Hohokum on PS4: New Trailer of the Guano Factory Debuted

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Hohokum on PS4: New Trailer of the Guano Factory Debuted
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We’re really excited to unveil a new place in Hohokum today — the Guano Factory — with a new teaser trailer made by Scott Benson, and backed by one of our favorite Matthew Dear songs: Temptation. Matthew Dear is a founding artist of Ghostly International, and is also a DJ, dance-music producer, and an experimental pop artist. The Temptation track is off his latest album, Beams — a suite of weird, wild, and optimistic rhythm-driven pop. The perfect type of music for Hohokum.

In our first trailer, we glimpsed lots of places in Hohokum, and showed some gameplay, but this time around we wanted to try something different: focusing right down on a single part of the game — and the characters and action that happens there — and making something that feels more like a music video than a gameplay trailer.

Hohokum on PS4, PS3 and PS VitaHohokum on PS4, PS3 and PS Vita

Not every place in Hohokum is a peaceful place. For example, this factory is a noisy, dirty place, full of pipes and strange machines and bad smells. What are they doing here? What is that gloopy yellow stuff? What are they making with it? We’ll leave that for you to figure out for yourself.

Hohokum on PS4, PS3 and PS Vita

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We’re going to be showing a version of Hohokum with the Guano Factory playable at various places over the next few months:

  • Tokyo Game Show: September 19-22
  • Fantastic Fest Arcade: September 19-22
  • Indiecade: October 3-6

Stay tuned to the PlayStation.Blog for more info on Hohokum in the coming months!

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4 Author Replies

  • Thank you! Looks and sounds so wonderful!

  • #1 just said guano was “wonderful.” I am a little concerned for him.

  • t7sheesh time!

  • Are those things eating poop? Thats what guano means in spanish: bat poop. All I could see was stuff related to poop :S Other than that, looks pretty cool :)

  • I thought this was coming to the Vita too? Major bummer if that’s not happening any more. Sorry, but Remote Play doesn’t count.

  • YorlecmNwahs

    Ah yes, look at those glorious HD graphics, takes me back down memory lane to the days of PSP.

  • Hidden Easter Egg: The Legendary White Guano. Looking forward to this has I keep getting the vibe of noby noby boy but in awesome 2D art.

  • Hey Ricky, one of buddy’s adores Frobisher Say’s. Plus the new game Hohokum looks like playable euphoria. Keep up the good work team!

  • Yep Hohokum is looking great,any word on a demo for PS3 and Vita?….and cross-buy?….I wanna have it on both PS3 and Vita..Thanks.Looks like St.Monica is helping every PS/Sony dev nowadays…I know they’re helping its been years already but thats the right thing to do…since they’re the most talented devs out there…nothing more fair then they being the 1st devs to help out.

  • This looks like a trip. Can’t wait to give it a go!

  • Good to hear it’s still on track to arrive on Vita! The title of the blog had me worried :)

  • Looks great, very vibrant and colourful. Never seen eating faeces in a game. Will you be able to drink urine too?

  • I like unique &an’t wait quirky games this will be fun for sure & its for PS Vita too, can’t wait to play this Doods!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Earthling_8

    Guano! They have Guano!

  • Can’t wait to play it on PS Vita. Just wish the PS3 and PS Vita were mentioned more with this. So that people could know it’s on everything. xP

  • Im starting to love this game for some reason =)

  • plaztiksyke

    This and Resogun were the PS4 highlights for us at PAX. People keep mentioning Noby Noby Boy, but I saw it saw more like Locoroco meets old school adventure game. The music was cool; I hope the PS4 and Vita versions have HD audio assets.

    Knack’s gameplay was okay, but visually it seemed to lack GI, and just generally looked bland. Blacklight had weird aliasing and shimmer, especially on thing in mid-distance from the camera.

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