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Aug 20

Aug 20

Gamescom 2013 Live: Watch the PlayStation Conference Today

Sid Shuman's Avatar Posted by Director, SIEA Social Media

Guten tag! Gamescom, the world’s largest gaming event, officially opens its doors tomorrow. But the action begins today with PlayStation’s Gamescom press conference. And lucky you — you can watch live starting at 10:00am Pacific Time (1:00pm Eastern) today with our dedicated livestream!

A quick note: much like E3 is targeted to the US audience and Tokyo Game Show is targeted at Japan, the gamescom press conference is primarily aimed at European gamers, so please keep that in mind as you watch. Not everything mentioned or shown today will necessarily apply to those of us in North America. We’ll post on all appropriate things for the North American market, however, just as we always do.

If you don’t see the video above this sentence, please refresh your page. It should then appear.

At the conclusion of the livestream, refresh PlayStation.Blog to see game trailers and in-depth details from many of the titles revealed on stage. There will be a lot of content to take in, so consider checking out our dedicated gamescom13 Blog tag so you don’t miss a thing! And we’ll keep the Gamescom train rolling all week long with hands-on previews, announcements, and interviews straight from the show floor. It should be a good (and busy!) week — please let us know your favorite picks in the comments! If you happen to miss the live show, no worries: the entire conference will play on a loop for the next 24 hours or so.

After the conference, stick around to see a live panel discussion featuring Worldwide Studios president (and Treasure Park master) Shuhei Yoshida, Beyond: Two Souls director David Cage and Assassin’s Creed writer Darby McDevitt for a lively discussion around storytelling and narrative development in game design. Should be a good one — don’t miss it!

And keep an eye on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram all week long for an inside look at gamescom’s finest. We’ve got some great stuff planned — auf wiedersehen!

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ElektroDragon said:

August 20th, 11:35 am


Blue_57 said:

August 20th, 11:36 am

Man. I just subscribed to a year of plus 12 hours ago…. Between that and not being able to access the killzone beta, today has been a bit of a letdown from a playstation perspective

Ceviche1 said:

August 20th, 11:37 am

November 15th !!!!! FACK YES !!

Sevyne said:

August 20th, 11:37 am

That was rather boring to watch. I mean most of this stuff was just a repeat of E3.

The focus on indies is nice, but you guys are really overdoing it when most of the focus was on that. Then the Vita seriously got nothing but indies here.

I won’t lie though; I did get pretty excited for Borderlands 2 coming to it, but is it going to be a halfhearted crappy port that is nearly unplayable? That seems to be a recurring thing.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited for the PS4, but gamescom didn’t really add to that at all. It also got me worrying about Vita.

Hypnomez said:

August 20th, 11:38 am

No price drop on PS Vita memory cards? That’s like the main reason why people hesitate to buy the console

wally_mammoth said:

August 20th, 11:38 am

I came to the party a little late. Can anyone tell me how much Sony is dropping Vita memory cards by and when the price change goes into effect? Thanks.

Pte-Parts said:

August 20th, 11:39 am

Why do we have to wait two weeks longer in the UK?

drd7of14 said:

August 20th, 11:39 am

@350, it a little under 3 months actually, but still pretty nice. Was hoping for October. Oh well! Can’t wait!

Sevyne said:

August 20th, 11:40 am

@355 Yeah, I’m not sure why the memory cards haven’t dropped yet and a bigger one hasn’t come out. That and the price drop on Vita has already been active at Target and Bestbuy for a while now.

Mike8023 said:

August 20th, 11:40 am

They didn’t mention how much memory card prices will drop by. They just said they would.

drd7of14 said:

August 20th, 11:40 am

@355, there is a price drop on memory cards. You should have watched the whole thing, they just didn’t say how much or when besides in the this fall.

T5UR15 said:

August 20th, 11:40 am

@355 they did say price drop on vita memory cards

Hypnomez said:

August 20th, 11:41 am

Forget what I said, I missed the first half -.-

T1NGO said:

August 20th, 11:41 am

Woohoo, Noviembre 15, que felicidad, the best place to play PS4.

DramaBeatz96 said:

August 20th, 11:42 am

What will come with the playstation 4 ?

terro007 said:

August 20th, 11:44 am

damn it’s amazing how the new assassin’s creed and the new infamous are made

BurnoutBoz said:

August 20th, 11:46 am

Was a nice amount of indie titles announced, shame the release is late again in EU. Why no word on the unannounced titles from Naughty Dog, MM and Santa Monica Studios? They must be released late 2014-Early 2015 if no word by now.

PIN360 said:

August 20th, 11:47 am

Cool so PS4 comes November 15th. Almost right after I usually get my Christmas bonus, excellent. Where was the supposed Vita/PS4 bundle though? Also, why was this being talked up as a PS Vita show? Aside from some obvious (and late) price cuts and a 5 second image of Borderlands 2 I don’t see much to be excited about as a VITA owner.

LBP HUB was a waste. Anything and everything that was mentioned you can already do in other LBP games without having your wallet get sucked dry.

When one of the perks of being a PS+ subscriber is getting FREE full retail games, its kind of moot to be leaning so heavily on showcasing more and more of these F2P games….

Case in point, I have LBP2 as a free game from my PS+ subscription… what reason do I have to play LBP HUB?

I realize theres a market for these kinds of games… But there’s already so much being put on the table it’s bound to take away from other ideas (better ideas).

