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Sep 10

Sep 10

Puppeteer Out Today, Launch Trailer Unveiled

Gavin Moore's Avatar Posted by Art Director, SCE Worldwide Studios

Hi everyone. At last, after more than three years of hard work, we finally get to launch Puppeteer today for PS3. It’s a true labor of love, and we can’t wait to see what you all think of it. Take a look at the launch trailer for a taste of what’s to come.

When I started with Puppeteer, the idea was to take a lot of inspiration from Japanese culture and mash it up into a crazy game. I really like that old look, but I’m glad we decided, as a team, to move the art direction to where we are now. Mixing both Western and Japanese influences and moving more towards a darker, grimmer fairy tale. Besides, it would have been hard to be as creative and crazy with the characters and the world if we had stuck to the original look.

Looking back over the three and a half years of production, Puppeteer has been a lot of fun to make. Half of me is glad that we finally finished, but the other half feels a little sorrow because I won’t be able to direct Kutaro on his crazy adventures anymore. The best thing, though, is that you can finally play the game yourself. I hope you have as much fun in the magically insane world of Puppeteer as we did making it.

Right! I’m off to animate something else.

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Gorvi said:

September 10th, 12:04 pm

I’ve been shocked at just how great the reviews have been for this. I can’t pick it up right away, but I’m going to do my best to grab it in the next few weeks.

remanutd5 said:

September 10th, 12:08 pm

I will get the game when it gets released on psvita.

Saihat said:

September 10th, 12:12 pm

i pre-ordered already, and waiting to be available in the store!

JimmyHACK said:

September 10th, 12:14 pm

Heads are gonna roll!

EddyC__ said:

September 10th, 12:24 pm

Is the PSN Preorder still confirmed to get the Theatrical Pack? You did posted in a previous blog post it was confirmed but all we get is a PSN Theme, yet EU gets the Theatrical Pack with Digital Preorder. Still looking forward to it just confused about it.

TomHoang said:

September 10th, 12:30 pm

Playing it right now, love it!

KidCommando said:

September 10th, 12:31 pm

I am going to pick this up instead of Killzone. Mercenary will just have to wait until Kutaro’s adventure is over.

Have been waiting to play this game since the first reveal trailer.

Thanks Gavin and team for making what looks to be a classic game. I will definitely enjoy the show!!

MarinoBrea said:

September 10th, 12:35 pm

Please Gavin, Patch in a HARD MODE if you guys can afford it.

boxmyth said:

September 10th, 12:40 pm

Picking it up later today on my way home from work. Cannot wait to finally experience it.

stlthriot said:

September 10th, 12:49 pm

Digitally pre-ordered and ready to download later when I get home! :D

TomatoDragon said:

September 10th, 12:52 pm

Bought it on my lunch break today. Will be playing this tonight along with Killzone Mercenary.

LuiSpartanMIMIMI said:

September 10th, 1:02 pm

Please answer!

I’m looking for Puppeteer Demo on the american PS Store, but I can’t find it. Please, I want to play this game!

    Gavin Moore's Avatar

    David Bull said:

    September 10th, 2:49 pm

    Hi there! The demo will be released to the PS Store in a few weeks. The full game, however, comes out TODAY!

patsfan2007 said:

September 10th, 1:13 pm

Just got my copy today.

X-_ARMAN2_-X- said:

September 10th, 1:27 pm


Kchow23 said:

September 10th, 1:27 pm

When does the game become available on PSN? It said any time in the afternoon!

    Gavin Moore's Avatar

    David Bull said:

    September 10th, 2:51 pm

    The game will be available on PSN with today’s PlayStation Store publish.

reson8er said:

September 10th, 1:29 pm

Have it, I miss instruction manuals.

Dracorius said:

September 10th, 1:30 pm

I have been looking forward to this for a year now. Got it preordered and gonna pick it up after work. I can’t wait to tear heads off! ;)

KoalaSuccess said:

September 10th, 1:33 pm

Yeah what Arman2 said, the store says the game will be out 10.1 instead of today. That’s a typo right?

dragonking123456 said:

September 10th, 1:47 pm

I wonder is there any news on Dragons Crown DLC or something like that..?

xClayMeow said:

September 10th, 2:03 pm

Should have been on Vita!

For shame, Sony, FOR SHAME!

