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Sep 02

Sep 02

PS Plus: Resident Evil Chronicles HD Collection Free for Members

Kristine Steimer's Avatar Posted by Sr. Community Specialist

It’s zombie-hunting time with Resident Evil Chronicles HD Collection hitting the Instant Game Collection tomorrow. Compatible with PlayStation Move Controllers, you can partner up and take down the undead hordes together. If zombies aren’t your thing (but seriously, who doesn’t like killing zombies?), there are discounts for both PS3 and PS Vita titles, as well as a couple pre-orders, so check all that out below. It’s also the third week of the PS Vita Select Sale – this time KickBeat will be available at a discount all launch week for PS Plus members.

These PS Plus benefits will be available after the PlayStation Store updates tomorrow, 9/3.

PlayStation Plus - 1-year MembershipPlayStation Plus - 3-month Membership

Instant Game Collection

Resident Evil Chronicles HD Collection (PS3)

Free for PS Plus members, Regular Price: $26.99

RE Chronicles HD
Gear up for the ultimate Resident Evil shooting experience with Resident Evil: Chronicles HD Collection. Use the PlayStation Move Motion Controller or traditional wireless controller to take down hordes of zombies across two full titles, Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles and Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles. Relive the events from the original series with classic characters in HD.


Puppeteer (PS3 Pre-Order, Day 1 Digital)

PS Plus Price: $35.99, Regular Price: $39.99

Puppeteer is a brand new franchise developed exclusively for the PlayStation 3 system by SCE JAPAN Studio. Set in a magical puppeteer’s theatre, this title will introduce you to a strange and fantastic world, where the environment is constantly changing. Players will enjoy a rich, dark fairytale where surprises lurk around every corner. With the game coming out on 9/10, you’ve only got one week to act on this deal!

F1 2013 (PS3 Pre-Order, Day 1 Digital)

PS Plus Price: $53.99, Regular Price: $59.99

F1 2013
Make history in FORMULA ONE! Experience all-new 1980s classic content plus all the cars, stars and circuits from the 2013 FIA FORMULA ONE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP in F1 2013. F1 2013 includes F1 Classics, an expansive new mode introduced by legendary broadcaster Murray Walker, where you’ll race icons of the sport in famous cars at historic circuits.

F1 2013 Classic (PS3 Pre-Order, Day 1 Digital)

PS Plus Price: $67.49, Regular Price: $74.99

F1 2013 Classic
Make history in FORMULA ONE! F1 2013: CLASSIC EDITION is a premium package which expands F1 2013 with extra classic content from the 1990s and additional classic tracks. F1 2013 includes all the cars, stars and circuits from the 2013 FIA FORMULA ONE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP and classic content from the 1980s.

KickBeat (PS Vita and PS3, Cross-Buy)

PS Plus Price: $7.99, Regular Price: $9.99
Part of PS Vita Summer Select

Beat matching meets kung fu in KickBeat, an award-winning rhythm game where rhythm and action merge seamlessly. It features licensed tracks from bands like Papa Roach and Pendulum, as well as a music analyzer that lets you create tracks from your own music.

Zombie Driver HD (PS3)

PS Plus Price: $3.99, Regular Price: $9.99

Zombie Driver HD
Insane mix of cars, speed, explosions, blood and zombies! Fight through an epic narrative campaign or test yourself in the Slaughter and Blood Race modes. Engage huge bosses, save survivors, drive crazy vehicles such as a bulldozer, fire truck or even a tank and smash everything in your way. Take part in the Blood Race tournament – chase other cars and take them down without mercy on brutal racing tracks. Jump into the Slaughter mode and survive as long as possible on specially crafted arenas.

Retro City Rampage (PS Vita and PS3, Cross-Buy)

PS Plus Price: $8.99, Regular Price: $14.99

Retro City Rampage
This 8-bit nostalgic throwback warps open-world carjacking BACK TO THE… ’80s. Lock and load your light gun! It’s a retro overload with over 60 story missions and over 40 arcade challenges. ‘Borrow’ vehicles and outrun the law while mowing down your fellow citizens! Jump on pedestrians for coins, or use them for target practice with over 25 weapons and POWER-UPS! WHOA!

