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Sep 10

Sep 10

Carnivores HD Tears into PS3 Today

Artem Kuryavchenko's Avatar Posted by Project Lead, Vogster Entertainment LLC

Carnivores HD is a realistic hunting simulator that brings you to an ancient environment and lets you hunt for the most dangerous creatures that have ever existed.

Carnivores HD on PS3

You’ll be hunting Triceratops, Stegosaurus, Ankylosaurus, Ceratosaurus, and finally a T-Rex! There are also flying Pteranodons, and small and peaceful Gallimimuses. Each level is an island about two square miles in size, and features a unique environment. There are deserts and jungles, volcanic islands, and deep forests. Each level comes in three flavors: daytime, evening, and misty.

Being a hunting simulator, the game renders wildlife realistically. Animals make use of natural senses — sight, hearing smell — that are unique to each creature. Dinosaur behavior depends on the environment, weather, and injury state, so a wounded dinosaur will respond fearfully to your presence. Animals also interact with each other: herbivores avoid carnivores, small species avoid big ones. Dinosaurs also forage for food, water, take rests, and wander around the world.

Carnivores HD on PS3Carnivores HD on PS3

Your arsenal consists of a rifle, sniper rifle and crossbow. You don’t have to kill an animal, either, and you can equip optional tranquilizing shells for every weapon to make dinosaurs take a snooze. If you’d rather just wander around and enjoy the sights and sounds, there’s an Observer Mode designed specifically for exploration.

Finally, you are equipped with a device called Gadget. It enables you to locate dinosaurs by sounds they make or position them on its radar. Following a successful hunt, you can collect your trophies and display them in the Trophy Room.

Carnivores HD releases today on PlayStation Store for PS3. Happy hunting!

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JKar275 said:

September 10th, 7:06 am

Can we hunt aquatic dinosaurs such as plesiosaurus, icthyosaurus, etc?

KongWen said:

September 10th, 7:07 am

It looks like that T-Rex is missing its feathers!

remanutd5 said:

September 10th, 7:19 am

Psmove support?

desert__ghost said:

September 10th, 7:22 am

Do the dinosaurs have reworked animations? If it’s just a straight port of the 1998 game, the animations would be awful by today’s standards.

    Artem Kuryavchenko's Avatar

    Artem Kuryavchenko said:

    September 12th, 1:25 am

    All the assets and code in the game are completely new. So YES, animations are reworked.

vogster_us_2011 said:

September 10th, 7:33 am

Please visit for the full list of dinosaurs in the game.

YES, PlayStation Move is supported.

All the assets and code in the game are completely new. So YES, animations are reworked.

Rainwater said:

September 10th, 7:34 am

Cool! I’ve always enjoyed the Carnivores franchise.

FreelanceSam said:

September 10th, 7:43 am

@3, Yes, there is PSMove support. Here’s the official website, you guys!

BTW, I’ve been talking a lot with the dev and despite the fact there are less dinos and weapons compared to the original (I’ve only played the Minis version though), the new game appears to be better! There’s tracks, there’s dense fog, and every dino is on the map!

Support the devs and buy the game, since authentic hunting games are a rare breed these days!!!

Also, theHunter (on PC) is the best hunting game ever as well, so check that out too!

fcp10 said:

September 10th, 7:51 am

Is it coming to Europe tomorrow?

FreelanceSam said:

September 10th, 7:52 am

@7, they are targeting mid Oct, but it depends on SCEE.

vogster_us_2011 said:

September 10th, 7:52 am

We are planning European release later this year. Please check out our web site for updates.

BushLovesOsama said:

September 10th, 7:58 am

Oh man, Id play this on my ps vita. Think we’ll get a vita version? Cause I rather play this on ps vita.

FreelanceSam said:

September 10th, 8:09 am

@10, they said a Vita version is technically possible, so maybe, but it’s not a confirmation. Still better than an outright ‘no’ though.

gamer_316 said:

September 10th, 8:29 am

Is there a platinum? This game does seem pretty intersting

swissmr said:

September 10th, 9:08 am

oooooooooooo Dino’s any vids of the action?

swissmr said:

September 10th, 9:16 am

Hey Artem I’m all about this game but I cant find any info of this game on your official site, only trailer on youtube. Any suggestions? I haven’t blind bought a game based on only screenshots since the N64 days.

