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Sep 16

Sep 16

PS Plus: ICO & GTA: Liberty City Stories Free for Members

Kristine Steimer's Avatar Posted by Sr. Community Specialist

I hope you’re ready to get hit right in the feels, because ICO joins the PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection tomorrow. The classic title has been an industry favorite ever since its release, so if you haven’t had a chance to play it, you can finally learn what all the fuss was about.

One of fall’s biggest games – Grand Theft Auto V – is hitting store shelves and the PlayStation Store tomorrow, but you might need something to satisfy your GTA cravings when you aren’t at home. Thankfully, Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories is also free for PS Plus members this week, so you can play a little GTA no matter where you are.

These PS Plus benefits will be available after the PlayStation Store updates tomorrow, 9/17.

PlayStation Plus Update 9-17-2013

Instant Game Collection


Free for PS Plus members, Regular Price: $19.99

A young boy is locked away deep in a castle after horns started growing out of his head. After breaking free from his confines, he rescues a mysterious girl from her cage. Together they must escape the dangers of the castle and fend off the shadow creatures haunting their every move.
Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories (PSP, PS Vita Compatible)

Free for PS Plus members, Regular Price: $19.99

There are a million stories in Liberty City. This one changes everything. Once a trusted wise guy in the Leone crime family, Toni Cipriani was forced into hiding after killing a made man. Now he’s back and it’s time for things to be put right.


Sleeping Dogs Digital Edition (PS3)

PS Plus Price: $9.99, Regular Price: $24.99

Sleeping Dogs
Welcome to Hong Kong, a vibrant city whose exotic locations hide one of the most powerful and dangerous criminal organizations in the world: the Triads. You play Wei Shen, an undercover cop trying to take down the Triads from the inside. Included in this Digital Edition are three premium DLC packs: The Retro Triad Pack, The Red Envelope Pack, The Street Racer Pack.
Kane & Lynch: Dead Men (PS3)

PS Plus Price: $5.99, Regular Price: $14.99

Kane and Lynch
Kane & Lynch: Dead Men follows the violent and chaotic journey of two men – a flawed mercenary and a medicated psychopath and their brutal attitude towards right and wrong. This volatile partnership combined with innovative technologies allow for an unparalleled gaming experience. Kane & Lynch: Dead Men will immerse players into an emotionally intense crime drama with unflinching action.
Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days (PS3)

PS Plus Price: $7.99, Regular Price: $19.99

Kane and Lynch 2
What would you not do for love? For acceptance? When would you give-up? For Kane & Lynch, there is no limit. When there are no options, when the situation is broken beyond repair, they’ll never give-up. Ground-breaking art direction, relentless action gameplay and innovative multiplayer redefine the action shooter experience and make Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days a standout shooter of 2010.
Real Boxing (PS Vita)

PS Plus Price: $8.99, Regular Price: $9.99

Real Boxing
Real Boxing is a stunning boxing simulation game powered by Unreal Engine 3. Journey from amateur to pro in one of the most comprehensive handheld sporting games ever created. Each boxer is designed from the laces up to be as realistic as possible. Real-time deformation technology portrays every bone-crunching punch and jaw-shattering uppercut in stunning definition – the fight is on!
Pixel Junk Monsters: Ultimate HD (PS Vita)

PS Plus Price: $11.99, Regular Price: $14.99

PJ Monsters Ultimate HD
Tikiman the Forest Defender is in trouble. Hordes of monsters are sweeping through his realm, hoping to chow down on his offspring – and it’s up to you to defend them. By placing weapon towers at strategic points around the landscape, you can destroy the invaders and save the little ones. Collect treasure along the way to build up your arsenal and pay for new towers – countless waves of monsters are out to get the babies, so you need to be prepared to battle!

We’ll be back next week with more details on the game arriving to the Instant Game Collection as well as any other benefits we can share.

If you’ve got feedback on today’s Plus update make sure you leave a comment below. If you want to engage with some like-minded people, head over to the PlayStation Community Forums to discuss all things PlayStation, including this update. You’ll also find other topics you can contribute your thoughts to, or start one for yourself.

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Tharsuss said:

September 17th, 5:25 pm

Ico is just plain bad. Dealing with this level of ennui and all the drap backgrounds makes me want to go to back to meth. Depressing trigger of a game, it is. Might even drive me to buy GTA, even though I’m not a huge GTA fan. Happily waiting for next months game.

deric290 said:

September 17th, 5:34 pm

At this point, I swear if sony gives vita another psp game as a plus monthly I’m going to cancel my membership.Whats the point of having a vita when their only going to give us psp games,that’s such a waste of money.

