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Sep 24

Sep 24

FIFA 14 on PS3 Today, Capturing the Emotion of Great Goals

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Line Producer, EA Sports

FIFA Launch Day, 01

FIFA 14 on PlayStation Store

After playing past FIFAs and watching real-world football, we realized that we weren’t quite capturing how emotional it feels to score a goal. In FIFA 14, we want people to really feel that emotion of scoring great goals. In addition to the emotion in the context of a match, great goals are achieved by either (or both) great finishing and fantastic build up play.

The major changes and innovations we’re bringing into gameplay this year enable players to create and feel those exhilarating moments that happen when they’ve assembled plays their own way through midfield.

Finishing is both earned and rewarding in FIFA 14. We’re transforming the tempo of the game and inspiring players to build possession through midfield rather than sprint down the wings during box-to-box matches. Last year it was too easy to fall down into creating the same cheap chances over and over again. Major changes to dribbling — with new features like Protect the Ball, Sprint Dribble Turns, and Variable Dribble Touches — create more of a midfield battle, and make the magical moment of a goal more rewarding.

Protect the Ball is a new mechanic that, by holding L2, will enable you to protect the ball using your body from a defender. This allows you to have more time with the ball, wait for your teammates positioning, and control the tempo of the match by holding more possession or waiting for play to develop.

FIFA Launch Day, 02FIFA Launch Day, 03

Sprint Dribble Turns enables you to really turn into every direction at sprint speed while preserving momentum. You’ll have more control at pace, momentum is preserved, and turning to go in any direction while sprinting feels just right. Rather than just sprinting straight towards the goal line for a cross, players will feel like they have the control to take on an opponent one-on-one with speed.

Variable Dribble Touches is the First Touch Control of dribbling, introducing fewer perfect touches and more uncertainty when dribbling at speed. It removes the robotic feeling when sprinting. Variable Dribble Touches introduce attributes-based variety on touches when players are sprinting, adding more player personality into the game — one of the most requested pieces of feedback we get from our fans. The feature also encourages you to really think which player is dribbling.

These innovations inspire players to build play through midfield, but two features — Pure Shot and Real Ball Physics — truly transform shooting in FIFA 14 to make every shot feel real and rewarding when you hit that perfect strike.

FIFA Launch Day, 05

With Pure Shot, players now adjust their approach angle when the shot is started, looking for a more suitable angle for hitting the ball. They also understand the phases of shooting and will adjust their stride and pace to hit the ball. New animations support this, making every shot feel real. Pure Shot doesn’t mean that shooting is now more difficult, it means that it’s just right.

Real Ball Physics is all about the pinnacle of when the player connects with the ball, and this, combined with Pure Shot, can create the exhilaration of scoring we’re looking for. We’ve studied a lot of real life ball data and we made a massive overhaul to our ball physics system and formulas. As a result, the ball will travel authentically through the air on new flight paths and trajectories, enabling players to strike the ball with force from distance, drill low rising shots with accuracy, and blast dipping and swerving shots.

FIFA Launch Day, 06

We’ve also introduced new step-based locomotion technology. Locomotion governs how players move on the pitch and touches all areas of gameplay. We’re calling this feature Precision Movement because it makes every step count. Players will plant, pivot, cut, and shift momentum realistically with a game-changing effect on play. Player acceleration and deceleration is also more realistic, players feel more grounded, and manage their momentum with distinct foot plants and push-offs. It feels like football.

FIFA 14 is the pinnacle of eight years of development on the PS3. In addition to delivering the emotion of scoring, we also have 13 different game modes, including FIFA Ultimate Team and new Co-op Seasons. Plus, it’ll be easy for players to bring their FIFA 14 experiences from PS3 to PS4. Ultimate Team roster, progress, in-game items, and in-game currency are all accessible from either console, and EA Sports Football Club progress and Career Mode rewards will also travel to the new consoles.

Enjoy the game!

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Ryumoau said:

September 24th, 10:02 am

I’ll never for the life of me understand the appeal of soccer, but i hope people who do like it enjoy this.

Frulond said:

September 24th, 10:11 am

Are there no incentives for us who will buy a PS4, like those of Battlefield 4, Watch Dogs or Assassin’s Creed IV? get PS3 version now, buy version PS4 for $9.99?

If not, then I’m not buying it now, seems pointless to me buying the same game twice

DJ_Tomato said:

September 24th, 10:16 am



DJ_Tomato said:

September 24th, 10:18 am


Vote with your wallet. If you want change, don’t give them your hard earned cash for their lousy work.


JOCO1988 said:

September 24th, 10:25 am

PlayStation®3 to PlayStation®4 Digital Upgrade Program, will this apply for MGS: Phantom pain?