    Artem Kuryavchenko's Avatar

    Artem Kuryavchenko said:

    September 12th, 1:27 am

    Please visit our web site ( It has some information about the game and we will update it with hunt diaries, dinosaurs’ information etc.

FreelanceSam said:

September 10th, 9:17 am

@13 Yes there is!! The Official website has a trailer!!!

FreelanceSam said:

September 10th, 9:21 am

@13 What info are you looking for? There’s fog conditions, there’s tracks which can help find an animal. There’s 3 different rifles and the official website shows pics of all the dinos in the game. ALL dinos will be roaming around on the maps.

FreelanceSam said:

September 10th, 9:22 am

@4, the trailer shows the dinos moving around and yes, the animations appear to be much improved compared to the original.

jimmyfoxhound said:

September 10th, 9:28 am

Why am I just now hearing about this??? Soooo buying it today!!!!

FreelanceSam said:

September 10th, 9:36 am

I am pleased people are taking an interest in this game!! I hope it sells well!! We need more authentic hunting games!! None of this Cabela crap where they’re all just ‘shooting galleries!’

designerlima said:

September 10th, 9:38 am

Hi! Any info about PS Move support? Please, tell us that it works! :)

PainOfSarrow said:

September 10th, 9:47 am

gotta luvvv how these post rarely include a price at the end. looks good but what will the price be ?

FreelanceSam said:

September 10th, 9:59 am

@21 12.99!!!

@20 Yes, there is Move support!

NYPUNK88 said:

September 10th, 10:05 am

Please make a Vita and PS4 version! I don’t have my PS3 anymore but would really love to play it!

JKar275 said:

September 10th, 10:08 am

Is there a demo/free trial?


poodude said:

September 10th, 10:16 am

Looking forward to it! Hopefully there’s a platinum trophy.

vogster_us_2011 said:

September 10th, 10:21 am

@ 12. There are 8 bronze, 3 silver and 1 gold Trophies.

@ 14. Soon we will upload videos displaying the gameplay. Please check our web site for updates (

PainOfSarrow said:

September 10th, 10:36 am

12.99 ? screwwww that.

poodude said:

September 10th, 10:44 am

Ah no plat. Still gonna pick it up.

FreelanceSam said:

September 10th, 11:20 am

@25, if this game is anything like the original game, then it will definitely be very good! It’s a true hunting game, none of that ‘shoot every animal that runs at you non stop’ crap that passes off as hunting games these days.

FreelanceSam said:

September 10th, 11:32 am

@devs! I went to get my PSN card today. Now I am ready to buy ASAP!!!

Diesel_Dalynvar said:

September 10th, 11:34 am

Isn’t Carnivores a game that i bought off PSN store more then a year ago as a PSN mini that was absolutely horrible? If so, it wasn’t worth $3 or whatever I paid, and it certainly isn’t worth $12.99 just because they might have made the graphics a little cleaner.


    Artem Kuryavchenko's Avatar

    Artem Kuryavchenko said:

    September 12th, 1:13 am

    @32 Our game has only one common thing with Carnivores mini game – the brand. Every single asset was created from scratch. No single code line was borrowed from the old game. The game is completely new. Hope you like it!

tusunami said:

September 10th, 11:37 am

Well i’m not sure about this game,but i know about KZ Mercernary for sure Doods!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FreelanceSam said:

September 10th, 11:37 am

@32, How was it horrible? The graphics are dated, yes, but it’s a port of an old PC game so I didn’t mind it. The game itself was awesome. I’m sorry you didn’t like it, but I’m looking forward to the new game.

luvtoseek said:

September 10th, 11:57 am

Thanks Freelance & Vogster for the info!

FreelanceSam said:

September 10th, 12:00 pm

@35, you’re welcome!! I sounded like a spokesperson, but no, I am just a big fan of the series and I hope this game gets lots of support and sales!! Are you getting it?

FreelanceSam said:

September 10th, 1:48 pm

Everyone! The game is out!!!!