Last Chance (Leaving on 9/10)

Instant Game Collection
Knytt Underground (Cross Buy)

1 Year Music Unlimited Premium Subscription

We’ll be back next week with more details on the game arriving to the Instant Game Collection as well as any other benefits we can share.
If you’ve got feedback on today’s Plus update make sure you leave a comment below. If you want to engage with some like-minded people, head over to the PlayStation Community Forums to discuss all things PlayStation, including this update. You’ll also find other topics you can contribute your thoughts to, or start one for yourself.

PlayStation Plus Update 9-3-2013

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klassymike said:

September 2nd, 8:46 am

And what’s up with Retro City Rampage?? It’s been free on the IGC and right now it’s 3.74, and tomorrow it’s 8.99 and yet you’re calling that a sale?? That’s kinda backwards don’t you think? Anyway, enough with the Retro City Rampage overkill!!

PainOfSarrow said:

September 2nd, 8:48 am

Lol who in the living hell would get Retro City Rampage for 8.99 when its 3 bucks right now on the current sale ? zombie driver is all id get if i hade plus.

JeremyG22 said:

September 2nd, 8:50 am

Nothing good for PS VITA what a shame!!!!!!


September 2nd, 8:51 am

I already own the free game but its a great addition, maybe I’ll pick up puppeteer.

duende667 said:

September 2nd, 8:52 am

Wow, the sense of entitlement from all the spoiled brats in this comment section is sickening, sony doesn’t have to give you free anything, yet you’re all complaining about the quality, self entitled little spoiled babies

JROD0823 said:

September 2nd, 8:52 am

Nice update.

Keep up the great work, Steimer!

P.S. Do you think you could find out for me if the HDD in the PS4 is still of the 2.5″ laptop variety?

I haven’t heard any sort of confirmation on this, and I would like to know for sure rather than just assume, and be wrong.

I would appreciate it very much, because I intend on buying a higher capacity HDD to put into my PS4 on day one. I learned the hard way that 500GB won’t be nearly enough after the 500GB drive I put into my PS3 slim was filled full in less than 2 years’ time thanks to PS Plus, and has remained that way for over 1 year! ;)

Thanks, and have a great day! :)

Brost2741 said:

September 2nd, 8:54 am

I wish Rayman Origins was first. I’ve never played it and i think it would have been cool if they put it out before Legends. Not a big RE fan, but the rest of the month is looking pretty good!

kaminari2 said:

September 2nd, 8:54 am

Ryumoau: The RE Chronicles games are a blast to play! Had them on the Wii and my wife and I spent hours playing them. We’re both pretty excited about these being free since we don’t have the Wii ones anymore.

Download them and give them a *shot*.


September 2nd, 8:55 am

To make up for such a crappy game I expected some good sales but nope.

Just a few games with a couple dollars off. Seriously. Its becoming ridiculous how bad this is compared to EU.

They get some many AAA full games and FULL PS VITA GAMES. Not PSP games.

Honest to god the only good thing this month is Rayman and I already have that

xClayMeow said:

September 2nd, 8:56 am

With Rayman Legends launching this week, you really should have given Rayman Origins this week.

Losabos1 said:

September 2nd, 8:57 am

Another lame month for the NA region. When you compare our games to those in other regions we are really getting the short end of the stick. The only current generation game that is being offered is the Rayman title for Vita after it went on “sale” the previous week. Shady practice in my opinion.

We all know that software drives a console and as such compelling titles drive sales numbers (look at all the Halo fan boys holding on to their Xbox even after all the DRM back and forth). Vita sales are bad, and not because the system is flawed, but in my opinion due to lack of software and integration into programs like PsPlus. Why would I as a consumer feel compelled to buy a Vita when 90% of the “Vita” titles offered on my plus membership are also playable on my PsP? Would it not make a plus member interested in gaming on the go think about all of the games they have been missing out on each and every month our previews come out? Could all of the PsP titles offered with a plus subscription actually be keeping people who get a large portion of their game content uninterested in the newer hardware?

klassymike said:

September 2nd, 8:57 am


Don’t be a D’BAG!! I’m probably old enough to be your dad. They aren’t giving us ANYTHING for FREE!! We pay a monthly fee for this so-called FREE STUFF!!

