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Oct 03

Oct 03

Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus Hits PS3 November 12th

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Community Lead, Insomniac Games

Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus on PS3

Everyone here at Insomniac has been working really hard to bring you Ratchet and Clank’s latest adventure, Into the Nexus, and we’re happy to announce that it will be available in stores and online on November 12th, 2013! An epilogue to the Future games (Tools of Destruction, Quest For Booty, A Crack in Time), Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus is packed with an all-new story, an all-new arsenal, and all-new gadgets – and it’s only $29.99.

Some of you have asked us why we made a shorter Ratchet game. The truth is, we relished this ability to tie a bow on the PS3 era of Ratchet with a shorter title. All of us love the Ratchet universe – and after 12 years developing the series, it feels like a very close friend. We have a lot of stories to tell, some longer, some shorter. This one felt just right. It’s a very polished self-contained return to the Ratchet adventures of yore. It’s impactful, too; filled with planet-hopping, guns blazing, joke-cracking Ratchet & Clank, and events happen here that will change Ratchet forever. Think of it as a small epic.

Another question we get asked a lot is how Ratchet & Clank games get created. We unearthed this excellent VHS promotional tape all about the Insomniac Gamatorium, detailing the process:

Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus on PS3

Ratchet’s Volcanox Armor, available as a pre-order bonus at participating retailers, is inspired by Gadgetron’s popular Infernox Armor. This lightweight, durable suit is for the fashion-conscious adventurer. Besides granting a 5% damage-reduction, it also all but guarantees “Best-Dressed” awards at high-school reunions.

Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus on PS3

Additionally, if you pre-order via, you’ll score a huge package of R&C-themed content for PlayStation Home – a value of roughly $30.

That’s all for now. The wait for more classic Ratchet & Clank is almost over! Follow Insomniac on Facebook and Twitter for the latest R&C news.

Learn more about Ratchet & Clank’s latest adventure on

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Pegleg_Smitty said:

October 3rd, 7:08 am


Elvick_ said:

October 3rd, 7:11 am

What about pre-order bonuses for Canada? :/

    James Stevenson's Avatar

    James Stevenson said:

    October 3rd, 7:13 am

    Pre-order bonus is worldwide. Check with your participating retailers. :-)

Sleenz said:

October 3rd, 7:12 am

Soo.. What about other e-shops than Amazon? :s

    James Stevenson's Avatar

    James Stevenson said:

    October 3rd, 7:21 am

    The regular pre-order bonus armor is global and open to all participating retailers (vs the extra home content which is exclusive to amazon)

Wozman23 said:

October 3rd, 7:14 am

Just sliding under the PS4 release date door. My system and Knack may just have to stay in their boxes for a couple of days.

And of course, I look forward to any continued support on the PS4.

dh4645 said:

October 3rd, 7:15 am

nice. love R&C games. i’m sure i’ll play it at some point, but have too many games to play already and then my kz4 ps4 is coming on 11/15

Zionine said:

October 3rd, 7:16 am

Was definitely looking for the Vita version to get announced.. Ah well.. once I get through the first two games, I can dive into this one.

stlthriot said:

October 3rd, 7:17 am

Looks absolutely beautiful and so colorful! :D
Amazing work Insomniac! Can’t wait to see what you have in store for the PS4!

Dragniarogk said:

October 3rd, 7:18 am

I Love Ratchet ! I can not wait to see the T.E.L.T of this episode :D

trustyourpilot said:

October 3rd, 7:18 am

I’m guessing this means the Vita version isn’t happening and the ESRB was wrong?

    James Stevenson's Avatar

    James Stevenson said:

    October 3rd, 7:22 am

    No Vita version has been announced at this point. We would love for there to be one, just has to be sure to be the quality that our fans expect from Ratchet

Gorvi said:

October 3rd, 7:19 am

It would be really nice if the Vita version were officially announced soon. It’s been outed by a number of retailers already. Either way, PS3 or Vita, I’m really looking forward to this.

