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Sep 27

Sep 27

PlayStation Plus: October Preview

Kristine Steimer's Avatar Posted by Sr. Community Specialist

I’m a sucker for fantasy. If a game allows it, I’ll create an elf mage because magic is awesome. This month I can do just that as Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning is entering the Instant Game Collection. With a tale crafted by NY Times best-selling author R.A. Salvatore, stunning visuals from Todd McFarlane, and a customizable combat system, Reckoning has a lot to offer RPG fans. The mix-and-match combat means I can get my magic fix while also smashing things in the face with a hammer, or stabbing them with a sword and other various pointy weapons, which is pretty cool if you ask me.

Sine Mora on PS VitaKingdoms of Amalur Reckoning on PS3Poker Night 2 on PS3Shadow of the Colossus on PS3Hotline Miami on PS Vita

You may remember that last month we added Team Ico’s original cult classic ICO to the IGC, so their equally beloved sequel Shadow of the Colossus seemed like a natural follow-up. Slaying the majestic Colossi should make you feel something (read: incredibly guilty), but hey, you gotta save your #1 girl, right? In a completely different vein, Plus members will also receive Poker Night 2, which is an amusing twist on the classic card game. With GLaDOS as the dealer and opponents like Claptrap from Borderlands and Ash from Army of Darkness you can sit back, have a laugh and bet all your fake money away.

PS Vita owners are in for a couple treats – both the gorgeous shmup Sine Mora and the critically acclaimed top-down shooter Hotline Miami are joining the Instant Game Collection later this month. Sine Mora boasts stunning backdrops and cinematics as well as a slightly different shoot-em-up mechanic – you are in a constant race against the clock and the only way to get more time is to kill enemies. Hotline Miami embraces hardcore twitch-based play, which means you may need to repeat levels multiple times, but once you get through it it’s incredibly satisfying. Since Hotline Miami is a Cross-Buy title, you’ll be able to download it for both PS Vita and PS3.

These games will hit the Instant Game Collection at various times throughout the month, so check back with us every Monday morning for that week’s update.

October PlayStation Plus Preview

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning (PS3)

PlayStation Plus: October Preview

Free for PS Plus members, Regular Price: $19.99
Immerse yourself in an all-new massive universe from the minds of bestselling author R.A. Salvatore, world-renowned artist Todd McFarlane, and legendary game designer Ken Rolston. Choose your path and battle through a sprawling master-crafted world featuring some of the most intense, responsive, and customizable RPG combat ever.

Shadow of the Colossus (PS3)

PlayStation Plus: October Preview

Free for PS Plus members, Regular Price: $19.99
Experience a majestic journey through ancient lands, on a quest to bring a girl back to life. The only way to save her is to slay sixteen Colossi. Explore expansive landscapes and seek out each gigantic beast in its own natural habitat. Armed with only a sword, a bow, each Colossus presents a unique challenge to test your wits, determination, and skill.

Poker Night 2 (PS3)

PlayStation Plus: October Preview

Free for PS Plus members, Regular Price: $9.99
The chips are down and the ante is up in this sentence already bursting with poker clichés! Take the fifth seat in Poker Night 2, at a table featuring Claptrap (Borderlands 2), Brock Samson (The Venture Bros.), Ash (Army of Darkness) and Sam (Sam and Max series). Your dealer is GLaDOS (Portal), but at no point will you be considered as a candidate for a visit to Aperture Science’s Enrichment Center. Unless you lose.

Hotline Miami (PS Vita/PS3, Cross-Buy)

PlayStation Plus: October Preview

Free for PS Plus members, Regular Price: $9.99
Hotline Miami is a high-octane action game overflowing with raw brutality, hard-boiled gunplay and skull crushing close combat. Set in an alternative 1989 Miami, you will assume the role of a mysterious antihero on a murderous rampage against the shady underworld at the behest of voices on your answering machine.

Sine Mora (PS Vita)

PlayStation Plus: October Preview

Free for PS Plus members, Regular Price: $9.99
SINE MORA is a horizontal shoot’em up that provides a unique take on challenge, where time is the ultimate factor. Mixing classic shooter sensibilities with contemporary presentation, SINE MORA is a gorgeous shmup that offers a Story Mode that weaves an over-the-top tale and an Arcade Mode that provides deep, satisfying gameplay to challenge fans of the genre. With many ways to manipulate time, SINE MORA features over 60 weapon combinations to complete each beautiful stage that form fits to the player’s skills with scaling difficulty.

If you’ve got feedback on PlayStation Plus make sure you take the poll above as well as leave a comment below. To chat about all things PlayStation, including this update, you can head over to the PlayStation Community Forums. You’ll also find other topics you can contribute your thoughts to, or you can start your own discussion.