Losabos1 said:

September 2nd, 8:57 am

The impending launch of the PS4 also has me a little concerned about the plus NA region and what has been offered over the last few months. Once a Plus Membership is required for online play, what exactly is the motivation for Sony to offer better content for the membership? Right now they are falling very short of our EU counterparts and I do not really see it getting better once we HAVE to subscribe to play our shiny new PS4 online. So today I am going to cancel my PS4 pre order and wait to see if NA plus ever steps it up. As a consumer I am much better served paying for something that delivers on its promises and values its customers equally regardless of locality.

snakeeyes211 said:

September 2nd, 8:58 am

Plus is a paid service so the games or not free :-( this is one really bad update a resident evil game that was horrible on the wii and discounts on games that were previously part of plus. And the pre-order discounts are not that great :-( I love plus but the plus team in the US has to step it up! just my humble opinion

snakeeyes211 said:

September 2nd, 8:58 am

Plus is a paid service so the games r not free :-( this is one really bad update a resident evil game that was horrible on the wii and discounts on games that were previously part of plus. And the pre-order discounts are not that great :-( I love plus but the plus team in the US has to step it up! just my humble opinion

himynameism1kee said:

September 2nd, 9:01 am

Happy with the RE game since I’ve never played it before… But the sales do suck.

Discounts on Dead Space 3, DMC, Crysis 3, MGS Rising and Bioshock Infinite would be amazing.

blakseed said:

September 2nd, 9:02 am


Good luck with that. Adios. You won’t be missed.

mettreidici said:

September 2nd, 9:03 am

@to all who complains about the complainers
PS + is still great, but for the same money, EU get better game. You may prefer RE over AC3, but the fact of the matter is that AC3 is a big blockbuster (and much appreciated game) and RE chronicles is a minor title in comparison. I’ll try a cheesy analogy: If you go to a restaurant with a friend and both of you order steak (for the same price), and your steak is much smaller than your friend, you are entitle to critic the service, even if both steak are delicious :) 2 customers paying for the same thing should expect to get the same service.

Reonhatto said:

September 2nd, 9:05 am

Thanks God i didn’t bought the RE collection last week hahahahaha

GoldenShaka said:

September 2nd, 9:06 am

Hi there.
The puppeeter preorder includes the Theatrical pack offered everywhere else, right?

sonicnehe1000 said:

September 2nd, 9:07 am

How come the EU version has AC3…..????

thelookey6 said:

September 2nd, 9:08 am

how can i get this free ps+ they you guys speak of ? and if you do not like the complaints then just make your post and move on

and sony does not offer free stuff for cheerleading so you guys might want to wait for the nfl cheerleader tryouts next year

Ax_Man17 said:

September 2nd, 9:11 am

not IGC this month,i was suprised how wack that Hitman Absolution game is the older ones are better

Yanorath said:

September 2nd, 9:11 am

mettreidici then why not just buy the EU plus? you can have another account and do that @__@

klassymike said:

September 2nd, 9:12 am

@ mettreidici

Well said! I usually never complain about the offerings on PLUS, but if we don’t voice our opinions they will just keep giving the U.S. these low quality offerings! The EU received both ICO and SOTC and we get half of it, most likely so they can fill another slot on the IGC with SOTC at a later date!!

thelookey6 said:

September 2nd, 9:13 am

can we just get all the games at the beginning of the month like eu does at least ? because we do not even get a full month with the games that you guys give us.
example: we get the vita stuff on the last week of the month so we do not get to enjoy that game for a month unless we resub to ps+.

you guys are a rip off

ishralene09 said:

September 2nd, 9:14 am

Kind of weird that Retro City Rampage is getting a sale when it’s included in the IGC. But it’ll do good for those that didn’t make it. And more to support the dev.

