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Aug 22

Aug 22

Destiny: Out Here in the Wild

DeeJ's Avatar Posted by Community Manager, Bungie

Hey, PlayStation fans. It’s awesome to be at Gamescom this week. For the first time ever, we’re showing off live demos of Destiny at an event that’s open to everyone! Since our new action game is more fun when it’s experienced with other people, it makes all the sense in the world to welcome gamers to explore the frontier with us.

If you weren’t able to make it to the convention, we have no intention of leaving you behind. This week, we’re delving deeper into the details for how you’ll become legend in Destiny. This video helps us tell that story.

Check out the adventure that awaits you in our brave new world. Create a character. Defeat your enemies. Complete your missions to earn sweet rewards that make your Guardian more and more dangerous. You’ll need new ways to fight to tackle the story as it unfolds before you.

We’ll be sharing more of Destiny in the months to come, but this is a chance to take another step toward this exciting experience that we’re creating for PS3 and PS4.

Thanks for watching!

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YungShep said:

August 22nd, 1:35 pm

yessssssssssss, first

YungShep said:

August 22nd, 1:35 pm

but in all seriousness, really looking forward to this, wonder what the player cap is per event..

Gringo234 said:

August 22nd, 2:05 pm

I really wanna like this game because i’m a big fan of Bungie. But the problem is this can be compared to other games for example Borderlands. With that said I doubt the magic that Halo made can be recreated with Destiny, because unlike Destiny, when Halo first dropped there was nothing else like it before and when it was coming out. This gives off the sense of games like Borderlands. Looking forward to playing it on my PS4 when it comes out. Keep up the good work.

Artemisthemp said:

August 22nd, 2:07 pm

So I can to Saturn that’s fine, but can I go to most important Planet? Yes Pluto

stlthriot said:

August 22nd, 2:13 pm

Looks amazing! Definitely will be grabbing this once it is released on PS4. :)

Loy310 said:

August 22nd, 2:39 pm

Oh God, this game…
I have never been this hype for a game since Vice City, back then all you could do was imagine what the games was like until it came out. There was no youtube, no vids , just articles and forums.

I can not wait for this game. I am 31 years old and the hype for this game reminds me of hype when i was 10 and my parents announced that we were going to Disney World.

Mobius2525 said:

August 22nd, 2:45 pm

…….This November my wallet will cry.

JKar275 said:

August 22nd, 2:48 pm

Will there be any naval or underwater combat?

So far, this game looks pretty good.

NickMulder said:

August 22nd, 2:56 pm

The most important question for me is what planets and moons can I visit?? I wanna visit them all!!!! :D minus the gas giants of course lol considering it’s impossible to set foot on them. But if I can visit every planet and moon and fly around them, I won’t even know what to do with myself. This will be the greatest game ever made by FAR if I can do that!!!!

NickMulder said:

August 22nd, 3:03 pm

I think I just saw that you can go to Mercury!!!! It looked like the sun up really close!!!! Sweet!!!!

IIIBlackoutIII said:

August 22nd, 3:30 pm

Can’t wait to play this on the PS4!!

WowUrTall said:

August 22nd, 4:12 pm

Loving the way the game looks!

StealthReborn-- said:

August 22nd, 4:15 pm

I’m really looking forward to this game! I hope there’s going to be a collectors edition announcement sometime in the near future. =)

FireCage said:

August 22nd, 4:53 pm

Looks really amazing! XD

NARDCORE_805 said:

August 22nd, 6:48 pm

I am really excited for this game and will definitely buy it Day 1! I just want more info on the classes and race and how those things will effect your character progression and the story

EnigmaNemesis said:

August 22nd, 7:40 pm

So stoked for this game! Loved the story in the Halo series, and this looks to take online FPS gaming to a whole new level.

Definitely a PS4 purchase for me!

nolo451 said:

August 22nd, 8:14 pm

Have it preordered on Amazon, looking forward to this title.

Slimmer_ said:

August 22nd, 9:23 pm

things that I have not seen yet in Destiny that I want too see:

-Color Editor for Everything & Anything you can think of. Weapon Camo, Clothes, Gear, Scope sights & lens, etc
let the player have as much Customization to their hearts desire.

-a Destiny PS4 theme system bundle. I would buy 2nd PS4 if this happens.

BAD-KID_ said:

August 22nd, 10:01 pm

Destiny is going to be awesome.
I ordered CODGhost , Killzone SF and Wacth Dogs for PS4.
My next game will be Destiny and inFAMOUS SS. ;)

Kchow23 said:

August 22nd, 11:45 pm

The game looks amazing!

Ostaf52 said:

August 23rd, 1:54 am

Reminds me A LOT of Destiny by Trion.

AdaWongKhoSeann said:

August 23rd, 3:17 am

i like the game can create my own characters i mostly like FEMALE heroin, this game can create so i must buy both PS3 & PS4 version of the game, i like great graphics games, this is great graphics, those nest-gen PlayStation 4 games i also like, just like The Order 1886, Killzone Shadow Fall, Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain, Drive Club, & more of PS4 games, hopefully will have Uncharted 4 & God of War IV & more

AdaWongKhoSeann said:

August 23rd, 3:19 am

also The Last of Us, i hope will have next episode.

AdaWongKhoSeann said:

August 23rd, 3:21 am

now is waiting Beyond Two Souls, is a best awesome game, best graphics, great orchestra music from Hans Zimmer, can’t wait to play.

IrishDude2 said:

August 23rd, 9:15 am

@The blog guys
Can you do something about them childish comments that say first? Temporary ban them or something. It’s annoying and childish.

Wow looks awesome!!! I always hated Halo and couldn’t stand the sight of it. When someone talked about it I always ignored them cos they bored the hell of me. But damn.. this game looks class!!!! Day one from me!

tusunami said:

August 23rd, 9:50 am

But YungShep will you be getting a PS4 launch day though? Now this looks like a FPS that I can get into!!!!!

Rocky1000 said:

August 23rd, 1:43 pm

This game looks awesome, cant wait to play it

darksarg said:

August 23rd, 3:04 pm


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