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Oct 31

Oct 31

PlayStation Plus: November Preview

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It’s going to be quite the month for PlayStation fans. PS4 is almost here, and it’s going to be mega awesome when I fire mine up for the first time and already have two free games to play. Yep, both Resogun, the intense and beautiful shoot ‘em up from Housemarque(the amazing people behind Super Stardust) and Contrast, a unique 2D/3D puzzler platformer with a stunning art style will be available in the Instant Game Collection for PlayStation Plus members on November 15th.

Of course, we have plenty of other great games to keep you busy until then, like Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen, which is an expanded and enhanced version of Capcom’s original IP Dragon’s Dogma. There’s a new area to explore, a fast-travel system and plenty of new quests and weapons to keep you busy. Later on this month we’ll add ibb & obb, a 2-player co-op puzzler and Binary Domain, a third-person squad shooter. PS Vita owners can look forward to two amazing action-adventure titles: the classic Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath and the ever-epic Soul Sacrifice.

These games will hit the Instant Game Collection at various times throughout the month, so check back with us every Monday morning to see all the benefits of your membership.


Ibb and ObbDragon's Dogma Dark ArisenBinary Domain

Soul SacrificeOddworld Stranger's Wrath HD

Click here for a list of the latest PlayStation Plus content

November PlayStation Plus Preview

Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen (PS3)

PS Plus - Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen

Free for PS Plus members, Regular Price: $39.99
An epitaph speaks of another’s demise…A mysterious island known as Bitterblack Isle appears off the coast of Gransys. Its depths have claimed the lives of many Arisen their voices still haunt the labyrinth that lies deep beneath its surface–a labyrinth ripe with secrets waiting to be discovered. The time to take up arms has come once again. Delve into the isle’s depths and uncover its dark secret!

Ibb & obb (PS3)

PS Plus - Ibb and Obb

Free for PS Plus members, Regular Price: $9.99
ibb & obb is a two player cooperative game set in a puzzle filled world where gravity goes both up and down. You can only succeed by working closely together. Find a friend for some true local cooperative couch fun or match up online. Fall up and jump down through 15 levels filled with double gravity puzzles and discover the 8 hidden worlds that will test your new non-Newtonian skills to the maximum.

Resogun (PS4)

PS Plus - Resogun

Free for PS Plus members
RESOGUN is an intense fast-paced shoot em’ up developed exclusively for the PS4 system. Unleash a diverse array of devastating weapons including lasers, missiles, overdrive, and nova-bombs to blast hordes of enemies and rescue the last survivors from distant galactic colonies that are under ruthless attack from an evil alien invasion force.

Contrast (PS4)

PS Plus - Contrast

Free for PS Plus members
Contrast is a 2D/3D puzzle/platformer, set in a 1920’s vaudevillian, film noir dreamscape, full of cabaret, illusion and performance. You play as Dawn, the imaginary friend of a little girl, Didi, and you have the power to shift from the 3D world into a 2D shadowscape, by becoming your shadow. As Didi’s imaginary best friend, you must use your shadow shifting abilities to solve complex puzzles, in order to help Didi investigate the secrets that lie behind her troubled family.

Binary Domain (PS3)

PS Plus - Binary Domain

Free for PS Plus members, Regular Price: $19.99
Created by Toshihiro Nagoshi, the man behind some of SEGA’s most well-known video game franchises including the critically acclaimed Yakuza series, Binary Domain puts players in the middle of a fast paced and intense battle for humanity in a robot-filled 2080 Tokyo. Fighting through the derelict lower levels of the city, players control an international peace-keeping squad that soon starts to question their surroundings and the choices they make. Are the robots becoming more human, or are humans becoming more like machines?

Oddworld: Strangers Wrath (PS Vita)

PS Plus - Oddworld Stranger's Wrath HD

Free for PS Plus members, Regular Price: $14.99
In the dusty, undeveloped wastelands of Western Mudos, cantankerous townsfolk find their settlements besieged by belligerent outlaws. Along comes Stranger, a tall, dark and enigmatic bounty hunter with a mission to capture troublemakers and scoundrels and return them to civilized townships for incarceration.

