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Aug 26

Aug 26

2013 PAX Prime Indie Game Sale

Pierre Gravereau's Avatar Posted by Director, Digital Distribution

Pax Prime 2013 Sale

PAX Prime in Seattle is right around the corner and we’re celebrating with great discounts on some of our favorite indie games that were shown at previous PAX Prime shows.  Starting tomorrow, we’re offering deals on some fantastic titles, with discounts of up to 65% off and PlayStation Plus members receiving up to 75% off.

These prices will be available starting tomorrow through September 2nd on PlayStation Store. Check out the full lineup of games:



Regular Price

Sale Price

Plus Price

Penny-Arcade Adventures On the Rainslick Precipice of Darkness Ep 1 & 2








Retro City Rampage (PS3 and PS Vita, Cross-Buy)




Dragon Fantasy Book I (PS3 and PS Vita, Cross-Buy)




Limbo (PS3 and PS Vita, Cross-Buy)




Tokyo Jungle




Zombie Tycoon II: Brainhov’s Revenge (PS3 and PS Vita, Cross-Buy)





















Be sure to check the PlayStation.Blog later this week for more information on all the PlayStation news coming out of PAX Prime.

Which games are you going to pick up?

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Tidushot said:

August 26th, 6:05 am

Dragon Fantasy, Limbo and possible Tokyo Jungle for me. Nice sale!

paranoid44 said:

August 26th, 6:08 am

Dragon Fantasy Book \o/

SlixShot said:

August 26th, 6:08 am

Yay! Limbo time on my viter!

Spidey817 said:

August 26th, 6:08 am

Journey all day

jebslim said:

August 26th, 6:09 am

About time Tokyo Jungle goes on sale. Buying it immediately.

Draxido said:

August 26th, 6:11 am

which ones are for ps vita??
will be there a free 3 months of ps plus in 1 year purchase like in EU?
when will be the september list??

thanks !!!!

Xer0Signal said:

August 26th, 6:17 am

Everyone needs to buy Dyad.


BlueBl1zzard said:

August 26th, 6:26 am

@Xer0Signal agreed, BUY IT PEOPLE.

I have most of the titles up there, but if anything I could see myself getting Tokyo Jungle and/or Dragon Fantasy.

warezIbanez said:

August 26th, 6:29 am

Not bad.

Hey, is there going to be a PS Blog meetup this year? I know there will be a ‘live podcast’ on Saturday at about noon, but will there be anything else to look forward to? I know I have a couple friends in the area that were wanting to go but couldn’t get passes before the scalpers hit…

Teflon02 said:

August 26th, 6:30 am

Only games of interest for me are Retro City Rampage, and Dragon Fantasy Book 1, but I have em both

vince8502 said:

August 26th, 6:31 am

picking up dragon fantasy book 1 and Limbo. Playing both on Vita.

Is the sale only for this week?

onslaughtree said:

August 26th, 6:33 am

These are some awesome sales….Journey, Limbo TJungle for me. Thanks for the sales….Keep on Gaming

JeffsonP_US said:

August 26th, 6:37 am

Almost bought Limbo yesterday! Thanks! It is Limbo and Dragon Fantasy Book I for me (already have Zombie Tycoon II: Brainhov’s Revenge and Retro City Rampage).

KnifedInBack said:

August 26th, 6:38 am

Damn, looks like my wallet is going to really hate me this week. Retro City Rampage, Journey, Dyad… must…. resist….

T3DV0L70L1N4 said:

August 26th, 6:44 am

Those are some awesome discounts. I already own the games I like from that list, but I highly recommend picking up Closure, Retro City Rampage, Limbo, and Journey at those prices.

snakeeyes211 said:

August 26th, 6:45 am

Awesome sale ;-)

KentBlake said:

August 26th, 6:46 am

Is Retro/Grade any good?

zingakun said:

August 26th, 6:47 am

Excellent prices for Tokyo Jungle and Journey, thank you! I’ve been willing to play them for quite a while. But I think I’ll wait PS+ september update just in case any of them come free….

Yanorath said:

August 26th, 6:49 am

kentblake i found it boring… but it has a funny story and references…

guess i’ll be picking Dyad now ^^ was waiting for a sale on it for a looooooooooong time

Dagunk said:

August 26th, 6:52 am

Journey to me all the time !

MatheusRuggeri said:

August 26th, 6:55 am

Journey, yeah!

One question:
My Plus will finish in the next month, and European Plus have 3 months free for those buy 1 year. Here it is valid too or not?

CaruthK said:

August 26th, 6:56 am

I have to get SkullGirls its a game I’ve been following since the start. I should of gotten it way back when. It’s never to late to get it still.

To the Dev’s sorry I’m getting it so late, but with all that DLC I’m in a good place lol

tusunami said:

August 26th, 7:07 am

To number 6, really you can’t see you ned to get your eyes checked asap LOL.