Kellog_G8 said:

September 24th, 10:31 am

So I can buy FIFA 14 at the PSN Store, and recieve the 10$ credit that is currently available? Which should be good enough for the upgrade later on for the PS4 version?

TheGerbieDip said:

September 24th, 11:06 am

@6 I may be wrong but i don’t think there is any upgrade plan for fifa on ps3/ps4. Which sucks because if there was id buy it right now

tusunami said:

September 24th, 11:11 am

Ah soccer for those that don’t play anything but the typical sports your right you’ll never know. Broaden your horizons you might surprise yourself by what you’ll learn. PS4 day 1 i’m out !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DarkOne_PR said:

September 24th, 11:12 am

isnt this article suppose to be on the xbox one blog since EA sold out to microsoft? XD

DarkOne_PR said:

September 24th, 11:14 am

BTW Sport games in overall are just stupid. madden, fifa, nba, all of them. just a cashcow of the idiots who buy the same game over and over each year.

punkmusic2009 said:

September 24th, 11:24 am

I hate sports so id not get it

Papafynn said:

September 24th, 11:27 am

I had preordered Fifa 14 on amazon for the PS4 but i opted to buy PS3 digital version when i heard i could upgrade to the PS4 version. Sadly though i can’t seem to find any news on how to upgrade from the digital version of the game. I’m really hoping this is an over sight on EA and Playstation part.

Monterossa said:

September 24th, 12:38 pm

I have no time to try this because PES 2014 is so awesome!!

KirAMinh said:

September 24th, 12:54 pm






Diablo_Rojo_707 said:

September 24th, 2:04 pm

I would also like to know if I buy the digital Fifa 14 PS3 version if I can upgrade to the PS4 version for $9.99? if not then I can wait for the PS4 version.

luvmyR6 said:

September 24th, 4:24 pm

@ Ryumaou (AKA bonehead),

kind of the same way I’ll never get the appeal of JRPG’s with cheesy cartoon characters, but I won’t go out of my way to post about it on a JRPG section of the blog and act like I’m better than those that like that genre.

God, why do you even bother posting?

ProfessorGerbik said:

September 24th, 4:59 pm

So pathetic. I can’t stand you EA sports, you guys are so lazy and just take advantage of the stupidity of most sports fans. I enjoy sports but luckily for me I am not as dumb as most the people who do.

The Vita version is a disgrace. What EA is selling on the PS Vita should be completely illegal to do, calling it a new game and selling it at full price like it is one. How has no one with money just sued you guys already? Why do people just take this, without caring?

What is dumb is a bunch of people will still buy it and support you guys no matter how badly you treat them. I can’t wait until it bites you guys just like it has Capcom. Capcom thought they could do the same thing forever but they are barely holding onto any of their money now because of all the poor decisions they made while treating their fan base like they are all idiots.

cjl1209 said:

September 24th, 7:18 pm

Charging full price for a roster update is nothing short of disgusting. You have lost a purchase from me. I’ll pick up something else with my hard earned money while you all count your millions and laugh at your stupid customers.

Elvick_ said:

September 25th, 3:51 am

Would be nice if the PS Vita version wasn’t a lazy cash grab again.

Elvick_ said:

September 25th, 3:56 am

@4: At most that would just give EA reason to not release anything on PS Vita.

The fact these lazy cash grabs still manage to push a few 100k every year, with next to no development costs, is all the more reason EA should stop acting like the worst company in the US and make a new version. But they don’t care that everyone views them poorly. Enough people buy their games anyway.

RagingMexicano87 said:

September 25th, 4:11 pm

Sebastian im really disappointed with the ” dynamic camera in FIFA 14″ there’s a lot of people who are in discontent with it there’s a thread already started and it’s effecting people’s experience with the game. The dynamic camera in Fifa 14 has been tweeked/ modified for the worst… We need a FIX there’s more people out there than you think who are very angry with this FIX the DYNAMIC camera in FIFA 14 the devs need to look into this.

irelandmans said:

September 26th, 5:47 am

Is it true if you buy fifa14 on ps store you can upgrade to ps4 version fo $10 if so can you also do this in europe

PhillyTheCat said:

September 26th, 9:43 am

Stop ignoring people. Company employees that don’t reply to the community should be ashamed.

It is a great way to go bankrupt if that’s what your aiming for.

Have a great day!!

Arshavin1 said:

September 28th, 1:31 pm

I guess you might noticed that there is an issue with the new dynamic camera in Fifa14 and people are really bothered about it as it is not zoomed enough and not close to the action. Please bring the dynamic camera of previous Fifas in the next patch. This is a big request but I hope you will listen to your customers.
Thanking in anticipation.

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