Mercenary09 said:

October 3rd, 7:20 am

Can you tell us if that Ratchet & Clank Home content is new stuff or just a bundle of the old R&C Home items?

    James Stevenson's Avatar

    James Stevenson said:

    October 3rd, 7:23 am

    Pretty sure it’s a bundle of existing items. Oldies but goodies :-)

xClayMeow said:

October 3rd, 7:22 am

There have been a bunch of rumors about a Vita version. Please confirm or deny.

James Stevenson's Avatar

James Stevenson said:

October 3rd, 7:27 am

We haven’t announced a vita version. As we have said all along, while we would love for it to come out in vita, it has to meet the quality our fans expect and deserve

Sleenz said:

October 3rd, 7:29 am

Ahh ok!.. Is the Amazon exclusive stuff only for .com or also for

KazeEternal said:

October 3rd, 7:36 am

Awfully close to the PS4 launch. Too bad you guys couldn’t have released it a week sooner, I’ll busy finishing my Marathon of Killzone when this game releases in preparation for shadow fall.

Going to kind of suck not having a resistance, ratchet, or new IP at PS4 launch from Insomniac. Guess I’ll just have to wait. Anyway hope to make time for this in December.

BTW I really did enjoy FUSE, but I hope you guys do a sequel and give the story a little more love.

    James Stevenson's Avatar

    James Stevenson said:

    October 3rd, 7:39 am

    Thanks! We would’ve loved to have it out sooner, but Ratchet is a demanding overlord at the Gamatorium and we had to make sure it was just right for our fans

    Thanks for the kind words about Fuse. We are proud of It and its a lot of fun with a good co-op group

oriklo3 said:

October 3rd, 7:38 am

the pre order bonus will be in all stores? like vgp, amazon uk, game?

    James Stevenson's Avatar

    James Stevenson said:

    October 3rd, 7:40 am

    It’s available to all stores – they do have to be participating though so check with them

RE_Player said:

October 3rd, 7:38 am

This will be a great send off for my PS3 :)

Xdark_dragonX said:

October 3rd, 7:39 am

Does this game return to the original performance of all Ratchet games which ran at 60fps before A4O and FFA which rant at 30?

fede01_8 said:

October 3rd, 7:41 am

30 bucks? why so cheap? is it like 6 hours long or something?

    James Stevenson's Avatar

    James Stevenson said:

    October 3rd, 7:46 am

    As mentioned in the blog it’s definitely a more compact experience. Not as long as say TOD / ACIT, though definitely longer than Q4B and much deeper and more replayable

littedemon said:

October 3rd, 7:42 am

Will there come a PS4 version?

akisuo said:

October 3rd, 7:43 am

Hell to the yeah!! Really can’t wait to sink my teeth into this!

FearMonkey said:

October 3rd, 7:47 am

I cannot wait. Ratchet is probably my favorite action-platforming game series ever. I have been dying to play a new real one since A Crack in Time which is probably my second favorite game in the series behind Going Commando.

I really hope this isn’t the end of the line for Ratchet games from you guys. I really don’t trust any other devs to get the formula right for these games except you guys. Because you guys are awesome. Thanks!!! :)

P.S. Love the box art! :)

Etienne66 said:

October 3rd, 8:00 am

I’ll certainly be buying this one. Glad to see you catering to the people that preferred the classic game-play. I tried the demo on the last one, but didn’t care for that style of play.

Personally, I don’t care about the PlayStation Home stuff, but I’m sure there are plenty that do.

IrishDude2 said:

October 3rd, 8:03 am

I want this for Christmas!

    James Stevenson's Avatar

    James Stevenson said:

    October 3rd, 8:09 am

    It’s a pretty good stocking stuffer for sure!!!

steeler192 said:

October 3rd, 8:12 am

Just a thought on PSN Digital titles:

Advantages for Sony:
– Cannot be resold
– Cannot be loaned
– Can be killed remotely
– Zero manufacturing and stocking costs, low distribution costs
– No middle-man

Advantages for me:
– Can buy anyplace, anytime without leaving home. That’s it.