No great sales this week. Please have a TGS sale on the week of TGS please? Pretty please?!!

thelookey6 said:

September 2nd, 9:15 am

he cant just go make a new account and buy ps+ again plus even if he did do that how would he use the vita games? vita are 1 account per memory card so get your mind correct

mettreidici said:

September 2nd, 9:16 am

@ Yanorath
Didn’t know EU was getting off with these titles when I joined. Didn’t even know it was possible until recently. That being said, I am just voicing my opinion – I still think my steak is delicious even if it’s smaller ;D

duende667 said:

September 2nd, 9:17 am

Sony could have said “you now have to pay us 4 bucks a month to play online, tough, but we’re just following microsofts xbox live gold model” and people would have still bought it in their millions when the initial crying died down, getting free stuff is a privilege that they never had to adhere too, they could have just said “sorry about the hack debacle, here’s some free games” and that would have been it but continued to do it as it’s good business to provide incentives to keep customers happy. But no, here’s the face of the modern gamer, self entitled brats who are lucky to get anything crying about quality, pathetic.

ishralene09 said:

September 2nd, 9:18 am


If you think the EU PS+ is a better deal then feel free to subscribe there. I live in Japan and I choose to sign up for the US PS+ just because I need the cloud save, and at least I’m getting the free games in English. I could easily be stuck with the plus offerings here but I didn’t choose that route. I believe you can do exactly the same as I do.

Check out MaximusCards and PCGameSupply for those EU PSN cards.

fede01_8 said:

September 2nd, 9:18 am

Too all the idiots saying that we get free games, we don’t! Why do you pay $50 then? it is a service. Morons

ishralene09 said:

September 2nd, 9:19 am

@78 good point for Vita owners.

ishralene09 said:

September 2nd, 9:20 am

@82 it’s a given. Unless you don’t have common sense and you have to feel good about yourself that you needed to say that. Look at the side. Don’t be a jerk.

mettreidici said:

September 2nd, 9:21 am

Thanks for the tip, much appreciated.

ishralene09 said:

September 2nd, 9:25 am

And actually I think the EU pays more because of the exchange rate lol.

But it shouldn’t matter. I think license issues are more apparent in the US than in EU, so they can get these great deals. So I get your point and the other with their complaints as well. But they should at least strive for parity.

Also heed @78’s tip if you own a Vita.

Yanorath said:

September 2nd, 9:25 am

i didn’t had the vita side of plus in mind because what i see here are people complaining about the ps3 games in IGC… so… if they want the exact same games EU gives… then just subscribe there.

yep it’s not a free service… but when all of us subscribed we got infamous 2,little big planet 2, another one i don’t remember and at E3 XCOM, uncharted, and LBP kart… so i think it payed of the moment you subscribed.

the only problem i have with US plus are the sales… because EU got like 50% discount on alot of titles 2~3 weeks after launch…

WoundedUnderwear said:

September 2nd, 9:28 am

XBL free games are better then PS PLUS now. At least MS is given their XBL Gold customer 2 FREE FULL RETAIL XBOX 360 Games a month. Not water down port or lame indie games.

thelookey6 said:

September 2nd, 9:31 am

to be fair this months xbox live drops is super lame but last months and the month before was great

Stranger_Eddie said:

September 2nd, 9:31 am


The “Community Specialists” from Sony have a ” lot of attention” in yours job! LOL!

– Retro City Rampage: was free >>> Back to Normal Price >>> Received a discount >>> And now the create an “UN-DISCOUNT” for PS Plus Members! LOL


…. And What did you do SONY SUPPORT????




Cedarson said:

September 2nd, 9:31 am

Just being real: This whole month, with the exception of ICO, is slated to be pretty lame for an update. But my point of having PS Plus is what it gives me for the entire year. From PS Plus, I got Infamous 2, Uncharted 3, Hitman: Absolution, Uncharted: Golden Abyss, multiple discounts etc, etc, etc. This month might be kind of lame, but dismissing all of PS Plus because of this month (and arguably last month) isn’t fair to the PS Plus program. $50 bucks for all it gives each year is well worth it.

viceforce said:

September 2nd, 9:34 am

Well I see the Grand Theft Auto theme for this month is hitting is intact Morgan, thanks for that. I already played it when on UMD but this is a awesome addition to plus. Since Halloween is around the corner I suggest these for plus next month