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Bandido16 said:

September 28th, 1:17 am

I have been a Plus person since the being and I must say this is a good line up this coming month. Thx PS keep up the good work and ill keep buying plus!

Gamerzlimited said:

September 28th, 1:19 am

@carlpain Too easy? I already said I don’t even know him in real life as you can see to my reply at hazelcabug. I’m nobody’s fanboy, he’s just a gamer like the rest of us. Would you stop saying that I am? If it comes to the point that you have to, so be it. It’s the internet after all.

XxokdokyxX said:

September 28th, 1:37 am

Ps Plus Europe Assassin Creed 3 and Far cry 3 Ps Vita Street Fighter vs Tekken , for US only stupid updates ¬¬
why happen this? Europe pay more than us? i think Ps plus is same for any country its stupid ¬¬ !

DoutorPierre said:

September 28th, 1:44 am

Its a litlle off topic but hope you understand

I have only the vita, and every game from ps3 igc i buyed in store for the free price but for obvious reasons dont started the download.
If i buy the ps3 i will have the igc games available for ps3?(mainly the ones that already leaved the igc that i buyed for free?)

passivefamiliar said:

September 28th, 3:05 am

Nice spread indeed. I adore the variety you give your fans. Being part of PS plus has given me chances to play games I might not have otherwise and its great. Thank you.

But still one complaint iI must throw out. Music unlimited. Needs a screensaver patch. It takes 5. Minutes to turn on, i’d like a 5 SECOND timer. Or something of that nature, or a command button to turn it on too. But preferably a much much shorter timer. Thanks.

keep up the good work. Sony for life.

ADRENALIN_101 said:

September 28th, 4:02 am

Great month for me, I doth own any of those games.

I would like to see these in the US PS+ (some have been on EU+)
1) Red Dead Redemption
2) DmC
3) Max Payne 3
4) Darksiders 2
5) Batman Arkham City
6) Mass Effect Trilogy
7) Grand Theft Auto 4 complete
8) Psychonauts
9) Limbo
10) L.A. Noire
11) Beyond Good and Evil HD
12) Dark Souls
13) Metal Gear Solid HD collection

ADRENALIN_101 said:

September 28th, 4:05 am


Golwar said:

September 28th, 4:36 am

Geez, it is ridiculous not only how much some people complain, but also for what stupid or faked reasons.
Europe is getting so much better stuff? Well why did Europe get three out of these five games already? As Europe will receive either Hotline Miami or Guacamelee soon, that would be even four shared IGC games.

Are those 5 games bad? Nope, plenty 80+% ratings.
Are they old? Also not true, most of them are from 2012 or even 2013.

So what remains is that Far Cry 3 isn’t among those 5. Sad story!
The only valid complaint is that Shadow of the Colossus should have been given together with Ico. Every other Sony region handled it that way. So that treatment by SCEA indeed seems cheap.

tyrolek said:

September 28th, 5:18 am

Nice update.

tyrolek said:

September 28th, 5:28 am

In fact, I like the idea of providing us with some of the smaller titles. Most of people who are PS + likely have played big-ticket items like RDR, ME3 and so on.
Picking up smaller gems for PS + sounds like an excellent idea.
Little entitled brats who expect God knows what for that 50 bucks and then whine about it on this blog really annoy me.

sliverberg said:

September 28th, 5:31 am

great lineup, PS plus creates alot of goodwill for me, i will happily buy sony product because of their services.

Gungrea said:

September 28th, 5:32 am

Finally! A decent looking lineup!
Ive been looking forward to shadows, and anything with brock samson is gonna be gold!

Kazooie_77 said:

September 28th, 6:07 am

any chance of seeing God of War III on PSN and with new God of war game. reason being I have 1tb drive in my PS3 and don’t care for buy disc/blurays anymore this is why I upgrade to a bigger drive. Seems the other big name game of got way to psn.

Twistedprince420 said:

September 28th, 6:28 am

Sweet Looking forward to having shadow of the Colossus again. Very good game for its time. Looking forward to playing almar I had the demo but never got the game to bad they went under. Looking forward to poker night love as well cant wait to beat clap trap! Well I don’t have a Vita but when I do get one at least i will have plenty of games for it! lol

Nightmare_Lord said:

September 28th, 6:56 am

Love KOA got the game when it first came out, never got the DLC as didn’t feel it was worth it for a few more hrs of game play.

Problem I having is with PS4 right around the corner and its ability not to play PS3 games (find that to be very stupid), how is this going to effect it. For those like me getting PS4 are IGC is worthless as it will not be able to play any of the games.


September 28th, 7:24 am

What about dark arisen??
What about street fighter x tekken?
What about the fact that sine mora is awful?
What about the fact that kingdoms of amalur is terrible?