I think SONY needs to be careful with drowning their consumer base with too much F2P sub par games which is what almost every F2P game out there is. Your PS+ Subscribers already get great “free” content so just keep focusing on that instead…

Hypnomez said:

August 20th, 11:47 am

@359 I thought that if they didn’t announced it with the closing where he mentioned the PS Vita price drop, they simply didn’t dropped the price of the memory cards, seems I was wrong and I’m really happy about it! From what I read elsewhere the price will drop tomorrow but the price is still unknown

And yeah I have my Vita for months and bought the Assassin’s Creed bundle at that price; $200

thewindowsguy said:

August 20th, 11:51 am

Just saw the video on IGN. PS4 release date is November 15th. That’s exciting. It reminds me of the PS3. Nice blow to Microsoft.

wally_mammoth said:

August 20th, 11:52 am

@369 Hypnomez: Can you point me in the direction of the article that said the memory card price drops would go into effect tomorrow plz? Been holding off on getting a 32gb card for 5 months now waiting for the price to drop.

taznc1976 said:

August 20th, 11:54 am

Long story short, I was a diehard x box fan and that’s all it was for me. Un till the RED RING OF DEATH since that and a fix from x box the system was traded in for a PS3 and I have never looked back at x box.. I m exited, but Ill have to wait due to price, NOT PS3 fault. Fair Price for what has been shown so far. Great Job:)

Kyarok said:

August 20th, 11:57 am

While its cool that Ill be able to remote play ps4 games on it I didnt really see any really good vita excusives. Im excited for BL2 on vita as wel as killzone an tearaway but thats about it. The psp had so many great games like peace walker, patapon, loco roco, crisis core, birth by sleep, ratchet and clank, monster hunter and gods eater just to name a few. I love indie games but I didnt buy a vita so I could play indie games. I bought it with the promise of great first party games that sony is known for as well as awesome third party franchises. You guys spent like 2 minutes talking about vit and didnt really show anything worthwhile imo. That being said Im stoked for ps4 and kudos on the vita memory card price drop.

NARDCORE_805 said:

August 20th, 11:58 am

The show was amazing! I am even more excited for the PS4 than ever! Can’t wait till November 15th!

Hypnomez said:

August 20th, 12:06 pm

@371 Well oddly I can’t find the page anymore, they must have removed it because the price drop that begins tomorrow is the PS Vita system, not the memory cards, from every other sites they stated that the date is still unknown but will be coming soon.

As you I am waiting to buy a 32GB for months to enlarge my on-the-go collection and I’m pretty disappointed to realize that even though the price drop is announced, the date is still unknown

Mobius2525 said:

August 20th, 12:07 pm

The show was okay but I wish the had announce a PS4/PS Vita bundle.

YungShep said:

August 20th, 12:09 pm

borderlands 2 vita!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my life is over

WarEnder said:

August 20th, 12:24 pm

What was up with the cameras? The one camera was to far away to see the video. We don’t care about seeing the people at the show! Whenever the camera went from someone talking to the video they went to that camera and it was to far. So you missed the first couple of sec of the video. You really only need 2 cameras. One for the person talking and one for the video screen. Less is more. Another thing about the camera work. If someone is playing a live demo of the game we don’t want the camera on the guy playing it. We want to see the game.

lisatsunami said:

August 20th, 12:29 pm

Guten abend, mein freund. Wie geht es Ihnen?

Great Gamescon, great focus on what Playstation gamers want. Too much to read, too much to digest. Information overload. Thanks!

Sagenaruto0429 said:

August 20th, 12:36 pm

did hey say when the ps4 comes to north America

scbond said:

August 20th, 1:01 pm

Is that Dan Maher I see and hear?! Another big F-U directed at Microsoft :)

Garden_3504 said:

August 20th, 1:04 pm

Lol is Shuhei Yoshida taking a nap? xD

kaanka09 said:

August 20th, 1:10 pm

29th of november !!! just a day before my birthday ;) well i know what i’m getting as a present :)))right on schedule

ejtjeeves said:

August 20th, 1:11 pm

support for external capture devices like Elgato?

CommandingTiger said:

August 20th, 1:37 pm

Sony; The Price cut and Memory Price cut will make people go and buy the Vita.
But don’t try to copy Nintendo’s 3DS and their kind of games.

Make Games that are coherant with the PS Fanbase.
Applause with Borderland 2. Yeah, not a huge fan of the series, but it’s still a decent shooter.

You get what I’m saying. We need new innovating games with theses types of Genre:
Shooters, Action, Aventure, RPG, Racing and RTS Real Time Strategy.
Especially since the Vita has a touchscreen, it be perfect to make an RTS PS4-Cross Controller with the Vita that uses that technology or as a Vita Stand-Alone RTS.

So, basic rule, be true to yourself, make sure the budget for the Vita is equal to that of the PS4, unlike the PSP.
Get every single studios to work on both.

And please, help Media Molecule to get better taste in games/characters, Spark looks more interesting yet it’s a Copy and Paste of Mod Nation Racers, literally. But, you can create anything, you’re not limited to a sackboy or a letterhead.

CommandingTiger said:

August 20th, 1:44 pm

Gaming budget equal to the PS4 and equal amount of games.
If you have to use CG video to enhance the Vita’s experience, then do it.

wumbocumbo3 said:

August 20th, 3:34 pm

November 15 instead of 13? I preferred 13, it was closer to my birthday.

swan-ton-bom said:

August 20th, 6:17 pm

UStream is good…. but they really need to have a graphics setting for people who can’t afford to watch videos with high speed internet… I’m sorry Sony but it’s true, hopefully you guys can look into it or something.

darksidersguy123 said:

August 20th, 7:10 pm

I hope I will be seeing it to If I don’t fall asleep…..

xEL-BRUTALOx said:

August 21st, 4:53 am

when will the conferece be repeated?

Kipcator said:

August 21st, 11:24 am

Playstation, I…


September 18th, 6:55 am

I eagerly await your launch date PS4. Please do not be delayed for any reason whatsoever.

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