Soul Sacrifice (PS Vita)

PS Plus - Soul Sacrifice

Free for PS Plus members, Regular Price: $35.99
Prepare yourself for a brutal combat experience where every decision made will have consequential results. Take on the role of a slave who is about to be sacrificed stumbles upon a forbidden book that allows its readers to relive battles between sorcerers and monsters of the past. In order to use the magic during fierce battles, the player must be willing to make a sacrifice – ranging from personal belongings, a limb, or even a life.

If you’ve got feedback on PlayStation Plus make sure you take the poll above as well as leave a comment below. To chat about all things PlayStation, including this update, you can head over to the PlayStation Community Forums. You’ll also find other topics you can contribute to, or start your own discussion.

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Lil954Savage said:

October 31st, 11:27 am

Seems like the best PS+ Month all year.

Snakeshadow18 said:

October 31st, 11:27 am

@GStylez1980 Sorry bro but you are wrong, just look at the European Blog and you will see that thay´re laughing in our face, ´cuz their games are freaking awsome. Anyway, we have bettter discounts in AAA games by far so im not complaining about this whole month (the horror week is awsome) but our free games are not as good as their free games are. Thats a fact.

WHITE_PR said:

October 31st, 11:28 am

Soul Sacrifice (PS Vita) damn!!!! nice!!!!!

DecadanceFantasy said:

October 31st, 11:28 am

Wow! I’m so happy! I don’t have any of these games and I’ve been wating to play Dragon’s Dogma for months. Awesome that it’s the expansion one too!
Also, just two days ago I was looking up Binary Domain to see if it was still available on Amazon, so I’m happy I didn’t buy it! I get to play it. I remember the demo was fun when it first came out! Totally excited to play.

Soul Sacrifice on my Vita will be way fun. I’m already doing badly as Sine Mora, so here’s hoping I do better with SS and Oddworld Stranger’s Wrath. Now I’ll have both Oddworld games (PS3/Vita ones). I need to re download Munch’s story again. I’m running out of room but totally happy! Nov can’t come fast enough!
Thank you PS Plus!
Wish I had a ps4 for those other two awesome looking games. Oh also happy we in the US are keeping the 3 ps3 games instead of EU’s only having two.
Happy to be a PLUS member!

ALARM-cIock said:

October 31st, 11:28 am

Fantastic update! I already have Dragon’s Dogma, but never played the Dark Arasin content so I can’t complain.

Lucianman101 said:

October 31st, 11:31 am

Best Month of PS+ so far, the negative is that i can’t keep up with all the games my backlog is gigantic

vongruetz said:

October 31st, 11:35 am

Oddworld Stranger’s Wrath is one of the best and quirkiest games on the Vita. Tons of fun.

BiggieBoi- said:

October 31st, 11:36 am

thank you, Kristine,,,,
This made my day… been having a rough one.


October 31st, 11:37 am

Holy Awesome PS+ month Batman! So glad I’ve resisted the temptation to buy Soul Sacrifice thus far! That and Dragon’s Dogma alone would make it a great month but throw in the rest – including 2 PS4 games and wow! That’s $121.00 worth of FREE games without even knowing what Contrast or Resogun are worth for $50.00 /year! I feel sorry for Xbox and Nintendo users or even PlayStation users who can’t see what an incredible value Plus is!

purse317 said:

October 31st, 11:38 am

Normally I have something to say usually nto good or bad just constructive.

All I want now is for you guys to talk to us reply to our comments and not just the good ones

MrZ_2010 said:

October 31st, 11:38 am

OK NOW I am take pride for owning NA PS+ membership!!!

wwwdotjames said:

October 31st, 11:38 am

Will the Plus benefits still be coming to PS3 once the PS4 has been out awhile?

KidCommando said:

October 31st, 11:40 am


Plus is the best deal in gaming hands down.

saab01 said:

October 31st, 11:40 am

Best part of this month is the 2 PS4 games Contrast and Resogun. Any news if PS4 plus members will be given 2 games per month or what will be the format? For the PS3 plus games Ibb And Obb looks interesting and the other two have my attention for the time being.

oatmealbone said:

October 31st, 11:42 am

I am happy to say that do not own any of the games being offered for a change and although I greatly enjoyed Kingdoms of Amalur (and am personally excited for another action RPG), I can certainly understand why those who are not a fan of the genre would be frustrated getting them back to back months.
Like most, I agree that Europe receives superior games on a monthly basis, but I also realize the US lineup versus the EU lineup isn’t something that anyone reading these posts can do anything about – so I don’t waste my time complaining.
When it comes to PS+, the bottom line is this:
Good month…Bad month… Whether you already have one or all of the games being offered in a particular month… There is NO WAY that you will NOT get your money’s worth out of the membership over the course of a year even if you are naive enough to feel that you didn’t automatically get it from the IGC the minute you joined.
Now for my one request… could you please consider posting the size of each file when you list them? Even for those of us with the biggest of HDDs installed in our consoles, if we’ve been PS+ members for a while, they’re already filled and it would help to know how much room we need to make before the store updates.

IllMattIc-82 said:

October 31st, 11:43 am

Q: I’m assuming PS4 games will be like Vita that if we don’t own one yet we can at least add them to our collection for when we finally do? :)

A: Indeed, you can! Just add them to your cart and complete the transaction and you’ll be all set for the fuuuuture!

This whole exchange made me happy since I won’t have my PS4 until next year at the earliest. XD

Welmosca said:

October 31st, 11:44 am

OMG….Plus is the best thing ever in the video game world…already said this but I’ll never leave Plus…….keep bringing games that I dont want to buy….for real these are the best games to put on Plus since I dont wanna waste money with them….but I wanna try them…..Dragon’s Dogma and Binary Domain….this is just awesome…also Ibb e Obb…I almost bought that one….also Soul Sacrifice….oh man I’m so thankful,I was about to buy me a copy of Soul Sacrifice….thank you Sony for real…and let the whiners complain and sink in their ignorance.

On another note Stranger’s Wrath is a big fail of a game…but for free is ok…only for free.

GStylez1980 said:

October 31st, 11:45 am

@Snakeshadow18 – Whatever bro. We can agree to disagree (they complain just as much about their IGC as we do sometime). Doesn’t change the fact that you tried to include all of the other blog posters in what really amounted to your own private pity party. You can keep the negativity…the rest of us will look forward to receiving Dragon’s Dogma, Ibb & Obb, Binary Domain, Soul Sacrifice (!), and Oddworld starting next Tuesday. Hope you can put your picket sign down long enough to enjoy what your $50 paid for.

FernandoAD said:

October 31st, 11:46 am

The first time i don’t have any of the games … And they are amazing … Even so, i will be waiting for november sales promotions … Great games for PLUS … Great month … Thank you guys!

Yuranium said:

October 31st, 11:47 am

Very awesome month! Time to hop back on Soul Sacrifice when it hit. All I have to say is two weeks. *wink wink*

ERMAC420 said:

October 31st, 11:47 am

The beauty of being a PS+ member is to try out games I would never have tried in the first place. I admit I was a little disappointed because none of these games seem to fill my taste, but as always with every month I’m going to give them a go and see how they turn out! Long Live Play! :)

HippeusOmega said:

October 31st, 11:47 am

Another awesome month. Can’t wait to finally try DD: Dark Arisen.

hardknock55 said:

October 31st, 11:49 am

This is very ironic for me I literally just went out and bought a vita last night at 9pm because I had so many games piled up from ps+ and to go with my ps4. I was going to buy Soul Sacrifice and come on here and boom it’s free this coming month for ps+…the joys of being a ps+ member. I been ps+ from day one and will never ever leave it, thank you sony.

Apeman24 said:

October 31st, 11:51 am

Can not wait to play these games when I pick up my PS4 day one.

HippeusOmega said:

October 31st, 11:52 am

Saw the games for gold for November and I’m so glad I’m a PS+ owner instead now. They give 2 arcade games for free to keep that is 9.99 each. Where we get $120 this month of content for free/rental as long as we keep PS+. I think the argument is now mute of what service is better for free content a month.

kasamatzu said:

October 31st, 11:53 am

Oh my God! I almost buy dragon’s Dogma pre-owned from someone, thanks god I waited! too bad I won’t have the ps4 at launch, but those games including “Soul Sacrifice” will keep me busy meanwhile!

MrCrazher said:

October 31st, 11:54 am

Comparing this to the EU PS+ games, it still falls short, again.


