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Aug 22

Aug 22

Hands on: Battlefield 4 Multiplayer on PS4

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DICE’s upcoming Battlefield 4 has captured the attention of military shooter enthusiasts for a host of reasons, not the least of which is the game’s promise of 64-player multiplayer warfare running at a smooth 60 frames per second on PS4. At Gamescom, I got some hands-on time with the first PS4 build of the game — we were among the first group to play the PS4 build outside of DICE. Here’s a quick after-action report.

For starters, the game runs at fluid 60 fps and its benefits were instantly noticeable on PS4. This translates to a decidedly smoother, much more responsive feel compared to Battlefield 3 on PS3. The speedy framerate means that the game simply controls better, whether you’re quickly sweeping your aiming reticule to ward off a surprise close-range attack or making smaller aiming adjustments to nail a precise headshot. Sprinting and vaulting over low cover also feels much more responsive and gives you an edge in the game’s sprawling battle zones, where death lurks around every corner and peers out of every window.

BF4 also benefits hugely from the many refinements of DualShock 4. The overhauled L2 and R2 triggers wrap snugly around your index fingers and respond crisply to every input, giving a satisfyingly precise and tactile feel as you fire your weapons. In the build I played, L1 and R1 handled grenades and a radial command menu, respectively. Tapping down on the PS4’s refined directional pad cycled through weapon firing modes (semi-auto, burst fire, and fully automatic fire), while tapping left deployed class-specific equipment such as the Engineer’s RPG.


Though the PS4 build was in a pre-release state, it provided a window into the game’s visual strengths. The environments shimmer with eye-catching details, from billowing flames and smoke to grit blowing in the wind. Palm trees swayed dramatically, casting intricate shadows while rocket strikes lit up the surroundings. The audio was also noteworthy, surrounding the player in a symphony of shrieking mortars, whizzing bullets, and the eerie ping of nearby ricochets.

Developer DICE has confirmed that the PS4 version will support a full 64 players per match via PSN, plus an additional two slots reserved for Commander players. But more on that in a minute. BF4’s 64 player count means that the PS4 version is in full parity with the game’s PC counterpart, and the game’s large-scale matches will span the land, sea and air as battles rage between infantry, aircraft, tanks and APCs and amphibious vehicles. DICE promises that amphibious combat will be a major highlight in BF4, after having been largely minimized in the past few Battlefield titles, and that players will have to negotiate heaving waves while attempting to outmaneuver enemy ships.


On the Domination level I played, a tropical battleground dubbed Paracel Storm, I clashed with enemy forces while locking down strategic points. The environments feel more interactive: you can open and close doors in order to avoid detection or trap enemies. And the new “Levelution” environment destruction feature figured prominently into the battle, as C4 charges and grenades gradually whittled down hardened checkpoints and exposed flag defenders to enemy fire. BF4 also marks the return of the Commander class, which is no longer a physical presence in the battle but can support his team by ordering supply drops, issuing squad orders, and foiling his enemy counterpart with EMP blasts and UAV deployments. In the final version of the game, BF4 will enable Commander players to guide their squads via a tablet application.

I was only able to play two matches on PS4, but I’ll definitely be diving back in when Battlefield 4 hits PS4 this holiday. Have any questions? Leave them in the comments below!

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AdaWongKhoSeann said:

August 23rd, 2:16 am

hi…Battlefield fans, i’m PlayStation series fans, i’m new in FPS game in online mode, i’ll start play FPS in online mode, so Battlefield 4 is my first experience in online co-op play, wow is so great to hear those great comments, mostly PS4 is running on 1080p 60fps, i hope is 1080p 60fps :) thanks…

AdaWongKhoSeann said:

August 23rd, 2:20 am

i’ll collect Battlefield 4 both PS3 & PS4 version, in future up coming games i also must collect both PS3 & PS4 version with any cost.

xxCHUN said:

August 23rd, 2:21 am

Please upload a 60fps clip to prove ” Battlefield 4 on PS4 gets 60 frames per second and 64 players online “.

thebdboy said:

August 23rd, 2:26 am

sorry to let you know that the resolution will be at 720p not 1080p and the framerate is at 60fps

thebdboy said:

August 23rd, 2:28 am

@AdaWongKhoSeann nope it will be 720p :/

rkerr88 said:

August 23rd, 2:45 am

The game will run at 720p resolution, If you don’t like this blame everyone who still doesn’t have a TV that supports 1080p.

ricku1967 said:

August 23rd, 2:47 am

wow, 60 fps and 64 players, rockstar need to ask them how they got 64 players on a small map since they can only get 16 players and a HUGE map

ricku1967 said:

August 23rd, 2:56 am

@Skater_Ricky, well you sold me, im heading to Battlefield 4 for multiplayer, sick of the kids on COD doing lone wolf tactics and getting the entire squad all for team work

thebdboy said:

August 23rd, 3:02 am

@ricku1967 you are missing on a lot, i was a cod fan but after mw2 i got sick of it so i switch to bad company 2, best thing i have ever done, bought bf3 day one and ive been playing ever since every single day, will be buying bf4 with ps4 hope to see you on the battlefield

Dude_Largepants said:

August 23rd, 6:15 am

Dude_Largepants said:

August 23rd, 6:17 am

Oh and to answer anyones question about 1080p, the PS4 gameplay at Gamescom was running at 1080p.

r2a1m6o said:

August 23rd, 6:26 am

I’m with the guy that posted the first comment. They need to make an alternate control scheme to switch aim and fire back to L1/R1. I don’t want to shoot with triggers, and I don’t even like having them to be honest. I can’t even tell you how many games I have played (and not just fps’s), that use L1/R1 for either aim/shoot, lock on/shoot. That trigger stuff, is an Xbox thing. Keep it there.
So, I guess that would be my question. Any word on an alternate controller setting?

mylam1959 said:

August 23rd, 7:25 am

Meanwhile, on pc we get to enjoy 120fps on 120hz monitor :D

Gonzai99 said:

August 23rd, 7:41 am

This is one of my most anticipated games and I cannot wait to play it on my PS4! I have 3 questions:
how would you compare the graphics of the biult you played to the trailers and gameplay shown on pc?
how smooth is the framerate?
how accurate and comfortable is the DS4?
I really would like to know :)

thebdboy said:

August 23rd, 8:00 am

@Dude_Largepants dude i saw a tweet from battlefield they stated that bf4 on ps4 will be running at 720p , where did u get that info not that i dont want it to be true xD

squidavenger said:

August 23rd, 8:33 am

I read on Ign that the graphics aren’t that impressive at parts ( muddy wall/weapon textures) , to what extent is this true?

Dogtripe said:

August 23rd, 8:41 am

Doesn’t matter if it runs BF4 in 60 fps that just means that it will run games in 2017 in 30fps.

brutonka said:

August 23rd, 9:48 am

rightn0w, at games c0n it was running 0n 720.
and wasn’t even 64.
Yah it can run it.
But it’s 0dd they’d ch0se less then 64 t0 display the game 0n ps4.

J_T_O said:

August 23rd, 11:03 am

GUYS HITS ME, if you know what resolution is going to be runing on…

spectromagic04 said:

August 23rd, 11:19 am

Are we allowed to use a game capture like an legato on the PS4? I hope you can answer

NO_FEAR said:

August 23rd, 11:33 am

Thanks for the hand on report. This game will be pretty epic!

adejohsasuke said:

August 23rd, 12:15 pm

BF3 Campaign may have been flat but it blew the waters out in reviews with its massive amazing multiplayer. If the campaign is solid or not BF4 will still blow the competition with its multiplayer. Even though COD sells more for some reason I don’t know why its not always quantity but quality remember.

aanthony1234 said:

August 23rd, 3:21 pm

Can’t Wait its going to be awesome With 64 Players 60 FPS The New Controller And the new PS4 :)

Catcher_BR said:

August 23rd, 7:49 pm

Please Sony tell EA and Dice that is totally unacceptable this game looks worse than the pc and runs on 720p.

This game should look better then bf3 on ultra on pc on the ps4. Jusy look at Killzone shadow fall. Looks better than bf4 pc and runs 1080p glory and on mp on 60fps.

Ps4 is capable of a lot more than bf4 on pc is. Just like ps3 was more capable of what was done on bf3 ps3 version. Killzone 2 and 3 looked a lot better.

Stop being lazy and do it the ps3 Just like pc, same gfx, 1080p and 60fps. Come on ea/dice

Catcher_BR said:

August 23rd, 7:51 pm

Stop being lazy and do it the ps4 Just like pc, same gfx, 1080p and 60fps. Come on ea/dice. I meant that lol

jbarrow15 said:

August 24th, 8:55 am

Does anyone know if they are doing the servers that allow people to purchase them again? If so is there going to be a option not to play on peoples servers and just dice’s servers?

jbarrow15 said:

August 24th, 8:58 am

Love how the new bf4 is looking and happy to hear the player count is being up for ps4! Hope they give a option of not playing on peoples servers this time!

B4932126 said:

August 24th, 9:43 am

DO NOT over estimate to PS4’s potential. the PS4 has similar power to a low end PC and I will cry if I get anything near 60fps, ESPECIALLY on multiplayer in 1080p. expect about 45fps in 720p. sad but true ps. I am not a playstation hater, I love playstation and just pre-ordered my PS4, its just I dont wan’t people to get dissapointed

DX-clark said:

August 25th, 4:05 am

Hey Sid Shuman, that sounds really nice! But how is the graphics on PS4 compared to the PC? Are there DX11 Effects like parallel mapping or Tessellation? Is there a nice Anti-Alising or are there many edges? Withe the news that BF4 on PS4 maybe runs in 720p native, I really hope that it looks much like the PC Version at “High Graphic Settings”

Greetings from Germany, DX-Clark

cooldude050 said:

August 25th, 6:50 pm

Thanks for the “report from the front”! I’m glad to know that the DS4’s triggers are much better for shooting, but changing from years of PS3 gaming is still going to be weird… Oh well, here’s to change for the better!

QBA_79 said:

August 29th, 2:25 pm

Someone’s doing us a horse. How możęliwe that the version of the PS4 comes 720p and medium settings from your PC. Or you piss next-next-gene or genes, they are not. A bunch of slackers and materialists! Do not buy BF4 for consoles or PC goodbye to the BF series.

al-ihsan said:

August 29th, 6:49 pm

Looks epic but cant decide what should i get first watch dogs or BF4??hmmmm…..

nightoneracing said:

August 31st, 1:05 pm

BF3 will rock, to bad it will cost more money to play, but hey that how it is.
I am 55 years old gamer and preorder the game , now on to the all new ps4 I am going to get it but it wont be for some time do too that I have a lot of ps1,ps2,ps3 games now make it so I can play all my games on it, They will have me buy PS4 on day 1,
See you all on Battlefield 4 10/29/2013.
Look me up on Battlefield 3

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