X-_ARMAN2_-X- said:

September 10th, 2:19 pm

DOWNLOADING righ now huuuuujuuuuuuu :)

SmokeAdellic said:

September 10th, 2:33 pm

Does the digital download version support stereoscopic 3D?

stoperat said:

September 10th, 2:48 pm

2% downloaded :)

Green-Elf said:

September 10th, 2:55 pm

I picked up my pre-order today! Now if this headache would go away I could actually play it.

Midgetguy said:

September 10th, 3:02 pm

I’ve been playing the game with my buddy all day today, and it’s absolutely hysterical!

I love it!

We’ve laughed so hard at the hilarious sequences, and we’ve sat in awe and wonder at the sheer beauty and splendor of some of the scenery.

Seriously, anyone who’s a fan if platforming games, local co-op games, or even just something wonderfully odd, the Puppeteer is outstanding!

I can recommend it enough!

Midgetguy said:

September 10th, 3:02 pm


*CAN’T recommend it enough.., but I’m sure you get the idea…

: )

X-_ARMAN2_-X- said:

September 10th, 3:37 pm


abitha said:

September 10th, 5:38 pm

@22 yeah the digital version has 3d. Didn’t realize this game was in 3d so that was a nice surprise. It’s a nice effect with the curtain in the same plane as the tv and the action taking place within it.

Kchow23 said:

September 10th, 7:36 pm

How come the digital version did not come with the preorder bonus as mentioned in previous posts?

Kchow23 said:

September 10th, 7:40 pm

Mick Perona on June 5th, 2013 at 8:48 am said:
“Hi ShadiWulf – Yep! You’ll be able to preorder on PSN in the coming weeks to get the Theatrical Pack! The Theatrical Pack is only available to those that preorder though, so make sure you preorder at your favorite retailer soon, or on PS Store when the digital pre-order comes available.”

D-Squad3 said:

September 10th, 7:41 pm

I fear this game will not sell well due to Sony’s horrible marketing. :(

Elvick_ said:

September 10th, 8:44 pm

Wish Sony would market it’s titles, even just a little. Even if it’s just a general, “these games are coming/are out for PS3 now/soon” ads. Nintendo did some like that for the 3DS.

I know Sony can’t pump as much into advertising every single game, due to using more money to actually make games. But they should still do something to push games. Aside from putting them out.

ToFeY said:

September 10th, 9:29 pm

hey yall this game is great i’m loving it so far very charming.
thank you sony for giving the best exclusives

jostrea said:

September 11th, 6:42 am

I picked up my copy last night and had a hard time putting it down last night. By far one of the most amazing games I have ever played. what a true joy!!!. I thought the wait took for ever but WOW it was worth every day that I had to wait for it. This game flew under the radar but I hope everyone has a chance to play this game!!!!!

TonyTough said:

September 11th, 6:58 am

I have been waiting for this game since I saw the first trailer. I am an old school gamer and love platformers. I preordered this and finally got to play it last night. It is truly a great treat to play this game and it gave me the same warm fuzzy feeling as when I played littlebigplanet the first time. I owned an original xbox way back and then switched to ps3 as my first playstation. I will never switch back to xbox knowing that sony has such fantastic studios working with them as shown with these exclusives. Japan Studios, you guys are great. I’m still waiting for you to finish The Last Guardian. I’ve had that pre-ordered since 2009 LOL. Anyway, great job on this game. I can’t wait to get back home to play it more tonight. PSN : TonyTough

Welmosca said:

September 11th, 12:25 pm

Its finally here…still waiting on my copy to arrive….I cant wait anymore….its been 1 year already of a painful wait….thank you Japanstudio for bringing this masterpiece to the video game world and above all on PS….I know Puppeteer wouldn’t be half as good if it was multiplatform….anyway Japanstudio you guys are one of my fav devs and without doubt one of the best devs out there.Nowadays only a lil devs can come up with neat ideas…and you guys do that every time.

swan-ton-bom said:

September 11th, 9:08 pm

Omg this game looks soo cool :D. The only thing that would make it better, to me at least, is if it were made 3d compatible. lol that’s just my opinion though.

MrSignal said:

September 12th, 4:35 pm

Looking forward to playing it eventually…

Sadly last weekends push for pre-orders has me waiting on a EB Games Canada to see if I still get the bonuses.

rhap4boy said:

September 21st, 2:32 am

Is there any way to still get the DLC now that I just purchased it? I didn’t know about the game until just now. Love the music!

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