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Sep 26

Sep 26

The Last of Us: Outbreak Day and Alternate Ending

Neil Druckmann's Avatar Posted by Director, The Last of Us Part II

So today is September 26th, 2013. That’s a special date for us. It’s the day the Cordyceps outbreak hit critical mass in the world of The Last of Us.

We at Naughty Dog are celebrating by sharing some crazy tweets in regards to the outbreak. Join us in describing your experience (real or not) of how you’d survive the pandemic. Tweet with the hashtag #OutbreakDay. We’ll be retweeting the most creative tweets throughout the day.

To further celebrate the occasion, we have something fun we’ve been dying to share with you. It is our honor to show you the “alternate” ending for the game – with a slight twist. We originally only showed this video at this year’s PAX Prime, but now it’s time for everyone to see it. We think you’ll enjoy it.

Come back tomorrow when we’ll reveal more info about our DLC plans (including some additions to the Season Pass). In the meantime, do your best to stay alive over the next 24 hours.

Endure and survive!

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yazter said:

September 26th, 10:33 am

I hate announcements about upcoming annoucements.

But for the singleplayer component of a such a phenomenal game, I’ll let this slide. Just this once ;)

Looking forward to the single player DLC info :)

D-Squad3 said:

September 26th, 10:37 am

OMG yes!!! Can’t wait for tomorrow!

D-Squad3 said:

September 26th, 10:43 am

OMG there’s no way that would’ve been the ending! LOL

gbpackers25 said:

September 26th, 10:51 am

Breaking news The Last of Us dlc is actually a musical!
Get hyped!

Coody-Baroody said:

September 26th, 10:52 am

@ Neil and Bruce

This video just underlines how amazing The Last Of Us really is due to the coming together of so many of you people who possess PURE talent and it must have been unforgettable experience making such a masterpiece of a game.

It is quite simply the most VITAL part of Playstations future success that Sony keep hold of you guys at Naughty Dog with all their strength and that guys like you 2 – who I have such admiration for too by the way, you 2 are like ROCK STARS to us gamers who know their games – dont leave Naughty Dog.

Keep up the amazing work guy and thank you for TLOU.

    Neil Druckmann's Avatar

    Neil Druckmann said:

    September 26th, 11:14 am

    Wow… thanks. But we’re just two people in a large team of some of the most talented people in the industry. Naughty Dog is our home. We ain’t going anywhere.

tashpool said:

September 26th, 10:52 am

Bahaha! That was amazing!
That could have been the ultimate easter egg if it was included in the game. Well done!

spoonTRex said:

September 26th, 10:52 am

Cannot wait for the opening on Broadway, that was awesome.

Evil_Vladimyr said:

September 26th, 10:53 am

That was hilarious!!!

I’m also extremely glad that we are finally getting an announcement regarding the DLC. Here’s hoping we don’t have to wait too long after the announcement to get some Season Pass goodness.

GForce_Wolf said:

September 26th, 10:56 am

I don’t really remember killing Marlene on the operating room. She showed up later when i came down the elevator, then I shot her. was it just me ? or everyone killed her then.

cubbielovr said:

September 26th, 10:56 am

Very very cool. Talented actors and actresses on so many levels, and like everyone else, I am VERY excited about the DLC announcement tomorrow.

Coody-Baroody said:

September 26th, 11:03 am

@GForce Wolf

Its an ‘Alternate’ Ending mate, meaning not the one they used in the endso yes, what you played is what we all played.

raheemdplayer said:

September 26th, 11:05 am

Welp…I’m glad this is just the alternate ending. I honestly expected someone else to die or something. Not Phantom of the Opera!

But thank God about the DLC news! It’s been too long!

steevph said:

September 26th, 11:13 am

lol! awesome

Flatline51 said:

September 26th, 11:21 am

Outstanding. I was totally expecting something else but that was great. Thank you for sharing that and for making a kick ass game.

Catcher_BR said:

September 26th, 11:21 am

very funny ND, very Funny…udasuhdusqudqs


tusunami said:

September 26th, 11:29 am

Wow the production for this game is amazing, I look forward to seeing this glad I bought the collectors Ed. This shall be interesting. Now I’m totally excited to see UC4 PS4 day 1 I’m out.

GForce_Wolf said:

September 26th, 11:36 am

at + Coody-Baroody but they mentioned the idea came when they were actually shooting the real ending. an at first Marlene was in the operating room. I only remember shooting the doctors and escaping. Marlene showed up outside the elevator I’m not mistaken.

Da_Almighty_Guy said:

September 26th, 11:43 am

That was pretty humorous.

I await the DLC news tomorrow!

Kratier said:

September 26th, 11:51 am




September 26th, 11:57 am

Are we ever going to be able to buy that glorious tee with the caricatures of Joel and Ellie talkin’ ‘raffes? I’ve seen some fakes floating about, but would much rather have some quality assurance and the money go to those who actually worked for it.

Elvick_ said:

September 26th, 12:00 pm

Horde mode please~

K3ViNPwNz- said:

September 26th, 12:10 pm

Lmao this has to be ND TROLLING US.xD
Last of us the musical xD
That’s hilarious ND

IrishDude2 said:

September 26th, 12:11 pm

<3 Naughty Dog <3

Can't wait to see what you guys do next!

CIausSanAndreas said:

September 26th, 12:14 pm

¡Thanks so much for post it! I really wanted to see it from PAX 2013, only in Naughty Dog…
I’m waiting like crazy the announcement of the DLC :)

MindFreak_19 said:

September 26th, 12:15 pm

Them clickers again

DaMostWanted786 said:

September 26th, 12:26 pm

Haha wow this is another reminder of how talented Naughty Dog is, especially the actors!!!

a1_re4 said:

September 26th, 12:32 pm

Too bad Ellie was out cold. She never got to hear Joel sing! lol

Gamerzlimited said:

September 26th, 12:39 pm

@Kratier Hey dolt, if you are too lazy to even bother reading the end of this topic, they are announcing that there will be some DLC news coming out tomorrow. Learn to read before posting.