James, don’t you think PSN prices should be lower than physical discs? Why is this not the case?

    James Stevenson's Avatar

    James Stevenson said:

    October 3rd, 8:14 am

    Sony sets the pricing for games, not us. All our games have always had price parity digitally and retail between PSN and Blu-ray. I’m not really the person to comment on all the reasonings behind it

elad213 said:

October 3rd, 8:16 am

SO, after this game, all the rest R&C games will by for the PS4????

    James Stevenson's Avatar

    James Stevenson said:

    October 3rd, 8:20 am

    Who knows?!? Never say never is what I like to say. I would say I think this probably the last PS3 Ratchet game, but again, anything can happen

jstepp2 said:

October 3rd, 8:24 am

Loving what I see of this game so far! That new armor is pretty slick.

naDOOFUS said:

October 3rd, 8:28 am

Hey James, you said so yourself; ”it’s definitely a more compact experience.” This game is screaming for a ps vita port in 2014. Perhaps this has been in mind the whole time…

MrRager909 said:

October 3rd, 8:35 am

40 days left. Can’t Wait!

aro52 said:

October 3rd, 8:39 am

Sweet! Gonna power through and have it done before 11/15.

swimquick said:

October 3rd, 8:42 am

Can we pre-order on PSN and get the bonuses? I want that armor.

    James Stevenson's Avatar

    James Stevenson said:

    October 3rd, 10:34 am

    Yeah, working to get that corrected.

Thane_of_Fife said:

October 3rd, 8:57 am

This will be my last PS3 game I buy. However, I’m seriously looking forward to a massive, epic PS4 Ratchet and Clank game to go alongside the Ratchet movie. Hoenstly, ever since Up Your Arsenal, all I ever wanted as a gamer was a full blown Ratchet game, with the obvious epic single player campaign, an excellent competitive multiplayer mode and a co-operative mode if possible. I love the seige mode and I also loved Full Frontal Assault. If that multiplayer could be expanded with a single player on the level of a crack in time with Deadlock’s Co-op, that would complete the series for me. I hope the next game with its updated graphics would be Pixar level story telling with a look into the Lombax Universe. I want a Lombax antagonist. A pure villian. Maybe a secret Lombax organization??? I dream.

On the other hand I’m stoked for this game.

secularsage said:

October 3rd, 9:06 am

Since we’ve got James from Insomniac…

You know what Ratchet & Clank really needs? A digital bundle or boxed set with all of the PS3 titles in one place (similar to God of War Saga). That would make it easy for those who have missed out on this stellar series to get entirely caught up.

Ratchet & Clank Collection is a great start… I’d love to have another that completed the collection! (A second set including the rest of the PS2 games would also be fun!)

Oh, and I’d love to see a Vita release of any and the above, but I agree on the quality issue — Jak & Daxter on the Vita is not the great experience it should be. Ratchet and Clank both deserve better.

    James Stevenson's Avatar

    James Stevenson said:

    October 3rd, 10:36 am

    Stay tuned! That does sound like a good idea.

Tri-Edge9 said:

October 3rd, 9:11 am

Gamestop always has those bonuses day one so I may not have to pre-order this. let’s all hope.

    James Stevenson's Avatar

    James Stevenson said:

    October 3rd, 10:36 am

    Well – keep in mind pre-ordering actually helps game developers quite a bit. So if you’re sure you’re going to buy it day one, a pre-order is always appreciated as it helps us know folks are interested and helps get our retail partners excited too.

Benzitor said:

October 3rd, 9:18 am


Oui oui….vita version please. Ratchet IS the kind of game i dream to play on Vita…

DigiOps said:

October 3rd, 9:44 am

It breaks my heart to see what happened to the playstation era legend that was Spyro. Don’t let that happen to Ratchet and Clank.

Long time fan. I love that Ratchet is getting taken back to his roots. <3

samv33 said:

October 3rd, 9:46 am

Big fan of Ratchet, looking forward to this one. If this was filmed in your offices in Burbank, my old apartment used to be right across the street.

