So just to make sure I got this right. If you pre-order the game you get 3 months free of ps+ & plus members will only get extra dlc, not the entire game. Right?

Avalanche said:

August 20th, 8:48 am

its a racing game…i dont expect it to be bad, but i also dont expect it to blow me away. its gonna be nice to have for free since i have PS+

Bjarno86 said:

August 20th, 8:49 am

Is the 3 month PS+ trial redeemable by existing PS+ members? I know 1 month trials tends to only be redeemable for non-existing members.

terrencec06 said:

August 20th, 8:52 am

Kinda disappointed we don’t get the full game for being a Plus member. You guys should consider giving the full retail game to Day 1 Plus members. Because I’ll be honest when plus first came out it kinda sucked. Game looks by the way.

Shrewder said:

August 20th, 8:56 am

This title is one of the many PS4 retail goodies I have pre-ordered, with the system, through Best Buy. The PS+ bonus is appreciated. The added three months with push my PLUS subscription into march of 2024. Yes! I’m currently vested in PLUS until December 2023.

Feisar said:

August 20th, 8:58 am

Already preordered this in Canada at Future shop…. Are we in the bonus mix?

enricky559 said:

August 20th, 8:59 am

Does anyone know where to give feedback on Killzone Mercenary .I know this has nothing to do with Drive Club, but if someone can lead me to the right spot I would appreciate it. Thank You.

lyfestory said:

August 20th, 9:23 am

so, what i’m understanding is that the Playstation Plus version is basically like Drive Club Prologue… not really a full game, but a teaser, a demo… so much for that Instant Game thing… i think i’ll be passing on this title… my one PS4 title i will be playing is Watch Dogs… unless there are other, more impressive titles at launch, i’ll probably still just be playing GTAV…

NickMulder said:

August 20th, 9:24 am

@25 GOOD LORD! You do realize at that point we’ll be halfway into PLAYSTATION 5 lol I wouldn’t buy any more Plus if I were you because we don’t know how Plus will function anymore in a DECADE lol I have my Plus until July of 2015. And I’ll tack some time onto it before then but not a decade lol way too much man.

NickMulder said:

August 20th, 9:26 am

I have a big question for you James. To upgrade from the PS Plus edition of Driveclub, will we get a discount? Considering this is a digital download and you don’t have to worry about the cost of retail, this would be much appreciated to see a discount for us.

Amnalehu said:

August 20th, 9:38 am

I guess the question on everyone’s mind (mine included) is how much PS+ members will have to pay to upgrade to the equivalent of the full version. I also wish that there were some PS+ exclusive cars or skins.

tusunami said:

August 20th, 9:38 am

For those that keep posting 1st it’s vey idiotic of you, but this just show’s the intelligence of those that do. But on another note this will be a interesting game & see how it develops since there is already a 1st party racing game GT in the stable. Competition is a good thing though.

GTA-RACER-007 said:

August 20th, 9:39 am

Seems like good deal, i am really looking forward to this but i have one question.
I have previously had 1 month PS+ subscription trial for free but when i redeemed it i learnt that its for new users only because i couldn’t use it but my friend could, So is this going to be the same case that i cant use it because i already have plus or is it different this time, since its a pack in bundle rather than free email codes.

race2winnet said:

August 20th, 9:40 am

Just want to make sure that I read this right, if we upgrade from the PS+ edition to the full version, we will only have access to the full upgraded version as long as we are a Plus member?!? Please clarify!


SteeLFaisca said:

August 20th, 9:47 am

Cant wait to play Killzone on Vita. Serious.

cassarcc said:

August 20th, 9:54 am

I have been very frustrated ’cause I know that both PS3 and VITA have much power to be used and Sony don’t launches more exclusive games for VITA like Gran Turismo, InFamous or other games like Splinter Cell, Tomb Raider or Resident Evil. And I have seen there are many simple, but amazing games that runs only on PS3 (like mars, ducktales, narco terror, thunder volves), why?

UnrealButcher said:

August 20th, 10:02 am

Driveclub PlayStation Plus Edition can buy an upgrade to the full game.

Note that Driveclub PlayStation Plus Edition (and any upgrades) is only available for use during the period of your PlayStation Plus membership.

So then if you upgrade to the “Full Edition” you still lose it after your subscription expires? Hmm… hope it doesn’t cost much to upgrade to it if they are going to take it away. IMO, you should be able to keep it if it’s considered “Full Edition”.

Maybe they should offer 2 “Full Editions”? One that you lose for cheaper and one at maybe a discount under retail cost?

Something like $40 to own forever and $10-15 and you lose it. Kind of depends on the amount of content we are getting with upgrading though.

Just a thought.

MuscularComic said:

August 20th, 12:12 pm

Come on Sony! Lets throw up some of your back catalog of movies and TV shows for PS Plus subscribers. Like Community or Spiderman!

saab01 said:

August 20th, 5:03 pm

I am not really understanding Driveclub for Plus members are we getting half a game? Or are we getting a game that everything we need to buy in game. Someone explain it more clearly to me.

JROD0823 said:

August 20th, 8:08 pm

Already have this game paid for, and I am super-excited for this game to come out.

I apologize for not supporting you guys during the PS3 era with your Motorstorm games, trying to make up for it now. :)

D-Squad3 said:

August 20th, 11:34 pm

Wait so the Plus Edition isn’t the full game?!! LAME!!! Can we still earn trophies at least?!!

MartB64 said:

August 21st, 5:35 am

This game is starting to look better and better. Now I have a few questions…
3D support?
Upgrade cost to “fullgame” for PS+ member?
Confirmation of availability at release of PS4?

Ninja_Ratchet said:

August 22nd, 6:34 am

How much would it end up costing to upgrade to the full version of the game?

maxideaccion said:

August 22nd, 8:56 am

You can’t be serious. How can you offer us Hitman Absolution, a game with technical issues that has left hundreds of people (at least) without the posibility of coming to an end, because the saved data gets lost randomly (the same for the Contracts Mode). At the same time, you are supporting the bad behavior of the company in charge of HA, because promissed on their official forum ( to give us a solution but they have done nothing from the released date until now.
I consider this disrespectfull, specially coming from Sony…How is this possible?
I’m still waiting for an official answer.

ElitePWNSFace said:

August 22nd, 9:42 am

@44 i assume its going to be retail. Probably $60

YungShep said:

August 22nd, 11:29 am

supporting this title, solely because i LOVEEEEEEEEEEEED the Motorstorm franchise, thought Apocalypse was the best in the series, especially with 3D.

day 1 for me, thank you.

SDkngsht said:

August 24th, 3:06 pm

isn’t this the first game PS Plus members get free?

@cassarcc what are you twelve? people still post “first” on blogs? dude that was lame 5 years ago.

L0NG_SHOT_28 said:

September 1st, 9:45 pm

I’m sad that the McLaren is a Gamestop pre order bonus, I went into gamestop today actually to cancel my game pre orders being that I’ve decided to go all digital.

The guy at the counter responded to my request with “oh I guess you won’t be playing any games on your PS4 then”, and I decided my decision was well founded, I won’t be using gamestop for anything anymore.

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