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Sep 03

Sep 03

Knack on PS4: Conversations With Creators

Nick Accordino's Avatar Posted by Associate Project Manager, SCEA

Hello, PlayStation.Blog readers. Having just announced the November 15th release date for PlayStation 4, you can imagine that it’s a very exciting time at PlayStation. We’re busy right now putting the final touches on Knack, including the drop-in/drop-out, 2-player local cooperative mode announced at Gamescom.

Knack is both fun and challenging, and is a blast to play with a second player controlling a robot version of Knack. Check out the brand new story trailer here if you haven’t already.

Mark Cerny, lead system architect for PS4, is also the creative director for Knack. And bringing Mark’s vision to life are the talented artists and developers at Japan Studio, our big internal studio in Shinagawa, Tokyo. The video above, our latest Conversations With Creators video, showcases both Mark Cerny and game producer Yusuke Watanabe, who talk about creating this next-gen character action game for PS4.

Stay tuned right here to PlayStation.Blog for more Knack and PS4 news.

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snakeeyes211 said:

September 3rd, 11:30 am

The game is paid off and so is my PS4 can’t wait to bring it home

Fardeenah said:

September 3rd, 11:30 am


Tidushot said:

September 3rd, 11:31 am

Looking forward to playing Knack with my girlfriend at launch. Can’t wait!

zaca21 said:

September 3rd, 11:59 am

This dude is legend.

Barence said:

September 3rd, 12:01 pm

The Game looks great! I love playing these games by myself but also with my kids. I look forward to picking this one up.

Ryumoau said:

September 3rd, 12:03 pm

Game looks interesting. I’ll try it if its under $20.

AriesWarlock said:

September 3rd, 12:05 pm

I really like this conversation with the creators videos, I hope they do them more often until the end of time.

helbertpina said:

September 3rd, 12:15 pm

This game will be a blast to play with my kids (and it will help me convince my wife buying a PS4 will be awesome for everyone, not just me!)

AizawaYuuichi said:

September 3rd, 12:32 pm

So excited for the PS4 and Knack! The last trailer you guys released that showed both gameplay and story convinced my friend that this was a Day One buy, so great job with that! You’ve had me convinced since PS Meeting 2013. :)

WoodSpirit99 said:

September 3rd, 12:34 pm

Some folks have the right to be called Genius, and Cerny deserves that title.

remanutd5 said:

September 3rd, 12:55 pm

Hey Nick its Rene from twitter, dude i have Knack, Killzone Shadow Fall and ps4 pre ordered already, cant wait to play Knack.

Metalsonic_69 said:

September 3rd, 1:11 pm

If this game actually has decent gameplay and challenging level design on Hard, I might pick it up eventually. So far it’s looked a bit generic.

paulogy said:

September 3rd, 1:16 pm

Mark, please record more videos in Japanese with subtitles! I’m serious, this is fun.

I think it reminds me of classic titles, before regionalization was so common…

MmaFanQc said:

September 3rd, 1:32 pm

thats it, im getting the game on launch, i wasnt sure at first but now im decided, look really awesome.

atanascovich said:

September 3rd, 2:04 pm

Why the enemies need to disappear after defeated? For lack of memory?

Cloud_X1 said:

September 3rd, 2:12 pm

Mark Cerny is so AWESOME! This is who I want to be.

JROD0823 said:

September 3rd, 3:27 pm

I’ll buy Knack on the PS Store once I have my PS4 up and running on Nov 15.

This game looks very good, and it’s nice to see some games featuring a throwback mentality towards their gameplay.

Kids today have no clue what they missed out on in the 80’s and 90’s.

A crap ton of awesome stuff, and not just games. :)

JaguarCRO said:

September 3rd, 4:06 pm

I got to play this game at PAX Prime and it was a great game. Knack has become my most anticipated PS4 Launch title.

tusunami said:

September 3rd, 4:22 pm

This looks like a most interesting game indeed, this warrants more investigation!!!!!!!!!!

XeahuleXolic said:

September 3rd, 6:23 pm

Mark is a true legend thank you for giving us a Knack, I can’t wait to get my ps4 and Knack \m/

swimquick said:

September 3rd, 7:10 pm

Mark Cerny is multilingual? Is there anything that this guy CAN’T do? I was watching the behind-the-scenes stuff in Ratchet and Clank HD and noticed him in it. He is responsible for, like, almost all of my favorite games. Jak and Daxter: TPL was my first console video game. So I guess what I’m getting at here is that I’m a fan of Mr. Cerny’s games and will be purchasing Knack. Nice job, guys!

EggySong85 said:

September 4th, 7:49 am

Not only is it strange just to see Mark speaking so fluently in Japanese, I think it’s been the first time I’ve seen a foreigner using Japanese on a game promo video like this. Actually makes me happy. I see so many Japanese folk working really hard and using really good English, but I seldom see foreigners standing out in Japanese media that aren’t just meant to be a goofy entertainment fix.

quasenadaaocubo said:

September 4th, 8:58 am

will watch in my tube

US_ARMY said:

September 4th, 11:47 am

The PS4 is my Girlfriends first home console that she is purchasing, and this is her first game. She is super excited as she loves the cute look of the game, and I believe is the perfect starting game for her. I also cannot wait to dive deeper into it. I highly enjoyed playing it at the GameStop EXPO.

Elvick_ said:

September 4th, 3:17 pm

Can’t wait to play this game.

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