I_Like_Tomatoes said:

September 17th, 6:08 pm

Why the EU store keeps getting recently launched games and the US just psp games for the vita, HD collectios from ps2 and 4-5 years old games!!??

GoDoseOff said:

September 17th, 7:57 pm

Geez, at this rate I’m regretting my decision to subscribe to ps plus, we haven’t got any good games in months! Meanwhile EU ps plus subscribers continue to get the best deals, like, Need for speed, AC3, Shadow of the colossus + Ico, etc etc . Far cry 3 and dragons dogma dark arisen are free for them in October!! What will we get? More crappy psp games for vita? Please give us some good games in October.

JobyGoob said:

September 17th, 9:16 pm

Mark me down as a happy satisfied US Plus subscriber. I joined in January and now I have a humongous backlog of games to play on my Vita and my PS3. The best 50 bucks I ever spent was this membership. Yes, the benefits other than IGC are kind of a joke and should be free. Yes, EU seems to get a few more AAA titles. Yes, not every game on IGC is a five star winner. One week you might get PSV Foosball (man the blog was funny that week) and another week you’ll find XCom Enemy Unknown. Be patient, have fun, (gasp) buy some games once in a while, and enjoy finding out every month what lies in store for your free download.

My only worry is that the IGC will take a nosedive when (almost) everyone with a PS4 is paying for Plus to play multiplayer. I hope Sony still supports the IGC even though a majority of players are subscribing for other reasons.

bakesrus360 said:

September 18th, 12:14 am

Hey good line up this week! I was looking at Europe’s psplus line up for october and they are getting dragons dogma, farcry 3, street fighterXtekken and touch my katamari. Now this would be an amazing line up for us but i would suspect that we are probably going to get mediocre games for october. On that note u should add some RPGs to the igc lineup plz!

Alturian89 said:

September 18th, 3:30 am

Has there been any discussion on restoring the Tomb Raider discount for PS+ members who were unable to purchase it due to the glitch with already having the combo’d game?

hazelcabug said:

September 18th, 3:54 am

Are we the one paying for the games that SONY releases in EUROPE? it’s because vita subscribers in NA only keep on getting very old psp and indie game while EU gets AAA retail games every month. Oct EU gets Street Fighter, another AAA title for OCT, while NA got zero AAA title since July.

Xx_Crisco_xX said:

September 18th, 4:11 am

Man these games that aren’t free, are knock off cheap year old games at best. Come on man!

vjcfjk said:

September 18th, 4:28 am

OMG!!! PSP game for PS vita!!! that is so lame! why do you guys think that i want to play PSP games on my PS VITA? Please,dont add PSP games in PS+

SidNightwalker said:

September 18th, 7:05 am

I for one have no interest in another overhyped little violence fest.Don’t get me wrong I’m sure it’ll be pretty good, just not 60 dollars good.Sorry fanboys.

ICO, on the other hand….

dakotagraham said:

September 18th, 12:16 pm

It would be killer if we could get some more fighting games, like capcom vs snk 2 or street fighter X tekken FOR FREE

webspidus_br said:

September 18th, 12:29 pm

My ps+ account expired today, so I only will pay for this service again when give us good games.

greghove79 said:

September 18th, 12:54 pm

So, based on some positive comments, I tried Ico. Wow, what a disappointment that game is. It’s just so badly dated; from the boring colors to the clunky unresponsive gameplay to the extremely poor graphics, everything screams “12-year-old game.” Maybe it was considered awesome back in the day, and some people get a jolt of nostalgia from playing it again, but, for me, it’s just an irritating, lackluster game, with a muddled story and few, if any, redeeming qualities. Very disappointed. Already deleted it. Between the terrible RE shooters, the repetitive and worthless Galaga and this stinker called Ico, this month gets a solid F in my book. Hoping for better next month.