Dishonered (The cover has the allusion of a skull)
Splatterhouse (Blood and Gore hack and slash game, perfect for Halloween theme)
Infamous: Festivals of Blood (Halloween them game and to rev us up with Second Son)
Unfinished Swan (To continue the flow with move support games
Assassin’s Creed 3 Liberation (It’ll be AC month with IV Black Flag so this is a good build up)

Also discounts to Halloween theme games and mini’s like Age of Zombies and Costume Quest. Plus members should also get these free. That should be a Treat and not a Trick. What do you think Morgan?

zingakun said:

September 2nd, 9:35 am

@Morgan, @Kristine and team, please accept my humble suggestion: add Red Dead Redemption to the IGC. Or at least bring us a pretty good sales on the Red Dead Redemption Bundle. I’ve been waiting quite a while for a sales on this Rockstar title. If there’s an official channel from them where I can ask this, please, let me know.



September 2nd, 9:35 am

Awww :( was hoping to see Ico and GTA Liberty City Stories be released first. Just to enjoy them for a good couple of weeks before GTA V comes out.

xFuzylilManPeach said:

September 2nd, 9:38 am


Really? You are going to start paying for Xbox live gold? The two “gold games” you get a month (on the 1st & 16th) are pretty shabby imo.

Right now you can get Magic 2013; which if you dig by all means go for it. And Rainbow Six Vegas on the 16th

And i believe the previous games were Halo 3, Crackdown and a couple other games EVERY single Xbox owner has probably played. Which you cant even download now anyway.

ossiecastro5 said:

September 2nd, 9:39 am

Hmm, interesting month. I’m for sure to get Ico, since I never played it back in my PS2 days. But what will mostly keep me occupied for this month is Kingdom Hearts 1.5. Does anyone know, and can confirm, that it will have a digital release next week? And if Plus can have a discount on that, even though it’s unlikely, that would be nice too! I love Plus and I’m prepared to buy another year of Plus.

And if I have any more time left, I’ll get the Resident Evil games. Look interesting. But I’m in college now. So gaming for my will decline, but very slightly. :D

corrosivefrost said:

September 2nd, 9:44 am

Forgive me, but I’m going to use this as my soapbox for a moment…

(1) EU has a lot more PSOne games compatible and downloadable through the Vita store and yet there are games in NA that we still have to sideload using a PS3; not to mention that NA is unable to play the Spyro and Crash games (as well as R-Types and R-Type Delta).
(2)Why isn’t SCEA growing the PSP library and pushing sales by lowering prices? The EU region saw fit to slash prices of a large number of PSP games while they remain at ridiculously high prices. Also, SCEE has never offered a PSP game as a Vita PS+ freebie.
(3) Why does SCEA decline to do preorder for large Vita titles such as Killzone: Mercenary — the game releases in EU on Friday and EU customers that have preordered are already downloading the full game (a la Steam practices) so that it’s on their Vita and ready to play immediately. They also have no confusion as to whether or not their purchase will include pre-order bonuses. Meanwhile in NA, we’re left wanting and cannot preorder and pre-load.

Step your game up, SCEA, we deserve better.

enJoy69r said:

September 2nd, 9:44 am

I like on rail shooters, I’m lazy it saves me the work of moving around and getting into cover… You sound like spoiled brats when you complain about not getting 4 AAA games a month for the price you are paying, ps plus is just an incredible value for the price.

Ghostwize said:

September 2nd, 9:47 am

What is up with the Retro City Rampage discount? It’s like $3.74 right now for plus. I just don’t get the logic on that one.

mike4fantasy08 said:

September 2nd, 9:50 am

I may suspect that Sony of America snub on America Gamers community, they more supportive with EU and Japan nice deal and sales, I have been notice. I regret to say but I do not care, I will re-consider drop my pre-order PS4, I notice Sony stand back and drop very FEW game every week and there too many games PS1, PS2, PSP, PS3, Vita and now on the way PS4 … How it could catch up all once?

Can you Sony of America come forward to speak up and explain this matter why you give nice treatment to Japan and EU?

You put yourself silence which it show you not care about us. Really it does.

You ignore us when we give feedback to improve the sort in library, fix sort download list, etc. You give the middle finger to us and not care again ?

“Long Live Play Michael” … Don’t ever think use my name!!!

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