Lord_Ka1n said:

September 10th, 2:46 pm

say the trailer on your site, looks pretty fun. i need something to keep me busy until gta5.

Hooligantuan said:

September 10th, 5:59 pm

I want to hunt the most dangerous game: Man.

ChaseHammerJ said:

September 11th, 5:07 am

$12.99 hahahahaha

This is the same as the mini that is/was only $3

    Artem Kuryavchenko's Avatar

    Artem Kuryavchenko said:

    September 12th, 1:19 am

    Please see the trailer. It was captured from the game. It looks much better than the mini game, doesn’t it? :-)

Hyytton said:

September 11th, 5:31 am

Hi, vogster_us_2011 (if you’re still here)

Just one question. Any chance of you guys to patch in an option to invert your aim? With dualstick controllers, I always play first (and third) person games with inverted Y-axis. Thank you.

    Artem Kuryavchenko's Avatar

    Artem Kuryavchenko said:

    September 12th, 1:15 am

    I got your note. We will implement Y-axis invertion in our patch. I cannot say the exact date. Please check our web site for updates.

ScarsX23 said:

September 11th, 6:49 pm

Are there going to be updates or DLC for new Dinos and weapons? I would love to see that! Maybe even ice level maps with prey from Carnivores Ice Age? I can only imagine that this game probably isn’t too lengthy with limited weapons and Dinos..

    Artem Kuryavchenko's Avatar

    Artem Kuryavchenko said:

    September 12th, 1:14 am

    Let us see how you, players, accept the game. DLC doesn’t sound like something completely impossible.

VENOM_17 said:

September 12th, 11:04 am

@ Vogster. Does this game have a Bullet Cam? As in when you fire your rifle / crossbow the camera follows the bullet and shows you exactly where you hit the dinosaurs?

If not would it be possible to add this is a future update?

If so, that would be AWESOME!!!


    Artem Kuryavchenko's Avatar

    Artem Kuryavchenko said:

    September 13th, 12:01 am

    There is no Bullet Cam in the game. Though it’s technically possible, we decided to skip the feature because of rating reasons. Thanks for your interest.

ScarsX23 said:

September 13th, 1:05 pm

Thanks so much for responding to me & the rest of us. I just bought it and I’m about to try it out! I hope to see more supoort towards this game. I’d love to see updates & dlc!

ScarsX23 said:

September 13th, 2:04 pm

After playing it I can safely say I like it. But I feel like the first Stegos i hunted were psychic and could spot me no matter how sneaky I was… Maybe its just me. ALSO I would LOVE if in the next patch you could add custom button mapping. I found myself missing my target at times because I naturally move my finger to r1 to shoot instead of r2. I’d prefer L1- aim, L2- hold breath, & R1- shoot. I don’t know if I’m the only one who agrees with this though.

    Artem Kuryavchenko's Avatar

    Artem Kuryavchenko said:

    September 13th, 10:54 pm

    Yes, we are planning the patch with Y-axis invert and button remapping. Please check our web site for updates.

    Happy hunting!

Staticks said:

September 14th, 5:38 pm

Why the heck isn’t there inverted aiming controls? There’s no way I’m buying this if there’s no inverted option.

    Artem Kuryavchenko's Avatar

    Artem Kuryavchenko said:

    September 16th, 1:49 am

    Sorry for that. We were out of brain when didn’t implement it :-) Our upcoming patch will fix it. Please check our site for updates.

aamotlagh said:

September 16th, 3:07 pm

Disappointing no invert controls. Do you have an ETA? Should be a pretty easy patch no?

    Artem Kuryavchenko's Avatar

    Artem Kuryavchenko said:

    September 17th, 1:56 am

    Yeap, we are planning the patch right now. Please check our web site for updates. Soon we will let you know the details.

X_HUNTER_2011 said:

September 17th, 5:22 pm

Will there be any chance that this upcoming patch will also bring along a Platinum trophy? As others and myself would look forward to a Platinum on this game :)

    Artem Kuryavchenko's Avatar

    Artem Kuryavchenko said:

    September 19th, 7:52 am

    We will consider this request when planning the patch. Please check our web site for updates.

X_HUNTER_2011 said:

September 19th, 3:34 pm

That’s Awsome!!! :)

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