Avittion said:

September 18th, 1:17 pm

PSN desperately needs a wishlist feature so people can make themselves a list of games they want to buy so when they get paid they can just select them off the list for purchase. You could even include a feature that notifies you when a game on your wish list is on sale. It would certainly streamline purchases for some customers while increases profits especially via impulse purchases.

nosforatu75 said:

September 18th, 1:33 pm

My wish list for PS Plus:

BioShock Infinite
Dark Souls
Dreamfall Chapters
Far Cry 3: High Tides
I am alive
The Last of Us
State of Decay
Tomb Raider-The latest one
The Walking Dead: 400 Days
The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct
Watch Dogs

sancesarinpro said:

September 18th, 3:20 pm

Europe always gets better games!

Shadow_Enz said:

September 18th, 4:22 pm

Kane & Lynch, awesome to see them on sale.
GTA LCS – yes!
PJM Ultimate HD on sale – yes!

Strong week, in my opinion ;)

Coody-Baroody said:

September 18th, 9:33 pm

@ hazelcabug comment 358

Your joking! HELL NO you don’t pay for our PS+ in EU! We have to pay more than you do for everything including PS+ and we get less games than you per year. I admit that EUs PS+ has had better AAA games than SCEAs but don’t forget that before the IGC came in your PS+ was FAR superior to ours.

We get constantly screwed with release dates and delays. We’ve only just been given the Pulse Manager app for example, had to wait almost a MONTH for Walking Dead for Vita and we STILL haven’t had a ton of games you have like Ratchet Gladiator and CS;GO.

Then theres the fact we have to pay up to 50% higher prices than you for new full games on the store. You get them for retail price $60, we have to pay £60/70E!!!! That’s almost $100 for the same game!

We also get screwed with censorship (TLOUs Multiplayer for instance) and you don’t.

No, its insulting to say YOU pay for our PS+ service when we get royally ripped off compared to you in so many areas. PS4 is another one. $399 for you but £350/399Euros for us. That works out at over $500!

Yes our PS+ service has been better than SCEAs recently but its about time we haven’t got the crappy end of the stick for once and long may it continue!

JinxVorheeze said:

September 19th, 8:29 am

It wouldn’t be that hard to allow for pre-loading games; all it requires is you split the game into two files and allow for the first one to download up to a couple days early, then download an unlock code on the day of release. You already do this with a large number of your games. You could also use the Playstation Plus software timer to not allow the game to be accessed until the release date; opposite of how it works now with the blocking of access after membership date ends. You already have the technology at your disposal, I’m not sure why you guys don’t utilize it.

hazelcabug said:

September 19th, 9:48 am

@ 368 You live in EU so you earn EU so you pay EU what’s wrong with that? It’s just like if you live in US of course you earn USD and spend USD. You’re comparing for exchange rate not for actual money your earn in your country. Ex. same work 7$/hr while EU gets 9 eu/hr. That being said, game price varies on economic status in US and EU, so that doesn’t mean you paid more for the game than in US.

There is no way that 1 indie vita and 1 psp cost more than 2 AAA titles every month that’s for vita alone. What’s more if we include ps3 titles in US? that’s way too big in gap.

BirdmanHB said:

September 19th, 10:18 am

Here’s an idea to all those whining about the 18gb GTAV download…buy it on disc. You have to be pretty dumb to think GTAV was not going to be a large digital download. The solution: buy it on disc, it is that simple, they had a midnight launch for disc as well, only difference is disc-based actually got to play at midnight while digital had to wait all day lol

ego2210 said:

September 19th, 10:42 am

I just wonder why PSN USA can have better games for PLUS suscribers like PSN Europe has…. I mean, they had Assassin’s Creed 3, and soon they’ll have Far Cry 3…. that’s all I say… why can’t PSN USA have those games for PLUS suscribers too?

Coody-Baroody said:

September 19th, 2:45 pm

@hazelcabug 370

Please don’t try and tell me that you know what we earn and its the same because it is NOT. For the same game we have to pay 50% more than you. Of course the exchange rates come into it. Im in the UK and our prices are higher for everything than they are in the States. Im not on here to whing about that Im just saying its insulting to say YOU pay for OUR PS+ service.

We have to pay £39.99 or 49.99EU if live in Ireland/Europe that works out at around $70 in the UK and over $80 in the EURO. So YES we DO pay higher prices than you. It doesn’t matter WHAT job you have or what wages you earn, we are talking about 1 and the SAME products here.

You guys in the states get better accessories than us or a lot sooner if we eventually do get them. Your PS Store prices actually mean making the shift to all digital is =nt a problem whatsoever as the prices for games are the same as retail – $60. Here, they just replace the $ with a £ and even ADD another 10EURO for that region. Its disgusting.

