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Sep 23

Sep 23

PlayStation Plus: Rayman Origins Free for Members

Kristine Steimer's Avatar Posted by Sr. Community Specialist

Ubisoft Montpellier recently released Rayman Legends, a follow-up to the critically acclaimed Rayman Origins. An ever-charming, colorful platformer, Rayman Origins will get you reacquainted with the armless, legless hero who first appeared on the original PlayStation. Rayman is perfect on the PlayStation Vita, and PS Plus members will be able to experience this game for free when it enters the Instant Game Collection tomorrow.

If you never had the chance to try LIMBO, you can grab both the PS3 and PS Vita versions for one low price. All of these PS Plus benefits will be available after the PlayStation Store updates tomorrow, 9/24.

Best Buy 3 Plus 1

From now until 9/30, buy a 3-month PlayStation Plus membership from Best Buy and get a bonus month free.

Instant Game Collection

Rayman Origins (PS Vita)

Free for PS Plus members, Regular Price: $26.99

Rayman Origins
Rayman Origins is a 2D world with over 60 levels teeming with unexpected secrets and outlandish enemies. When the Glade of Dreams is overrun by “nefurrious” Darktoons, the Fairy Council hastily invokes Rayman to save the day; but the hero of light isn’t quite all there…To help him, Rayman teams up with his best friend, Globox, and two crafty wizards, the Teensies. Together, the world’s most hilarious team of heroes will need to restore peace to the Glade or watch as their beloved home vanishes like a bad dream…


Limbo (PS3 & PS Vita, Cross-Buy)

PS Plus Price: $11.99, Regular Price: $14.99

Uncertain of his sister’s fate, a boy enters LIMBO. Winner of more than 90 awards, including GameInformer’s “Best Downloadable”, GameSpot’s “Best Puzzle Game”, Kotaku’s “The Best Indie Game”, GameReactor’s “Digital Game of the Year”, Spike TV’s “Best Independent Game”, X-Play’s “Best Downloadable Game” and IGN’s “Best Horror Game”.
Worms Revolution (PS3)

PS Plus Price: $7.50, Regular Price: $14.99

Worms Revolution
Worms Revolution sticks an exploding sheep under worm-on-worm conflict and blasts it squarely into the 21st century. With 32 single player missions, 20 single player puzzles, online or local multiplayer for up to 4 players, 3 multiplayer modes, customization, worm classes and dynamic water!
Lone Survivor: The Director’s Cut (PS3 & PS Vita, Cross-Buy)

PS Plus Price: $11.69, Regular Price: $12.99

Lone Survivor
In this psychological survival adventure, the masked protagonist must escape from a city ravaged by disease, by any means necessary. Starving and exhausted, he has begun to question how much of what he sees is even real.
Pinballistik: Alien Tycoon Bundle (PS3)

PS Plus Price: $3.99, Regular Price: $4.99

Pinball evolves into Battle Pinball! PINBALLISTIK brings more thrills, action and effects to traditional pinball. Play the Single Tables or engage your opponent side-by-side on the Battle Tables. Live out fantasies of wealth and luxury with the Made of Money table. Maintain your fame while fending off hordes of paparazzi. Switch sides with your opponent to steal their fortune gathering on the Battle Table and go from rags to riches!
Pinballistik + DLC Bundle (PS3)

PS Plus Price: $3.99, Regular Price: $4.99

Go for the full Pinballistik experience by downloading the Circle the Wagons, Sector X and Made of Money tables. Each comes with both a battle and classic table giving you 6 unique tables to go ballistik on. Get your opponent lost in a sand storm while you load up the revolver on Circle the Wagons. Sit by the pool and take in some sun or head over to your garage and work on your car on the Made of Money tables. Navigate the asteroid field and take aim at your opponent on the Sector X tables. Can you handle the non-stop action of pinball in Pinballistik!Pinballistik: Made of Money (PS3 Add-On)
PS Plus Price: $2.39, Regular Price: $2.99

Pinballistik: Sector X (PS3 Add-On)
PS Plus Price: $2.39, Regular Price: $2.99

Last Chance (Leaving on 10/1)

Instant Game Collection

PlayStation Plus Update 9-24-2013

We’ll be back next week with more details on the game arriving to the Instant Game Collection as well as any other benefits we can share.

If you’ve got feedback on today’s Plus update make sure you leave a comment below. To discuss all things PlayStation, including this update, you can also head over to the PlayStation Community Forums where you’ll find topics you can contribute your thoughts to, or start one for yourself.

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carlpain said:

September 23rd, 8:01 am

Waiting for this the whole morning

carlpain said:

September 23rd, 8:03 am

Shoot, sorry for the double post. I pressed Enter by mistake. I was waiting for this the whole morning to sale if we get good sales before I buy something else.