Ax_Man17 said:

September 28th, 7:37 am

I wish we could get some of the games EU got but it is what it is i guess

SocialClimber_85 said:

September 28th, 7:50 am

This is a great line up of AAA games eh?

oh.. not really?

yeah that was pretty much expected.

PANTHER1030 said:

September 28th, 8:05 am

Nice month for Plus users thanks a lot !

MANDO31694 said:

September 28th, 8:39 am

I was hoping for Dragons Dogma because I bought Kingdoms of Amalur last month for $9 but I decided to trade it in bcuz I knew I wasn’t going to finish it by the time GTAV came out. Now it looks like I have a second chance. But there’s already too many games to play coming this October and November dammit. I bought SOTC when it first came out so nothing new for me that week. And I guess I’ll try out Hotline Miami. Plus I just finished the main missions in GTAV and now hopefully over the weekend I’ll finish ICO and I’m waiting for Gamefly to send me a copy of Kingdom Hearts HD but it’s on Low rate to rent it :(
Tuesday is GTA Online so that’s gonna be a whole new game. And then the BF4 beta. Dammit all these games and no time to play them all at my own pace. I don’t mind that much though. I’m just gonna have big backlog of games for next year.

PainOfSarrow said:

September 28th, 8:42 am

haha i skipped some pages just to see if prime was attacking ppl who are not feeling the update. i was right. this guy is so predictible and such ah effin tool. blah blah blah always cry when ppl dont give into his whinny ass lil bull. also gamer limite or what ever walking on all 4’s like the lil B he is as prime has him on ah leash.

SlyRoath said:

September 28th, 9:12 am

oh ): i was hoping far cry or any racing game to psvita,(most wanted), i cant decide if should i buy far cry 3 or wait till it be in instant collection,..
Great Udapte…
PD: i bought kingdoms of amalur 5 days ago ):

DevilOfMidnight said:

September 28th, 9:24 am

FOLY HUCK! Best month I’ve seen in a long time! Thank you Playstation!

HippeusOmega said:

September 28th, 9:35 am

Another nice month to be a PS+ subscriber. Just another reason why I like PS+ more then XBL. Looking forward to Kingdoms, Poker Night 2, Shadow of Colussus, and possibly Hot Miami.

LudicrousWord said:

September 28th, 9:37 am

Finally a great month after two lackluster months for me. Wanted both Kingdoms and Colossus for a while now. VERY excited.

sandhu_skidrow said:

September 28th, 9:39 am

My question.
1: Can I upgrade/purchase my psn+ membership/buy games from sony website from PC? If Yes, Please mention website.
2. My PS3 HDD is almost full, its 320gb, Full with games most of them I play, Can I buy games and store on USB HDD? I plan to buy 1 year membership, there are lot of games on the way I would like to download more digital games in my library,
Replacing HDD formatting backup consume lot of time, I would like this issue to be resolved by enabling user to download games on usb HDD, If possible can you add feature enabling PSN+ Users to download digital ps3 games from PC and play on PS3 via USB HDD (why because I notice PS3 download from PSN server is so slow, PC can be faster as we can explore more reliable network options).
I understand security policy concerns bla bla bla… there are ways to deal with this concern, (look at apple inc)
I got many suggestions and recommendations that need to be discussed and plan.

JEAN_K-Y said:

September 28th, 10:00 am

@ 304

That’s correct as long as you are still a plus member.

Lefoul-123 said:

September 28th, 10:09 am

The only people who say nice things and praice all those crap games are payed by scea to do so, its morgan other accounts. WE MUST DEMAND THAT THE POLL REMAIN PUBLIC.

sancesarinpro23 said:

September 28th, 10:17 am

3 months without games I like, i’m not happy sony US, please learn from Europe!

Troutmagnet said:

September 28th, 10:20 am

I own Kingdoms of Amalur and I have to say, it’s a fantastic game. Anyone that loves open world RPGs like Oblivion/Skyrim, but crave a more dynamic combat system is in for a real treat. I’ve played this game for months at a time. It has tons of content and a constant feeling of reward and progress as you play. Highly underrated and extremely addictive.

BuhoneroxD said:

September 28th, 10:28 am

September was a disaster in comparison with the EU Store in MY opinion, and It seems that October goes in the same way, PS Plus in my opinion it’s getting worst month by month.

Troutmagnet said:

September 28th, 10:29 am

Don’t listen to the whiners and complainers, Sony. For $49 a year you’re providing content well in excess of the total expenditure. Anyone with half a brain can figure that out, and most intelligent peeps understand that you can’t please everyone all of the time.

You’ll always get a thumbs up from me if you post quality content like the games this month and last.