So yes we DO have a better PS+ line up than you but we have to pay MORE for it and its but a drop in an ocean of things you get that we don’t.

QUAKECALEB2000 said:

September 19th, 7:44 pm

Oh my gosh. Screw you Sony… Why the heck does EU get an amazing lineup but we get mostly crappy games that 75% of people have no interest in. Come on guys you can do better than this! We want Assassins Creed and Far Cry 3 and Crash Bandicoot! Please give us better games next month. I really feel like Ive wasted time and money on Ps plus.

hazelcabug said:

September 19th, 10:52 pm

PS+ EU PS Vita
July = Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus + Unit 13
August = When Vikings Attack! + Lego Lord of the Rings
September = Jak&D Trilogy + Urban Freestyle + Little king + Stealth Inc
October = Street Fighter X Tekken + Touch My Katamari

July = Dokuro + PSP
August = Machinarium + PSP
September = Rayman + PSP
October = let me guess, Indie + PSP right?

Wow it looks like EU really paid alot than US

Coody-Baroody said:

September 20th, 10:11 am

@ hazelcabug

I did say that our game line up has been better than yours. I wasn’t denying that whatsoever. I just stated that what you said about us paying for YOUR PS+ was absurd and that apart from the Instant Game Collection you guys have ALOT better things than us across the board AND for as much as 50% LESS money than us.

To be honest you US guys have my sympathy because I can imagine it would be highly frustrating seeing the games we get and then you don’t get the same and often get a lot worse.

But, again, the only reason I can imagine that and know how it feels is because we have been getting that end of the stick with the crap on it for years now.

JuniorFreakinHD said:

September 21st, 1:21 pm

I really hope you guys make up for us PS+ members on October, because this month was just Ewwww.

F000-2011 said:

September 21st, 4:34 pm

Hey guys, so, october lineup is awesum for Europe, think you could lessen the HUGE difference between us? Pleaseee good games, thx

Funky0ne said:

September 22nd, 6:06 am

Long time Playstation fan… I mean seriously had one of the original Playstation 1 consoles when they first came out, and followed it ever since it was ditched by Nintendo when it was meant to be the SNES CD-Rom drive. Sadly, after finally having become a PS Plus member a few months ago… I’m kind of starting to wonder.

I will say, this month as far as the IGC on PS Plus goes… worst lineup so far… and each month when you swear it couldn’t get any worse, it does. 1,250 characters isn’t enough to do it justice… so decided to put up my thoughts in my blog… for anybody interested, can view it here:

Bottomline: Unless PS Plus starts seeming more “worthwhile”… when my PS Plus runs out, I’m already planning to get a Gamefly sub instead… at least then I can have some sort of a guarantee there’ll actually be decent more modern games worth actually playing!

MarzX said:

September 22nd, 5:44 pm

i need to pick up a 12 month PS Plus card asap

jeffreyELmaestro said:

September 22nd, 6:36 pm

IF in the moth of october they give good games for US I am going to buy a 12 moths.

Lateat421 said:

September 22nd, 9:13 pm

Why do we only get Liberty City stories for portable?????? Give us the version to play it on our ps3!!! expecially since you’re giving other regions more for their PS+ membership than US region!!!!!

jeffreyELmaestro said:

September 22nd, 10:28 pm

Hey who want to game share with me I have all mw3 maps, black ops 1 all maps, black ops 2 season pass, bf3 end game and close quaters. the walking dead 400 days and also I am member of ps+ add me if you are interesting and tell me what you have.

Oranssilyhty said:

September 22nd, 10:54 pm

Im strating to realy concider eu psplus…

Funky0ne said:

September 24th, 4:34 pm

@384 (Oranssilyhty) – As am I, but got this bad gut feeling that as soon as a person switches, there’s not going to be any “super awesome” titles to give over there anymore, since they already give them the best of the best it seems. (Of course, every month that continues to go on, they prove there’s still more awesome they can give them.)

Be the Murphy’s Law to a tee that as soon as a person switched over, the US would start getting the awesome stuff they weren’t getting, and EU would start getting “lack-luster stuff” in comparison to what they’d already been getting. :-/

IndraWSaputra said:

September 27th, 7:50 am

why there is no gta liberty city in my ps plus download list?
it can be played in vita right?

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