Elvick_ said:

October 3rd, 10:19 am

So doesn’t get the Home stuff then? (not surprising, as is the worst POS ever)

Welmosca said:

October 3rd, 11:03 am

Thats a day 1 buy….any Ratchet game is a day 1 buy…I’m a huge Ratchet fan and I couldn’t be more happy when you guys announced Into the Nexus only for PS3….although I would really love a Vita version…thanks for not bringing to PS4…I know its Sony who makes the call but please keep supporting the PS3 and Vita….although I think Ratchet would be better in the hands of Sanzaru…you guys are still doing an amazing job.I own every single Ratchet game can’t wait for Into the Nexus…here hoping its a long game.

PS:I cant miss that armor so I’m pre-ordering right naaaw.

SuperGlitchPro said:

October 3rd, 11:19 am

This looks incredible, the way the armour is designed i’m totally diggin’. Also loved the behind the scenes video, I liked it that you guys made this like a VHS tape quality of video, this is how a behind the scenes video work. Anyways I already pre-ordered the game, Insomniac keep doing what you’re doing i’m loving Nexus so far.

    James Stevenson's Avatar

    James Stevenson said:

    October 3rd, 11:27 am

    Thanks so much for the pre-order. It helps a lot! Hope you love the game. let us know what you think!

MrRager909 said:

October 3rd, 11:40 am

In this one will I be able to change my armor back or do you stay with the upgraded one?

steeler192 said:

October 3rd, 11:49 am

James, I didn’t realize until now you weren’t Sony but Imsoniac. I’m terribly sorry for posting that question that had nothing to do with you.

My wife and I loved every R&C game on the PS2 and PS3 and treasure those memories dearly. Thank you and the whole Insomniac team for those wonderful timeless moments. Of course we’ll get Into The Nexus (why no pun for this title? or is it one I don’t get?) and we hope to see R&C on the PS4 sometime in the future.

    James Stevenson's Avatar

    James Stevenson said:

    October 3rd, 12:10 pm

    we had thought about Into the Nether Regions… but it didn’t localize very well in other languages

remanutd5 said:

October 3rd, 11:55 am

Ratchet and Clank psvita ported by you guys or better yet a full exclusive Ratchet and Clank psvita experience developed by you. Psvita needs Ratchet and Clank.

Welmosca said:

October 3rd, 11:57 am

Forgot to mention…amazing and funny video.

    James Stevenson's Avatar

    James Stevenson said:

    October 3rd, 12:12 pm

    Thanks! Really happy with how it turned out

darkhairwarrior said:

October 3rd, 12:02 pm

Looks like this game could come to the PS Vita!

I pre-ordered when pre-orders opened at Gamestop. Like, literally, Day one pre-ordering. I could be the first one to have bought the game! :)

KwietStorm said:

October 3rd, 12:19 pm

Great timing.


October 3rd, 12:30 pm

The game being 30 bucks is great and all, but is the length of the game at 30 dollar or 60 dollar value?

    James Stevenson's Avatar

    James Stevenson said:

    October 3rd, 12:36 pm

    The value of the game matches the price.

    It’s not as long as TOD or ACIT.

    But it’s much bigger and deeper than Q4B or FFA.

Zen-Mouse said:

October 3rd, 1:33 pm

Please tell me this story will be as GOOD if not BETTER than R&C Future: A Crack In Time, or the whole Future series for that matter.
Gosh that story was sooo good. I loved the last two games, I just really want a single player all story on my feet game now. (:

Thanks Insomniac!

krae_man said:

October 3rd, 1:42 pm

James, that Ratchet Saga collection better have Trophies for Tools of Destruction and QFB.

djsaiyan said:

October 3rd, 2:16 pm

Definitely going to put down a preorder for this.

Would also love to see the entire Future series (Into The Nexus included) get Vita ports. All that awesome Ratchet and Clank on the go would make me very happy indeed.

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