Here’s a suggestion though – if you want to make the selection process as democratic as possible, why not post a list of possibilities and get everyone to vote on the ‘top three PS3 and two Vita games for next month.’

Silence the whiners by giving them an option to vote?

Troutmagnet said:

September 28th, 10:31 am

And a message to the grumblers: If you don’t like the selections, don’t renew.

Use that money to buy a small piece of one full price game, while all of the PlayStation Plus owners are playing multiple full titles.

Lefoul-123 said:

September 28th, 10:52 am

Troutmagnet=morgan haro

Ryumoau said:

September 28th, 11:01 am

glad to see we finally get an rpg in the plus igc lineup, even if its over a year old and most people already have it.

the rest of the lineup is terrible though. a Poker game? really? And i’m bored of shoot-em ups.

jeniPR said:

September 28th, 11:08 am

Ohh yes. Amazing month. Even though I never complain, each month gets better and better. I’ve been dying to play Kingdom of Amular. I expected Shadow of the colussus. I’m exited to have the collection. Haven’t heard of poker night. I’ll try it but I know my boyfriend will love this more than me. Overall, the best month since I’ve subscribed. Thank you Sony!!! Everyday you make me realize all those years lost because I was so blinded by Xbox. Great games given every month. Keep up the amazing work. :D

I woudn’t bother reading any comments. I know there will be complains like always. I don’t rely heavy on Plus. I work for my money, so I can buy all the games I want. However, I do know not everyone is in the same situation. I just feel that every comment that complains and insults, sometimes, is like returning to the xbox comments and forums. Sony does an increidible job on Plus just compare it to the Xbox service in general.

brecko25 said:

September 28th, 11:21 am

This is an AWESOME month!
Been waiting so long to play Amalur. And Shadow of the Colossus, as you say, is the logical follow up to have in the IGC, and never expected Hotline Miami as cross-free.

lord_lad said:

September 28th, 11:36 am

Awesome to get Hotline Miami and Sine Mora…..

I kid you not…i got my vita but i did not even buy a single game for it…I got PS all-stars via cross buy while other games are basically from PS+ Instant game collection and my 32gb card is at 2/3 full right now.

Keep’em coming sony!! :)

hazelcabug said:

September 28th, 11:36 am

@ gamerzlimited How’s your lover primecognito doing? don’t be shy and show your true feelings..

hazelcabug said:

September 28th, 11:38 am

I think those who owns only a vita, it’s about time to wake up and do not renew PS plus NA… 4 months straight not even a single AAA vita title.

smoothboarder540 said:

September 28th, 11:53 am

@hazelcabug Rayman Origins, Zero Escape and Blazblue count as much as anything else as AAA games. They cant give AAA games every month. They’d run out of games to actually sell to people. Personally I am excited for otline Miami. Plus I just bought Guacamelee last month for half price when it was on sale with a bunch of other vita games. But no, I should just wake up and not resubscribe. Right…

hazelcabug said:

September 28th, 12:13 pm

LOL rayman origin was on sale for 7$ just 2 weeks before they put it to IGC, i’m one of unfortunate that bought it. So that means July – Oct is actually no AAA since only rayman during that period. I don’t think they will run out of games since EU is always giving out AAA titles every month. During July – Oct it’s 6 AAA title.

Lefoul-123 said:

September 28th, 12:19 pm

JeniPR=Morgan girlfriend.

RemakeYourself said:

September 28th, 12:46 pm

Awesome month, gang!

Regarding SOTC (and last month’s ICO), I thought these were some of the games that were remote play on Vita – is that only the case with the disc or am I just generally nuts?

Kid_Grim said:

September 28th, 12:54 pm

October is going to be a blasty blast great job playstation

Tremulan777 said:

September 28th, 1:04 pm

Can you guys discount gravity rush DLCs? I would love to buy them. Thanks :)

Tremulan777 said:

September 28th, 1:05 pm

Yes! hotline Miami. On the vita.

JaroGarcia said:

September 28th, 1:29 pm

thanks god

passivefamiliar said:

September 28th, 1:29 pm

Sony should start banning people from posting when all the do is beg for AAA games. Its FREE; take whatever the give you and be happy. You ungrateful kids need to put down the ps3 controller that your parents bought you and go play in traffic.

sony gives more than it has to and they do a great job putting up with negativity

im always happy with anything plus offers if your not keep it to yourself

GenbuMaboroshi said:

September 28th, 1:55 pm

I haven’t been able to decide which platform to buy Poker Night 2 on so I’m glad I don’t have to worry about it now. Also picked up SotC on sale but I’m not complaining. Hotline Miami, Sine Mora and Kingdoms of Amalur make October one hell of a month for plus in my eyes.

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