DJ_Tomato said:

September 23rd, 8:03 am

weak update

Jesszman said:

September 23rd, 8:03 am

The discount on Lone Survivor isn’t on the poll.

    Kristine Steimer's Avatar

    Kristine Steimer said:

    September 23rd, 11:10 am

    I added it! Sorry ’bout that.

viceforce said:

September 23rd, 8:04 am

Kristine and/or Morgan Halloween them games for plus next month as well as discount on some Halloween PSN titles.

Maverick_fox1 said:

September 23rd, 8:06 am

An ok update, hope we get SFxTekken for Vita soon like the EU Plus suscribers :D

cubbielovr said:

September 23rd, 8:08 am

One week away until the less than stellar moth of August for PS+ is over. Please have some quality IGC games for Sept. Here’s hoping for Batman:AC, Kingdoms of Amalur(spelling?), or even a really good sale.

Ryumoau said:

September 23rd, 8:08 am

very weak. I’m not really that interested in platformers but i’ll try Rayman since its free.

I’m very disappointed that we still never got that ‘Big in Japan’ sale that EU got. Over 60 japanese games were discounted by half off. Now that TGS is over, i doubt we’ll get it. Its really lame that instead we keep getting discounts on the same boring indie games over and over again like Limbo.

I would say i’m looking forward to October’s plus update, but i know in my heart it will be just as awful as the past couple months. :(

carlpain said:

September 23rd, 8:08 am

Worms Revolution (maybe). I got it on Steam a couple of months ago and I was waiting to get it for one of my consoles, too. I got Limbo thanks to the Humble Bundle, so that one is a “pass.” Nothing else. It is kind of sad to see only these discounts in the last week of the month. I only got ICO and RE Chronicles this month. I don’t really “buy” the “free” games because I wait to “really” buy them with discounts. Once again, I’ll say that Sony needs to fix this problem. We, Plus members, should be able to buy games that we already “own.”

DJ_Tomato said:

September 23rd, 8:09 am

When we’re going to get more PSX classics? Kristine please co-op with Konami, i will drop $100 or more if you guys get all the dance dance revolution psx series to vita

fede01_8 said:

September 23rd, 8:09 am

what a complete forgetable month, except for Sony apologists that think that every Sony desicion is the greatest ever made. An 11 y.o. game made for a previous generation console was the AAA of the month. Meanwhile Europe gets NFS: Most Wante, Assassins Creed 3 and now Far Cry 3

DanteMerfi said:

September 23rd, 8:09 am

Very underwhelming. Let’s hope we have a better PS+ month in October. It shouldn’t be hard.

ioshi_US said:

September 23rd, 8:09 am

PS+ EU PS Vita
July = Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus + Unit 13
August = When Vikings Attack! + Lego Lord of the Rings
September = Jak&D Trilogy + Urban Freestyle + Little king + Stealth Inc
October = Street Fighter X Tekken + Touch My Katamari

July = Dokuro + PSP
August = Machinarium + PSP
September = Rayman + PSP
October = let me guess, Indie + PSP right?

Ardeallo said:

September 23rd, 8:11 am

Awn; i was hoping a better discount for Lone Survivor. Hahaha

The_Cowboy_Poet said:

September 23rd, 8:12 am

This is good news! If you have Vita but somehow don’t have Rayman Origins (what’s wrong with you?!?!) you can’t beat free. This is not only one of the best Vita games but the best version of Origins IMHO.

Kristine, do we know yet when Terraria or Proteus are coming to Vita? Can’t wait for those two =)

    Kristine Steimer's Avatar

    Kristine Steimer said:

    September 23rd, 11:15 am

    I don’t think a release date has been announced for either of those, sorry!

Xaveri28 said:

September 23rd, 8:13 am

I’m glad they are adding Rayman Origins, it’s and outstanding title on the Vita. I platinumed it so, it does nothing for me, but I’m really happy for the Plus subscribers.

ninth_prey said:

September 23rd, 8:13 am

Nice update. Already own rayman from the sale. If you guys don’t own it, grab it. Its lots of fun. Any chance we can get some more info on ps4 game upgrades? Like what if I buy the ps3 digital version of AC: Black Flag. What happenes to my ps3 version when I upgrade to ps4?


    Kristine Steimer's Avatar

    Paul Sullivan said:

    September 23rd, 11:13 am

    For digital titles, the PS4 versions of the games will be listed at the adjusted price in the PlayStation Store if you already own the digital PS3 version of the game. You’ll then be able to buy the PS4 version of the title in addition to the PS3 version at that adjusted price. So, you’ll have both.

carlpain said:

September 23rd, 8:14 am

15) Well, being that you paid 50 bucks to have Plus…I don’t know about that “you can’t beat free.”

freshprincepbg said:

September 23rd, 8:16 am

Happy with Rayman Origin

But I feel like there hasn’t been a good sale for Plus in ages.