But if you insist, can I have your copy for free? You’ll help me save $60.

Coody-Baroody said:

September 26th, 12:39 pm

@GForce Wolf

Yes I know you aren’t mistaken mate which is what I said earlier. The ending you saw is the one we all saw. But what you have to remember is, with the performance capture, Naughty Dog can put in whatever background they like really if it suits them.

This is just like many other times you see in game development where they work on something but when you play the finished game its completely different.

Joel does just grab Ellie and the encounter with Marleene IS outside of the elevator Joel walks through.

Coody-Baroody said:

September 26th, 12:57 pm

@ Kratier

LOL at you mate. Its only been 3 months and Im all for it taking a decent amount of time. We at least know then that it will be very well made and its obviously not just been taken out of the main game in development and then sold to us at a charge. Day 1 DLC is appalling and ND taking a decent time with it means it falls in the complete opposite of Day 1 DLC.

Oh and also, thank for replying Neil. I should have made more of a point that all of you guys at Naughty Dog are responsible for TLOU and Uncharted. Its obviously between all of you that ‘the magic happens’ as Christophe says. LOL

You guys still rock though. Such an emotional, well written story that came across as brilliantly as it did says an awful lot for the director, in this case being you obviously.

IzoGray said:

September 26th, 1:03 pm

That made me really happy. It was awe inspiring to see Troy and Marlene do something like this. A Class actors

Welmosca said:

September 26th, 1:06 pm

Neil Druckmann

I just want to say that you’re THE GUY…the writing of TLoU is top notch…god-like phenomenal….you just did one of the best writing in the video games history.

The video was so funny…..the part of “if you drop the gun just continue – ok I got it”…that was funny and the singing part…..OMG that was hilarious.

Alternate ending…ha that was for the “big mouths” out there hu….amazing ND.TLoU ending was perfect just for the record.

MarinoBrea said:

September 26th, 1:15 pm

Wow, that was really powerful.

lisatsunami said:

September 26th, 1:53 pm


That was a brilliant directing idea, as it must have both broken the tension and given a powerful boost to the actors and crew.

Again Sony would be crazy not to make a TLoU movie…but a musical, hmmm?

    Neil Druckmann's Avatar

    Neil Druckmann said:

    September 26th, 2:15 pm

    I was just something fun to do. Both Merle and Troy have a singing background, so it was cool seeing how everything would play out. Obviously, we were all blown away with what actually happened.

TomHoang said:

September 26th, 2:18 pm

Hopefully some DLC to add singing voices for all of the characters!

Dracorius said:

September 26th, 3:18 pm

Been waiting for this. Thanks Neil. Can’t wait for the dlc announcements. Just out of curiosity, have you played Gavin Moore’s little gem Puppeteer? After losing 30 hours of sleep of TLOU, I am now losing 20 hours of sleep on this.

    Neil Druckmann's Avatar

    Neil Druckmann said:

    September 26th, 3:47 pm

    Haven’t played Puppeteer yet. It’s on the list of games I need to catch up with. I hear great things, though.

HorrorGod said:

September 26th, 4:39 pm

That was funny for only about 2 seconds… then I had to stop it. :P

Great game, ND. I’m looking forward to the DLC announcement. Keep up the great work.

Kantankoras said:

September 26th, 5:05 pm

If Naughty Dog’s next game isn’t a musical, I’m going to be sorely disappointed.

I-Like-Pie45 said:

September 26th, 5:28 pm

Neil, you don’t happen to be a fan of Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog, by any chance?

Zevrou said:

September 26th, 5:45 pm

HAHahahahahha you guys are the best

FUNKYbyNature said:

September 26th, 6:00 pm

Really you guys made my favorite game this gen ! it’s just that good ! I’m a fan ! Thank you !

Can’t wait to see what’s coming from Naughty Dog on PS4 !


September 26th, 6:18 pm

wow that video was funny. thank god that wasnt the real ending. cant wait for the dlc

Snow_Star_Hunter said:

September 26th, 6:19 pm

I love Naughty Dog!

I’m probably Neil Druckmann’s number one fan in the world \o/
I mean… Bruce and everyone that put their best on it are all amazing, and each one is as important as you are, but I really do have a special appreciation for your work specifically.

Looking forward to the DLC and your future projects! I’m just waiting to be amazed again by you guys, starting… tomorrow! Oh Jesus… It’s actually happening, isn’t it?!

Greetings from Brazil!

broda812 said:

September 26th, 6:22 pm

That was amazing.

Thiagots85 said:

September 26th, 8:37 pm

oh god…. that’s awesome!

I would have pissed my pants, like what I almost did here now hsuaHSUhuHUhs

idn86i said:

September 26th, 9:12 pm

Naughty Dog team and everyone that was involved in making TLOU possible, thank you! That clip was brilliant lol Excellent surprise!

ronmaest said:

September 26th, 10:16 pm

Troy Baker has some real acting-balls! He really lets go.

Egz-Onine said:

September 27th, 1:00 am

Like the barking dog ending of Silent Hill 2. This should have been a secret ending!

Felipe_Thiago_BR said:

September 27th, 1:02 am

Yeayyyy but i hope his dlc included in the SEASON PASS

GABEv01 said:

September 27th, 3:18 am

That video was so unexpected… Haha! Thx for sharing it with us. TLOU, I just can’t get enough of it!! Quick question though… Will the comic book series continue after the 4 issue mini series?

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