Ryumoau said:

August 26th, 7:10 am

not a single game i care about. i hope this isn’t the only sale this week.

zeothedeathgod said:

August 26th, 7:22 am

Penny Arcade and Dragon Fantasy book for me.
really wish i could afford Dyad/limbo. (already own retro city rampage, retro/grade, tokyo jungle, and closure)

stlthriot said:

August 26th, 7:31 am

Will be grabbing Limbo! :)

DesertAss2in said:

August 26th, 7:33 am

Cross buy on Dragon Fantasy Book I, and Limbo for those prices? Done. And Journey for $3.75? PlayStation team, you find your way into my wallet YET AGAIN!

elchorno said:

August 26th, 7:44 am

Wow, to all those people wanting to know how long the sale is and what games are for Vita, Is it really that difficult to read the post?

It says above that the “Offer ends 9/2”
All of the games that play on Vita say “(PS3 and PS Vita, Cross-Buy)”

ishralene09 said:

August 26th, 7:45 am

Yeah! Dragon Fantasy Book 1 for the win!

axeldc said:

August 26th, 7:49 am

Wow, some amazing prices! Journey was in Europe € 6,49 ($8,50) for PS Plus members, so that’s a bit disapointing for me, as an European.

Binarynova said:

August 26th, 7:51 am

Can’t pass on Dragon Fantasy for $2.50!

Mando44646 said:

August 26th, 8:03 am

Why noPenny-Arcade Adventures On the Rainslick Precipice of Darkness Ep 1 & 2 on Vita? Not really interested in any of those I dont have on PS3 since Id rather have them portable

ssorc_bro said:

August 26th, 8:06 am

So jelly of these US sales, so jelly!

Chizuzuu said:

August 26th, 8:40 am

I may buy some of these games. Might help sales if this post had links to more information on each of those games, either on the SEN store site or information on previous playstation blog posts.

Vextalon said:

August 26th, 8:42 am

Dyad, Skullgirls (heard great things), and Dragon Fantasy Book 1. I’m curious as to if there going to continue Penny Arcade Adventures on PS3 and hopefully on Vita. Such awesome games

I’m also have to pick up Spelunky this week, Sony my wallet is crying.

KanesInferno said:

August 26th, 8:43 am

Dragon Fantasy Book! Great sale!

Elvick_ said:

August 26th, 8:51 am

I highly recommend people DON’T buy Penny-Arcade Adventures On the Rainslick Precipice of Darkness Ep 1 & 2 on PS3, since we will likely never get Episode 3 and 4.

So if you want them, just buy them on Steam. Where you can get them all. Unless you don’t mind playing sequels on different platforms. Then by all means, go for it.

I have everything I want on this list.

Elvick_ said:

August 26th, 8:52 am

Oh wait, didn’t see Skullgirls. Will buy that for sure.

Scaramanga1983 said:

August 26th, 8:58 am

Thinking about picking up Limbo. It always looked interesting, but I have so many games that I ignored it. Two days ago I downloaded the demo and I liked it. With the sale, might be the time to buy it.

Darth_NODlike said:

August 26th, 9:26 am

I will get Skullgirls and possibly Dyad.

AizawaYuuichi said:

August 26th, 10:01 am

Have almost all of these. Very nice sales. But just not interested in the ones I don’t have yet, so sadly, nothing new for me. :(
But again, great sales.

BoltZilla said:

August 26th, 10:26 am

Kinda glad I talked myself out of picking up Guacamelee! over the weekend. Now I can get 3 games instead. Journey, Limbo, & Tokyo Jungle for me. :-)

idn86i said:

August 26th, 11:25 am

Limbo Limbo LIMBO^~

wernerherzog said:

August 26th, 11:45 am

I would really love to purchase Retro City Rampage while it’s on sale. I downloaded the game while it was in the PS Plus Instant Game Collection. When I try to purchase the game trough PSN, an error occurs. Is is not possible to buy this game while I have the PS Plus copy? If so, can I delete the game data because I would greatly appreciate havng my own copy of Retro City Rampage! Please help!

GStylez1980 said:

August 26th, 12:54 pm

Great sale! I’m grabbing Tokyo Jungle, Journey, Dyad, and possibly Retro/Grade. All four for around $14! Sweet!

Kchow23 said:

August 26th, 1:56 pm

Awesome sale finally snagging some more titles after picking up Blood Dragon last week :)

Guimace said:

August 26th, 3:23 pm

Wow such awesome prices… I don’t even know what to pick. I want Journey, Dragon Fantasy, Skullgirls, Limbo (Vita)…

And to think recently I bought tons of games, so many good sales, specially on PS Vita (Mortal Kombat Vita for $5, UMVC3 Vita for $10, DoA5Plus also $10…). Just amazing.

How I am supposed to play all of this with PS4 coming soon I don’t know… :P

Guimace said:

August 26th, 3:26 pm

Wait… I want Tokyo Jungle too… <_<

Azuvidexus said:

August 26th, 3:34 pm

Might be getting Tokyo Jungle. :O

tusunami said:

August 26th, 3:55 pm

These deals are spectacular, these deals need to continue all the time!!!!!!!!!!!!

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