Also Europe’s October offerings are AMAZING, SCEA better bring it!

tbx59 said:

September 23rd, 8:18 am

Can we change the plus logo to a pinball?

SiriusCJS said:

September 23rd, 8:18 am

You know, ever since May when we got Pinball Arcade for free I’ve had in insatiable appetite for MORE PINBALL! After absolutely devouring all the tables provided I wandered around aimlessly, my life being left void. But you answered my prayers only 3 short months later with STAR WARS PINBALL!! My – mind – was – blown. I downloaded it right away & I couldn’t stop playing. I lost my job because I wouldn’t leave the house. I was informed I could get it for only $2 on my Android & thus leave the house to go to work, but hell… I saved $2! Needless to say, I burned through all the tables in only 2 weeks & the 2 weeks that followed have been a living hell. I imagine worse than drug withdrawals. This update has shined a light on my life. PINBALLISTIC + DLC ON SALE?!?! I don’t know what I would have done without more pinball. SONY PS PLUS TEAM, HOW DO YOU DO IT??? THANK YOU!!!

tengfei-hayabusa said:

September 23rd, 8:19 am

le ps+ pour les americain ryman origine LOL(les pigeon)
nous en france le 25 on a street x tekken,far cry 3,dragon dogma dark arisen !!!! et plain d’autre truc…

vive sony ,vive kaz hirai et vive la france

webspidus_br said:

September 23rd, 8:21 am

I don’t have PSVita, but this is a great update for members.


I only will renew my ps+ signature when great ps3 games for the service it’s granted, because on the last three months was terrible.

Losabos1 said:

September 23rd, 8:23 am

Rayman Origins is probably my favorite game on the vita, I have played threw it 6 or 8 times across three different systems. Best game of the month by far imo. If you have not played it DOOOO EEEETT NOW!! More like this in the coming months please!

Fardeenah said:

September 23rd, 8:24 am

so im really glad rayman origns is coming to NA ps plus, though EU got ages ago…. i just wish that we ps plus vita owners get some IGC games at the start of the month instead of waiting like last grade citizen. why cant u give vita only ps plus gamers something to play at the start of the month??? is it that hard, hope u take this feedback into consideration,.

Thiago_Bandicoot said:

September 23rd, 8:25 am

Hoping for a good selection next month, because the last few months have been much worst than Europe

Gorvi said:

September 23rd, 8:25 am

Is that Lone Survivor discount a type? Anything is better than nothing, but 10%?

mettreidici said:

September 23rd, 8:25 am

In case anybody is wondering, #22 is a French ps plus users and he’s here to mock the ps plus in North America…

jonjon0890 said:

September 23rd, 8:26 am

Time to renew my EU PS Plus. Europe is getting Far Cry 3, Dragon’s Dogma Dark Arisen, Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams, Street Fighter X Tekken (Vita), Touch my Katamari this week.

samv33 said:

September 23rd, 8:28 am

Nice one to end the month on, Rayman Origins. And pleased to see Limbo and Lone Survivor discounted somewhat.

How about some PS1 and PS2 discounts? Been a while since we’ve had some of those.

And are there plans to release more PS1 games on PSN? I have a list of about 30 I want, but you guys don’t have. Echo Night chief among them. Koudelka. Kuon on PS2.

tbx59 said:

September 23rd, 8:28 am

@21 You seem to have gotten off easy. I have MPD (multiple pinball disorder). When at home I am compelled to roll myself up in a ball and bounce off the couches, entertainment center, tables, chairs, basically anything that might get me the points needed for the free play. When I’m out in public and a bald guy walks my direction i start flapping my arms (that don’t quite resemble arms anymore) and do everything in my power to make sure he doesn’t get between my ‘arms’

I wish it was just a game like you, 21, I wish it was just a game.

IIL0YDII said:

September 23rd, 8:30 am

LMAO at LIMBO discount.

tylerh1701 said:

September 23rd, 8:31 am

These discounts are really crappy. Supposedly EU gets better free games and US gets better discounts, but the sales in September have been pretty awful. I’m not sure if we’ve even had one deep discount (over 50%). And I just passed on Limbo a few weeks ago for like $6, I’m not sure why it would go on sale for $12 this week. I was thinking something like $3.75 would be a much better price.

September has been awful for PS+ NA.

fede01_8 said:

September 23rd, 8:32 am

I remember when you first implemented the poll, the bar for “Nothing for me this week” was huge. Months later the results were set private to avoid embarrassing moments like that.

