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Sep 24

Sep 24

PSN Sale: Get $10 for Every $50 Spent, New Day 1 Digital Pre-orders

Pierre Gravereau's Avatar Posted by Director, Digital Distribution

Get 10 for Every 50

Get ready for October, because it’s packed full of great games coming to PS3. In addition to all the titles on the way, we’ve got some new deals for you to take advantage of during the next month.

Starting today through October 29th, for every $50 you spend using your SEN Wallet, you’ll receive a $10 credit back (up to $100). Pick up some new games, movies, TV shows or anything else that accepts SEN Wallet funds to become eligible. If you spend $100, you’ll receive $20; spend $150, you’ll receive $30 and so on. You’ll receive your earned credit by November 8th via email and XMB Message on your PS3.

With these savings, there’s no better time to become a PlayStation Plus member. Pick up a 1-year membership for $49.99, get $10 back and take advantage of all the great features you get with PS Plus, including Instant Game Collection access and exclusive discounts.

Throughout October and November, we have a ton of new Day 1 Digital titles coming your way, and they are all available to pre-order starting today. In addition to the $10 credit for every $50 spent, pre-ordering these Day 1 Digital titles will get you an exclusive theme, with some games featuring additional pre-order bonuses. See the list of Day 1 Digital titles below:

Game Release Date Pre-order Bonus
NBA 2K14 10/1/2013 King James Pack & Exclusive Theme
F1 2013 10/8/2013 Exclusive Theme
10% off pre-order for PS Plus
F1 2013: Classic Edition Game Bundle 10/8/2013 F1 Race Stars & Exclusive Theme
10% off pre-order for PS Plus
Lego Marvel Superheroes 10/22/2013 Exclusive Theme
Rocksmith 2014 10/22/2013 “Cherub Rock” by The Smashing Pumpkins & Exclusive Theme
Batman Arkham Origins 10/25/2013 Deathstroke DLC & Exclusive Theme
Battlefield 4 10/29/2013 China Rising Expansion & Exclusive Theme
WWE 2K14 10/29/2013 The Ultimate Warrior Character & Exclusive Theme
Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag 10/29/2013 Exclusive Aveline Figurehead & Theme
Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag Gold Edition 10/29/2013 Exclusive Aveline Figurehead & Theme
Call of Duty Ghosts 11/5/2013 Free Fall Map & Exclusive Theme
Call of Duty Ghosts Digital Hardened Edition 11/5/2013 Free Fall Map & Exclusive Theme
Need for Speed Rivals 11/19/2013 Ultimate Cop Pack & Exclusive Theme
Watch_Dogs 11/19/2013 Exclusive PlayStation mission, R33B Gun & Theme

Remember to make all your purchases by October 29th to take full advantage of this promotion. What are you planning on picking up?

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AzTheBeastOfEden said:

October 20th, 2:42 pm


Yes. Any expense from your SEN wallet counts towards the rebate code.
You have to spend 50$ to get 10$ back just like it says.
Could be anything on psn as long as it’s used from your SEN wallet.

repulsor101 said:

October 20th, 5:18 pm

I just spent 35.99 on killzone mercenary, then 9.99 on inFamous: Festival of Blood, then 3.99 on a Dynamic Wallpaper pack. That would come to 49.97. Would this round up to 50 for the deal? I went out of my way to get a 50 dollar PSN card for this deal, and I’d be really disappointed to see that it wouldn’t apply to this scenario.

UnholyBahamut said:

October 21st, 9:40 am

I want to buy several games from Zombie Week (no problem there) and Horror Week (10/29 through 11/4) but I want to apply for the buy $50 and get $10 (actually I’m spending $100) that goes until 10/29, but I don’t know if I want to risk it, I mean what if they update the store late that day and I can’t buy the games on time, you should extend the date of the $50 deal, unless for 1 day (until 10/30).

jonjon0890 said:

October 21st, 11:19 pm

Will they round up my spending to $100 for the spend every $50 get $10 back promo if I were if to spend a total of $99.63?

Thaddeus13 said:

October 22nd, 7:56 pm

Will this actually be good THROUGH 10/29, which is to say after the store updates? If not, I have to find something to round out the $50 now… if so, I can check out the update next week after work.

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