SCE Japan Press Conference 2013 Livestream

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SCE Japan Press Conference 2013 Livestream
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This afternoon in Tokyo (11:00pm tonight, Pacific Time), Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Asia is holding a press conference to make some announcements of interest to Japanese gamers. The presentation is tailored specifically for the Japan and Asian regions, and the news here will not necessarily be relevant for North American gamers. Nonetheless, we’re happy to host a livestream of the event here in case you wanted a glimpse into what’s next for PlayStation fans in the East.

The show is set to kick off at 11:00pm Pacific Time, and will feature a live English translation. Enjoy!

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2 Author Replies

  • BossmanCCrowder1

    Woo! I will be watching.

  • Looking forward to watching it. Hopefully learn more than just the PS4’s Asian release date!

  • i’m looking forward to see what big announcement they have in store for us (i.e. the “news we’ve all been waiting for”)

  • Ooh! Staying up late tonight! :D

  • I will be working during this time :(…BUT I will check up on the details on my lunch break. =D.


    Live in the east coast so thats 2 A.M EST. Not watching this. Not expecting much for us in NA anyway. Got college tomorrow.

  • deathshadow799

    LOL, I will be sleeping at that hour, when I wake up for school I will watch everything they showed.

  • barrington24

    when sony talks i listen weather it is in Japanese or english i listen

  • WarWithSociety

    “The news you’ve been waiting for, and the information beyond your expectation will both be revealed officially.”

    i don’t care if i have class in the morning, i’m staying up passed 2AM to watch this.

  • Waiting, Will they announce something new?

  • I have been eagerly anticipating this for some weeks now. 2 AM? Who needs sleep?! =p

  • Sid.
    On a scale of I work at 7am CST to I don’t have a job, how amazing will this conference be that I need to stay up for it?

    • Sid Shuman

      I don’t know what they’ll be showing exactly but, like I mentioned in the post, the primary audience for this conference is Japan/the Asia region. I’m sure there will be interesting tidbits but I’m not expecting E3 – at least, speaking as a US gamer :)

  • DollowRlance

    Lets get this on!

  • Waiting for it

  • I’m already disappointed.

  • And that would be what time in asia?

  • ALARM-cIock

    “The news you’ve been waiting for, and the information beyond your expectation will both be revealed officially.”

    This is obviously aimed at asian countries, so the “news you’ve been waiting for” is going to be the release date, and the “information beyond your expectation” is *at worst* going to be an earlier release date than previously expected and *at best* an announcement for The Last Guardian or a PS4 VR headset.

  • the last guardian? anyone?

  • thunderbear

    Keep your expectations in check people! This isn’t going to be the level of E3, at best we’ll learn something about Deep Down or Final Fantasy XV but I am keeping my own expectations very low.

  • @D-Squad3 #15 Why!?

  • ishralene09

    The show kicks of at exactly 3PM here (well I’m in Japan, lol)

    Hope no meeting occurs at the time. Thanks for the English translation!

    The release date is very relevant to me as I live in Japan, and region-free for the win since PS3!

  • WarWithSociety

    #17 it is being streamed with english subtitles so i expect it to be somewhat related to us, and probably a japan release date.


    I look fwd to watching tonight and I do hope justinTV is in 720p.. and not 480p.. Really don’t want to watch a NexGen conference in Last Gen quality. If anyone knows other wise hit me up with a reply. Thanks PS community.

    PS. To satisfy my last wanting need is, how many PS4 PSplust Friends can I hold in a Chat Room while we all play the same or different PS4 Games? While 8 is a solid, I do hope for 10 to be the Magic number :)

  • This year has been crazy. just had to say it but i’m going to be watching!!

  • Lost_Primarch

    Sony has Jack planned for ps4 but weak indie trash and cheap psn games… They have 6 in house retail games and that’s it for now. They have zero plans

  • AeroChic470

    Can’t wait to get one of the blue controllers……all I need is a release date :)

  • Hope Japan gets PS4 this year! Staying up to watch :)

  • rabidninjamonky

    @25 How do you know sony’s plans? Do they call you before all their press conferences to get your ok first? Wow! You must be really important!! I’m going to listen anyway on the off chance Sony forgot to tell you everything.

  • I’ll watch it, but don’t think that i’ll see something ineresting. Just a lot of Jappanese trash

  • OneMoreVillain

    Seriously…the Last Guardian Sony. Stop screwing around because no you are playing with my emotions and pre orders get cancelled for that. I will wait until the end of Tokyo Game Show before I do anything radical though.

    (Deep Down might have been enough to keep my appetite salvaged from the going full PC this generation but with recent trailers and now being called a Memory Game RPG that is only online, I have zero hype left for it.)

    I am not expecting anything from Tonight’s stream, especially with the extremely weak advertisement for it in the front post along with the extremely late timing of announcing it here on the blog, almost as if you didn’t want people getting hyped all day for nothing at all.

  • @20 If you read what he posted, he says that the conference is tailored specifically for the Japan and Asian regions so none of it will be relevant to me.

  • I just wanna know the release date of PS4 in Japan!! cant wait !!!

  • Tidusfanboy

    Will this be uploaded to YouTube after its done airing? This will be going on at 1AM my time and I have this thing called Bed that I have to get to soon.

  • Is this going to be presented in japanese or english?
    I’m excited to hear some good news from sony.

  • talespins21

    so what time is this on in u.s. time for central

  • ALARM-cIock

    ^ Japanese with English subtitles.

  • x_PlaTtiNuM

    good thing i live in the west coast .. ill be watching this

  • looking forward to announcement of The Last Gaurdian. & its cousin Rime

  • talespins21

    so is this on at 1 am? its 11:12pm by my time

  • Alright Sony, give me the good stuff

  • OneMoreVillain

    + Sid Shuman on September 8th, 2013 at 8:47 pm said:
    I don’t know what they’ll be showing exactly but, like I mentioned in the post, the primary audience for this conference is Japan/the Asia region. I’m sure there will be interesting tidbits but I’m not expecting E3 – at least, speaking as a US gamer :)

    See…now saying things like that makes me want to board the Hype Train again Sid. Persona 5 confirmed PS4?

    (Wow my avatar feels naked without the PS+ Icon on it.)

    @39 – Yes that is correct.

  • @talespins21 I’m wondering the same thing. I’m in here texas.


    Guys don’t think of this press conference as a full fledge E3 or Gamescom showing.. It’s a set up show for TGS. If I got my informations correct The September 9 event happens 10 days before 2013′s annual Tokyo Game Show, which runs from September 19-22.

    On a side note.. Sid Shuman or anyone know of another HD/720p LiveStream. Not sure if JustinTV goes higher than 480p.. Read post #23

  • snakeeyes211

    Will PS4 have voice messaging?_?

  • talespins21

    i think its at 1 am which is in 1 hour 38 mins

  • BkViper1991

    its 2am here in NY…im debating if i should watch it since i got class early tomorrow…i might just check for the update in the morning

  • I live on the East Coast and I’ll watch for our friends in Japan.

  • Staying up to catch it. Hope there is some news that pertains to US as well…. But it’ll be over by midnight here so not much sleep lost.

  • woo hoo!

  • Uncharted 4 announcement and I’ll be happy :)

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