Not even good sales for AAA games to make up for an awful week/month for PS3 gamers

tylerh1701 said:

September 23rd, 8:34 am

Oh and have you guys seen the PS+ EU games for October? Can we please try and get somewhere close to that?

No more 8 year old PSP games! (Preferably no more PSP games at all!!!) And no more crappy downloadable games like Galaga Legions. EU is basically getting nothing but full game releases, and most of them still retail for $20 or more!

snakeeyes211 said:

September 23rd, 8:34 am

weak update

jak_d_ripr said:

September 23rd, 8:34 am

I’ll definitely give rayman a shot, wouldn’t have tried the game out otherwise. Can’t wait to see what were getting next month, fingers crossed for guacamelee/little big planet vita.

TwinDad said:

September 23rd, 8:35 am

Every time I see what EU gets it starts to wear that sheen off the US stuff. I did like what we get, but I can’t help but be a bit envious of what EU gets.

snakeeyes211 said:

September 23rd, 8:35 am

“Nothing for me this week”

Erlaxis said:

September 23rd, 8:40 am

Rayman Origins for Vita is awesome. The deals are kinda bad. I bought Limbo a few weeks ago for something around $7 right here on the PSN, and even that I wouldn’t consider an amazing deal. The other deals? Oh, so much suck.

Come on, guys. I know you can do better.

SirDigbysNemesis said:

September 23rd, 8:40 am

I am still not sure why EU subscribers keep getting quality titles every month for Vita, and those of us in the US just keep getting PSP leftovers. I’m still not sure why I stay subscribed to + when each and every month the US content is more and more insulting.

chavez1138 said:

September 23rd, 8:44 am

Catherine for this October! pretty please

CraddaPoosta said:

September 23rd, 8:45 am

The only reason I am not butthurt over this update is that I wanted to purchase Rayman: Origins, anyway, with or without a PS+ subscription. At least now, when I let my subscription run out, I won’t be left with nothing.

I will be a bit more careful in the future though. If I see any Vita games being deeply discounted, I am almost positive they will wind up being added to the IGC eventually, defeating the entire purpose of Sony wanting lifelong subscribers.

Lately, I only really keep up with upcoming additions to the IGC for a good, ironic chuckle at how much better the EU region’s IGC is as compared to that of the US region.

It really would be nice if PS+ subscribers had the option of outright purchasing games that they had previously received for “free” as part of their subscription. Not all of us intend on subscribing forever, especially those of us who don’t like indie titles or 8-year-old PSP games being presented as PS Vita blockbusters.

For perspective, the Nintendo Wii hadn’t even come out yet, and there was no such thing as an Android or an iPhone when Darkstalkers or GTA : LCS was released for the PSP.


September 23rd, 8:46 am

Past all September updates, I only can say, VERY DISAPPOINTING. Best of the month for PS3 was ICO, it’s excellent, but still a PS2 game with ten years old. But the worst was you didn’t give us Shadow of the Colossus too, when all other regions had both.
Both RE (Wii ports… LOL) and Galaga… mediocre games really.
Vita had great games, but unfortunately, I haven’t one.
It’s just my opinion.

TimMalouff said:

September 23rd, 8:47 am

As others have said LIMBO is available for the Humble Indie Bundle.
It has also been on sale cheaper on here before.

So why buy at this price?

Can we get Soul Sacrifice (Vita) for October?
You will probably be loosing sales on that game anyway with people waiting for the upcoming re-release Soul Sacrifice Delta.

Grey_Fox-47 said:

September 23rd, 8:49 am

Can’t wait to play Rayman!

jayrabbit said:

September 23rd, 8:49 am

I dont think this time around its fair for us to compare this months with EU, I mean when EU got rayman we were complaining about not getting it and now we have it! like come on, they listened and added it like EU shouldnt we be happy about that?

This month give them a break, less you want them less inclined to try to listen to you guys if it always looks like a loss.

ThumbsOfSteel74 said:

September 23rd, 8:54 am

@7 cubbielovr:

“One week away until the less than stellar moth of August for PS+ is over. Please have some quality IGC games for Sept. Here’s hoping for Batman:AC, Kingdoms of Amalur(spelling?), or even a really good sale.”

Guy who doesn’t know what month it is? Check.

Pissing and moaning over what EU gets? Check.

I’ll be back next week to see what you crybabies are up to. Probably not enjoying what you get but continuing to subscribe anyway.


TigerStealth said:

September 23rd, 8:55 am

Awesome! Really looking forward to Rayman on Vita. Also great discounts on Limbo and Lone Survivor for vita.

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