October 31st, 11:54 am

7 games i dont have and 7 games i want… my problem is 7 years from now when im actually able to play the ps plus game i bet the service and PSN as a whole for the ps3 will be gone

DarkStar83x said:

October 31st, 11:54 am

Busy month for me!

WCKidRock said:

October 31st, 11:55 am

OMG! this is the best month since the Vita Instant Game collection started. Have been wanting to play Dragon’s Dogma and soul sacrifice for a while now!!!

RateX_BR said:

October 31st, 11:56 am

That’s a great update!!!

Draxido said:

October 31st, 11:58 am

Are this 2 the annual ps vita games? or only Soul Sacrifice? i cant believe oddworld is an anual for vita but thanks !

o0_FLoWiDa_0o said:

October 31st, 11:59 am

Please answer this question please.

If I don’t have a PS4 will I still be able to download and/or have in my download history the PS4 game on my PS3, and when I finally do decide to purchase the PS4 system. I will be able download the games I obtained via my PS+ subscription onto my future purchased PS4?

Essentially is it like how PS3 PS+ members are able download PS Vita games despite the fact the PS+ member might not have a PS Vita, but if down the road the user would to purchase a PS Vita the PS+ member would be able to transfer the Vita games on their Hard Drive or redownload the game via through their Download History to their new Vita?

reynolds-wrap1 said:

October 31st, 11:59 am

I hope the Vita games arnt both last again. That needs to stop.

Budapesti said:

October 31st, 12:00 pm

Best month is a long time. More than makes up for the disappointment of a delayed Driveclub.
Every one of these is something I genuinely want to play. Cheers!

kmetek said:

October 31st, 12:01 pm

any ideas when?

CrazyGuy62 said:

October 31st, 12:05 pm

Damn, this is a good selection this time around and I thought last month was good! I wonder what next month will bring! Not just that but the sales! *does his happy dance*

CodyW9094 said:

October 31st, 12:07 pm

Does anyone know the day dragons dogma dark arisen is ready to download for free

Binarynova said:

October 31st, 12:13 pm

Assuming I get a PS4 in November I’m looking at 5 free downloads next month. Holy crap!

I was already wanting to buy Dragon’s Dogma. Glad I waited. And the demo of Soul Sacrifice didn’t convince me, but for free I’ll definitely give it a shot.

What a great month Sony!

TonyBless13 said:

October 31st, 12:14 pm

Awesome update, I will be adding each title this month to my growing collection. Great games across all 3 platforms!

Snakeshadow18 said:

October 31st, 12:15 pm

@GStylez1980 I hope it too, and please dont be a fanatic that starts to discuss with the people that dont like the games that you do. Its annoying, you know? Enjoy your games

snakeman07 said:

October 31st, 12:23 pm

I can’t express how happy I am right now! DD and SS!

Kchow23 said:

October 31st, 12:23 pm

I hope that you guys mix up the order a little bit instead of leaving PS Vita games for last and all the console stuff first.

Original_Slumdog said:

October 31st, 12:24 pm

WoW another awesome month with PS+ Thanks PlayStation =D

Wilkz13 said:

October 31st, 12:25 pm

still have a few to play from this month’s freebies. Glad that I waited for Dark Arisen and Binary Domain, almost bought them last weekend.

Magus978 said:

October 31st, 12:31 pm

Strong month. Dragon’s Dogma looks nice, and hopefully when I can get another 3 month sub to PS+ it’ll still be there. :)

Darkvizardichigo said:

October 31st, 12:31 pm

I do not have a ps4 yet but can i go ahead and download the ps4 itemss in my cart so I do not miss out on them?

Sevyne said:

October 31st, 12:32 pm

I’m really digging the line-up for November. It’s pretty good variety of games and a few of them are ones I’ve seriously nearly bought a few times. Even if this one doesn’t stack up to EU (I really don’t know if it does or not. I just see a few people crying about it) it’s still pretty darn good.

My only concern is with the fact that the 3 big Vita games in the IGC should have been due to rotate out this month. Are they going to and it just isn’t be shown in this post? Just curious.

Sevyne said:

October 31st, 12:33 pm

@247: Yes you can add them to cart and download them when you get the console.

XeahuleXolic said:

October 31st, 12:35 pm

This is going to be an epic November to remember !! I can’t wait!!!!!!!!!! Thank you PS+!!!!!

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